10 F1 drivers who wasted their big chance 

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Drivers work for years to get their big break with a top Formula 1 team, but some fail to capitalise on that opportunity when it comes. Edd Straw picks out 10 cases of drivers with genuine ability who couldn't make the most of what appeared to be career-making opportunities, whether it's because they weren't good enough, they came up against a superstar team-mate or other factors.

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14. mai. 2021





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lol Perez got in 6 races the same points that Gasly got in 12.
Mike z
Mike z 23 timer siden
truth be told Kubica should have been on that list guy was supposed to become a Ferrari driver, and possibly a championship contender, if he wouldn't crash on that Rally stage, back in 2011.
Takumi Fujiwara
Takumi Fujiwara Dag siden
They should put DLR instead of kovalainen
Renlys Other Lover
Alpha tauri would have been far better off bringing back albon they might be contending for 3-4-5 in the standings which I just don’t understand why Red Bull wouldn’t want that
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts 2 dager siden
It should have been mentioned that Mansell switched series with Andretti however Mansell won the championship in his rookie year.
gullf1sk 3 dager siden
Gasly is doing really well tho
EnderMagma 5 dager siden
Tommy Byrne?
Krako aka Sead Marušić
Luca Badoer... Didn't have proper chance, but didn't really shine either, given he had thousands of testing km's under his belt.
ETOPS 5 dager siden
This may be one of the worst cases of iMovie Warrioring in the F1 community. You can’t look at Red Bull without studying the sociopathic driven inconsistencies of Helmut Marko & his obsequious supplicant mini-me, Christian Horner. Put aside Netflix & its jarring, incomplete, and inaccurate on many levels storytelling; does anyone really believe those two were supported, groomed, and given all the benefits of a tier 1 team? Aw hell no.
Godwind Racing
Godwind Racing 5 dager siden
Moral of this video: don’t be teammates to superstar drivers, Senna or Schumacher in particular
TheConfidentNoob 6 dager siden
I never thought highly of Albon at Red Bull. I’m glad that Albon got replaced by Perez and it seems Perez has been able to break that Red Bull second seat curse
Jeff Driscoll
Jeff Driscoll 6 dager siden
Great feature!
Steven Martin
Steven Martin 6 dager siden
Jolyon palmer
Bartek Chrustek
Bartek Chrustek 8 dager siden
If Gasly is mentioned in this video alongside with Frentzen and Kovalainen, then how will you describe Jean Alesi's career?
Marc Smith
Marc Smith 8 dager siden
In other words, don't go to McLaren as a rookie, unless you're exceptional, and can get the team around you.
Nefus1988 8 dager siden
6:52 Schumachers Benetton had drivers AIDS such as launch control and traction control, unfair comparison
Shawn Matthews
Shawn Matthews 9 dager siden
Rubens never had a shot. He always had to let Schumi past. There was no question in those days. That’s kinda gone in this era. But they used to play that card at every opportunity. Then again only top 6 got points
Brian Vogt
Brian Vogt 9 dager siden
The saga of Andrea DeCrasheris is a funny one - quite the opposite of this topic, he had more chances than logic should have dictated. Ironically, he became a reliable driver towards the end of his career.
FEARYOYOYO 10 dager siden
Albon is ape like on that thumbnail.
Jack Harvey
Jack Harvey 10 dager siden
Okay If Alonso couldn’t get along at McLaren expecting any other driver who isn’t a part of the Ron Dennis master plan to get on is ridiculous. Heikki was learning a new car and a clear #2 driver.
Vincent Metz
Vincent Metz 11 dager siden
Actually Mass didn't blow his chance. It was rather taken from him since Cosworth only handed their most powerfull engines to Ronnie Peterson, Jody Scheckter, James Hunt and Mario Andretti. I'm not one hundred percent shure shure about the numbers but I remember he sad in an interview that a former Cosworth engineer told him, that thoose engines had up to 70hp more than the usual Cosworth engines for the rest of the field.
TheAztec010 11 dager siden
What’s the definition of a wasted opportunity. If drivers were considered equal and given the same opportunity they probably would have succeeded.
jayman105 12 dager siden
Gasly and Albon were both horribly overrated from the start. If they hadn't been driving Red Bull to start, they would have both been at the bottom of the standings.
Mitchell Sullivan
Mitchell Sullivan 12 dager siden
Perez @ McLaren?
