The real error that cost Hamilton Baku F1 win and saved Verstappen 

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Lewis Hamilton was going to be beaten fair and square by the Red Bulls of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez in the 2021 Azerbaijan GP - then Verstappen's tyre exploded. Hamilton was faced with a two-lap dash to the finish after a red flag where he'd be head-to-head with Perez for the win, and after declaring "it's a marathon not a sprint", he sprinted into the escape road at the first corner having beaten Perez off the line. So did Hamilton lose his cool and ignore his own advice? Scott Mitchell explains that the blunder he made was a bit more complicated than that - but it was a moment of carelessness that could prove costly in the 2021 title fight.

Hamilton's error: the-race.com/formula-1/the-ac...

Verstappen's heartbreak: the-race.com/formula-1/pirell...

Perez's near-miss: the-race.com/formula-1/mark-h...

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7. juni. 2021





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Lemon or Lime
Lemon or Lime Dag siden
Lewis never seems to have bad luck, well things change and I hope he gets a lot more bad luck this year
Hesley 2 dager siden
Michael Masi "we restarted the race because it was in the best interest of Hamilton and Mercedes, er... In the best interest of the sport." If the race were declared officially over, Verstappen would have won, for the official result would be the previous lap, when he was the leader. However, nobody can underestimate Mercedes power and influence in F1.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 3 dager siden
I’m convinced Masi made the call because I missed the actual start by like 10 minutes from clicking the wrong button on my sky remote
ArmyEnergy 3 dager siden
Let's face it, this was a joke to help Merc, it makes no sense to not finish the race a that point. Was it exciting? Yes it was very exciting!
Rock girl
Rock girl 4 dager siden
okay so pirelli claimed debris from lance caused max's tyre failure.... so what's their excuse for lance's tyre failure then...?
Pedro Carvalho
Pedro Carvalho 5 dager siden
People have a short memory but Hamilton always was prone to unforced errors under pressure. He just hasn”t had any competition since Rosberg. In my opinion he forgot to turn it off (you could see before launch breaks were to hot).
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 3 dager siden
no its not on the left side !
carl de wet
carl de wet 6 dager siden
Max was either Unlucky or Tyre Pressures were Too Low. Ham Made a Mistake and Got Reward. Thank YOU Masi for Restarting the Race.
AlcoholicFire 6 dager siden
"Bono, my brakes are dead"
Rock girl
Rock girl 4 dager siden
racing point, gets recognized and picked up by a better team and actually proves himself as a valuable teammate to verstappen. Keep it up checo!!!
Bruce Thomson
Bruce Thomson 6 dager siden
Ahh - so - the message is when Hammy makes an error - it's a little boo-boo... but when Bottas does...!!!! Are you Toto Wolff? Or Lew's Mum>?
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 6 dager siden
okay so pirelli claimed debris from lance caused max's tyre failure.... so what's their excuse for lance's tyre failure then...?
Schalk Schreuder
Schalk Schreuder 6 dager siden
So according to Toto, Hamilton needs to work on his “fingering” 😝😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Adam T
Adam T 6 dager siden
I believe that the commenter or channel owner is multiple ferrari owner Ratarossa ?
Jari Sipilainen
Jari Sipilainen 6 dager siden
Lets forget smoke.lets just sey lewis wanted win he break too late.okey?
Arc Tan
Arc Tan 6 dager siden
The real error was choking.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 6 dager siden
if Hamilton would’ve chosen to just relax and stayed second.
Jon Simmonds
Jon Simmonds 7 dager siden
It's not fair to say hamilton's 'mistake' was careless.
Pretorius Sarel
Pretorius Sarel 7 dager siden
I don't feel sorry for H Lewis, as he always blame everyone accept himself...!
Kevin Louwrens
Kevin Louwrens 7 dager siden
I call BS on the official theory. My theory is that he never turned the ''magic'' off. Why would Mercedes make the magic option available with just a single press? It seems a dumb way to implement such a risky and dangerous brake option. I bet that you have to press and hold in that magic button for a second or two to activate magic brake mode.
Frank 7 dager siden
I have to say, while the race wasn't great, and all the incidents handled poorly, the finish was exciting.
Tug Wilson
Tug Wilson 7 dager siden
Time to retire innit ....
john doe
john doe 7 dager siden
I'm just glad that punk Hamilton got no points.
Mick van Breugel
Mick van Breugel 7 dager siden
no its not on the left side !
Robert MacCready
Robert MacCready 7 dager siden
Poor Hamilton. Made a huge mistake and screwed up. Time for another tat or hair ding maybe? Maybe retirement?
