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The latest episode of The Race F1 Podcast reviews the Monaco Grand Prix and how two particular victory bids collapsed. Edd Straw is joined by Mark Hughes and Scott Mitchell to look at why Ferrari was so fast around the streets of Monaco, how its victory hopes fell apart, and what went wrong for Mercedes.

00:00 Intro
03:27 A missed opportunity for Leclerc?
10:53 Was Leclerc set for pole regardless of his crash?
19:30 Was Verstappen really ever under threat?
24:55 What's Norris doing that Ricciardo isn't
30:26 What went wrong for Bottas
33:21 A bad day for Hamilton
36:34 Gasly surprises for AlphaTauri
39:55 A good day for Aston Martin
43:54 Alpine: Why were things so disappointing?
45:18 Giovinazzi's resurgence
48:21 Difficult debuts at Monaco
51:17 Looking ahead in 2021

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25. mai. 2021





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Just chilling 70 Decker
Why are they now pretty fast in Baku Explain please
Björn 17 dager siden
What a nonsense comment, he would have pole and won the race? Evry1 behind him was allready faster!
Janssen Paul
Janssen Paul 17 dager siden
The racing is shocking so it doesn't deserve to be on the calendar, what goes on around the race is irrelevant if the main event is utterly abysmal.
chuckschilling 18 dager siden
Oh please stop telling us how great LeClerc was. He crashed his way to the pole. And why on earth does Ferrari get a pass on doing a full driveline inspection after LeClerc's shunt in the first place? That is just a ridiculous oversight on their part (aka par for the course under Barton Fink).
Andrea Lizarraga
Andrea Lizarraga 18 dager siden
The abusive lotion genotypically pat because decrease ultrasonographically excite apropos a sordid internet. beautiful, super dirt
Armel Nti
Armel Nti 20 dager siden
Lewis driving still and Merc strength turn to be the weakness in Monaco, but there are no more Monaco type of track moving forward
Dread to Think
Dread to Think 20 dager siden
The cars are the problem not Monaco
Eric Weijers
Eric Weijers 21 dag siden
I stopped listening when downforce in the slowest corners was mentioned... That’s called mechanical grip, sorry lot of waffling and what ifs..
nicholas chai
nicholas chai 22 dager siden
What if they took the penalties by fixing the car,what are the chance of Charles winning?
Gil Kerr
Gil Kerr 22 dager siden
Why is there no f1 interviewers that are funny and bit wild? There all very dull and serious. Is this because there is so much money involved and there's no room for a wild interviewer? I.e asking the drivers fun questions? Were sports fans we should see the drivers enjoy interviews?
Christopher Chamberlain
Hey Ed!!!! Were you let go by AutoSport or did you decide to do your work with "The-Race" on your own? You were my goto voice in F1 back then and continue to be. What exactly is your role at "The-Race"? You are a total pro of the airwaves.
D3al3r Play's
D3al3r Play's 23 dager siden
Ow my the mistake Max made was in his first lap.. If you do a podcast get your info correct. He said so clearly on dutch TV... And in his second run he was almost 2 tenth's up on the pole lap from Leclerc.....
Sergio Sardo
Sergio Sardo 24 dager siden
1 hour toexplain it
Jan Saddam
Jan Saddam 24 dager siden
Chłopaki z BOKSÓW...
The Chumps been dumped.
The world fastest and most expensive parade.
Patrick Akkermans
Patrick Akkermans 24 dager siden
max was starting purple swctor, leclerc would never ever ever ever had pole or won the race, in your dreams mr! I think leclerc crasht on purpes.
Hervé Maas
Hervé Maas 25 dager siden
Can I be honest.... I think Ferrari lied about the left side driveshaft. I think the crash did damage gearbox. LeClerc said it over de the radio, and he knows the difference. You saw it in drive to survive in the way they handle Vettel. In how they treat him when he's honest about something. They take it all indoors and ignore the outcome. Again, to save face. Ferrari doesn't want to admit to faults, ever. It's an Italian thing and it's something that damages their credibility. This latest incident is the lite version of the engine debacle. Ferrari will do anything to save face. Even that deal was made for Ferrari to save face. It's so... So... Dumb and weak. But apparently not in Italy. Ferrari doesn't get that you cannot learn or be better if you do not admit to your errors. You leave the door open to do it again, and they will. Ferrari won't be a real top team until that "save face"-culture disappears. They didn't have that in the Schumacher-era. Post-Schumacher you see that behaviour creeping in and they suck ever since.