Gez Atherton
Gez Atherton 12 dager siden
Some of these teams like Red Bull, Benetton and Lotus have always been one car teams with the best equipment and resources allocated to the lead driver. Dumfries, Jos Verstappen, Lehto, Gasly and Albon were nowhere near the standard of their prodigiously talented teammates Senna, Schumi and Max Verstappen’ and almost certainly wouldn’t have beaten them over a full season of results, but also they were never really given a fair chance to. Gasly has shown his form at Alpha Tauri and with the right support at Red Bull his results would have been closer to Verstappen’s. There’s a difference with Barrichello at Ferrari and Bottas at Mercedes as both would usually finish on the podium with their team leaders, despite being very much the no2 driver. I say that, but Bottas’ form seems to have dropped off a cliff this year.
KumanoMTG 12 dager siden
Alex Zanardi with Williams would be a fine inclusion ;)
T NG 13 dager siden
I think it is unfair to include Mass and Kovalinen as both did reasonably well as number 2 and at least stayed more than 1 seasons. More deserving are T Fabi / C Fabi at Brabham and Cheever at Renault.
Zs Bacskai
Zs Bacskai 15 dager siden
how is Bottas not number one on this list
Carlos Alonso Delgado
Carlos Alonso Delgado 16 dager siden
7:07 how small the car where at that time...
Jezahb 16 dager siden
My husband and I love watching F1 videos, found your channel and at first enjoyed it. Until it became clear your bias and fanboy status as far as Hamilton is concerned. Even this video, we did not think there was any way you would be able to bring up how Hamilton is GOAT but you found a way within the first minute of the video by talking about how his teammate just couldn't compare to the majesty and grandeur that is Sir Hamilton. It's a bit ridiculous and you might want to consider toning it down a little, you're making it a bit TOO clear just how much you love him.
Timy 02
Timy 02 17 dager siden
Maybe Coulthard in 1998-2000. After he did very well in 1996 and 97 against Hakkinen but however in 1998-2000 where McLaren could easily fight for the titel he stood very much in the shadow of Hakkinen. I would claim a combination of beeing unlucky with reliability and not quite reaching the constancy in terms of race craft like Hakkinen did
Matt Littlewood
Matt Littlewood 18 dager siden
I thought you guys were better than this. Your rival channels are making these kinds of videos.
Anco 18 dager siden
Where is Kimi? He is definitely wasted!
Oliver Beck
Oliver Beck 19 dager siden
I wouldn't say Frentzen wasted anything. Just the wrong team and driver combination. Jordan were able to nurture his talent correctly rather than constant bollockings from Patrick Head. HHF is a legend.
bryan correia
bryan correia 19 dager siden
Eddie Irvine in 1999 season also had a great chance to win the championship against Mika Häkkinen. he can easily added to this list of F1 driver who wasted their big chance, Same thing about Felipe Massa during the 2008 season ... yeah i'm still feel salty about this dramatic ending of interlagos 2008 GP :'(
Alex Lazebat
Alex Lazebat 19 dager siden
mostly seems 1 driver teams
KanonXD 21 dag siden
So... do not team up with Senna, Schumacher, Hamilton and Verstappen. Got it!
Samet Özkan
Samet Özkan 21 dag siden
Nick Heidfeld deserves his McLaren seat in 2002, 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2010
Jan Hansen
Jan Hansen 22 dager siden
It really tell a story about McLaren being a 1 car team. Every body, except their favored driver, fail in a McLaren.
Matthew Levett
Matthew Levett 25 dager siden
Bruno Senna had a bad time in F1, wasn't really a fair go.
Samet Özkan
Samet Özkan 21 dag siden
He is Free Agent since 2013
Jeff Van Hammond
Jeff Van Hammond 25 dager siden
Gasly decision by RedBull was wrong. he's proving that at alpha tauri.
Miguel Paiewonsky
Miguel Paiewonsky 27 dager siden
Damn, Kovalinen went from McLaren to Caterham, damn.
Ozamataz Buckshank
Ozamataz Buckshank 27 dager siden
Jochen mass drive the m23 for the movie rush. So he basically played himself in that movie lol
Mitch the Desert Squiddo's Gaming Channel
Most of the cases on here are due to their teams having such good teammates who go on to challenge for the titles or even not given much support. In the case of Albon and Gasly, they've been put in a situation where Max Verstappen has been given more opportunities than what Albon/Gasly have been given, but then again Helmut Marko is a career destroyer who does this on purpose, even if Gasly/Albon have lost good results through no fault of their own. I think Red Bull seriously needs to sack Marko because of his greedy decisions and the fact he's wasted so many careers of promising talents (Sebastian Buemi, Jean Eric Verne, Daniil Kvyat, Pierre Gasly and Alex Albon) and give the driver adviser role to Franz Tost. I think Gasly should fit in better with Alpine while Albon should be better off with the likes of McLaren, Williams or even Aston Martin. Red Bull is a great team but with a toxic environment that is caused by Marko being so arrogant and selfish. Even Niki Lauda wasn't even that abhorrent and he was part of a top team and has had better respect than Marko does.
