Does Mercedes now have the fastest car on the F1 grid? | The Race F1 Podcast | Portuguese GP 

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As Lewis Hamilton made it two Mercedes wins to Red Bull’s one with victory in the Portuguese Grand Prix, Edd Straw, Scott Mitchell and Mark Hughes discuss if what we saw last weekend was a clear indication that Mercedes is over its early-year troubles and is now definitively back on top in the battle with Red Bull.

00:00 Intro
02:03 Hamilton v Verstappen
09:22 What happened to Bottas?
13:38 Did Perez do enough?
17:18 Norris stars, Ricciardo struggles
23:33 Mixed fortunes at Ferrari
27:27 Why was Alpine so fast?
29:20 What happened to AlphaTauri’s pace
31:39 Promise for Vettel
33:19 Schumacher turns a corner
37:02 Raikkonen’s blunder
40:29 Misery at Williams
42:14 Looking ahead to Spain

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4. mai. 2021





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Sean John
Sean John Måned siden
42:23 Pre:Race Barcelona will suit the red bull over the Merc Post-Race: Mercedes clearly have a faster car. There's Always some excuse to explain away Lewis' victories. One excuse after another Just admit it. He is the G.O.A.T
Stankovic Aleksandar
Mercedes simply have superior hendling caracteristics..yes, LH is great , but he is one of the few great champions who lost 2, 3..Ok 2,5 :0) times to a teammate..and his colleague's name wasn't Clark , Prost or Mansell
Mike Jackson
Mike Jackson Måned siden
I think people read too much in to Alpha Tauri testing pace... or everyone's testing pace. Bahrain was a big outlier and that is being proved at each race.
Karl Owen Aurelio
Karl Owen Aurelio Måned siden
What a bunch of loonies! That is why we don't need to pay a premium for "knowledge" that is soo obvious. And wtf when they claim that if Verstappen bagged pole he would've won the race? Idiotic! Lewis had superior race pace that even if Max led from the start, more than likely he would've been passed anyway. Such was Lewis' pace he passed 2 cars ahead of him with supposedly equal machinery. To answer the question, yes the Merc is a quicker car and with Lewis at the wheel, it's a beast. There.
Regenmeister Måned siden
What a dumb title. Merc have had the fastest car since 2014.
Yerrie Måned siden
Obviously, Max win's the battle for the race in turn 1 again and then we have to wait for the DRS GOAT and his Mercedes
Aaron Hines
Aaron Hines Måned siden
When did they not have the fastest car? Why was everyone so thick to think they weren’t going to be quickest car after the 2nd race?
Michel Crepin
Michel Crepin Måned siden
Did anyone think otherwise except British media propaganda? Only here for Kimi's blunder where I see the stewards still haven't their act together.
Mads November
Mads November Måned siden
This just in. British people root for Lewis Hamilton and make excuses for absurd track limits enforcement when it benefits him. I wonder what take the Dutch have on this event.
Neumatic Måned siden
They have had the fastest car ever since they said they would pull out of F1 if they didn't start winning races a few years back. Then the rules changed and never guess what??
Stephen Gibb
Stephen Gibb Måned siden
Can we temper strange overzealous "all time great" adulations of Verstappen until he has actually won a few championships seems ridiculous to assume that because he is now driving very well he could be considered an all time great when being someone from a spoilt upbringing it would be surprising if he can be bothered to win many championships.
mircea miclos
mircea miclos Måned siden
I thought you said Red Bull have it ! Can you make up your mind ? Actually you experts said Ferrari is miles ahead in 2018.
Advice Ndlala
Advice Ndlala Måned siden
It's quite interesting how most fans hype Max Verstappen up. Verstappen will win a few races but he will NOT beat Hamilton , I repeat NOT beat Hamilton for the championship. Hamilton is too good for Verstappen. He will ONLY win the championship when Lewis leaves MERCEDES/F1.
KWASHIC Måned siden
The uper hand is Hamilton.
Goodwille Theodore
Goodwille Theodore Måned siden
Even if max was on pole Lewis Hamilton would have still won 🤣
fritzderblitz Måned siden
"Now"? Lmao!
B Måned siden
Jesus what’s with the ads every fucking 5 minutes?
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin Måned siden
russel is better than bottas... period
stuart davies
stuart davies Måned siden
I think the big wigs at f1 have said atleast make it more interesting for the fans and don't just completely run away with it
Salman Khawar
Salman Khawar Måned siden
I just want to say guz pleas tell me that supporting Lewis Hamilton is a crime or what whenever he wins people come and criticism starts
Muppetpaster Måned siden
Oww yes ,you are talking Lewis UP....The Merc is STILL the better/faster car....and mark my words....He WILL crack and cry under pressure...
