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The latest episode of The Race F1 Podcast reviews all the major talking points from the Spanish Grand Prix. Edd Straw, Mark Hughes and Scott Mitchell look at how Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes inflicted another defeat on Max Verstappen and Red Bull, and they ask how good this title fight can be over the rest of the season.

00:00 Intro
00:52 100 poles for Hamilton
03:41 Title rivals battle on track again
07:14 Mercedes' clever strategy
14:58 Troubles for Perez
17:32 Did Bottas hold up Hamilton?
20:51 Ferrari leads the midfield
24:50 Progress for Ricciardo
29:53 How fast is Alpine?
31:18 More dramas for AlphaTauri
36:40 Aston Martin's true level
38:34 Will Williams score a point?
40:37 How good is this title fight?

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11. mai. 2021





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p aal
p aal 29 dager siden
RB got closer, but Merc still has the best car. So yeah, the title fight is only on if Max has more skill than Lewis, and even then it might not be on.
Victor Gbolade
Victor Gbolade Måned siden
Bottas does not have a point to prove. He has never been a good hunter and he will never be. I like his personality and what he stands for, but he has to accept the fact that he is not MATCH for Lewis..
Bearbull Måned siden
I am interested to see what happens with the Bendy wing clarification.
S Kiran
S Kiran Måned siden
I will respect Bottas if he grows a spine and fights Lewis rather than timidly follow team orders.
Leroyrs Måned siden
It was just a short dream that Lewis and Mercedes wouldn't dominate 2021. Red Bull won't close the gap. Quite contrary...
Max G
Max G Måned siden
Oh dear. 'a thrilling Spanish grand prix'. No it wasnt. It was predictable.
NORTHMAN Måned siden
I am bored, totally bored. I dont watch the race anymore. I watch highlight if Mercedes dont win. That's about that.
26harmo Måned siden
While it's good to see as a one-off, the fact is that it's a livery more associated with Porsche, Ford and Mirage sportscars and only has a short association with McLaren and none at all with open-wheelers.
Max Allen
Max Allen Måned siden
Why are they making excuses for Perez
_bstr_ct Måned siden
Initially didn’t think this idea would work with the race, however I just checked the number of subs for your old employers... guess I will stand corrected!!
All2J Productions
All2J Productions Måned siden
On the subject of Max/Lewis does LH have more to loose with an 8th looming older age and more level playing field questionable car pace, vs MV looking for a 1st Championship… young and many more years to fight in an improved car…?
ELBuAR7o Måned siden
Hamilton is doing all he can to avoid accidents... unless the other drivers name is Albon :D
Eric Gitemi
Eric Gitemi Måned siden
I just hate the way y'all Caucasians pundits justify Max's aggression.. if it were Lewis who did that at the first corner y'd all have choice words for his racing tactics
Anto Mac
Anto Mac Måned siden
It's crap merc already favouring Hamilton asking bottas to move over this early in the season the over powered merc is gonna help Hamilton again he's a good driver but the merc has been unbeatable 8 years now if your still gonna say its not the car then it's just British bias
menecross Måned siden
19:20 this was just a dick move from Mercedes. They could have called Botas to box and Lewis would have just passed. I felt bad for Botas.
Oscar Shen
Oscar Shen Måned siden
As good it might looks, there are some facts we learned. Firstly, although there is almost nothing between them over one lap pace, Mecedes is still faster over one a race distance (whenever Max is in front, Lewis will be closky behind, when Lewis is in front, he usually opens up a health gap). Secondly, Red Bull strategy is no better than Ferrari in a title fight situation, they are hesitant, slow to react and sometimes just don't know what to do. I think Mecedes will still win the title by a comfortable gap.
Briana sasthap
Briana sasthap Måned siden
The cautious brother chronologically disappear because prosecution antenatally connect on a mountainous drawer. smoggy, erratic crab
inflatable2 Måned siden
Max overtaking Lewis in turn 1 did not lose him the race, that's just daft.. It made the race.. Without that overtake Lewis would simply have driven off created a big enough gap and controlled it, it would have been a complete borefest of a race in that case.. The Mercedes was clearly the faster race car on the day, as even Bottas was gaining on Max after he cleared Leclerc.. And Perez was not there near Bottas to block Mercedes doing the 2nd stop strategy with Hamilton.. That's what lost Max the race..
Jamie Eames
Jamie Eames Måned siden
The introduction of cost caps, almost certainly means Lewis’ records will never be beaten.
Broken Lantern X
Broken Lantern X Måned siden
I think the whole 'track limits' rule is a bit petty. Just widen the track, let drivers have a place to pass .
Mark Mitchell
Mark Mitchell Måned siden
Rb had a brand new set of red soft tyres with 20 odd laps to go so there own mistake to only come 2nd
chris smith
chris smith Måned siden
It's behind hyped quite a lot, but if RB don't improve their car soon, this "championship fight" talk will fade because Hamilton will take a commanding lead in the WDC. He's close to it already, tbh. It was a close fight until Spain: this race was a game changer. Mercedes(Hamilton)were SIGNIFICANTLY faster than RB, for the 1st time.