OsellaSquadraCorse 28 dager siden
Bizarre list. Truly bizarre. It's very odd to say a driver like Capelli 'wasted' his chance, or even Albon or Kovalainen. Andretti certainly - because he didn't put in the right amount of effort to succeed. Mass is a little critical too then - if we include Mass because of what he didn't do, then we NEED to put Barrichello at #3, for the Brawn season, not only the Ferrari years. Similarly we should include Coulthard, for 1995... bearing in mind he was forced to drive the Williams that year, having already signed for McLaren; his waste was that he could have stayed with Williams, and potentially could have been 1996 and 1997 world champion with them... Gilles Villeneuve is #1 - without a shadow of a doubt. Big chance? You have the dominant car, and a pace advantage over your teammate, but get so wound up about one incident and fail to get over it that you crash into another car in a qualifying session, with fatal consequences. Talk about Big Chance, and waste of it - Gilles is undoubtedly at the top of the list. Jacky Ickx with Lotus also, taking over from Fittipaldi, a young hot shot of his time; but managed to do nothing. John Surtees, turned down the chance to replace Innes Ireland at Lotus, alongside Jim Clark for 1961; and would have had the dominant car, having outpaced Clark in the same team... But no, we get Alex Albon, Jochen Mass, and Ivan Capelli....
Kerry Court
Kerry Court 29 dager siden
gasley should have atleast been able to have a full season in the redbull
Skippy 4077
Skippy 4077 29 dager siden
Danny riccardo leaving red bull !
RuyLopezQB6 Måned siden
Ironic that Head didn't like Frentzen, given that it was Frank Williams and Head making the decision to drop Hill without consulting Newey that was the last straw for Newey
maestri09 Måned siden
I was expecting Jan Magnussen. He was highly touted, and was expected to revive McLaren. Then he surprisingly signed to Stewart GP, and that was it. Never made any impact in F1. Driver of the future barely made a blip on the radar.
Rowe Automotive - CCHS
Please don't let this happen to Yuki.
denmark39 Måned siden
Jan Magnussen who beat Senna’s F3 record a record which hasn’t been broken had a shorter F1 career than Max’s dad
mike low
mike low Måned siden
Haven't watched yet but hopefully Scott Speed is on this list somewhere too 🤣
VonBlade Måned siden
If Michael Andretti was Michael Smith he would be viewed exactly as he should be. Utterly hopeless.
Neil Henderson
Neil Henderson Måned siden
was michael andretti NOT anyone's first choice before this video even started ??
Owster249 Måned siden
Alex didn't waste it he should of won austria
Ryan Stewart
Ryan Stewart Måned siden
I vehemently disagree with Dumfries/John Crichton-Stuart, 7th Marquess of Bute. His story is a complicated one, but I wouldn't ever say he wasted his chance.
Rex Stetson
Rex Stetson Måned siden
I hate to say it because he’s my favorite driver ever, but the guy who should have been number 1 on your list wasn’t even mentioned - Alex Zanardi. His stint with Williams was the biggest disappointment in my life as an F1 fan.
Procat Procat
Procat Procat Måned siden
ameicans generally aren't good enough for F1
Procat Procat
Procat Procat Måned siden
Interesting how Schumacher and Verstsppen offspring are at the opposite ends of the F1 field...and Mick doesn't seem capable of changing that
Procat Procat
Procat Procat Måned siden
Crap in F1,so he had a long career in Indycar. Sounds about right 🤣
Thomas Kurz
Thomas Kurz Måned siden
Think you missed out Gerhard Berger. Driving from 1990-92 in the fastest car in F1, and still managing never to be better then 4th in the championship. Sure he was paired with Ayrton Senna, but many at that time thought he had similar level of talent. So being 2nd in the championships should have been the minimum to be expected from him. That he could drive he showed as an example at the Canadian GP 1990. While starting from 2nd, overtaking Senna, and then getting hit with a 1 Minute time penalty for a jumpstart, he managed to finish only 14 seconds behind the winner Senna. So over the race he was 45 seconds faster then Senna. The rest of his career was lined with some bad decision in choosing a team. Going back to Ferrari in 92, and then taking over the Benetton cockpit after Michael Schuhmacher went to Ferrari.
Luke Standing
Luke Standing Måned siden
Nikita Mazepin was missing?!