Salman Khawar
Salman Khawar Måned siden
I am a happy lewis and mercedes fan but i will admire red bull for this level of improvement in the car specially when you have honda engine in it now they got championship winning material
jitender kumar
jitender kumar Måned siden
from last 8 years mercedes is the fastest car on the grid
BIGHURTification Måned siden
They are just tired of Hamilton winning all the time. They are making all kinds of excuses of Max not winning. It comes down to driver skill and experience.
SweetCreature Måned siden
The Mercedes car still is better than the Red Bull, those are facts, not excuses.
fundude365 Måned siden
Me: "Hey, I'll check out this video about the most exciting development in F1 racing for the past few years." Scumbag NOsections: "How about 3 ad breaks in the first 5 minutes, too?"
thamibn Måned siden
Why asking this question now, why not first race, because your fav team was better and faster, tables are turning now, trying to come with funny excuses. So if their fast is there a prob?
elterrible06 Måned siden
yeah. mercedes had the fastest car since my eldest son was born. he's been doing good in school and is turning 8 by the way
tarun1982 Måned siden
The race is over.
kenshur Hard-Bone
kenshur Hard-Bone Måned siden
Red couldn't win if that was the case they would have. Max had the chance when he over took lewis on the restart. All max needed to do is hunt down Bottas. Mercedes won and that's the case.
Michael Siebs
Michael Siebs Måned siden
Lewis is just that good. Max and Vterri are good but Lewis is just next level good. Excuses are like assholes, everyone has one. LH❤👍👍
francotripepi Måned siden
.....You actually shot your own argument, correctly so (I might add).....the saying goes “OPINIONS are like assholes, everyone has one, and they all stink”.....good going, self-inflicted shot-down.....BTW, perfect for that very deep statement on Lewis
Kariym Christopher
Kariym Christopher Måned siden
What marko is saying lando pass check off track while they lost a win for correcting the car by going off, they lost a pole again by going off again correcting the car when through out the race the track limit wasn't being monitored at some point in the race and then max goes wide its deleted. It's like the rules are being policed when its red bull.
Sanket Parmar
Sanket Parmar Måned siden
This is every years story. Cry on every circuit the other teams are faster. Qualify at p1. Put it as crybaby magic. Win the race by a minute and than run the same thing over and over again at each circuit until the year ends and prove crybaby is the best driver in the world
Donair Måned siden
When have they not for the almost last decade?
James H
James H Måned siden
Hopefully we get the full 23 races this season so race number 4 of 23 isn’t going to tell us nothing about witch car is better at the end of this battle the better driver and team will win and I think that will be Mercedes for both Championship.
Kai Yang Jude
Kai Yang Jude Måned siden
Helmut Karen Marko need to stfu.... Imagine if toto is this karen....
Nathaniel Park
Nathaniel Park Måned siden
They had the fastest car since Hamilton won his first title with them.
Nico Montinola
Nico Montinola Måned siden
Mercedes always had the fastest car. They were obviously sandbagging during pre-season testing.
Gabriel Delgado
Gabriel Delgado Måned siden
It doesn't matter what year you are watching this.
insAneTunA Måned siden
If there was only some sort of list that we could at for some reference.....hmmmm.....scratching behind the ears....
Pro Zoomy
Pro Zoomy Måned siden
Yes they are but RB will be someday I can dream :(
John Micheal
John Micheal Måned siden
When you realize that Bottle actually had the new wing and Hamilton had the older spec. ...🤭
John Micheal
John Micheal Måned siden
@Isaac Bragg-Gardiner they test to see if there is an advantage with it over the three test sessions. They take it off if there isn't a big enough advantage. Why he put it on? No one knows yet lol
Isaac Bragg-Gardiner
Probably they didn't know if it'd be better or worse so they threw it at mr. bottle and see how it goes
Jules Måned siden
How could you blame perez for red bull's cowpoo strategy?
Russell Durrant
Russell Durrant Måned siden
Instead of moaning about track limits, Helmut Marko wants to ask why does Verstappen keep making these mistakes. Would it be anything to do with the pressure Hamilton is applying forcing him to overdrive the Red Bull? After all Horner said after qualifying that when Hamilton went into the 1:17s on the medium tires in Q2, it shocked them.
Russell Durrant
Russell Durrant Måned siden
@SweetCreature So I'm guessing you're one of the conspiracy theorists who believes Mercedes were sandbaging in pre season testing, lol. Yes Mercedes had the fastest car in the past, apart from 2017 & 2018, that was Ferrari, but that holds no relevance to this year’s car which not only has a completely different newly designed power unit, but like all other cars are subject to new aero regulations which has affected the low rake cars such as Mercedes and Aston Martin more than the high rake cars, which is why Aston Martin are threatening to take legal action. As I said and I'll repeat it, in my opinion the Red Bull and Mercedes are pretty much equal and its more to do with the drivers. Red Bull (as Christian Horner was always too keen to mention in interviews) actually overtook Mercedes towards the end of last season. Yes the best drivers do typically get the best seats which is why Hamilton is at Mercedes, who when he first joined wasn't the best. Actually I am a McLaren & Williams fan but I have always supported British drivers, so yes I would delighted if Hamilton wins his 8th championship this year, but I would also be just as happy if Norris won. Regarding Hamilton winning his championships in the best car, the record books will only note the amount of championships he won, the same as they do with Schumacher, they don't mention that he won 5 of his 7 championships driving a dominant Ferrari. Unlike Schumacher, Hamilton has always had a team mate in equal machinery who has had the ability and licence to challenge him, we saw that constantly when Rosberg was his team mate.