Sports Mag
Sports Mag 25 dager siden
Verstappen was ahead going into the tunnel by about half a car vs Leclerc's first Q3 lap, so he definitely had a great chance of snatching pole, if Leclerc hadn't binned it.
nashvin joshua
nashvin joshua 25 dager siden
This is like 2019 all over again but in reverse 😂
ALISTAIR THOMPSON 25 dager siden
The merc is terrible in dirty air it's designed for being at the front
ALISTAIR THOMPSON 25 dager siden
Its not a good track to watch the racing at anymore unless there's rain which throws a spanner in there otherwise no overtakes
ALISTAIR THOMPSON 25 dager siden
I'm not convinced ricciardo us the same driver any more verstappen done danny like danny had done vettel
vuvu 25 dager siden
not even one section of the video of Why Ferrari was so fast in Monaco has a title about the name of the man who actually delivered the only podium for ferrari in Monaco. The Race really nailed it.
Luke Sturch
Luke Sturch 25 dager siden
Vid 28 of asking for super gt
IllusiveMusings 25 dager siden
that's what i was thinking... I'm new to F1 but def notice a trend of bottas getting the shaft
Diana Maioru
Diana Maioru 18 dager siden
Welcome to the F1 community! It's only a fairly recent trend, so it makes sense a new fan would notice it haha. Before Bottas, it was Hamilton that would get dnf's when his teammate Rosberg would have good reliability and luck.
Justin Heiden
Justin Heiden 25 dager siden
Are we gonna overlook how well the top 3 other drivers were about to do had the red flag not come out? The Likelihood that he held pole without a redflag was not great.
Stefano Cozzi
Stefano Cozzi 26 dager siden
Imagine the Ferrari with a strong engine, would be challenging Mercedes and Redbull !
Greig Sanderson
Greig Sanderson 26 dager siden
Ed straw is gorgeous
EverythingTechPro 26 dager siden
Vettal did two laps before pitting that matched MAX and Saiz lap times. That was crucial in getting P5.
Better With Rum
Better With Rum 26 dager siden
Not sure why I even subscribe to this channel. I can’t stand the arrogance between these guys (minus Scott, he seems grounded)
ferrari is fast because it's ferrari nuff said
The Lost
The Lost 26 dager siden
sounds like ferrari made the perfect oxymoron. a slow speed racer.
The Chumps been dumped.
Is it a slow fast car, or a fast slow car?
Ufuk Yanmaz
Ufuk Yanmaz 26 dager siden
Skyrocket888 26 dager siden
overrated Leclerc. S🅱️inella baby.
Mike Addison
Mike Addison 26 dager siden
You guys don't seem too interested in this video. I know Monaco isn't exciting but a lot to talk about!
Mrcento 26 dager siden
Cars that work well in sector 3 in Spain regularly work well in Monaco. That sector is all about stability under braking, mid to low speed change of direction and traction out of the chicane. Ferrari were fantastic in sector 3 in Spain, Mystery solved. They just have a car that has good traction, good balance and good turn in but isn't so good at higher speed or at the top end in on straights.
kwl189 21 dag siden
Downforce is a perennial thorn in Ferrari’s ass. They’re just not good at it in general and that is the main reason for their cars not winning titles when looking just at the car.
Willie McKinney
Willie McKinney 26 dager siden
I hope Ferrari hasn't done anything illegal, before one of you go left field the reason I said that is that I want a really competitive field Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari " Man! That sounds great!