Brett Gustafson
Brett Gustafson 7 dager siden
I was happy that they let racing resume for the final 2 laps. I thought it was exciting. I'm most happy for checo! He deserves this win. I love the underdog story. Gets kicked from racing point, gets recognized and picked up by a better team and actually proves himself as a valuable teammate to verstappen. Keep it up checo!!!
Yeolde GamerSteve
Yeolde GamerSteve 8 dager siden
Toto: "it's not a mistake unless Bottas does it".
Amier Rayyan MalayaClan (Fie)
Hope himilton not do the same mistake on next race. Thats look impossible lost brek on last lap. 🇲🇾🇬🇧
Ronald Grey
Ronald Grey 8 dager siden
Cost Hamilton the win and saved Verstappen ??? The tyre failure saved Hamilton. Otherwise he would have been 15 points behind Verstappen instead of 4.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 7 dager siden
Cost Hamilton the win? Verstappen was the only driver "unlucky" not to win! Max dominated the race and Hamilton only got a look in once Verstappen's tyre blew!
Manoah van der wolf
Manoah van der wolf 8 dager siden
If 'magic' really is turning the brake balance forward, 70 percent plus, then the way this unfolded would guaranteed not have happened. They're lying their arses off. With brake bias 70% to the front, that car would have spinned it's rear sideways into the competition. Yes, it would indeed cause quite the lock up, and the car did lock up, but it doesn't make too much sense. Especially since Hamilton asked 'did i have magic on', then he definately needed to turn that off manually again after the first corner and would have known. Next of it all, it's completely ignoring the fact his brakes were smoking hot on the grid. I'm sure magic IS a trick to heat up the brakes/tires swiftly to benefit, but you cannot convince me that a 7-time WDC SOMEHOW accidentally and very much unwantedly manages to switch on brake magic just by shifting at such a critical moment. If it is THAT easy to do, then it would have happened many times before with BOTH drivers. I'm calling BS on the entire debacle on why hamilton went straight ahead. Did it had to do with the brakes? im pretty sure it did. Is brake magic involved? probably, yes. But the way it gets explained in the press to me smells really fishy. Mercedes can't have their image taking dents by an actual error. Hamilton destroyed the team in Monaco, he can't do that again. He took the blame and MErcedes acts even happy about it like it's not actually a mistake. Is it a big deal? no. But still, it makes no sense.
Bootes Void
Bootes Void 8 dager siden
Verstappen owes Sergio one because it was Sergio’s relentless battle and pressure against Hamilton that forced him to make that rare mistake… so, that went even better than if Hamilton would’ve chosen to just relax and stayed second.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 8 dager siden
So excited that Red Bull finally have competent 2nd driver! Especially when Bottas is having wobbly
Erick Paulino
Erick Paulino 8 dager siden
Great f'n race! 2 lap sprint was most definitely in the best interest of the sport!
Alton Breunissen
Alton Breunissen 8 dager siden
3:32 ....I don't quite get how Hamilton operates the clutch which is at the bottom of his wheel but left hand is constantly on the top of wheel,I assumed that button was his clutch,
BeeCee 8 dager siden
Weird that you say the magic button is left since bono said het hit it on the upshift. Isnt the upshift on the right?!
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 8 dager siden
The last 2 laps where the best part of the race.
BeeCee 8 dager siden
Better to lose due to being unlucky then to lose due to making a mistake. The latter will stay in your head longer. Lewis is feeling the pressure.
Paradise Hotel 500
Paradise Hotel 500 9 dager siden
He did it deliberately.
René V1971
René V1971 9 dager siden
Mercedes and Hamilton are under huge pressure from Verstappen and Redbull. They are not used to that and start making mistakes that were unthinkable in past years.
Gewglesux 9 dager siden
He's Human apparently..
Héctor Salas
Héctor Salas 9 dager siden
I wonder if this "Magic" that Hamilton mentioned is legal at the competition? Mercedes-Benz always is complaining about the flex wing and some other things. But seems that they are also plenty of "tricky surprises"
General Cryptor
General Cryptor 9 dager siden
Its always a good day when its not a merc race! 🤣
Our Family
Our Family 9 dager siden
The masks are pathetic. Lose them! There is no threat from covid despite that which the poli's will tell you so lose them Here is a serious question. If you had a mosquito problem, would you put up a wire netting fence? If not, why not? It is the same with covid. There is nothing to stop and what maybe there is so small it will trot through the mask on its way. Wake up I say!
Charles Roche
Charles Roche 9 dager siden
All this hi tech gee gaw. Let's go back to 1960 rules. LOL
zabaleta 9 dager siden
Cost Hamilton the win? Verstappen was the only driver "unlucky" not to win! Max dominated the race and Hamilton only got a look in once Verstappen's tyre blew!
R C 9 dager siden
I'm an LH fan but it was great to see the fellas on the podium! All three are great drivers and deserve it!