SweetCreature Måned siden
@Russell Durrant you keep believing that, you’ll be rudely awakened that that is not case at all (well not so rudely I guess since you are an Mercedes fan.) Mercedes still have the dominant car, just like they had it for the past 7 years. The best drivers are in the best cars, that is how F1 works, nothing to get offended about. Hamilton has made the difference in crucial moment, that in combination with the car has gotten him all the succes he has.
Russell Durrant
Russell Durrant Måned siden
@SweetCreature Yes listening to Sky Sport F1 pundits, plus DC on CH4 and Gary Anderson (ex Jordan designer) all say the Red Bull car still has the edge at the moment. There are more than enough videos on NOsections not only looking at how the new regulations have not affected Red Bull’s high rake concept as much as the Mercedes low rake, but also how Honda have caught Mercedes up with their new size zero power unit. The only pundit on Sky after last weekends race who I heard say Mercedes have the faster car was Paul Diresta, but its pretty much well known he doesn't like Hamilton, he was just trying to take the glory away from Hamilton's win after Rosberg had praised Hamilton for the way he won in what he said was the slower car at the moment. Some do say Red Bull have the advantage on 1 lap pace and Mercedes has a slight edge in race pace, but while it is true that Mercedes has caught Red Bull up since pre season testing to a point where they are pretty much level pegging, they are not faster. As I say the difference is more to do with driver skill at the moment. If what Gary Anderson says regarding the high rake concept being very temperamental and the margin of error being narrower than that of the low rake concept, I predict Mercedes will out develop Red Bull as the season progresses and will eventually pull away. Red Bull had upgrades last weekend but they had to take them off because they made the car worse in the windy conditions. Sorry I fail to see how the past dominance of Mercedes has any relevance to this seasons championship. In 2014, 2015 and 2016 Hamilton had more than enough pressure from Nico Rosberg, to a point where they often hit each other on track. In 2017 and 2018 he had plenty of pressure from Vettal (a 4 times world champion) when Ferrari had the faster car and apart from 2016, he won. As said Hamilton has far more experience in title challenging season than Verstappen, this is his first. It doesn't matter how big a mistake he made when going onto a wet portion of the track when overtaking George Russell under blue flags, it won't affect his title challenge. The fact is Verstappen has not only made mistakes at every race so far, they have cost him a race win and pole positions, as the season goes on those mistakes will add up and cost too many points. Those Sky pundits you spoke about say if he hadn't have had his Q3 lap deleted last weekend because of track limits, he would have had pole and would have probably won the race. So if it hadn't have been for that mistake in Q3 which was probably caused by him trying too hard after that mega lap Hamilton did in Q2 on the medium tires, he would be leading the championship at the moment, that's what I'm talking about.
SweetCreature Måned siden
@Russell Durrant 1) you might want to listen to the sky sport commentators than who are all ex F1 drivers and the said when taking about Bottas “Driving the fastest car on the planet, as it has been for the past few years, and probably is this year”. The cars are a lot closer than in previous years but the Mercedes still hold the edge. Also Verstappen himself said in an Interview (Ziggo) yesterday that the Mercedes car is still better then theirs, eventhough it is closer. 2) Hamilton’s mistake was way bigger than all of Max’s combined, he just got incredibly lucky because of the red flag. Also Micheal Masi confirmed that Verstappen would have been allowed to take his place back because it was a rolling start, not a safety car. 3) I agree with, he shouldn’t make too many mistakes. Verstappen actually explained why everything happened in Thursdays press conference. 4) obviously, they are starting to realize that Mercedes car is still quite a bit better than theirs. 5) When you have no competition there is very little pressure, he has been in front by himself with no one anywhere near. Earlier in his career there definitely was more pressure. Of course there will be more pressure for Verstappen, he has never been in a car in which he can at least attempt to compete in the championship. In previous seasons when the Red Bull was undeniably way worse than the Mercedes, Verstappen still quite often raced/beat Bottas, and a lot of you Mercedes fans try to use Bottas performance as “proof” that Mercedes is the worse car, while that actually completely disproves your point. Mercedes still have the better car, but it is definitely closer than before, the entire field is. Mercedes had a huge advantage last year no car could even remotely challenge. The regulations regarding rake hight reduced their advantage, but they definitely still have the best car. Every time another car comes close Mercedes claims to be the underdogs to make their accomplishments look more impressive, but never turns out to be the truth. Yet some “fans” still fall for it because you see what you WANT to see rather then what it is. Let’s just hope for an exciting season, but I’m afraid we’ll have to look for excitement in the midfield