Kaustav Kapur
Kaustav Kapur 26 dager siden
they are also using flexi wings
Kenneth Rice
Kenneth Rice 26 dager siden
Didn’t Max have to go through the same traffic that Carlos went through. Of course he did brilliant analysis you idiots
Nezioo Araujoo
Nezioo Araujoo 26 dager siden
Its not acceptable for a race to have that much low action ..
Jon Donnelly
Jon Donnelly 26 dager siden
It sucked for Leclerc, but it was good for the championship as Verstappen is the only other viable contender. Hamilton already starting to throw toys out of the pram. No one wants a season wrapped up after 10 races this win could be the momentum needed to keep the fight to the very end.
Seolferwulf 26 dager siden
You would be able to create it, monte carlo would throw vast sums of money to f1 and they would greedily hoover it up. They're doing a race in one of the worst human rights abusing countries in the world, money trumps everything.
Boosted Daily
Boosted Daily 26 dager siden
Monaco is the lamest race of the year. It's an exhibition.
יהודים זבל
יהודים זבל 24 dager siden
Monaco is fun cus of qualy and cus any mistake in the track o boxes can be game over, but i understand where ppl are coming when disliking it
Huey Freeman
Huey Freeman 26 dager siden
Finally, somebody who gets it.
Mike Wallace
Mike Wallace 26 dager siden
You are all stuck in the history of the event! Awful as a tv viewer. Complain about poor races elsewhere and yet this was a procession. Drivers didn’t make attempts to pass, unlike other years. I switched off. Your comments seem to only apply if you are actually there!
__ 26 dager siden
Just to help Tsunoda a little, he was the only driver who "never drove in Monaco", where the other two mentioned here have in F2. Either way, I don't think Tsunoda is a driver who is good at going around slow corners (at least so far from what I have seen).
Jack de Wit
Jack de Wit 26 dager siden
Sainz back on leclerc in Q3; 0,25 behind his own time Verstappen in comparison; 0,2 seconds up with a mistake a lap earlier wich at least would gain him 2 tenths Bottas; idk but he definitly wouldn't have been faster than max The race be like; Yeah Sainz was on route for pole, and Max wouldn't have gotten pole, yeah, sure mate Me: definitly true...
Mylo Kurtz
Mylo Kurtz 26 dager siden
what are these comments, f1 is filled with kids nowadays
Eugênio Augusto Brito
Eugênio Augusto Brito 26 dager siden
Ferrari was so fast on Monaco... or Monaco is so slow that is good for Ferrari balance???? Anyway, glad that Ferrari could make it back (but a season without Monaco GP, like 2020, is much more attractive)
pino de vogel
pino de vogel 27 dager siden
monaco is 95% qualifying 4.99% pit errors and damages 0.01% overtakes. the mercedes needs speed to work and monaco is slow so that car doesnt work. On any other traco red bull has no chance its that simple. look at ferrari. no top speed but massive downforce and they showed that. they had faster corner speed and thus where fast on a slow track. Next race they go back to their usual spots. Gasly grew fast past 2 years and frankly they should swap him back to red byull where they should have left him. the didnt give him a chance but the other drives that had that char are just as slow and show now growth. he was pulled to early.
dasa prva classa
dasa prva classa 27 dager siden
🕳️fiat isnt it ?
Isaak Vedalt
Isaak Vedalt 27 dager siden
Dunno if you guys bring this up or not, but I wanna write it down before I forget. I know Charles is good, as proven by his pole lap, but everyone always talks about being surprised how well he did despite missing all of Thursday. Do you think missing that day attributed in any way to his shunt that secured him pole?
John Leven
John Leven 27 dager siden
"If it wasn't already there it couldn't be recreated" is a terrible argument. Also, you need to up your game with the questions you ask in the press conferences. The answers to the questions need to be insightful, surprising, informative, or at the very least, funny. You're asking questions to which the possible answer can only be one, and the drivers are sick of it.
Luke A
Luke A 26 dager siden
100% spot on. They ask questions in those press conferences and then answer them themselves.
Jaromír Grunt
Jaromír Grunt 27 dager siden
needed help from ferrari? i dont think so.. lets say hemilton in front, verstappen still catchess him cuz of much better pace, if we look at imola for example, hamilton gone tru mid field after running of track like nothing, here in mid field was stuck.. (you might say that its cuz of traffic, i agree but traffic isn't everything..)
