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Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee 19 timer siden
It's clear a day. Masi is incompetent and needs to go.
Bob Roberts
Bob Roberts 19 timer siden
These officials are making it up as they go along. Is it possible things are so complicated they don't know what they are doing?
Enkil01 19 timer siden
This reminds me a lot like Alonso, he was able to take a car that was definitly not the best but was able to work round its kinks and put in fast laps. Unfortunately for Alonso his cars werent as basically good as the Red bull so Verstappen can put together long stints of pushing the car, but unlike alonso it was harder to consistently push a car beyond its limits.
Sports2Hedz 19 timer siden
@TheRace PLeaSE INCREASE the SiZe of your On-ScReeN TEXT!
Renátó Tóth
Renátó Tóth 20 timer siden
Grand prix 2 better than F1 97
Pablo Arroyo
Pablo Arroyo 20 timer siden
French GP definitely increases his chances of staying with RBR
TheMrBennito 20 timer siden
He is a cool customer, gentleman silently killing on the race track. A velvet assassin.
emir 21 time siden
Heavier and safer with each year but somehow also faster?
Mas Bejo
Mas Bejo 21 time siden
Honda motogp is dying.
Nedim Ali-Mehmet
Nedim Ali-Mehmet 21 time siden
How about this for a solution, MAKE THE FUCKING CARS LIGHTER.
dreadnaught 21 time siden
Noob question : Why does'nt F1 permit more than one tyre supplier right now?
Jerry Bouwer
Jerry Bouwer 21 time siden
Great race.
Ryou Kato
Ryou Kato 21 time siden
This is exactly the same as the last stream. It's 15fps and you haven't bothered to try to fix it. It's not watchable content
Werdschonwersein 21 time siden
Here after French Gran Prix This video aged like milk
Legendmarrie 22 timer siden
This aged poorly to say the least.
VEOdev 22 timer siden
Imagin Lewis and Max in the same team
Michael T
Michael T 22 timer siden
This video didn't age well;)
pEW pEW 22 timer siden
Heavy Cars means that Engineers have to find new and ingenuitive ways of improving the cars, the engineers are told the car has to be heavier to race so they must figure out which components could be added that would be the most efficient use of that weight. I think from a constructors PoV heavier cars makes F1 far more technically interesting.
SANDMAN30k 22 timer siden
Here after the double podium!
Freddi Muliantono
Freddi Muliantono 22 timer siden
A bit choppy
Ssar1702 22 timer siden
Mercedes is now being challenged
Sergio Renosto
Sergio Renosto 23 timer siden
Good... but for a motorcycle! Torque peak/curve are sharp to use in a car....
Logan Hebda
Logan Hebda 23 timer siden
This is so dumb, I haven’t watched f1 in over a decade because all it is is getting around rules
AiM__FreakZ Dag siden
sometimes i forget red bull is just an energy drink
John Yager (Disgruntled Fun)
I think it would be cool if F1 and the teams were to treat Monaco like NASCAR treats the Southern 500 at Darlington. All the teams will rewrap their cars in historic liveries for the race. It's always cool to see the cars painted like they were in the past.
Li-Yen Hu
Li-Yen Hu Dag siden
I knew it! With biofuel added, Red Bull will finally be switching their powerplant to wings.
Mike z
Mike z Dag siden
truth be told Kubica should have been on that list guy was supposed to become a Ferrari driver, and possibly a championship contender, if he wouldn't crash on that Rally stage, back in 2011.
John W
John W Dag siden
Hi, will there be a PC version on DVD when the pre release happens next month and can I pre order it for Australia? Thanks.
Philipp Hamann
Philipp Hamann Dag siden
Cars starting to go out at 33:40
Lemon or Lime
Lemon or Lime Dag siden
Lewis never seems to have bad luck, well things change and I hope he gets a lot more bad luck this year
fly fin
fly fin Dag siden
finally got explanation of why these tyres acts like bad springs
Alex Peak
Alex Peak Dag siden
You could easily do a list of the worst cars from Williams and McLaren. They've had some real stinkers especially over the last 20 years.
TheHarrie93 Dag siden
Verstappen showing Senna like influence with his criticism on Pirelli. Hamilton meanwhile shows he's one of the drones
Wout B
Wout B Dag siden
Time to open the tires market :)
Old Man Stumpie
Old Man Stumpie Dag siden
Clearly the solution is to retread each tyre during the pit stop.
Michael Jackson V
The chunky tramp intialy clear because peak primarily supply up a opposite zinc. juvenile, squealing closet
TheDonCappucino Dag siden
For sure the best driver on the grid and a future world champion. Nice summary of his driving style!
zafosinferno888 Dag siden
F1 2025 regulations will mandate runflat tyres I guarantee it
Apothecary Terry
I basically just watched this to make sure Checo was number 1. I'm happy.
Pavan Kulkarni
Pavan Kulkarni Dag siden
Russell only! Max is Redbulled!