Russell Durrant
Russell Durrant Måned siden
@SweetCreature Blimey calm down you'll burst a blood vessel! 1) listen to anyone who knows what they're thinking about and they'll tell you that the Red Bull is still the fastest car at the moment, but actually their speed advantage is so slight it's more to do with driving skill at the moment which Hamilton seems to be winning at the moment. 2) Yes Hamilton did make a rare mistake in Imola, but Verstappen made more than 1 at Imola, including spinning off circuit behind the safety car and was fortunate that Leclerc didn't pass him which he was entitled to. 3) 1 mistake during a season doesn't lose you the championship but constantly making mistakes can do, look at 2017 and 2018 when Ferrari had the fastest package yet Hamilton and Mercedes still won both championships mostly because of the mistakes made mostly by Vettal but by Ferrari too. Thus far Verstappen has made mistakes at every GP this season. 4) From the comments Helmut Marko keeps making suggests the pressure is starting to affect Red Bull already. 5) Hamilton is a 7 times World champion, he's pretty much been in a position where he's had the possibility of winning the championship every season he's competed in so is used to the pressure and knows how to handle it. 6) This is the 1st season where Verstappen not only stands a chance of winning the championship but he is expected to get pole, and win races being in what most say is the fastest car, although as I said I think the difference is minimal. The pressure of being expected to, rather than having an outside chance is a lot different and if this season is decided on mistakes then we will be celebrating Hamilton's 8th championship, because as I said he is more experienced at handling that type of pressure. After all he beat Vettal ( a 4 times world champion) twice by handling the pressure better. 7) I'm sorry to shatter your dreams with you obviously being a Verstappen fan.
philipp ruest
philipp ruest Måned siden
Lewis threw a complete race away, just got incredibly lucky with the red flag. With gravel in Bahrain Lewis would have gained none of his lasting advante at turn 4 (hence been caught earlier by Max) and wpuld have been cauggt out by his mistake in turn 10.
J T Måned siden
@Chris LaKous If Red Bull is obviously quicker, Hamilton's 4 cleaf clover means Verstappen will retire, while HAM will be P2 or P3 to extend his points lead.
Chris LaKous
Chris LaKous Måned siden
Id agree with that, 10 points if things hadn't worked out in the manner they have, this weekend's Spanish Grand prix will 🤞have more appeal, typically the F1 racing here is not very exciting, perhaps the entire field will bring some sort of upgrades to the cars, McLaren can keep up the good pace, Alpine can keep improving, Aston can find something, to support their pre season clames of finishing 3rd lol, there is an absolute endless amount of exciting racing that can be had if the teams don't completely abandon this year in favor of next season's rules change
J T Måned siden
I know, Hamilton a great driver, with luck unseen since 2017 started. He should be 10 points down probably.
Chris LaKous
Chris LaKous Måned siden
Absolutely Lewis has had luck on his side a few times, but he still was there to gladly accept the luck, and Mercedes hasn't even got rolling, Yet!
Badman Namdab
Badman Namdab Måned siden
If it wasnt for pure luck the race before last race Lewis Hamilton would have been 2nd in de championship bij a decent gap of probably 10-15 points... Dont forget that you englishmen! :)
Ronan Jordan
Ronan Jordan Måned siden
Absolute joke how many ads are in this
C-TEAM TRADING Måned siden
The answer is yes but not only NOW. They have had the fastest car all year and pulled a neat BS trick at testing with Hamilton spinning off. Lap after lap I saw him plant the throttle and leave black rubber lines out of corners trying very hard to convince all that the back end wasn't handling. The Media swallowed the charade hook line and sinker , only to come back 2 weeks later and miracle of all miracles , have a car that win's the race! I learnt over the years that the MB in Mercedes Benz stands for Master Bullsh$%ers Same old same old like .Hamilton does the same. "These tyres are done" the proceeds to post fastest lap for 10 more laps! Wake up people. Biggest "show" on earth from Merc. Why? Because all the billions of Dollars that control this sport ! Want to see real racing at it's best? Watch Moto GP . New race leader at every other corner . F1 is slowly dying because of all the lies and BS!
Niinji Music
Niinji Music Måned siden
I don't look to much at the car, I look at the team. Mercedes has the smartest people and the better drivers. Mercedes wil win
Gavin Nash
Gavin Nash Måned siden
We knew they we sandbaging during the test. They can always get the pace when they need it.
zwamman Måned siden
Marko was complaining? Phone the police!
Si 1199
Si 1199 Måned siden
Over a lap they're very close but where it matters on the straights Mercedes is king
SweetCreature Måned siden
The answer is yes, Mercedes still have the better car.