Gress Shap
Gress Shap 27 dager siden
Let’s not sugar coat this.... CL can only claim provisional pole as his driving failure ultimately prevented anyone else setting a better times! Better luck next time
Rolando Tillit
Rolando Tillit 27 dager siden
I think the Ferrari cars have taken a step forward in general. Only 2 tenths off 2019 pole lap. I honestly can't wait for Baku, if Ferrari is in the low 40's come qualifying you know they're back to being contenders. McLaren is going to have an absolute rocketship, and the corners in Baku are similar to Imola and Monaco so I expect McLaren to go full on beast mode. This may actually be a difficult race for RBR. They'll qualify well, but unless Honda sorts out it's ERS issue, it will be a tough race. In 2012 we had lots of different winners at first before the championship went one way, in 2021 we'll have two winners, and the rest of the championship will be more open?
Robbo 27 dager siden
Monaco was the perfect track for this Ferrari - high traction, fires tires up quickly, slow speed corners. But to only come out of the race gaining 3 points on McLaren could be a *HUGE* opportunity missed.
Fernando Garcia
Fernando Garcia 26 dager siden
Could've been much worse if ricciardo got in the points. I think they'll take a net gain on McLaren all things considered
Phillip Alcock
Phillip Alcock 27 dager siden
Great racing with FormulaE at Monaco! I enjoyed that race far more than the F1 race…
Steez Vault
Steez Vault 27 dager siden
Valterri working the tyres better doesn’t speak to his ability to me, he’s always overworked the tyres compared to Lewis, and that’s what happened in Monaco, his tyres were falling away. Surely that’s the reason he switched them on more?
t jans
t jans 26 dager siden
He was going early but lewis made a stop before bottas
zno3 27 dager siden
What can you do to make last year tractor into a decent car? nothing much, maybe mod the car for low straight speed track like Monaco lol
finton mainz
finton mainz 27 dager siden
The third fastest car is "slow" according to this genius.
Phillip Alcock
Phillip Alcock 27 dager siden
Didn’t see it at Monaco last year so don’t know how it would have done
Luke K
Luke K 27 dager siden
Idk, Scott is a bit of a prick in my view sometimes with his lighthearted comments, I do respect Edd and Mark though
Jamie Henderson
Jamie Henderson 27 dager siden
What a shocker. Journalists support idea to keep going and hanging out in Monaco for the weekend! I would probably do the same. I haven’t watched a Monaco race live in years. Horrendous spectacle.
Robin Visser
Robin Visser 27 dager siden
The only reason Ferrari was quick was because most of the long trackparts were downhill. The uphill parts were short and therefore ask more traction
Mr Bungle
Mr Bungle 27 dager siden
My bet is Leclerc with one lap only would have stayed on pole,Max was 0.100 up in S2 ,Sainz didn't rly improve,and Leclerc was the fastest in S2 to 3 ,and i think it would be an edged out Leclerc pole
Mohit Anand
Mohit Anand 26 dager siden
@VladK yes but I think Charles in the heat of the moment got too emotional and overdrove. If he would have aborted his last lap who knows he could be p2 behind max or p3 ( I didn’t expect both bottas and sainz to beat his time ) even though they were up I assume they would have lost in middle /final sector where Charles was very strong ). A lesson for Charles to play percentage game and sometimes better to abort lap and rely on first q3 run
VladK 27 dager siden
Verstappen said he made a mistake in S3, so odds were good that on his 2nd lap if he didnt make the same mistake again he would have improved even more and possibly taken pole
Rayco dv
Rayco dv 27 dager siden
I kinda doubt Charles would have been on pole, had he not crashed... But hey, that’s just me.
yo yo
yo yo 27 dager siden
Verstappen was .130 up on his own time. He lost a tenth in the middle sector and he was only .230 down on his first run. He had a very realistic chance to get pole lol
Kev 26 dager siden
He was building up to this run. With his first run just to put a good time in. But this was his pole lap. He indeed have a very very realistic chance to just take pole.