Wil Everts
Wil Everts Måned siden
The thing folks don’t mention re: max’s pit stop is that him pitting early ended up meaning he also had more wear on the tires than he would have otherwise at the end
Husqy44 Måned siden
Dont worry, Keren "Toto" Wolff complaining so it isn't too close.
Charles Matthews
Charles Matthews Måned siden
It's not Mercedes ability to sit behind another car, if so Bottas can't do it in he's Mercedes. Put the credit where it belong.
Uncomfortable Truth
Uncomfortable Truth Måned siden
Absolutely correct. Bottas can't stay behind a slower ferrari. People just don't want to credit Hamilton who has learnt tyre management. When Max pitted for 1st stop he was about to get taken by Hamilton.
Cecil Måned siden
and from what I have seen in some interviews he is a gamer and an FPS one at that, hot mic raging comes pretty naturally with that XD
J5L5M6 Måned siden
🤣 I've thought about that as well.
Michael Syvius
Michael Syvius Måned siden
That move showed that Verstappen is no where near as good as Hamilton and he has to resort to crashing people out to try and win. If he continues with this kind of driving style he will never be a champion. When Vettel breaks down he spins, when Verstappen breaks down he tries to ram his competition.
HerreDePerre Måned siden
@Michael Syviuspart of racing is cars touching and crashing. That’s always been the case. But you can be part of the 1% of f1 watchers that doesn’t like actual racing and prefers time trials. You can watch the qualifications for that. Also a lot of fun to watch.
Michael Syvius
Michael Syvius Måned siden
@HerreDePerre I want to see RACING, not people trying out for NASCAR ramming people to win.
HerreDePerre Måned siden
@Michael Syvius if you want to see racing cars not race go watch a time trial event or something.
HerreDePerre Måned siden
This is the kind of hate Senna and Schumacher got for their driving styles. Hamilton is very unaggressive if you compare him to other great f1 champions. So its not the norm for great f1 drivers to drive as conservatively as Hamilton. Its just a style not necessarily better or worse.
Michael Syvius
Michael Syvius Måned siden
@S King Yep, and I think Hamilton should have eaten much bigger penalties for that. Both of those should have been grid spot penalties or points deductions or something. These cars are not NASCAR flying trashcans or BTCC cars and if people start banging around like that we could end up seeing another Anthione Hubert or Jules Bianchi.
Mr Smith
Mr Smith Måned siden
Agree with mark that red bull will be dominant in Monaco. They can switch the tyres on better than Mercedes at this point, and the tyre wear issues they are having will be negligible this time.
Oj Måned siden
Ricciardo only had one run in q3. Mclaren sent the car out too late . Ricciardo wasn’t that lucky looking back at it. Obviously Norris had the q1 thing but he had as much opportunity in q3.
kaj nieman
kaj nieman Måned siden
Ah let his boss tell Yuki he can't react like that. No need for the media to go on about it, I love getting to hear something real
nelsond1498 Måned siden
A brilliant drive by Mercedes.
jahidk123 Måned siden
Redbull don’t like taking risks
Michael Grant
Michael Grant Måned siden
Would be better if Lewis was pinged for driving over limits
Ren Måned siden
That was 4 rounds ago at this point, and has already been well-analyzed and explained. So if you don’t know at this point, here’s what happened: The stewards, in essence, released a memo ahead of the race stating that they wouldn’t penalize track extensions at turn 4 in terms of deleting lap times and warning drivers unless it involved going off in order to complete an overtake. Mercedes saw that memo and told both of their drivers to extend at T4 since they knew that they wouldn’t get a penalty for doing so and that they’d be warned if it did get a bit out of hand for the stewards. The stewards didn’t expect anyone to abuse the terms of the memo like Mercedes did, so they warned both them and Red Bull, who after noticing Hamilton and Bottas extending had told Max to do it as well, and then they all stopped going wide.
ZoltanF1LH Måned siden
17:51 Lewis was 0.3s slower than Max but he was catching at a rate of 1.8s in the previous laps so Bottas cost Lewis about 2.1s!
ZoltanF1LH Måned siden
It was Red Bull to Verstappen who said Hungary 2019 not Bono to Lewis...
Batsaikhan Sandagdalai
This “ we have a slower car “ thing needs to stop. Aside from 2014-2016 and 2020 the other teams definitely had a car that was fast enough if not faster. The teams just weren’t operating on the level Mercedes was. It’s a cheap sad excuse. The other big teams need to stop complaining about Mercedes and own up to their own shortcomings.
James Måned siden
At this point Red Bull need to acknowledge that they have a big number two driver problem that cannot really be blamed on the number two drivers they've employed. I honestly think that the way Helmut Marko handles driver talent within the Red Bull establishment is primarily to blame.
Cynical OG
Cynical OG Måned siden
They have been chewing through number 2 drivers for years now! The team just appears to be too heavily focused on one guy!
Jelmer van der Leij
Jelmer van der Leij Måned siden
I don't think a proper race by Checo would keep Lewis from winning as he would pass anyone on the mediums, giving Merc would do the best strategy. And can Mercedes now follow closely because of these tires? Can any team now follow closely?