Martin Pedersen
Martin Pedersen Dag siden
wonder what gonna happen with the tires when the track is 40+ degrees
Deevo037 Dag siden
The raised noses combined with the ludicrously oversized front wings killed the elegant looking cars from back in the day.
Takumi Fujiwara
Takumi Fujiwara Dag siden
They should put DLR instead of kovalainen
C E (kwikasfukininja)
They probably needed an impact protection re-design tested....and Maldonado was unavailable.
Street Blue
Street Blue Dag siden
Stream quality is disappointing, too much stuttering.
Doing Great
Doing Great Dag siden
"Schumi" always liked the submissive team- mate. Raikonnen would not have been one.
Lone Drifter
Lone Drifter Dag siden
I play vr so I feel like the lcd would be a waste to me lmao
LetMe Summarize
LetMe Summarize Dag siden
After seeing the French quali i hope not close even though I like the guy. Bring Russell before merc, he is the only guy on the grid worthy. All those ocons, gaslies are weak. Id rather have Kimi than anyone besides Russell (drivers like norris, ric, sainz, lec, ham are locked in their teams)
ok tom
ok tom Dag siden
The wreckage at the time of the accident became smaller and a lot was made
Manuel Norbertson
4:45 with a Peeeeee.....Protrusion
Manuel Norbertson
0:50 Gentlemen, a short view back to the past, thirty years ...
Pete Dag siden
“That’s gonna hurt his hand as well.”
Greg Bush
Greg Bush Dag siden
I love how everyone bitches about Pirelli making a tire that's designed to fail when their job for F1 is to make tires that fail... who here wants to have no fueling, no tire change, zero stop, zero strategy races? no? then stfu... Edit: missed an "a"
Captain MufDyven
I feel like the switch to the 18" wheel will make the tires inherently safer as the shorter sidewall is stiffer and better able to handle the cornering loads applied to them. If you have to monitor tires that closely to ensure they're safe, then they're UNSAFE, PERIOD FULL STOP, END OF DISCUSSION.. There's SO MUCH engineering that goes into making these tires as it is. Yet I'm supposed to believe that NO BODY from Pirelli not a single member of the tire development team ever discussed tire pressures with the teams, to get an idea of the actual operating conditions. Seriously, they've know for quite some time just how low teams are getting on tire pressures. So it seems like Pirelli either failed to provide a capable tire, OR they're at the absolute maximum performance limits of this tire design and materials, which Pirelli pretty well should have known and they neglected to inform the FIA in a timely manner. Organized racing HAS ALWAYS BEEN about out of the box thinking to find the grey areas between the black and white of the rules, to gain an advantage over competition, and the more money that's involved the farther teams are willing to go to find that advantage. ALWAYS HAS BEEN ALWAYS WILL BE, as long as humans are involved. It's not not this is new information that Pirelli wouldn't have known, so in my opinion this tire issue is on them.
Will DiRisio
Will DiRisio Dag siden
We should just go back to V8s or V10s and scrap a lot of rules allowing them to really make the fastest cars ever. Currently, they’re making the fastest cars allowed by the rules. I think that’s BS
apenas um nome de canal
They are just heavier than a Open Corsa now
Danny López Calderón
Durability 0%.
Sasha S
Sasha S Dag siden
nothing better than the mp4/4 - 6 McLaren low flat nose.... glad to hear the noses are more flatter now....certainly look better.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Dag siden
Heaviest, fastest is not a valid excuse. Design for the use. That is what they MUST do.
Jeremy Sebastian
I like the narrow noses but i kinda miss the wide nose
GT Chucker86
GT Chucker86 Dag siden
no one: 2014 Caterham: 🤥
Danny Dag siden
I do wish cars were a little shorter and skinnier though.
Danny Dag siden
Tbh I don’t think I mind. As long as race leaders aren’t having random tyre blowouts 5 laps before the end of the race I’m fine with it. The cars are the coolest looking cars to date and I’d rather not see a lot change.
turbo chipmunk
turbo chipmunk Dag siden
am i the only one that absolutely loves the look of the fat neck nose designs lijke the 2020 alpha tauri and 2021 ferrari
rpols22 Dag siden
Bring Michelin and/or Bridgestone back please....
rpols22 Dag siden
Can't ever remember hearing this many complaints back in the Michelin, Bridgestone days. From day one Pirelli has been on the backfoot
Alex Fracyon
Alex Fracyon Dag siden
Not sure if people realize it. This is an front wheel drive entry. The only one. It was a unique idea and concept but ultimately... didn't pan out
Bob Shy
Bob Shy Dag siden
Usually when tires do that, the pressures are too low. Sometimes not. Motorcycle tires would come apart in the 1990's at Daytona. Before the repaving. Too much tread, sidewall flex was the culprit.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Dag siden
instead of yet more micro management, here is a novel idea why don't they make a more durable tyre