SweetCreature Måned siden
For people saying “Hamilton is better” or “Verstappen is better”: The only conclusion is that Hamilton is better than Bottas. That’s it. Until you put them is the same car (a car that no one has previous experience in) - you cannot say who is better. Unfortunately I think Mercedes will win again, because from looking at the past they are great at quickly developing their car and Red Bull won’t be able to keep up. Even if Red Bull is somehow able to keep up with the development battle, there is a good chance they’ll lose out on reliability issue It would be very naïve and frankly ridiculous to say that Mercedes isn’t the dominant car anymore after no major regulation changes, just look at the hybrid era. The Red Bull seem to have a stronger qualifying pace and better pitstops, whereas the Mercedes seem to have the upper hand when it comes to race pace and especially reliability. The field in general has just become a lot tighter this season, which will insure very exciting races!!
SweetCreature Måned siden
Mercedes are playing mind games, saying that their closest opponents have the dominant car. They try to put pressure on Max and Red Bull, just like they did to Seb and Ferrari back in 2017. It’s a tactic to make themselves look better (since they claim to have the weaker car, which is completely false) and crush the opponents confidence so they make mistakes under pressure. It’s the exact same situation, funny that some of you don’t see it and believe Mercedes BS.
SweetCreature Måned siden
Mercedes are playing mind games, saying that their closest opponents have the dominant car. They try to put pressure on Max and Red Bull, just like they did to Seb and Ferrari back in 2017. It’s a tactic to make themselves look better (since they claim to have the weaker car, which is completely false) and crush the opponents confidence so they make mistakes under pressure. It’s the exact same situation, funny that some of you don’t see it and believe Mercedes BS. They still have the dominant car.
fuckyougoogle Måned siden
Red bull never had the fastest car. Anyone who thinks otherwise hasn't watched any of the last 6 seasons. It's pretty obvious Mercedes is trying to downplay their car so red bull expend more resources on this season and not the new regulations.
dpaul1148 Måned siden
Pointing out Max has been put out by track limit violations without mentioning Lewis got away with some of these same liberties 30 times in race 1 is not very fair.
Could it be that Mercedes faked the start of year just to avoid the complaints that came with last years over power.
Ross Dark
Ross Dark Måned siden
We are getting the closer racing in my mind due to the fact that the cars are "carry over" cars and that has given Red Bull the time to start the season strong as they have had a full season to develop the car and plus the fact that Red Bull continued to develop the car throughout last year as opposed to Mercedes who stopped mid last year. Maybe the Liberty need to look at freezing the bulk of car development for two years and then this will also lower the cost of competing in F1.
SweetCreature Måned siden
Mercedes already started working on their 2021 car at the summer brake last year, because they already had such a huge lead in the 2020 championship that they could stop developing their car. No doubt the Mercedes will be the dominant car again this year, they’ve had a huge jump start and will be able to develop their car a lot quicker and better than Red Bull. *2017 Ferrar flashbacks
Rafael Balbi Jr.
Rafael Balbi Jr. Måned siden
People are making up all sorts of excuses for RBR. RBR has the faster car. Max clearly should've been on pole. Max said himself they have the faster car.
SweetCreature Måned siden
What the hell are you talking about? Max himself has said that they are closer to the Mercedes but are still behind. Do your research before you talk bs. It is very clear to see that the Mercedes STILL is the best car, but you’re a Hamilton fan so I guess you just don’t want to see it
Yeonjoon Hong
Yeonjoon Hong Måned siden
Verstappen has left the chat
tim yo
tim yo Måned siden
Mclaren should forget Ricciardo and focus on Norris.
tim yo
tim yo Måned siden
We should petition Aston Martin to keep the 2021 cars another season (or 2 or 3).
Chris LaKous
Chris LaKous Måned siden
ImBarryScottCSS Måned siden
Oh wow Red Bull are looking really good this year they might have a chance. Oh Mercedes were just sandbagging again they are obviously the best. OMG Red Bull are really the best! OMFG!! Mercedes have got so much faster now they are the best!! It's been 3 races, stfu and enjoy it.
PNW Racing
PNW Racing Måned siden
They have since Imola really.
shamr0ck Måned siden
Such incredibly biased 'analysis'. The biggest mistake of the year was Hamilton binning the car in the wall and pure luck got him out of it.
BigMic69 Måned siden
(6:o4) Redbull are always complaining about something. And Bottas wasn't supposed to get pole anywayz...and he was the one who made sure the Verstappen undercut was successful by messing up his exit on one of the corners and then not choosing the inside of the other. I've been seeing patterns in Bottas' defensive driving. I'll sum it up this way, Bottas focuses so much on Hamilton that he seems to become clueless when it comes to defending against other drivers. Off the top of my head I can recall a couple of times against Vettle & Max... IJS
Yacht HVAC
Yacht HVAC Måned siden
Maybe not, but they have the best driver
John Valean Baily
John Valean Baily Måned siden
A tortoise could leave Mazapin for dead !