Roosevelt Davis
Roosevelt Davis Måned siden
Regarding Perez and Max situation for that race and him helping Max to be race winner is ludicrous. Fuck Max cause Bottas wasn’t even there for Hamilton and this is a long season along with it only being 4 races in, every man for self but team comes first. I can’t wait until Perez gets right with that car and cause disruption within that team
Chris Braid
Chris Braid Måned siden
Mercedes ALWAYS has the Edge !
Apophis STR
Apophis STR Måned siden
I know this will probably started some mixed opinions, but Max's approaches on overtake reminded me of how Martin Brundle described Senna.
Edwin Nyambok
Edwin Nyambok Måned siden
Being overzealous and impatient you mean ?🤔
Tyler Anderson
Tyler Anderson Måned siden
Trying to appreciate every second of this season. The level of Merc and Hamilton’s consistency is legendary stuff. Not every year we get to appreciate that attention to detail and historic performance under such pressure.
Danny B
Danny B Måned siden
True. Legendary indeed. Hamilton truly one of the GOATs of F1. I admit I'm not his biggest fan, and the legendary consistency of him and Mercedes does play on my nerves at times. But you simply cannot sit there and downplay what he and that team have done in Formula 1 over the last decade or so.
Jon Eric Fountain
Jon Eric Fountain Måned siden
When will people realize HAMILTON ISNT afraid of RUSSELL getting the second seat. He has battled Alonso, massa, raikkonnen, button, VETTEL, ricc, Max, rosberg and more. He has stomped em all. He ain’t worried about the youngster from Williams - even though Russell is very good.
Jon Eric Fountain
Jon Eric Fountain Måned siden
@Asn Jaden Hamilton also beat Massa 09,10,11,12 and so on and so forth. But in the context of 08 - you are correct - he did not stomp him!
Asn Jaden
Asn Jaden Måned siden
He beat massa by a point in the last race of the season having to overtake on the last turn so I wouldn’t call that a stomp and massa had won more races than him that season
TheWeeaboo Måned siden
Red Bull should have won more races if they actually had over an 0.4 sec gap to Hamilton at Bahrain. And thats even ignoring the supposed 8 tenths from testing. At Imola it might still have been 3 tenths if Max put in the perfect lap. Spain has always been a heavily Mercedes track. I suppose being able to fight with Mercedes at Spain even though things are looking on the up for Mercedes and difficult for Red bull is a decent thing. We will see, if its 2 tenths or more at Monaco maybe even a Red Bull 1-2 (imagine Perez getting pole lol) then all hope is not yet lost. But if Red Bull doesnt win at Monaco or at least show some serious improvement especially from their second car we might be in for pretty dissappointing season after all. And honestly, last time at Monaco, Verstappen only just didnt manage to beat Hamilton. It should really be better this time around. :d Though, I wonder if Verstappen can actually perform at Monaco. Also imagine rain! HAHA. I mean the last 2 races its like we are watching 2020 or 2019 all over again. Verstappens teammate is a good 6-7 tenths off. And Bottas is only 1 tenth behind Verstappen and Hamilton just 1 tenth ahead. And so only a minor improvement. Good thing it's such a long season. Will still be interesting to see how the development battle goes. Red Bull have more experience with bringing good updates late in the season. :D
Mavo Måned siden
Max was in front so had the racing line Lewis has to yield
Uncomfortable Truth
Uncomfortable Truth Måned siden
🤣 glad I never get on a track with you. The outside of a track is racing line. Vercrashan took an aggressive inside line he broke later as he was on the inside, where he cut right across Hamilton. If he tried that move on Sch, Senna, Prost and others it would have been a crash. This isn't PlayStation where you cut people up and get away with it.
Mini Mead3
Mini Mead3 Måned siden
That move reminded me of when Lewis did exactly the same move on Button in China
999999SkyGuy Måned siden
7/10 Because Red Bull is paying the price for there driver management. I feel sad for Max Verstappen - not sad for Horner & Dr. Helmut Marko.
Ronnie Harmon
Ronnie Harmon Måned siden
OMG, again with the Max excuses. Max Lost because he is not good at looking after his tires. He's too aggressive and it is costing him. Max needs to evolve like Leclerc did in the Ferrari during the Silverstone race. And If the tire wear was that bad, then why didn't Bottas get Max too. Lewis came from behind Bottas 22+sec to overtake Max and win the race. If Max doesn't evolve fast he is going lose this championship.
Marc Måned siden
Its not that good because Merc is still quite a bit ahead in race pace sadly.
Prime Anomalous
Prime Anomalous Måned siden
Can someone please help me to understand as to why HAMILTON was able to push so hard and was able to get so much purchase for driving like a man possessed without even caring for Tyre life?? and in contrast BOT and VER were essentially sitting ducks for the duration of the same tyre and strategy when it was common for all 3, until HAM's 're'charge..
Deen al-Afriqi
Deen al-Afriqi Måned siden
Hamilton's tyre ( total car management in reality ) is just on another level. He literally spends hours studying all the available data/telemetry before a race to understand exactly how to position the car, the brake and throttle pedal modulation, the brake bias and diff adjustments etc. so that he maintains speed while not over-working the tyres. He's just an extremely efficient driver (this could be seen when the fuel economy graphics used to be displayed as well). The "positive pessimism" we often hear over the radio is just a way to keep himself motivated so something like "these tyres are not going to last" can actually be translated as "according to the data they should last but there's a chance they might not so we have to have a contingency".