Corbin Selanne
Corbin Selanne Måned siden
J. Verstappen's 1994 season also included the fireball incident during a pit stop in the German GP, while Eddie Irvine would spend four years as Michael's teammate in the German 7-time champion's first four years with Ferrari (and missing out on the 1999 title himself following Michael's broken leg in Silverstone thanks largely to the efforts of Marc Gene in the European GP)
Aditya Desai
Aditya Desai Måned siden
gasly still get a seat back in alphatauri...not like albon (test driver) 😂
Еric0816 Måned siden
What most people forget is hat Williams had given up on Hill at the end of 95 so they signed Frentzen for 97 already at the start of 96. At that time it seemed to make sense because driving a Sauber Frentzen looked like a future world champion. Even today in a vacuum I would consider Frentzen to be a more talented driver than Hill who entered F1 in his 30s driving motorcycles before. When they were teammates at Jordan Frentzen was clearly superior. I would say that Hill was a better driver for Williams because of his professionalism and willingness to listen given his lack of racing experience. Frentzen was a better driver for a small team like Jordan (or Sauber) because his pure talent could get more out of a slower car.
dan smith
dan smith Måned siden
Does it count as "wasted a big chance" if they couldn't hang with a megastar like lewis or max?
senorsoupe Måned siden
Michael's failure in 1993 was a perfect storm of restricted testing regulations, a mediocre car with a crap engine, having Senna as a temmate, and his insistence on "commuting" from Pennsylvania to the races instead of moving close to the factory. A lot of F1 fans still use his failure to insult Indycar but the reality is that his F1 time was doomed from the start
Tom Loosley
Tom Loosley Måned siden
What about Perez and Magnussen at McLaren?
Simbarocks ONE
Simbarocks ONE Måned siden
Albon was given that Red Bull seat way too soon. Expecting a rookie to deliver the same level as one of the fastest drivers on the grid was never going to happen. Didn’t help that Red Bull manage their second drivers awfully.
Νικόλας Τριανταφύλλου
Stofel Vardoorne: McLanren 2018
JetfireWithy Måned siden
To say Frentzen wasted his chance is grossly unfair. He would have led the championship in 99 mid season the unreliability of Mugen Honda engine let him down.
Gojirra_Life Måned siden
please stop making clickbait crap videos you know nothing about. find a new job/hobby. You are just putting massive amounts of negativity into the world of f1.
SilverfoxThe Måned siden
I'd have liked to have seen more of Johnny Dumfries and Michael Andretti. The commentary is right in that they were both definite #2's to the brilliance of Senna. Like nearly all of these nominees, had they had more engineer time and a better set-up there's little doubt they'd have done better.
anon incognito
anon incognito Måned siden
Barrichello at Brawn.
helixworld Måned siden
Gasly is a good driver, but he had difficulty with the Red Bull car that was tailored for Verstappen. It's been widely reported that Red Bull were not interested in Gasly's feedback, so it may have been a different story if he was given a bit more help with setup and development. If Red Bull want a second driver to play supporting role for Verstappen, they are better off with a more experienced driver. IMO they should not have expected their juniors to reach that level in a short space of time.
silly boy
silly boy Måned siden
The fact that every one of these drivers drove for team where it is known to be toxic is more a statement that if your no.2 is not performing that well it is more likely the team environment than anything else
Bam Bam 444
Bam Bam 444 Måned siden
No mention of Martin Brundle , he was worse than many of these considering he was highly rated
cosmidnight Måned siden
This is such lazy (predominantly British) crap. Why is someone being eclipsed by a legend while driving an inferior car a wasted chance? Did James Hunt 'The Shunt' waste his chances? Is Ron Dennis really a bigot? Johnny Herbert didn't fare much better at Benetton, did he? Was Mika Hakkinen a prodigious talent or wasn't he?
Glyne Martin
Glyne Martin Måned siden
@ 2:55 - 2:56 Yet to see a sexier livery than that John Players Special livery tho...
GTODad73 Måned siden
Gasly and Andretti were both treated like an excuse at their respective teams......
Princess Solace
Princess Solace Måned siden
Tell us which driver got a shot in his debut without obtaining a full interntional racing license.
Michael Linner
Michael Linner Måned siden
I really expected a lot more from Kovalainen. Such a waste.