John Valean Baily
John Valean Baily Måned siden
@thecraggrat OK Gragpot, you win... but Mazipin's still crap... which is the point you appear not to have broached.
thecraggrat Måned siden
If you raced a tortoise, you would never win!
Stewart Noel
Stewart Noel Måned siden
Like the new in depth analysis format
Gouthaman Guna
Gouthaman Guna Måned siden
If Mick can do it.illot,szhwartman,daruvala,Zhou,VIPs,Lawson,drugovich can excel too. Oldies like raikonnen,vettel,bottas,Alonso just get out .it's enough of you,you had your moments.please give youngsters a chance ..
francotripepi Måned siden
Does Mercedes have the fastest car on the grid ? Really ? You’re really posting that as a question ? Has it ever stopped, having the fastest car since the advent of Hybrid era, should be the question. One has to be intellectually honest with oneself. Portimao long straight, showed clearly, how Verstappen (with DRS) lap after lap, chased Bottas, (without it) and never got even close, while Hamilton (with DRS) passed Verstappen at the first attempt after the RB driver found himself out of the DRS......images are worth a thousand beautifully spinned words. Creating content is one thing, acting as “reality” is not as clear and in your face, is another. Be honest with yourselves, stop imagining, Mercedes remains the most powerful engine in F1. Good for them, but stop framing these false pretenses
curiosity Måned siden
Since the commentors are playing dumb shyt "what if"; if Haas had gotten pole, the Nikita Mazaspin would have won. Sheesh, The Race should do better.
peter alafe
peter alafe Måned siden
Yes and hopefully. They will get faster
jey da
jey da Måned siden
Red Bull has the best car in 2021; Merc has, proven, the best driver.
Mega OOF
Mega OOF Måned siden
I think Merc are faster in cooler, slipperier tracks and high speed corners. Rb are faster in the opposite of those.
Membranous Måned siden
Simple answer: YES
Tone. Måned siden
No. The sunshine coming out of Hambone's arse acts as a power-up. He could win the championship in a Haas.
MoonStar Productions
it was so obvious that the mercedes had a straight line speed advantage and that was the deciding factor
sobookwood Måned siden
Friendly feedback: you're implementing too much ads. Apart from that, amazing channel!
Jack Måned siden
There was no way max could've won the race without a Hamilton DNF, Mercedes were killing them on the straight without DRS. What we witnessed over the start of the season IMO was Mercedes sandbagging to stall other teams vehicle development.
Tenesha Anderson
Tenesha Anderson Måned siden
jussayin mipeece
jussayin mipeece Måned siden
why is it so hard to just admit that Hamilton is just better than everyone else? And it matters not if Max was on pole. he was running in front of Lewis for quite some time and was overtaken so in a sense that pole and lost right there. The real measure of a race and a driver is what can you do when it comes right down to it. Everyone makes mistakes and how and if you recover is what separates the Lewises from the losers. Some socalled pundit mentioned last week that in his opinion Lewis is no better than anyone else because he makes just as many mistakes as everyone else. That may well be true that he makes as many mistakes as everyone else but what sets him apart from everyone else is his ability to recover from those mistakes and also capitalize on the mistakes of others.
jussayin mipeece
jussayin mipeece Måned siden
@SweetCreature well i suppose that is why in all that time red bull never won a single race nor was ever second either. Cant beat your logic then can I?
SweetCreature Måned siden
@jussayin mipeece If he would have been driving the Red Bull who had the third best car untill last year (a car that wasn’t capable of even competing in the championship), Hamilton would not have won the championship, he would have lost on reliability issues alone. Don’t make things up. By making those comments you just confirmed what a delusional Hamilton fanboy you are. Lewis is definitely one of the best of all time and the best drivers typically drive in the best cars, that is how it works. He won the championships because he had a great car and his ability to make the right decisions in crucial moments.
jussayin mipeece
jussayin mipeece Måned siden
@SweetCreature "This is basic F1 knowledge." No its not. This is a point that only recently surfaced when people mention Lewis. Before that It was an acknowledged fact that Schumacher was the best driver even. Then as Hamilton approached and surpassed each of the benchmarks that were previously used to determine GOAT then those began to have asterixis beside them when GOAT comes up. The simple fact is that people are uncomfortable to simply admit that Hamilton is the best and we know why. So after a while its just the norm to say "oh we cant compare because he is from a different era" Although before Hamilton that wasn't a consideration. Just like how Living abroad for tax purposes wasn't a problem until Hamilton did it then suddenly it was an issue.
jussayin mipeece
jussayin mipeece Måned siden
@SweetCreature my point is simple. Hamilton is the best driver and the car is secondary to his success. This is proven by the fact that Bottas who has for the last seven years has driven the same car as Hamilton has been comprehensibly beaten by people in less capable equipment. In other words. with Hamilton being consistently good its more likely than not that Had Hamilton been driving say a redbull he would have still won those titles or at the very least beaten the mercs which are better technically.