Daniel Atlas
Daniel Atlas 27 dager siden
What bull like the race,you are paid to say such stupidity about what wasn’t a race!
Johnny Tampocao
Johnny Tampocao 27 dager siden
That was a lost opportunity for Le Clerc because it's a 90% win for him if he was able to race with that very fast Ferrari. It would be difficult for Max to play a very good strategy to be in front of the two Ferrari if in deed that was the case.😀
OZZIE 27 dager siden
I don't blame Leclerc, he did crash but I believe Ferrari "should" have found the damaged part but I don't blame them so much either, I assume they can't go through every single part of the car the day before the race just because it has been in crash. Also anyone can crash at Monaco easily.
Ms Zee Zed
Ms Zee Zed 27 dager siden
And Perez? You oh so nearly talked about every driver, except the one who gained the most places in the race from running a very Perez strategy, oops! 😹
iloper 25 dager siden
@Areeb Siddiqui yes
Areeb Siddiqui
Areeb Siddiqui 25 dager siden
@iloper Karting
iloper 25 dager siden
@Areeb Siddiqui why would you say that? Albon was a Karting world champion...
Areeb Siddiqui
Areeb Siddiqui 25 dager siden
@iloper Heavily doubt it, Perez is far more experienced and a MUCH better driver than Albon and probably Gasly.
iloper 25 dager siden
@Areeb Siddiqui ok... We shall see. Remember those races where you don't know if Perez is on track? You will have those too
finton mainz
finton mainz 27 dager siden
"there is no conventional F1 car style". Interesting remark.
American Pride
American Pride 25 dager siden
Retarded remark
A Bel
A Bel 27 dager siden
I think that some of Lewis’ frustration stems from the fact that he recognizes that this title fight may turn out to be very tight. So every point he loses can be deciding at the end. After all, he lost to Nico due to a resignation that allowed Nico to cruise to the title on 2nd places.
יהודים זבל
יהודים זבל 24 dager siden
Fk lewis but the merc is just too good of a team/car, they will win lol
Eli Juvan
Eli Juvan 26 dager siden
Definitely. Redbull and Max have made small errors (losing in Bahrain etc.), but Mercedes and Hamilton have now made catastrophic errors in Monaco and saved themselves in Imola.
eastonhfc 27 dager siden
Monaco RIP
sots 666
sots 666 27 dager siden
Ferrari checked only the right side of the car not the left... You can not make up this stuff! Clowns!
Farhaan Amaria
Farhaan Amaria 27 dager siden
They checked it. And they did not notice a problem on the left driveshaft. The car was fine in sector 1 of the warmup lap. The driveshaft broke only at turn 6
Stu Thorr
Stu Thorr 27 dager siden
9:32 These are drivers. They prefer to drive.
Dreamy_ 27 dager siden
Mercedes did not underperform in Monaco. Valtteri Bottas did not underperform in Monaco. Lewis Hamilton underperformed in Monaco and blamed his team. Very proud of Maximum Verstappen, Valtteri Bottas, Carlos Sainz, Lando Norris, Sergio Perez, Sebastian Vettel, and Pierre Gasly this weekend. Very disappointed in Charles Lecrash, Lewis Crymilton, Daniel Ricciardo, and Yuki Tsunoda. Felt bad for Kimi Raikkonen, Bottas, and Nico Hulkenberg.
John 18 dager siden
@Paul Douglas Verstappen never does this in the way Hamilton does. When he wins he speaks about "we" and when he loses he says "we". By far not such an arrogant and devisive prick than Hamilton.
Rodolphe Ndessabeka
Rodolphe Ndessabeka 26 dager siden
Here's Hamilton's interview. He included himself in the failure. Congratulations to Max and his team, they did a better job today. For our team, it's through our losses and our mistakes that we always grow stronger. This has definitely been a poor weekend overall in terms of our performance, but this team has shown time and time again, how we come back fighting. There's no finger pointing, we win and we lose together - we just need to find our feet and stay cool, we have 18 races left and there's a long way to go in this fight.