Legio X Equestris
Legio X Equestris Måned siden
He had fresher tyres. RB should have pitted Max when HAM did
ChefG Romano
ChefG Romano Måned siden
You can’t make mistakes and beat Mercedes. Maybe once in a great moon but it’s a fluke. Red Bull has to race cleaner.
Oliver Apex
Oliver Apex Måned siden
That’s why Red Bull will not win they are up against a team and driver that are relentless.
Luke Sturch
Luke Sturch Måned siden
Vid 22 of saying please can we have super gt
thejoeyg Måned siden
i think its sad how redbull has all these drivers on hand they could have and none of them can put that cursed car in 4th so they can protect max for a win
HerreDePerre Måned siden
@Eike Sky its not like that. Its the drivers job to adapt. The team just builds the fastest car they possibly can and the driver need to adapt. Mega talents like Lewis and Verstappen can. Many other drivers struggle with that.
Eike Sky
Eike Sky Måned siden
That's what happens when you build a car for a driver, rather than building a pliable car that can be adapted to several drivers. Look at the Mclaren story with Ric, and how primarily through setup, they're stabilising the car for his driving style. RB aren't going to win a championship until they stop having a golden driver and a neglected one.
Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson Måned siden
F1 definition of a title fight: Hamilton winning by 100pts instead of 150pts
Justin Lariviere
Justin Lariviere Måned siden
Mercedes is inevitable
Giutubo Spatubo
Giutubo Spatubo Måned siden
We were all getting excited about a RB/Merc fight. And while RD did get closer, truth is there will be no big surprises at the end of the championship: Hamilton will get another title. Verstappen maybe 2th or 3th, same with Bottas. Sergio, 4Th or 5Th, with not too much strategic value to RB.
COSMOS TREK Måned siden
the title fight is down to lewis v hamilton already
John Barber
John Barber Måned siden
I dont think you can call it a better challenge than Ferrari 2018 yet. It’s too early.
Taurus belos
Taurus belos Måned siden
How do you get F1 tv in uk?
Ren Måned siden
Due to Sky’s exclusivity contract with F1 in the UK, you can’t get live races from F1TV if you’re in the UK as you could if you were in America, for example, where there is a plan you can subscribe to in order to get lives races. In the UK, you can still get an F1 TV subscription that gives you replays of every on track session, including the support series’, and all the onboards, but not live races. If you want live races through F1 TV, maybe use a VPN.
Eric DuLyon
Eric DuLyon Måned siden
I seen Max make the statement that his car needs to be faster. That is very telling because he knows Mercedes knows and everyone knows that the cars are equal yet he is saying he needs a quicker car. People if you don't understand what that means you definitely not paying attention because Max just told you that he's mentally weak in every sense of the word. By not conveying he wanted to fight and enjoyed the challenge. I said this in the beginning of the year and I guess I was right. Max has shown throughout his career that when pressure comes he does not handle it well. I often think of what I see in my experience in life the people who try to bully are outspoken against other people calling them weak. Like he did against Oakland calling him a pu--y cuz he didn't push back. People who run their mouths always do so because they don't have it in their heart they wish they did Max is more weak minded than people think. He's not up for the challenge. And of course Hamilton is
Eric DuLyon
Eric DuLyon Måned siden
@ericokurowski so you don't think they're close to being equal after four races where the person that is one has only one by a few seconds and has had to overtake them within the last few laps of the race. Are you sure you're thinking my friend? They're very close to being equal Max is starting to crack
ericokurowski Måned siden
You are the only person who seems to think they are in equal cars....
Julian Madubuko
Julian Madubuko Måned siden
2012 was not a 2 team fight, Alonso was only in the championship, because Mclaren won about 33% of the races in 2012. Max and Lewis are not on the same level, it is not even close.
chumleyok Måned siden
Loads more races a year and a totally dominant car because of the power unit rules change and soft team mate wingman second. He's only 'great' if you don't factor in these and more. Would Schumacher in his prime be capable in the same car and circumstances? Most probably. Prost? Probably. Senna? Absolutely... Lewis has to be compared to history, not his peers for him to be seen as great or its no different than talking about box office records without factoring in inflation. Which is just marketing BS. To put it bluntly, he is very good but has always struggled to be 'great' when he has decent competition - Alonso, Button, Rosberg. There are 5 or 6 drivers in the field who, given the same car, could be greater. That's the rub.
arm chair experts at it again! the only thing that works for all these arm chair experts is a British driver! i just love to hear all the horse shit from these experts sitting behind a desk eating a pizza and drinking a coke and talking the biggest load of shit
S King
S King Måned siden
A real pizza connoisseur drinks beer with his pizza, not coke ...
UnCompress Måned siden
You seem to forget that Lewis is the dangerous driver. Look what he did twice with Albon and in Bahrain he almost wrecked Max and Max had to go wide in the corner to live another day and got offtrack. Lewis lost the start and Max had the corner so it's obvious that Lewis had to pull back in corner 1.
Legio X Equestris
Legio X Equestris Måned siden
Careful saying anything bad about Hamilton. His army of bum bandits will be on to you
Duderama 67
Duderama 67 Måned siden
The yellow limey press cannot hear you.