David Mccarron
David Mccarron 9 dager siden
it wos only restarted to give hamilton the best chance to win if he crashed in in p1 and max in p3 thayed of called it hams just a spolet brat that gets pampered 2 but shood just get pampers !!!!!!!!!!!
topneorej 9 dager siden
Max, your life is in danger.
Som Guy
Som Guy 9 dager siden
Lewis's left hand position is clearly the reason if the highlighted button from the thumbnail is the magic.
Frank Ly
Frank Ly 9 dager siden
Now that HONDA is fully back in the game and Hamilton is not driving the superior engine the results will show that he is just another driver.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 9 dager siden
The last 2 laps where the best part of the race.
Amnon Hoppe
Amnon Hoppe 9 dager siden
It did not save Verstappen, his tyre still exploded, it only ruined Hamiltons race.
Brennin Scott
Brennin Scott 9 dager siden
Aston martin is looking promising
Perry 9 dager siden
FIA wanted Hamilton to win, thats the grid start was for, but gladly it backfired.
Tuur 9 dager siden
"how it let Max Vertappen of the hook"? I thinks it's the tyre of Max that let Hamilton of the hook in the first place. He would be far behind in the championship. Lewis was going to be lucky again.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 9 dager siden
Even Mazaspin was ahead of Lewis. Shame. It could happen to anyone.
Andrew Loggenberg
Andrew Loggenberg 9 dager siden
Would it be possible for Mercedes to convince Pirelli to make a tyre more suited to their car design?
ZeidGho 10 dager siden
Thank you for the straight to point news delivery, and averting from dragging and milking hot topics to extend your article
Joe Knaggs
Joe Knaggs 10 dager siden
It was so strange seeing how look it took for the safety car and red flags to come out
Daniel Gould
Daniel Gould 10 dager siden
Justice for Max. Now, where are all those people who were saying only a few weeks ago here that Vettel is washed; that he won't perform; that he won't come any where near winning; won't get a podium; Instead, Vettel: Did get a podium; Did come within a single place of winning; Did perform; Is Not Washed; Maybe those people should put themselves out on the kerb this week. Alongside all their trash and trash talk.
SkillStackBasketball 10 dager siden
Pirelli need to sort the tyres out..... or the debris clearing needs to be better.
TechMyLifeVideo 10 dager siden
I thought Hamilton’s brake worked incorrectly due to the over heating in the line.
jiujitsujedi 10 dager siden
Hamilton fans were hoping they would get a grid restart. But when he fucked up now they are finding anything to excuse him. Even saying that they should have started behind the safety car. Something they initially didn't want. Hamilton felt Checo's pressure and fucked up he didn't hit the "magic button" he just over heated his brakes to get more traction. But he braked to late and Checo let him go then took his racing line. That is why Toto said it was Checo's fault Hamilton fucked up.
Mattia Longhin
Mattia Longhin 10 dager siden
Fun fact: apart from the start, toto wolff was never captured during the broadcast of this race lol, probably because he was mad
Jay Tartaglia
Jay Tartaglia 10 dager siden
It's hard to decide weather I am happiest for Perez or Vettel. Great all round podium
Adam Z
Adam Z 10 dager siden
I legit kind of felt bad for Hamilton hearing him on the team radio... he was legit "torn apart". Guys like Lewis don't usually make big mistakes, so that's a really big fuck up for him.
Ano Niem
Ano Niem 10 dager siden
If you lead the race for more than 30 laps, and you crash without your mistake 2 laps before the finish line the victory should be yours. Simple. It is ok to clean up the mess and finish the remaining 2 laps by the rest, but that fight should then be going for second place.
Witchfynder_Finder 10 dager siden
I loved the 2-lap sprint at the end, I thought it made for a fantastic finish to a really dramatic race. I wouldn't have been surprised if the race had been called, but I'm glad it wasn't.
TheJokerit19 10 dager siden
I think doing a standing restart with two competitive laps remaining wasn't worth the risk of additional crashes and damage. Imagine if Hamilton had been further down the field. Extra standing starts have more cons than pros versus a rolling one that used to be the standard 100% of the time. Hamilton keeps his left hand hanging above the steering wheel on race starts, albeit he's only been doing this since around Monza 2019. No one else does the same. Still, merely a freak incident that he happened to inadvertently hit the button above the downshift paddle, which hasn't occurred before.
Michael 732
Michael 732 10 dager siden
Even Mazaspin was ahead of Lewis. Shame. It could happen to anyone.
KURRY XUR57 10 dager siden
You could see that Hamilton is a moron when he is not in the fastets car. Under pressure making rookie mistakes like most of the other drivers. So don't make him a hero, he isn't.