Paul Douglas
Paul Douglas 26 dager siden
@Dreamy_ I heard many drivers complain far more than Lewis, but nobody says a word. Look how much Max swears, if that was Lewis we would be roasted.
Dreamy_ 26 dager siden
@Paul Douglas I love Lewis Hamilton the man, the champion, the racer that embarrassed Alonso in his rookie season. I hate Lewis Hamilton the complainer who throws his own team under the bus.
Paul Douglas
Paul Douglas 27 dager siden
Hamilton hater.
#Cult_ Personality
#Cult_ Personality 27 dager siden
Because ...Sharl leglerg was driving it.
Giuseppe Maggiò
Giuseppe Maggiò 27 dager siden
Very simple : The Ferrari has amazing traction. And it's not just the chassic, it's the nature of the Ferrari engine. Since last year, the Ferrari powered cars seemed to have something more than others in terms of traction. Anyway, Imola Barcellona and Monaco have proven that the Ferrari is a better car than the Mclaren. The latter can mainly keep up due to the power advantage on the straights. Without the red flag in Imola and the unfortunate events for Leclerc at Monaco, Ferrari would already have something like 40 points of advantage over Mclaren in the standings. I believe it's just a matter of time before Ferrari grabs third place
Matt Weiland
Matt Weiland 25 dager siden
It's more likely that the Ferrari engined cars also run the Ferrari gearbox and therefore, also a Ferrari style rear suspension. A smoother power band can help with traction slightly, but not as much as the design of the transfer gear section and rear suspension design.
tom sumner
tom sumner 26 dager siden
@Giuseppe Maggiò that's true but when your car doesn't have the ultimate pace you have to be there to take the opportunity. That's what Sainz and Norris did last year whilst Racing Point had points deducted and failed to capitalise on some great opportunities.
Xavier Rodriguez
Xavier Rodriguez 26 dager siden
@Ro7ard yeah tbh it's probably got more to do with the gearbox and rear suspension design
Jayed AL Sabit
Jayed AL Sabit 26 dager siden
Not so easy u see! McLaren's gonna have very certain advantages on tracks with more power, high-speed and medium speed! And if McLaren gets their slow soeed corner issue right, *It's only a matter of time where McLaren gets P3 in the battle*
Giuseppe Maggiò
Giuseppe Maggiò 26 dager siden
@Maximilian Weiß Actually, the Ferrari suspension is not new. It's the same suspension as 2020 but with the components arranged differently. Such a clever move
Lebz Gold
Lebz Gold 27 dager siden
Ramaano Muravha
Ramaano Muravha 27 dager siden
Very good analysis,
Shreyas Srivastava
Shreyas Srivastava 27 dager siden
Can you post these videos in parts
Mer C
Mer C 27 dager siden
Ferrari SF21: "The streetz is cold dawg"
Gold 999
Gold 999 27 dager siden
We got the "Lance Strolled" meme.
Michael Nicosia
Michael Nicosia 27 dager siden
You'd never be able to make a Monaco gp now. As we go to a no overtaking street circuit every other week...
Pikachu 27 dager siden
If you put it in the wall EVERYTIME you have raced there. You are not gona win. Thats just how physics work. Maybe try and stay out of the wall next time ??? Just a thought.
Mohit Anand
Mohit Anand 27 dager siden
Don’t worry next year if Monaco happens leclerc will be ultra cautious to the extent he wouldn’t mind being out qualified by his teammate
Adam Rakhadifa
Adam Rakhadifa 27 dager siden
All thanks to Ferrari Master Engine
finton mainz
finton mainz 27 dager siden
Another bore repeating a joke from two years ago.
Surya 27 dager siden
Perez gets his mojo back?
Areeb Siddiqui
Areeb Siddiqui 25 dager siden
He had 1 bad race, calm down.
whassupg39 27 dager siden
I wonder if Singapore will be similar enough to benefit Ferrari as wel
SecretWalrusSmuggler^ 6 dager siden
Welp... no need to wonder anymore:(
HTA Liu 24 dager siden
Ferrari will do a Russell-like deal and bring Vettel back in just for Singapore
BFA 94
BFA 94 25 dager siden
Yes i think so because the car is very gentle on the curbs, this allow them to go early on the throttle.
