Where the Hamilton v Verstappen F1 title battle risks turning ugly 

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F1 fans have been treated to a rarity at the start of the 2021 season: in all three of the opening races of the year, wheel-to-wheel moments between title rivals Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen have played a significant role in deciding who went on to win the race. Both drivers are enjoying their battles at the moment, which they believe have been on the limit but not over it. But how long can that level of respect and clean racing go on for? Is it inevitable that eventually something will go wrong and they'll end up colliding? Scott Mitchell takes a look


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4. mai. 2021





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KissTheGreat 17 dager siden
If Verstappen wins he’ll be the worst driver ever to do so. Doesn’t understand track limits. Causes accidents. Thinks rules don’t apply to him. Doesn’t deserve it.
Andreas Wiesheu
Andreas Wiesheu Måned siden
And then came Barclona, where Verstappen just went in and hoped, Lewis would avoid the crash....
Gaz W
Gaz W Måned siden
It is inevitable that both will crash into each other, it just depends how they react afterwards. Whether that trust that has been built up suddenly disappears.
Australia mak
Australia mak Måned siden
They have great respect for each other and tbf they are very similar in regards to pushing the limits whilst defending or overtaking. This was evident in Barcelona when Verstappen made the overtake on Lewis. However, there was a mutual respect. Lewis yielded. I feel like the media and fans are instigating unnecessary tension.
Aishwary Gaonkar
Aishwary Gaonkar Måned siden
Lewis surely will turn it ugly, if he starts losing to Max and starts trailing in the championship. Ps. Lewis hates losing to anyone. (Remember Abu Dhabi 2016, backing Nico up)
ThriftybyNature Måned siden
Hamilton and Verstappen are like yin and yang, they go together perfectly but never collide.
davemis40 Måned siden
MV will get impatient and frustrated .. when he crashes into LH the gloves will be off. LH backed off in Spain and won but won’t let MV push him around
Leon Hubbard
Leon Hubbard Måned siden
Here's hoping they can keep their heads cool!
Gavin Isaacs
Gavin Isaacs Måned siden
By mid season it’s all over for Max ! At the moment it’s training day for Max- Nico warned him !
Buckfast Stradler
Buckfast Stradler Måned siden
Fucking "track limits" ? Track bollocks!!!!! F1 is being over regulated to death
Jane Gavin
Jane Gavin Måned siden
It's getting closer between Mercedes and red bull hence why the 2 best drivers in f1 are having great battles early.
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan Måned siden
I wanna see a real duel between LH44 vs MV33.... For the World title.
kleo emuno
kleo emuno Måned siden
Redbull team needs to improve the area they have weakness and that is exceeding the track limit. I have a feeling that Mercedes will improve much better on their performance. Get in there Lewis!
channelwhywhywhy Måned siden
If this doesn't turn ugly then it's not a battle! Bring it on 😁👍
Roosevelt Davis
Roosevelt Davis Måned siden
I’m hoping it stays clean between the two thru out the season but it’s a championship at risk so anything can happen
Captain_Dilbert Måned siden
I have to believe that there will be a flashpoint...
WayneJordan Måned siden
Driver difff
Mr BusinessMT
Mr BusinessMT Måned siden
Feels like a Hamilton biased video but I hope it's down to sheer not knowing and understanding what it's about. The track limit penalties were correct to be enforced, they're not directly complaining the decision itself was bad, it's more the inconsistence in the track limits (changing throughout the weekend, in Bahrein and in Portugal) and enforcement of that is what they are arguing about.
Matthew N
Matthew N Måned siden
The drivers need to stop thinking, there is tarmac in the run-off so its OK if I race there and I`ll complain bitterly if penalised for that, if the run-off was gravel, grass or even a wall! they would not be there, so a penalty is just compensating for the lack of disadvantage the run-off should be creating.
Czian Tejada
Czian Tejada Måned siden
if this goes on until the end of the year I think verstappen will place a hit on hamilton
BoxerEngineSounds Måned siden
Push comes to shovel. lol.
Noahtjuh Måned siden
Nah, you’re missing the nail with the track limit rant
Ahmed Naveel
Ahmed Naveel Måned siden
The rivalry can go sour from Lewis side but Max is not the kind of guy who gives a shit or chokes at mind games. lol
R G Måned siden
Hey man change your style of telling a story, it seems that you are announcing some information. Change your narrative so that even a naive can understand and enjoy the contents. Just keep on trying.
TEZ MOVIES Måned siden
Lewis is toxic he spoiled nico rosbergs career.