The Rad Fems
The Rad Fems 10 dager siden
Sounds like Stroll's crash should've been a red flag too, Verstappen might not have experienced tire failure if they cleaned up properly in the first place.
Andrei Holingher
Andrei Holingher 10 dager siden
wonder if Masi would have terminated the race if Hamilton was in the lead
0Asterite0 10 dager siden
Hamilton's career is done, most overrated driver on the grid.
Performance Photography
Only problem I have is why was pit lane closed for so long after Lance crashed. FIA already knew about issues with tyres and it would have been in F1's best interest to not have closed pit lane. Looks like they did it on purpose to induce some drama and while they got it, its also playing with drivers lives
Kobus Venter
Kobus Venter 10 dager siden
Bull shit. He is under pressure. Not going his way, now exuses.
Gainesy 10 dager siden
The current race director is pretty poor in my opinion. Like Lecurc said when Max crashed, why did it take so long to thrown the safety car? The race director should have seen him loose control and the second he hit the wall the SC should have been scrambled. Also doing that 2 lap race at the end was unnecessary. In a series that is trying to save money where it can why bother? They don't do the last minute of qually or practice if a red flag is thrown.
Hitaf 11 dager siden
Wow, nice dia show 👍
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan 11 dager siden
If Hamilton wins, MV33 could've been in BIG TROUBLE.
mrdummy 11 dager siden
You cannot compare 2-lap sprint to part of full race. Full race is real racing and if you remove tire failures, Verstappen has rights to win GP. It's almost like 2-lap race ignoring all results of the race, makes it kinda laughable. Because it doesn't matter where you are now. (except all have given position since red flag position) There is difference between good start and full race progress. Also even more, many changed to red tires due fear to another tire failures. In the end, it's very weird race.
Jeremy Martens
Jeremy Martens 11 dager siden
you took 8 minutes to say "he hit a key that put the brake balance extremely forward", wow
Ajunta 11 dager siden
It didn't "save Max", Max's race was still ruined by Pirelli magic. Seriously some of the headlines from the Race are terrible.
G M 11 dager siden
This could have been a 15 second video.
Sebi Gordan
Sebi Gordan 11 dager siden
Bottas is at fault for the Hamilton's finger issue.
sneijder023 11 dager siden
V12S65AMG 11 dager siden
I have 2 fingers. one for Toto and one for Hamilton. Guess what fingers they are!
Richard R
Richard R 11 dager siden
the race was okay , the last round after the restart where amazing i really enjoyed watching them
Lisandro Demano
Lisandro Demano 11 dager siden
I Honestly believe Masi, made the best decision for the sport and fans.
jihadjoe 11 dager siden
Seb was on fire that whole race! Can't wait till he's fully competitive again and we have three way fights between him, Lewis and Max.
KizzleDawg 11 dager siden
Happiest for Cheko!!!
Pale Ale
Pale Ale 11 dager siden
So they don't have a warning message on the screen that "magic" is on?
Kyle Gerhardt
Kyle Gerhardt 11 dager siden
Love when hamilton fudges up
RocK 111
RocK 111 11 dager siden
Brake magic is the replacement for DAS?
Vijayendra Hanumara
Vijayendra Hanumara 11 dager siden
I feel like Max had a lot more to lose this weekend than Lewis, as there are only limited number of races where RB has an advantage over Merc, and with Singapore GP cancelled, it is one less race where RB has the edge over Merc
johnyeta 11 dager siden
I'm glad I watched this video. Now I know a whole bunch of things that everyone already knew.
Sagara Sousuke
Sagara Sousuke 11 dager siden
Imagine if he would have finished 2nd or 1st, the fucking luck on this guy, every time.
BeeGee Bad
BeeGee Bad 11 dager siden
Its the other way around, Verstappen already had the win had not the Tire failure.
Irrational Geographic
Irrational Geographic 11 dager siden
I think he was in brake and tire temp trouble anyway and it would of been tough for him to be in the top 3
Jessiejam21 44
Jessiejam21 44 11 dager siden
Great Looking Podium!!!! Congrats Boys!!!
Project-Japan 11 dager siden
Is hamiltons career over!!??
Serpico 11 dager siden
At least his car finished in 1 piece. Someone should sue Pirelly already. This is the result of no competitor for tire manufacturing in F1, RIP.
Ned Smith
Ned Smith 11 dager siden
FIA needs to hire Dyson Hoover to clean up the road as the brushes don't work
AP 11 dager siden
Like an episode of Pawn Brokers. 2 mins of content padded out to 8 mins. Do better.
Adam Rutherford
Adam Rutherford 11 dager siden
“The real error”, you mean the same error that everyone knew about when the radio comm was broadcast? You have great content, pls stop the click bait though. Cheers!
st Ger
st Ger 11 dager siden
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