SweetCreature Måned siden
@jussayin mipeece what are you talking about? You just proved my point with Bottas, but I feel like we are both trying to make a different point regarding his performances. A LOT of people are claiming Mercedes has the worst car, you clearly haven’t been on instagram. Second of all I never said Hamilton isn’t a great driver. The only conclusion is that Hamilton is better than Bottas. That’s it. Until you put them is the same car (a car that no one has previous experience in) - you cannot say who is better. This is basic F1 knowledge.
niceguy Måned siden
bahrain showed that redbull did a good enough job to fight them imola showed redbull can keep up and barcelona will show if we are wrong..
Rafael Medeiros
Rafael Medeiros Måned siden
Man...those tik tok ads are the worst EVER!
jussayin mipeece
jussayin mipeece Måned siden
Hamilton last Sunday after overtaking Max then Bottas: these tyres are shot. Goes on to open up a 3 second lead😨😳. Next time lets give him some better tyres and see what he can really do🙄🙄🥴
jussayin mipeece
jussayin mipeece Måned siden
@SweetCreature true, like the way the mercs been sandbagging this season. I am convinced that they are detuning their engines and cutting back on aero just so people have something to talk about and not appear to be running away with the championship from the start. Like the way the gave Rosberg the title.
SweetCreature Måned siden
@jussayin mipeece that could be true. Or it might be a code word in the team or something, he says it so often and they proceeds to put in continuous fastest laps. We’ll never know
jussayin mipeece
jussayin mipeece Måned siden
@SweetCreature i have a theory. I do my best work and concentrate the most when i am under huge pressure. Its quite possible that Hamilton actually enjoys being under pressure to do better with less. I know i do. I absolutely love when someone says that cant be done. I take that as a challenge to show that person or people that am better than them and that i can do it so its possible that is what he uses to motivate himself because in truth many times at the end of the race his tyres really are done , down to the carcasses many times.
SweetCreature Måned siden
Lewis always says his tires are gone and it’s never the case.
Johnny Doig
Johnny Doig Måned siden
The cars are so similar in pace it’s going to be the driver that makes the difference. Over the season the second driver at both teams will play a huge part to the constructors championship
SweetCreature Måned siden
Even if Red Bull somehow manages to keep their car development close to Mercedes, they have a good chance of losing out on reliability
JazzByDaBay Måned siden
Max is unlucky. He is competing with Lewis. I think had it been some other driver Max would be leading the championship. Coz both the cars are fast. But Lewis's race craft is tilting the balance in Mercedes favour.
Roxas1260 Måned siden
@SweetCreature Fair enough. It makes sense given how long the Merc dominace has been that fans are frustrated when they are given some fortune.
SweetCreature Måned siden
@Roxas1260 just the timing, like you can’t make that shit up. But I totally understand there had to be a red flag after that, and I’m not mad about the un lapping I know those are the rules. It just couldn’t have come at a better time
Roxas1260 Måned siden
@SweetCreature Just a quick question, are you more upset with the timing of the red flag or the red flag itself? Cause even if it was a safety car, the cars would be allowed to unlap themselves giving an identical situation to the one in Imola.
SweetCreature Måned siden
@JazzByDaBay I was talking about the red flag, that was 100% luck. If it wasn’t that would be very illegal. If the red flag would not have happened Lewis could have gotten a maximum of 7th place (4 point) but I doubt he would have gotten any points, since he would have lost a lot more time with the extra pitstop to get a new front wing and had damage (which also was allowed to be fixed during the red flag). I’m not saying he didn’t do a great recovery drive, but just that Lewis couldn’t have gotten luckier in that moment, he got 19 points out of it. Like I said he would have been quite a bit behind Max in the championship and I doubt people would be saying then how great Lewis race craft is, unfortunately a lot of people opinions are based on the points.
JazzByDaBay Måned siden
@SweetCreature it can't be put to his luck. It was a mistake from Max he did go out of the track and gained lasting advantage so he had to let go his lead. It was not as if his engine stalled or something like that. It was error.
Ian Dropsyface
Ian Dropsyface Måned siden
Is it a media thing to pretend the Mercedes is only as fast as the Red Bull ... When Hamilton can use DRS on the straight gain 250 ft and move past Max easily yet Max was stuck behind Bottas with his DRS open for about 20 laps and didn't gain an inch on the straight never mind a chance to pass. Only rain gives verstappen any hope. If Max was driving the other Mercedes since 2014 Max would own 5 world championships and Hamilton 2 ....
John J
John J Måned siden
Everyone goes Max made a mistake and Lewis got past. Bottas makes a mistake but it’s Max passed him? Hate when you bend the truth very slightly to make someone look better!!!
YarisTex Måned siden
I think despite RB car being really fast it is still not as stable as the Mercedes. Also the Merc seems to be better in dirty air and less draggy, + better battery deployment. I have to take my hat off to Mercedes, even with hiccups they get it back so fast. And hat off to Lewis to be on top of that car. I think Max and Lewis are examples of drivers that are extracting everything of their cars.