Virvum Juggernaut
Virvum Juggernaut Måned siden
Most of us who follow F1 are fairly informed about motorsport in general, myself included. However could someone more knowledgeable explain the reasoning behind the “jagged” design of some F1 windshields? I’m guessing it has something to do with airflow disruption? I have no idea and would appreciate an answer if anyone reads this.
Hamilton is winning the championship again...... easy
Procione Mannaro
Procione Mannaro Måned siden
Never unfair?????????? Wht about bahrain???
adarsh sirsat
adarsh sirsat Måned siden
Ngl it is the most fun
H Måned siden
There have definitely been some unfairness. Particularly with Max getting snitched on.
The Aviator
The Aviator Måned siden
Perez will be a key to Max's championship. He can potentially add to the mix vs Hamilton. Only a matter of time when he gets used to his car
squidboy Måned siden
It's shady when rules are changed mid-race weekend.
Utzpah Måned siden
It's inevitable they will crash this season.
Rene Måned siden
There is a heavy storm on the horizon as the races are becoming less available. The respect will change.
Duccio Colombi
Duccio Colombi Måned siden
It still baffles me how can anyone say that the track limits in Bahrain weren't at best clumsy. I mean Hamilton breached track limits nearly 30 times (dozens and dozens of time, more than half the race); something which surely gave him more than the margin he had at the chequered flag. As soon as Verstappen started to use the same strategy as Hamilton had been using all race, the stewards come in and deliberate that track limits must be respected. It sounds a little bit suspicious to me at best, you know...
Papa Foundry
Papa Foundry Måned siden
Cmon Max!!!!
Bohemianh Måned siden
nice if Bottas was racing ham too
Azizulrahman Mohamed
I wonder if Lewis & max in motogp, biting each other elbow lap by lap😬.,ha.... Ha... Ha....
Mark Boland
Mark Boland Måned siden
Judging by the comments of both Merc drivers today it's starting to ramp up
ang chew yong
ang chew yong Måned siden
Chances of Mercedes to win is higher because they check every race rules on what's the limit
Rono Patrick
Rono Patrick Måned siden
since rosberg. stop lying. 2019 bottas and hamilton exchanged wins the first three races. it'll probably be the same this year and he'll pull away from max.
Milan Stanimirovic
Milan Stanimirovic Måned siden
People really forget seb vs ham in 17 and 18🙄🤦‍♂️
Andi S
Andi S Måned siden
Somebody will touch and screw one of them then we will start conspirancy theory.
KB Måned siden
It's good to see competitors respecting each other for their own talents and abilities, no trash talking. Thanks for giving us a good clean show!
Christian Ramirez
Christian Ramirez Måned siden
if mercedes didn't treat bottas like a 2nd-class citizen, we would be talking about teammates fighting for the title, or, at least, talking about a 3-way fight for the title. the man gets no respect.
Mad Mick
Mad Mick Måned siden
Verstappen will take it to far the second he thinks things are not going his way.
Kevin Schart
Kevin Schart Måned siden
they both have expressed large amounts of respect for each other. they have defended each other in the press and offered unsolicited praise. The last two races should show you that as long as they respect whoever has the racing line they can avoid on track nastiness
Ian Dixon
Ian Dixon Måned siden
Verstappen is dangerous. Literally that; dangerous. He will kill himself and or another driver. The pressure he has from Red Bull and his upbringing are pushing him over the edge. The longer Hamilton succeeds the more intense and b dangerous Verstappen will become.
notwali on ig
notwali on ig Måned siden
I don't think that is will turn ugly because they both seem like they are good friends
TerribleFire Måned siden
These guys are much better than Senna and even Schumacher... Hamilton and Verstappen are actually good drivers that will yield rather than crash... I dont mind who wins.
Htonartnomed Måned siden
Well, Verstappen has a lot of experience crossing track limit lines... :P
PEPPER Måned siden
It gets ugly as soon as Mazespin is about to get lapped
James Branstetter
James Branstetter Måned siden
Verstappen 3 years ago to Verstappen now is such a huge change. His mindset, attitude, and skills have all developed drastically. 3 years ago, I would have said there was no way Max would keep it clean. But now, I can see these two battling hard in every race without major issues. It's far from a guarantee but it is a possibility.
Jonathan Rambam
Jonathan Rambam Måned siden
I think Perez could be the Key for RB to win the title. He is better than Bottas and can maybe even take it to Lewis on a good day.
Jonathan Rambam
Jonathan Rambam Måned siden
Missing the point on track limits
RvnE39 Måned siden
Why did the FIA stop letting them use runoff in Bahrain when Red Bull started doing it then?
Kristian Koski
Kristian Koski Måned siden
I actually can't wait for Monaco this year! While it's not a proper racing track for F1, I still love Monaco GP very much. Qualifying is so damn important and you can't make any mistakes on the weekend. Also if someone manages to overtake someone, it's always super intense. Monaco has been bad track for Max and good for Red Bull so I just can't wait.