Ken Waller
Ken Waller Måned siden
Lewis is a dangerous driver OK chief you keep telling yourself that what a joker🤣🤣🤣
FPL Asssist
FPL Asssist Måned siden
I think after seing Red Bull botch up in Spain & Bahrain I think we have been too harsh on Ferrari
Dave Duncan
Dave Duncan Måned siden
@MrShadowofthewind Of course it is not truly impossible. Sir Lewis can do it. But the stats show that it is the fourth hardest of the past 20 years (of courses with at least 10 races in that period). None of the teams/drivers were counting on overtakes--except Mercedes with Hamilton. That's why he's the GOAT.
MrShadowofthewind Måned siden
@Dave Duncan It is not impossible to overtake in Spain, plenty of overtaking happens there, Monaco is that circuit.
Zachary Sylvester
Zachary Sylvester Måned siden
@kityhawk2000 I’ve just thought of something else regarding the tyre selection.. teams hand back tyres 4 times in the course of a race weekend.. (1) 40 mins into FP1, (2) After FP1 (3) After FP2 and (4) after FP3. So bare in mind RB at this point didn’t know Perez would qualify so far down.. so honestly... No way they could have for seen things playing out like this before it was too late.
Zachary Sylvester
Zachary Sylvester Måned siden
@kityhawk2000 Everything you’ve said is based on hindsight.. I agree with the first one... they could have saved an extra set of mediums. But re. the pace... Verstappen didn’t have a choice because Lewis was constantly pressuring him... he did the best in his current situation. Moving on.. if you make that call to pit Max on the same or next lap as Hamilton, there’s a couple of things you need to worry about... 1. Is loosing track position on the final stint, and 2. Is getting held up behind Bottas who was in Max’s pit window. There was a risk that Max could finish 3rd (and then you’d probably be question again in hindsight, why RB didn’t leave him out). That last one was just miscommunication, which rarely happens and didn’t impact the race. The real issue and the common denominator between Hungary 2019, is that RB didn’t have a 2nd car in mix.. which gave Mercedes the gap to do whatever they wanted. I don’t think people appreciate just how tied RBs hands are without a 2nd car challenging.
kityhawk2000 Måned siden
@Zachary Sylvester what would you have done? Probably saved another set of medium tyres in case the race turned into a 2 stop especially as I know my car is harder on its tyres than my competition. Then I'd have had Verstappen set a more controlled pace that didn't create such a massive gap to the rest of the pack. Also I'd have ensured my team pitted first or on the same lap as Merc's second pitstop because I actually remember Hungary. Lastly I'd have probably asked my driver to let us know if he's going to pit and not just randomly show up and hope the mechanics are ready for him. Just sayin
Rutger Dondorp
Rutger Dondorp Måned siden
What title fight?? Hamilton has the 2021 title in his pocket. The biggest question is who will be 4th and 5th.
HerreDePerre Måned siden
This will be the longest season in f1 history and Hamilton has a bit more points than Verstappen. Verstappen can probably win Monaco so the title fight is still going. Verstappen is no Vettel and Redbull is no Ferrari.
Five Five
Five Five Måned siden
@Legio X Equestris what sport is there that isn't totally corrupted or one sided? I want to watch it
Legio X Equestris
Legio X Equestris Måned siden
Broken sport
S King
S King Måned siden
Very accurate comment. Indeed, 4th and 5th are the question, as Perez will be in sixth for 2021 - his last year with RBR.
spudlymac Måned siden
Overhyped. Easy eighth for lewis.
spudlymac Måned siden
@MKR Cinema precisely
MKR Cinema
MKR Cinema Måned siden
Yep. As a Redbull fan. I lost all hope when Lewis so easily got 2nd place back in Imola. If he can crash, and recover to 2nd from 9th. Then Hamilton can do anything and is definitely not gonna lose qualifying 1 or 2. I can't see Max making those places up. He will get frustrated and lose concentration. Ham and Merc are just too good sadly.
Js2 Måned siden
Correction: Bottas wasn't playing on LH side. He said himself he was doing his own race.
Zack Seven
Zack Seven Måned siden
Still a two horse race, I had hoped that the budget caps would have created closer racing, how cool it would be to see four to six F1 drivers all fighting for the championship.
Ben Hof
Ben Hof Måned siden
@Ren True. I,m not expecting any real shake up for a couple more years.
Ren Måned siden
As the budget caps didn’t take hold until this season, their effect won’t really be seen until next year and especially over the next 3-4 years as rich teams still had the resources to put a lot of money into their 2022 cars last year.
Ben Hof
Ben Hof Måned siden
I prey for that constantly! Will it happen? Still not sure. Really hope the new rules and further budget restrictions on Mercedes and Red Bull shakes things up.
Legio X Equestris
Legio X Equestris Måned siden
How is it a two horse race? Its over.
Søren N
Søren N Måned siden
Hamilton has a secret button "hammertime" in the cockpit that gives him 200 more hp.
z DOC Måned siden
Does he? I feel like maybe literally everyone else who’s out there with him needs it more. Max maybe only 100.