Delroy Robinson
Delroy Robinson Måned siden
Max pole lap got deleted...period.....ifs, but whatever!!! The best man won... .!!!!!
Delroy Robinson
Delroy Robinson Måned siden
@SweetCreature True!
SweetCreature Måned siden
The man in the best car won. It would not have mattered if Max started on pole, the Mercedes were way too fast on the straights
No1 Koning
No1 Koning Måned siden
Merc has the best car.
John Namkeh
John Namkeh Måned siden
Lewis seems to have a bit better race pace than single lap pace, especially on a track like this. That said, Max was definitely still faster on single lap pace here as well but he made a mistake and lost the pole, just like in Imola. Hamilton has only made one mistake in the past 3 races, and he got lucky and got saved by Russell. Hamilton is just so hard to beat on the track.
thecraggrat Måned siden
Lewis decided to run the lower downforce/drag wing & lose some corner speed for straight line speed. He knew he could work with the line through the corners to keep his corner speeds up, but drag will kill you on the long straight, so he trimmed it off to allow him to both attack and defend better. This slowed down the rear tyre warm up, impacting slightly his one lap pace and how quickly he could warm his tyres in the race, but once up to temp it helped life of the rears a little and maybe the fronts too, if the front wing was trimmed for balance.
BigMic69 Måned siden
@SweetCreature If it wasn't for it having rained Max wouldn't have had the chance to get such a good start. And he could've possibly finished behind Perez. What If's!!!!!
SweetCreature Måned siden
If it wasn’t for that red flag Lewis would be quite a few points behind Max. Also the Mercedes very clearly had the better car in Portugal
BigMic69 Måned siden
He started working on that about 3 years ago (for several reasons)... IJS
nathmac 2003
nathmac 2003 Måned siden
I’m tired of people making excuses for Max. Accept that he lost the race fair and square. His loss was only on him
David Pearce
David Pearce Måned siden
No ..... Red Bull still have the fastest car both in One Lap (Qualifying) pace & Race Pace. Reasoning: Max Verstappen Fastest Qualifying Lap (deleted for exceeding track limits) Fastest Race Lap Max Verstappen (deleted for exceeding track limits) ...... see a pattern here. Fastest Car; too many mistakes .......... runs off track and out of talent.
Sumit Blogs
Sumit Blogs Måned siden
hahaha they always had the fastest car since, race 1 in 2021 too..... ok may be not in qualifying bur surely in races... only the fanboys will say lewis is winning races in a slower car.... I hope god take care to all the blind fanboys of lewis
Sumit Blogs
Sumit Blogs Måned siden
@Mark Tattersall you getting pissed shows I am not... take care
Mark Tattersall
Mark Tattersall Måned siden
You write like a halfwit.
Ok Ok
Ok Ok Måned siden
Mercedes straight line RB on downforce the cars are basically at each others level RB being faster on twisty tracks and merc showing superiority on the straights
SweetCreature Måned siden
@Vasillis Polizos What are you talking about? The Red Bulls have terrible straight line speed, Portimao once again showed that. Where the Red Bulls are good are fast speed corners. Mercedes is great at straights and slow speed corners. Overall Mercedes still have the stronger and more reliable car
Ok Ok
Ok Ok Måned siden
@Vasillis Polizos ?
Hello THERE • vor 12 Jahren
@Muppetpaster we are talking about this year
Muppetpaster Måned siden
As it was last 5/6 years....
Hello THERE • vor 12 Jahren
But only if its cold. Remember Bahrain. Max had 3 purple sectors
Ethan Whisman
Ethan Whisman Måned siden
I think once Perez finally gets his head around the Red Bull he's going to be a threat every week he's going to be like that Mark whoever he reminds me of Mark Weber for some reason yeah I'm the number to driver but I could win races
Ethan Whisman
Ethan Whisman Måned siden
@S King one I disagree with you too I am biased towards Perez He brings his stability to that team and with a new car supposedly coming in next year it's not likely that they're at Red bulls going to change the lineup And the fact that Perez continues to get better in that red bull give Perez till the second half of the season and he'll probably be there every week But there's another thing that we have the new car either coming next year or the year I think it's next year in 2022 so it's not likely they're going to change anybody's going to change your lineups for a new car I think they want to stay consistent that's why you sold a lot of shuffling around this year is because of that car
S King
S King Måned siden
Checo will be lucky to still be at RBR in 2022 ...
A Baker
A Baker Måned siden
I think if Mercedes is going to bring the maximum fight to redbull its not just down to the drivers. If they are regularly losing 7 tenths in a pitstop to redbull that's just adding unnecessary extra pressure at times
SweetCreature Måned siden
The only place where Red Bull have the upperhand are the pitstops. Mercedes still have the better and more reliable car
J T Måned siden
@The_drummer_jacob Watch them do an enormous f*ck up soon.
The_drummer_jacob Måned siden
Red bull pit team is OP
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