Adam Khan
Adam Khan Måned siden
I think max has to make it ugly because the merc us too fast & he'll have to use different strategies to try and push the mercs to run lower engine modes in later races
Nigel McPhearson
Nigel McPhearson Måned siden
This announcer's low class British accent is too cringe. He says "three" as "free"... 🤦🏻‍♂️
Javier Måned siden
Here is where I stand with track limits...…if there is a barrier there like in Monaco, you wouldn't exceed track limits then, right? If you absolutely have to go beyond the limits because of another car pushing you off, then that's understandable. That said you can't then strategically use that as a crutch while attempting a pass. "I was making a pass and he pushed me off" as an excuse when you wouldn't have attempted said pass if there was a hard barrier there. It's not justified. (In my eyes)
Shivang Raisurana
Shivang Raisurana Måned siden
Russel should join red bull. Then there will be serious completion between the merc and bulls
Jason C P
Jason C P Måned siden
You heard of Hamilton and Bottas, if both have covid 2e may get a Russel and Grosjean
Bowl O Chili
Bowl O Chili Måned siden
"never unfair" that's a laugh
Chad Lau
Chad Lau Måned siden
lewis hamilton will win the championship, there won't be any suprise
KSCustomweapons Måned siden
Track limits need to trigger a 3 second rev cap. I'm sick and tired of drivers cutting the track and not being penalized at all because they're "not contending for a position" ridiculous
xplosvexpert Måned siden
The FIA needs to be consistent with track limits at every circut. IIRC Bottas had the fastest lap in Bahrain while exceeding track limits and the FIA let the time stand, even though it earned him a lasting advantage in the form of a championship point
Craig Charlesworth
Craig Charlesworth Måned siden
I remember when it was announced that the 2021 cars would be effectively the same as the 2020 ones and everyone groaned and said it would lead to another totally predictable season.
Haia Mohamad
Haia Mohamad Måned siden
If vers continue with this attitude he wont ever be a champion of the world in my opinion ( ferrari fan )
KonigXGH Måned siden
FFS please stop telling people to like an subscribe
eugenio0eu Måned siden
You say mercedes knew better how to exploit limits under the rules... but this is not totally true for bahrein: if that corner could be exploited under the rules why did race direction changed its mind mid race?
Robert Harrington
Robert Harrington Måned siden
This is going to be much more Hamilton v Alonso rivalry than Hamilton v Vettel
Sahil Sanil
Sahil Sanil Måned siden
Prediction: Atleast once in this season, Hamilton and Verstappen will crash each other out of a race, letting someone like Perez take the Win. Maybe even Bottas, but he's just not looking like he's fighting as hard as you have to for wins.
Sietske van Agthoven
Verstappen meant with "they werent checken" that all rounds before fastest lap NO comment were made. Only applying rules for the top 3 is not ok. Again in the weekend changes to the rules, this needs to stop. Similar not applying track records for 29 round for lewis is the previous race, "because it not a advantage", is stupifying. I agree he stepped over rules, but these rules mostly only seem to apply for Verstappen and not Hamilton.
Teresa Maria
Teresa Maria Måned siden
Lewis win in barcelona
Jeremiah Bachmann
Jeremiah Bachmann Måned siden
Now let's see if AMG, Red Bull, and Formula 1 can do something about the cars not being able to race each other besides the DRS zones.
Isaac Kaninu
Isaac Kaninu Måned siden
Will be messy sooner than later... Both
TheRedGuy8 Måned siden
I feel like there will be a flashpoint as it tends to be like that in a close and intense title battle. Very rarely is it respectful all the way.
madmccarter Måned siden
Where I do have a beef with the track limits is the overtake that Norris performed on Perez after the safety car restart. Norris ran rather wide at turn 4, which allowed him to get on the accelerator sooner than Perez, who was obeying track limits and could not do so in a similar manner. This granted Norris a lasting advantage, that resulted in Norris being able to get a good run to overtake Perez, which had quite an impact on Perez's race regarding keeping up with the front three runners. That is a lasting advantage if I have ever seen one. Why did Norris get away with this, when Red Bull have been punished at every opportunity?
spaceopera87 Måned siden
I fucking love F1
fetB Måned siden
put them in the same team and watch it go down. Rosberg and ham, used to be friends and we all know how that turned out
Andrés Padilla
Andrés Padilla Måned siden
Think Max has to hear Rosberg‘s and apply an strategy that might cause similar impact on Lewis. Otherwise he will find it hard to unsettle him or Mercedes, I mean on those situations where they are at the same level of performance. As per shown so far Lewis applied all his skill and craft to prevail over Max. Also on the psychological aspect. Or Max is giving himself space to learn new tricks from Lewis now that he can finally shadow him more, then he will attack? I hope. Botha’s should be there every race but reality is that he even on his own very high level is not there consistently while Checo has to reach Botta‘s level and prove he can go beyond past him in performance, so we don‘t know if he will do that.
kristinstar Måned siden
Bla bla bla Hamilton is ultimately #1
JarM Måned siden
in the interview that max said it was weird that the time was deleted, the interviewer said turn 15 by accident i believe.