Boicote Måned siden
The thing is, he doesn't need more 200 HP 😂😂
Nokturnal Måned siden
there's a title fight this year?
RottieShep CALIBRE
RottieShep CALIBRE Måned siden
Hell yeah. Max is pushing hard and may claim his 1st Mónaco pole/win
Dan The Man
Dan The Man Måned siden
Verstappen will need to watch out if he tries that kind of move on Bottas i would not be surprised if he just holds his line and lets the accident happen.
W0o0dy Måned siden
@Dan The Man: I would not be surprised if Mercedes/Hamilton would make that worth his while either.
Wolf J.
Wolf J. Måned siden
It's shit.
Vicarious Dorian
Vicarious Dorian Måned siden
Too many ads
Mitchell Baker
Mitchell Baker Måned siden
Forget the title fight, who us 3rd in the constructors?
Nitanshu Jaiswal
Nitanshu Jaiswal Måned siden
App Racing Legend
App Racing Legend Måned siden
if Bottas wants to send a message, he should do it by finishing first. Otherwise know your role.
Hidden Ace
Hidden Ace Måned siden
@Lili Bordei By qualifying ahead of your team mate, thus getting the first strategy..
J5L5M6 Måned siden
@Lili Bordei
Lili Bordei
Lili Bordei Måned siden
How can he finish first when he's on the second strategy..
Ryan Draper
Ryan Draper Måned siden
Well said
Noma Gea
Noma Gea Måned siden
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 u r harsh!!! 🤣🤣🤣
App Racing Legend
App Racing Legend Måned siden
Is Hamilton trying to come from behind to make the races interesting?
Claude Symister
Claude Symister Måned siden
Hall Marks of a real RAM GOAT
Kevin O'Connell
Kevin O'Connell Måned siden
Red bull has max who is the fastest driver (not necessarily the best) but like these guys said and anyone who watched the race saw, if the Merc can follow like that with no problem it's clearly a superior drive.
Brittany Porter
Brittany Porter Måned siden
Red Bull has some excellent speed but Mercedes has tire longevity and pace.
JR Rosberg
JR Rosberg Måned siden
Really ??
Ravindra Shrivastava
love the podcasts, unlike the other fan podcasts we get to hear some more fact based and balanced discussions, thanks for bringing this to us.
Scott Meredith
Scott Meredith Måned siden
Hopefully it never happens again, I think it reflects a problem with the sport that one driver and team have been able to be so dominate for so long.
Legio X Equestris
Legio X Equestris Måned siden
Its going to continue as well
S King
S King Måned siden
When you severely limit development, the team ahead at the start will be hard to overtake. Merc knew what they were doing back in the couple of years leading up to 2014 (hybrid era) ...
Donny Leong
Donny Leong Måned siden
Great channel. How do you get by FOM copyright strikes with all the awesome coverage and images?
Christopher RC
Christopher RC Måned siden
They don't actually use race videos only images, which I think they own, and the video is from the teams' media shoots that they normally do at the shakedown.
G tubedude
G tubedude Måned siden
19 races left dude
Dan W
Dan W Måned siden
Red Bull need to stop saying "well they have the faster car" and take responsibility for the mistakes they are making (strategy, track limits). This could very easily be 2-2 right now, and RB should win in Monaco. We love to hate Merc, but credit that Toto and the team own their mistakes.
Legio X Equestris
Legio X Equestris Måned siden
Can't see RB winning another race tbh
A Bel
A Bel Måned siden
I think that the Yuki safety car gave Merc the opportunity to execute the strategy, bc it allowed BOT to get back into VERs pit window. Still a perfect drive by HAM, though.
haris pro
haris pro Måned siden
Its so obvious that Mercedes and Lewis have everything under control...they showed that they are extremely consistent on staying at the top. I dont think there is a genuine battle between Merc and Red Bull , only Max battlling on car and team that they simply cannot be as challenging as they should.
Jacob Vahr Svenningsen
@no name I didn’t realize that you would pick up the tone of creating an environment here would that would be hostile and antagonizing - I must have said something to offend someone personally ...why do I need to pick a side ..? All I want is racing - I am not in favour of one or the other driver Show me your name and be kind enough to make an argument when you tell me to shut up - it’s too easy to sit on the other side of a keyboard and spew obscene words on NOsections - but doesn’t really make you a bigger man does it..? I am arguing that he didn’t drive maturely enough and that Ham got the better of him because he is as experienced as he is You can be of another opinion of course, that’s OK - make that argument then But I’d still love to see Max become a good enough driver to beat Ham before he retires What’s wrong with that..?