Braden Netzly
Braden Netzly Måned siden
I actually met Derek Daly at Indianapolis last October. Cool to see him working with his son in IndyCar. We spoke for about 5 minutes
Takeshi Nakazato1
Takeshi Nakazato1 Måned siden
You forgot Jean Girard
griffisjm Måned siden
Gasly and albon didn't waste a chance, both were left hanging by Red Bull. I'm convinced you could put lewis in that seat and he'd struggle. Look at perez, he's struggling, shoot even riccardo had trouble.
griffisjm 7 dager siden
@DWK KhanDaniel Riccardo made it clear that his mental health was more important than winning races or a world championship which is why he decided to leave Red Bull, he wasn't happy. From what was seen and has been said about Pierre he struggled with the exact same thing, which is further shown by his character and success at alpha tauri. Albon was visibly shook all year last year. If it were one driver then yeah they may be the problem, but all three, No. I firmly believe that Red Bull is set up to benefit Max, and Max alone. This was obvious when Horner said to Netflix they were pushing to make MAX the youngest world champion, even though Riccardo was with him in the standings at that point. I do not dislike Red Bull or Max Verstappen. I sincerely hope Perez continues his success. It is my belief(and a widely held one at that) that Red Bull is a one driver team built around Verstappen. Perez's Job is not to win a WCT but to be a buffer between Max and the Mercs when needed, everyone knows that. EVERYONE KNOWS the car is built around Max and suits his driving style and it seems that the team is built the same way. That's completely fine, that's their prerogative, I just think knowing that, is strong evidence of why Albon and Gasly struggled. Personally I think it was not the right move to put Albon there, I don't think he's good enough to start with, and I think Gasly given time could have figured it out. You cannot build a Car and Team around 1 driver and 1 driver alone and then be surprised when the others struggle, and struggle they did.
DWK Khan
DWK Khan 7 dager siden
Your comment on Perez has aged well... He has managed to achieve what Albon and Gasly couldn't in only his 5th race for the team. What do you mean Danny Ric struggled? He won 8 races with the team and earned countless podiums. I wouldn't call that "struggling".
Ohmz i
Ohmz i Måned siden
Can they also do team crew wearing special dress? Like 2019 Mercede's Beret and Redbull's James bond dresses?
Timothy Hargreaves
Timothy Hargreaves Måned siden
Some of these drivers got less than a season in the car and had little to no testing time, so it's a bit unfair to say they "wasted their big chance". Gasly has proven to be a good driver for Alpha Tauri, with his race win last year. Frentzen showed what he was capable of in that 1999 Jordan. Andretti and Daly likely just needed more time.
TenorCantusFirmus Måned siden
Giancarlo Fisichella with World Championship-winning Renaults in 2005 and '06.
Logan Schuetzle
Logan Schuetzle Måned siden
I feel bad for Verstapen and Schumachers teammates. It looks like Perez might have the same fate. I actually think the Red Bull isn’t as good as Max is making it look
mattipuh Måned siden
JJ drove amazing results with McLaren F1 in Le Mans, would be nice to mention those in addition to his too short F1 visit. Was hands down fastest driver in the fleet on wet & dark.
OsellaSquadraCorse 28 dager siden
That and his whole BMW and Audi stint. Until the unfortunate boat crash/death/arrest issues he was still highly in demand, even though officially 'retired'. But in addition to '95 he won Le Mans twice and put the '99 BMW so far out in the lead it was on course to win easily until the suspension failure that caused retirement - not to mention rightfully winning the 1999 ALMS championship.
Haribo Måned siden
I'm missing Magnussen on this list. His rookie year at McLaren was his big chance, and never got a competative car again. As a McLaren fan I'm supprised anyways with the amount of drivers who had their chance at McLaren, but didn't live up to the expectations.
Poole Dogg
Poole Dogg Måned siden
Top 10 McLaren F1 drivers who...
Hans Hoelzel
Hans Hoelzel Måned siden
You missed Aloso - McLaren - 2007 and Perez - McLaren - 2013 and Alonso - McLaren - 2014-2018 edit: don`t sign at McLaren XD
James Dyer
James Dyer Måned siden
Simone Taddia
Simone Taddia Måned siden
Capelli got famous to park his Ferrari on the guardrail in Monaco at Rascasse.
Brown Emperor
Brown Emperor Måned siden
Brendan Hartley should have been in there
AlexanderFreshman Måned siden
What a man! Give these dudes some fame again!
Ep!dEm Måned siden
Ricciardo, only chance he never wastes is to be a silly clown...
ElzahR Måned siden
What about Perez at McLaren?
Bassic27 Måned siden
Andretti definitely needed a better chance, he was a great driver.
Paul Allen
Paul Allen Måned siden
Being an Italian driver at Ferrari almost always spells disaster. Michele Alboreto would be the last one to stay with the team for more than one season these past 50 years and actually win races. Drivers like Merzario, Capelli, Larini, Badoer and Fisichella just failed to take-off at the team and their careers suffered as a result.