4 Hours of Red Bull - Race 2, European Le Mans Series 2021 ELMS 

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MiniBomba1995 8 dager siden
25:15 Race Start
Ryan Jay I. Villorente
4:25:17 final
DarthSparhawk Måned siden
Bravo Robert! Bravo!
FUSION Måned siden
dumb that i have to vpn to watch this.
Geoffrey Chan
Geoffrey Chan Måned siden
What a race !! it shows that we need refuelling back in F1
FanArt Zone
FanArt Zone Måned siden
yes, and make f1 cars better in everything, overtaking, lighter and smaller. these elms cars have better overtakes than F1 DRS pass on straight line which is lame.
H Kr
H Kr Måned siden
Great coverage
Damion Lee
Damion Lee Måned siden
Why can't the Indy Lights coverage meet this kind of standard? This is what I was talking about in my comment. This is broadcast quality throughout the race, whereas the Indy Lights coverage looks like it was filmed with a cheap webcam, and commentated on microphones in a cupboard under the stairs.
Damion Lee
Damion Lee Måned siden
@Jarema Karwowski They're not responsible for creating the footage, but they are responsible for looking at what they would be streaming with the Indy Lights coverage and deciding that rubbish was good enough quality. Somebody really dropped the ball on that decision. Especially if you go to the Indy Lights website and look at videos of race coverage, where they demonstrate high quality video feeds, without the constant stuttering, and with trackside audio. The quality that The Race is putting those feeds out to their audience is significantly lower than the official coverage. The fact that the ELMS feed is such high quality really just cements the idea that there is something very wrong with the Indy Lights coverage agreement.
Jarema Karwowski
Jarema Karwowski Måned siden
Yeh, but the Race is not responsible for footage, but ELMS provides their own stream.
sNossi l
sNossi l Måned siden
Brawo Robert Kubica end Team WRT :) Brawo :) Pozdrowienia :)
rider_gsxr750 Måned siden
Polska tutaj macie 2:04:16
figofagonagoitis Måned siden
Wtf. So many overtakes on the leaderboard, so few on the screen 😡
Przemson 11
Przemson 11 Måned siden
Mehmet Akif Şahbaz
Mehmet Akif Şahbaz Måned siden
Cemi gören varmı yada Salihi
- HaydN
- HaydN Måned siden
@Emre Aksu yarışda hangisi
Emre Aksu
Emre Aksu Måned siden
4:54:26 2. Ortadaki
Erwin Måned siden
Graham Goodwin wrote shortly after the race on twitter: "Holding off from posting race report from ELMS for reasons of uncertainty over the result!" The overall winner is under investigation.
Kimi Martinez
Kimi Martinez Måned siden
Apaprently the result is confirmed, because Delétraz tweeted celebrating the win
Ronin Hunter
Ronin Hunter Måned siden
25:00 Race Start
Yunus Emre Koç
Yunus Emre Koç Måned siden
Almost first place for the eurointernational team. Just 0.1 second!
Robert Balejik (balu)
nice battle for the lead in LMP2
Forgot About Beats by Dre?
Forgot About Beats by Dre?
Forgot About Beats by Dre?