no name
no name Måned siden
@Jacob Vahr Svenningsen dude! you are literally playing on both boards WTF. shut up if it's to say eveything and its opposite. doesn't make sense. you don't make sense. calling Max for being hot headed WTF?? if he's in position to hold Ham he will do it. he's matured enough now to deal with that. he's waiting for that since too many years. come on now... -_-
Jacob Vahr Svenningsen
@W0o0dy much obliged The talk of two axles balance is interesting - and how RedBull spends their tires I didn’t realize how much better an overall driver Ham is than Max until this drive In my understanding the straight actually allows you to cool the carcass of particular the front I suppose - which in a “tight” RedBull would be what spun up on the right front Summa I would simply like to have seen Max win on merit and I begin to question RedBull and Horners true understanding of “the game”. They should be there for Max as when he was Vercrashen The constant changing tires year after year for each season changing shouldn’t be easy - but still I suspect that Merc would win with an overall poorer car - this unfortunately tells me that Max and RedBull isn’t ready to win a championship again I hope to see a wheel-to-wheel battle in every corner - but I also wish to see Max mature and become a champion It’s a mind game - and one that I feel Seb didn’t adapt too and so he did win - against Webber as the incumbent rookie - but once Ricciardo came in he faltered Anyways Thanks for sincerity
W0o0dy Måned siden
@Jacob Vahr Svenningsen good to see someone that uses Substantiated arguements. I do think you forget that Max had to keep Hamilton from making a move.. so his pace was high, but Hamilton's tyres should have sufferd more than Max's.. yet they didn't. What car can follow another car at about 1s interval without destroying the tyres? The answer is only a much faster car (a e. The Mercedes in the hands of Lewis). Max never really had the pace to make any time on Hamilton and he didn't have the 2 sets of mediums to copy the strategy. I think they concentrated a lot on the speed on the straight as that's the only place where you can realistically overtake a fast competitor. In doing so they compromised tyre Deg and strategy. When Mercedes decided on the 2 stop they did so because they knew they where much faster on the mediums... Helped by the higher temps that hurt Redbull. Max started well but he started a fight he had lost the day before the race.
Jacob Vahr Svenningsen
@no name I love seing the Hamilton old cunning fox We saw a brilliant piece of self restrain and how he balanced the car like a ballet dancer While Max was squealing his tires around the track like a madman Watch the Peter Windsor video :) it’s rather interesting to see how he describes I could see it - but couldn’t put my foot on it I am as just clear that one was the prey and the other was the hunter When in fact it should have been Merc eating up his tires in the wake Max was pressured by Ham being on his gearbox in the corners and up in his slipstream with DRS all first stint until they split strategy In my book a case of Ham playing his cards just right - put pressure on a youngster to make his hot head make mistakes - while balancing the car to the optimum and waiting for the chance to play it out of an opportunity showed itself
Rod Aguirre
Rod Aguirre Måned siden
1 The Mercedes is the best car 2 Sergio needs to get in the fight 3 Lewis will be champion again for sure
S King
S King Måned siden
@Dave Duncan - Yet another in a long line of excuses ...
Dave Duncan
Dave Duncan Måned siden
@S King Sergio has consistently said it will take 5 races to know the car. Very limited preseason testing/practice this year. Let's see if he can qualify well in Monaco.
Legio X Equestris
Legio X Equestris Måned siden
4. All of those are correct
S King
S King Måned siden
Sergio is not the driver Horner expected. He’d likely have been better off with Albon for another year ...
Enoch Lam
Enoch Lam Måned siden
Bottas just needs to sit back, let Max through and block Lewis when he can. Wait for Max and Lewis to take each other out and he's home free.
Ashish Behera
Ashish Behera Måned siden
Mercedes will win hands down. Red Bull is just not the great racing team as Vettel and Webber years. They have one panicking driver and other not up to mark. Mercedes is hunting in pack
Michał Małaczek
Michał Małaczek Måned siden
question is, is the title fight still on or did we just witnessed RBR/Max dropping the ball.
clansome Måned siden
@Don Ferguson Max only had softs and he couldn't have kept that pace to end on a set of softs. Look at what happened to Perez's time after his "Fastest Lap" pitstop.
Zachary Sylvester
Zachary Sylvester Måned siden
@Danny B What?? Max was on pole by nearly 4 tenths.
Danny B
Danny B Måned siden
There never was a title fight. You could tell from arguably quali in the first race it was never going to be a serious title fight.
Don Ferguson
Don Ferguson Måned siden
Yeah I agree and second that question. It seemed obvious to me that Max should have pit as soon a Lewis had done on lap 42/3? Perhaps Max did not have soft tyres left? I don't know 😕?
Zachary Sylvester
Zachary Sylvester Måned siden
There’s 14 points dude. One DNF could change everything. 19 races to go... it’s just beginning.
Real American
Real American Måned siden
That's straight bullshit Valteiry Bottas made Hamilton do a legitimate pass. I don't know why because in this situation it was absolutely the right thing to do and if it was the other way around Hamilton should have done it for him as well. Valkyrie has to take a step back and look around and realize how lucky he really is, he's with a team that absolutely puts their best out on the track every week and most importantly his car is either the fastest or the second fastest but essentially they're about tied. If you have to pay there would be no team orders and there's proof of that with Nico Rosberg can't h with Hamilton
Waylander 11
Waylander 11 Måned siden
I'm fairly new to F1 and I just don't get how this sorta stuff is celebrated. The same team winning every race, humble Hamilton having people get on their knees for him. Is F1 actually a competition?
Courtney Swaby
Courtney Swaby Måned siden
watch darts
72defender Måned siden
Come on Mercedes... 8 for 8 in 2021 please! 🏁 🏆 🎉
Courtney Swaby
Courtney Swaby Måned siden
There is nothing great about Max aggressive starts its not fair in any language its a form of bullying and should be illegal. Suppose Lewis was as immature as Max it would all end in tears possible DNF its dumb and dangerous.