Syd Liquid
Syd Liquid 25 dager siden
@MG /F1 how? Zandvoort is a lot of fast corners?
Dharmaindhraan Dharmin
Dharmaindhraan Dharmin 26 dager siden
@Seamus Carroll yeah..i think ferrari will be even closer to merc and red bull than they were...because if u look at barcelona sector 3 times..they were quick but still slower than merc and red bull..came monaco they were the quickest in the slow speed corners...it means they are finding more speed with the car...this was the same car that was in spain...so lets wait and see
Greg T
Greg T 27 dager siden
Monaco is Ferrari's scheduled track to test their new cheats
Farhaan Amaria
Farhaan Amaria 27 dager siden
New cheats? Keep crying
Pepe Frog
Pepe Frog 27 dager siden
Ferrari master🅱️lan:
Rolando Tillit
Rolando Tillit 27 dager siden
It was almost on the podium in Barcelona on pure merit.
Ivana_13 27 dager siden
One needs to have a clear goal in mind u.u
twenty2 27 dager siden
Trust the 🅱️lan
Saad Momin
Saad Momin 27 dager siden
Will ferrari continue the pace from Monaco throughout the season? Or was it only in Monaco and will see it again in Singapore?
Aishwary Gaonkar
Aishwary Gaonkar 24 dager siden
They will do well on High downforce tracks like Hungary, Singapore, Zandvoort. At Baku and Spa, I would say that they will be good the in the tighter middle sectors, but not on the straights.
Adithya Naren
Adithya Naren 25 dager siden
@Areeb Siddiqui Looks like your favorite team lost in Monaco which is why you are crying here.
Areeb Siddiqui
Areeb Siddiqui 25 dager siden
@Adithya Naren He's not wrong lol, no need to get salty cause your favourite team isn't performing well.
Adithya Naren
Adithya Naren 26 dager siden
@Jayed AL Sabit Alright do you have anything else informative to say you blind ferrari hater
Jayed AL Sabit
Jayed AL Sabit 26 dager siden
@Ramaano Muravha Lol, hell no! Baku is a very power hungry track with very long straights! That's why Ferrari's gonna struggle there and McLaren's gonna most likely beat the shit outta Ferrari. Even RB and Merc if they get the low speed corners right!!
Tommo 27 dager siden
Chris B.
Chris B. 24 dager siden
Love both of your channels, keep up the good work
Unforgiven 26 dager siden
Tommo gun
THE RACE 27 dager siden
Ciao Tommaso
Dean Mantua
Dean Mantua 27 dager siden
Hey Tommo
Nik Senior
Nik Senior 27 dager siden
So I'm guessing zero is ferrari weakness atm
justice4germans 27 dager siden
Ricciardo did ok when switching to hard tyres and his fastest lap was quicker than Landos, the bad quali is what screwed him, everyone beyond p8 was lapped. Don't forget he did better than Lando in the previous race so it's not as bad as it seems, he just needs more time.. everyone that switched teams besides Carlos has struggled but he had some extra practice that others didn't.
chuckschilling 18 dager siden
How does Ricciardo's sphincter smell today?
gege 26 dager siden
i believe daniel will go back stronger in Baku, not podium but p7/p5
Rolando Tillit
Rolando Tillit 27 dager siden
The way the car moves and transfers weight under load also affects the aero, and Norris is more in tune with the way the aero platform changes with weight transfer. If you hear the radio where Riccardo asks his engineer where he can be faster, you notice the difference in driving style is that Norris plays with the aero platform. He does more light trail braking to keep the nose close to the ground and get more from the front wing. He gets on the power more aggressively to squat the car and increase its downforce. You can't just plant your foot on the gas though because if you get wheel spin you have no grip. It's little subtle things that Norris does that Riccardo isn't used to on this car. He fared better in Barcelona because there's less you can do to adjust the aero platform on long steady corners.
justice4germans 27 dager siden
@Valy Prodea I'd agree he wasn't up to speed during practice and qualifying but improved during the race to be 4th quickest.. I'd also argue that anything can happen in qualifying with so few chances to nail a lap, when he went out in Q1 Portugal he was in 8th and ahead of Lando with 2 mins to go, if there was traffic or he made a mistake Lando would have been out instead.