Andy Glastonbury
Andy Glastonbury Måned siden
Why haven’t you covered the first lap Hamilton/Max incident at Imola? It’s pretty obvious that Max forced Hamilton off the track (as noted by the stewards) , unless you think Hamilton deliberately drove off the track and over the curbs, in order to lost a place.
Andy Glastonbury
Andy Glastonbury Måned siden
@Bro Yout. All for close racing, however pushing another car off track is not the close racing - this a bit cheaty. I have no idea what you are talking about regarding Hamilton’s overtake of MV. Hamilton was on the outside of the track and in no position to run anyone wide. It was a perfectly fair (by both drivers) overtake.
Bro Yout
Bro Yout Måned siden
Driving someone wide is not exactly the same as driving someone off the track. It boils down on who is in front of whom going in to the corner, en who has the bigger balls/willing to take the bigger risk. Hamilton was fully aware this could happen and could have backed up, as Verstappen did in Portimao (where Hamilton returned the favour). I think this is the kind of hard racing everyone loves to see (at least I do)
THE R Randy
THE R Randy Måned siden
Racing is Rubbing...
Orangeballs Måned siden
Sagar Hiremath
Sagar Hiremath Måned siden
Its gonna be more likely Verstappen who is gonna get dirty... MARK MY WORD!! ALWAYS!!
james Måned siden
Lewis just got a faster car
Rob Fallon
Rob Fallon Måned siden
I'm betting second half of the season once Mercedes have fixed there rear end problem it will be back to business as usual with them dominating.
Madmoody21 Måned siden
Hamilton will undoubtedly get slightly better calls by officials due to reputation. One clean no contact race won by max and I think the officials will let them battle it out a bit more. We may see dirty Lewis come out. He so often is on the edge of not leaving enough room when it was far too late to close the door during the Nico days. I specifically recall after Lewis won a race Wolf thanking Nico specifically for giving in instead of holding a line he had rights to in one race Lewis won only because Nico let him go for the team. If it would have been Two Hamilton's there it would have been at least one car out of podium.
CYMotorsport Måned siden
I don’t see what respect has to do with anything.Ppl cite the same rivals. But Schumacher respected Hakkinen every bit as much as Prost respected Ayrton. Being matched on power especially as a teammate muddies things up bc it changes the risk calculations. Hamilton vs rosberg wasnt nasty. They had no choice. How many times did those major fights go 1-2 in 89 vs 90? And that’s ignoring prost’s claims of different engine power eg mexico 89. Prost and senna went 1-2 twice in 90. Häkkinen vs Schumacher is a poor example bc of this. The more modern racing gets the smaller the gaps get. Hamilton and verstappen may as we be teammates given how much they’ll go wheel to wheel. Then it again becomes a risk calculation. Nothing to do with “respect”. They’ve already gone 1-2 more than senna and Ayrton did in 90 and were through round 3. It would be foolish for someone not to expect drama. This video is an awesome convo starter, hats off
Dave Kat
Dave Kat Måned siden
Excellent and about time 😎
Harshit Måned siden
0:30 I guess it's not an epic rivalry yet but can be in coming races.
huepix Måned siden
It might not happen, but DNFs aren't uncommon in motor racing. Botta might win a race. Even one of the other drivers. Norris could blow it wide open. I think Hamilton will be too good, but anything can happen
Harshit Mathur
Harshit Mathur Måned siden
This isn't exactly a battle, it's more of a mild inconvenience for Hamilton on his way to a certain 8th title. I am confident that the gap between the two would only grow in conjunction with the gap between Mercedes and the rest of the field.
truth4reel Måned siden
Y'all can't wait to see it turn ugly huh?!
HuntingB3ar (HuntingB3ar)
Says they read the comments, not a single comment liked
abdi libaax
abdi libaax Måned siden
No, Max will crack and start crashing into Hamilton.
hansa Måned siden
It’s F1 of course it’s only going to get worse and the carbon suppliers are going to love it because there will be plenty of it used up by the end of the season!
Leo Charles
Leo Charles Måned siden
Both drivers, specially Lewis, are well known for being clean drivers. I dont see this turning ugly at all. Very professional guys
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