Courtney Swaby
Courtney Swaby Måned siden
@S King I get it you have no moral compass a symptom of psychopathy
S King
S King Måned siden
@Courtney Swaby - Good ... Stop whining about Max ...
Courtney Swaby
Courtney Swaby Måned siden
@S King I never whine and with Lewis there's no need I am usually celebrating.
S King
S King Måned siden
Did you whine and cry when Lulu race Albon off the track last year, not once, but twice ??
KingWeir Måned siden
How come the rule stating that you can't crowd another car off the road has been removed? As that seems the only overtaking move that Max has in his locker. And we are seeing more and more of this sort of overtake across the grid. Which has the effect of being basically a slam dunk, job done. Personally I enjoy the overtakes more, where they give each other room and go at wheel to wheel across a couple of corners, nail biting stuff.
Duderama 67
Duderama 67 Måned siden
Yup. When Lulu started driving everyone else off the track at corner exit FIA decided the race ends at the apex. It's the influence of karting, where spoiled brats ram each other off the road at every corner. F1 used to be the sport of gentlemen, now it's just spoiled rich kids.
KingWeir Måned siden
@Robbert H I'm aware of that, it's what is being used constantly as a defence for this sort of manoeuvre. However that has nothing to do with my question. There used to be a rule, stopping drivers from crowding another driver off the track. Which has now been removed and we are seeing these sort of tricks becoming more and more aggressive. As long as the overtaking driver doesn't leave the track as well, its fine to shove someone else off? Like I said, personally, I find it more interesting to watch two drivers showcasing there skills as they battle side by side through the corner, rather than the, get out of my way, thank you very much, style which isn't very exciting at all, just seems disrespectful to me. But that's just my opinion.
Courtney Swaby
Courtney Swaby Måned siden
Well spotted its the silence about it that is so telling.
Robbert H
Robbert H Måned siden
When you are in front at the apex, the corner is yours to choose the racing line. That’s just racing, when you are karting it’s the same. You have no other option then give up the corner.
Tim Griffith
Tim Griffith Måned siden
IF Ham wins the next race the Title fight is over. All the hype for what. F1 has lost the ability to race wheel to wheel and have anything remotely exciting.
Tim Griffith
Tim Griffith Måned siden
@Beer Brewer oh I agree 100% I don't even watch it as it that bad of race. For like follow the leader like we play in kindergarten 😂
Beer Brewer
Beer Brewer Måned siden
Unfortunately the next race is a horrible track for passing. Monaco needs to go. The race is more for the show for the rich and famous vs racing.
M.A Måned siden
Respect for what you said about yuki tsunoda and his language disadvantage. Very mature comment.
Jean Gagnier
Jean Gagnier Måned siden
Thank you for that comment. The swearing, the intonation, what makes the headlines, that doesn't matter. Terms are often lost in translation, and the ones he has access to won't give him the same vocabulary breadth that, say, a Russell has. He's hot-headed, and that's... well, that's not something that appeals to me, but that's fine. He fits right in at RB/AT. What concerns me about Tsunoda is the attitude behind it. The constant complaining and the truly unacceptable comments he publicly made about equal machinery show that while he clearly has lots of talent, his emotional and social maturity might not be F1 level yet. F1 has had plenty of drivers whose English is clearly not an asset, but when did we ever hear an Ocon or a Giovinazzi act so irresponsibly? That said, to be fair to Tsunoda, as the saying says, no one's ever calmed down by being told to calm down. That was savage by his race engineer, and while Yuki's probably a tough cookie to deal with, I'm not sure he offered the most professional response.
Berkay T
Berkay T Måned siden
@M.A thank you so much
M.A Måned siden
@Berkay T 33:10
Berkay T
Berkay T Måned siden
can you write the timeline plase?
Edison73100 Måned siden
This years championship is going to be epic between Lewis and Max, with some surprises sprinkled in.
Edison73100 Måned siden
@Courtney Swaby It's going to be a good F! year battle between the two.
Courtney Swaby
Courtney Swaby Måned siden
you mean max destroying Lewis's car
Edison73100 Måned siden
@Aussie Aussie No, its not.
Aussie Aussie
Aussie Aussie Måned siden
It's over.
27wesley Lawson
27wesley Lawson Måned siden
I think Lewis & Bono were aware that Bottas was told to move over? Lewis didn't want to be critical of Bottas on TV m because he may need him further down the road.
Dom Roper
Dom Roper Måned siden
Very true... though I do wonder if Hamilton will just move over if he's asked to in the upcoming races...
Edison73100 Måned siden
Bottas hates Lewis and everything Lewis stands for, his hatred is a great influence on his track performance
Jeroen Bons
Jeroen Bons Måned siden
Just within the realms of what was acceptable, - it was VERY agressive from Verstappen, - and... Hamilton made an !!!exxxxelent !!choice etcetera!!! The king deals with the upshot, just about OK... You can not stop blaming Verstappen of unfair conduct.
Jean c
Jean c Måned siden
Awesome as always guys
Victor Nino
Victor Nino Måned siden
5 am here drinking a red bull and listening to the podcast.
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