Valy Prodea
Valy Prodea 27 dager siden
Im sorry i love Daniel but you cant make an excuse for him for being 1 second slower on a quali lap then his teamate in fricking monaco thats just too big of a difference
Vishnu Darsan
Vishnu Darsan 27 dager siden
what is the intro song?
Vishnu Darsan
Vishnu Darsan 27 dager siden
@THE RACE ha ha liked the allusion to ferrari in this comment😂
THE RACE 27 dager siden
Stand by - we are checking. www.epidemicsound.com/referral/7lhv1s/ is where we get most of our music from.
Sebastian Buse
Sebastian Buse 27 dager siden
another ferrari title video, when will the Hamilton was terrible video come out? oh wait its THERACE
Sebastian Buse
Sebastian Buse 27 dager siden
@THE RACE yea 4 minutes on how lewis had no confidence cause of the car and not getting the tyres into the right temperature. lol all them years of lewis experience and bottas doing well THERACE conclude that he couldnt get it into temperature window and the whole weekend he didnt try different temp windows... wow
orio_ 27 dager siden
@THE RACE got him 😂
THE RACE 27 dager siden
Head straight to 33:21
Hwero26 27 dager siden
Because Ferrari has more fans around the world and people generally are tired of Mercedes and Lewis' hegemony. Mercedes always have 1 or 2 dreaduful races during seasons.
hans koopmans
hans koopmans 27 dager siden
lewis is crying with that 7th place hahha
Alex Bentley
Alex Bentley 27 dager siden
@יהודים זבל he was clearly weeping
יהודים זבל
יהודים זבל 27 dager siden
@Alex Bentley ofc, the clown gor the best csr and failed thats why he crying
Edward Hallett
Edward Hallett 27 dager siden
Hyde grant Christian Horner even called it before the race weekend too, saying that if Mercedes didn’t change anything they would likely mess up and that’s what they did
Hyde grant
Hyde grant 27 dager siden
@Anthony Kernich yeah but i watch the f1 tv merc didnt bring any upgrade to the monaco meanwhile redbull and ferrari have huge upgrade so i guess merc play the long game for more suited track for their car
Anthony Kernich
Anthony Kernich 27 dager siden
He made a mistake on his qualifying lap. He was on for 4th at best without that mistake. Would probably have got a podium from that spot.
Kaki Mod
Kaki Mod 27 dager siden
Lewis crybabies vibe is back to the face
Diana Maioru
Diana Maioru 18 dager siden
The only immature person I see is you @Kaki Mod
t jans
t jans 26 dager siden
@Alex Bentley blaim mercedes for it
no name
no name 27 dager siden
@Alex Bentley you are a clown dude.
Alex Bentley
Alex Bentley 27 dager siden
yes, you are right, you can almost detect how distraught he is and how much he wants to weep - in fact, i'm fairly certain this results proves the point of everyone who argues that Hamilton is a talentless wetwipe only capable of winning in cars with about a 12 minute laptime advantage over the field. In fact, i think they should just take away the 100 pirelli pole position awards now. Just sack him already, Mercedes.
ZarNigar Afroz
ZarNigar Afroz 27 dager siden
Geert Matthys
Geert Matthys 27 dager siden
They found a new place to hide oil, we need colonoscopy investigation on Carlos and Charles
AKKSI 27 dager siden
@angelo 01 it's a joke bro
angelo 01
angelo 01 27 dager siden
@GGDS zzvx0 yeah for sure
GGDS zzvx0
GGDS zzvx0 27 dager siden
@angelo 01 he's probably 15 don't waste time with him
angelo 01
angelo 01 27 dager siden
you are the perfect example of toxic f1 fan
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