Every current F1 team's worst driver 

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No F1 team signs a bad driver on purpose. But sometimes a variety of factors get in the way and deals that were signed with high expectations fail to work out. For this video we've gone back through the history of each of the 10 teams on the current F1 grid - tracing some back through various previous guises - to work out who has been their worst driver of all time. Let us know who we missed!

Mansell's McLaren disaster


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31. mai. 2021





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Max B
Max B 11 timer siden
Why mention Jenson Button? 😌😅🤣
mindugi ;)
mindugi ;) 2 dager siden
Michael Andretti should be the one for McLaren
Dan Arnets
Dan Arnets 5 dager siden
McLaren's should've been Michael Andretti, a terrific Indycar/CART driver that hated F1's driving aids of the time to no end Also, Benetton/Renault/Lotus has had worse full-time drivers than Nelsinho
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan 5 dager siden
Mahiru Tsuyuzaki should've been in this video.
ross b
ross b 5 dager siden
I would have said palmer for Renault he was pretty bad
Matthias Cerebri
Matthias Cerebri 5 dager siden
Larini instead of Baghetti and Palmer instead of Piquet.
Craig Gill
Craig Gill 6 dager siden
I would have thought Andrea DeCesaris would have been McLaren's worst driver! They fired him because he was costing the team a fortune in repairs!
gb Root
gb Root 6 dager siden
rio haryanto
7mgtesup1 9 dager siden
Mansell worst McLaren driver....................... Right
massimo Tosino
massimo Tosino 9 dager siden
I thought you’d brought up Tarso Marques for Minardi since he was genuinely bad
ChikaTC 10 dager siden
Would've picked Gutierrez for Haas
Александр Иванов
Esteban Tuero was uncompetetive driver in Minardi in 1998.
Shahram Rezasade
Shahram Rezasade 10 dager siden
I would have chosen Grosjean as the worst driver for Haas to be honest! He only crashed in his career.
janbo 10 dager siden
So Alonso has had the worst driver of a team's history as his team mate in two separate teams.
Amir Zaim Mohd Zaini
Amir Zaim Mohd Zaini 10 dager siden
Alex Yoong still critisizing F1 until today but their fans hit him back due to underperforming F1 career history and also putting a huge sum of money to enter F1 directly. Now he's focusing on local e-sports scene. When entering high-class race eg. F1 or MotoGP, national patriotic pride should be not the first thing in racer's mind. People would only proud when you're performing better not being proud just because you enter the race. Many racers from countries like Malaysia, India, Indonesia had been fallen into national pride trap.
Christian Giaconi-Bonaguro
"We will not use Fill-in drivers or drivers that didn't race-enough." (paraphrasing) Includes: - Mansell (though I can see this, 5 races in a car that didn't fit him and a team he didn't get along with, should disqualify). The car was bad too. For Mclaren, the aforementioned (below) Andretti fits the bill much more. - Capelli. 1 race, 1 DNQ. Completely goes against the rules. Why not pick Boutsen, who was outpaced consistently by Barrichello? Or how about Giorgio Pantano? - Rosset at Tyrrell, as mentioned or even Brian Henton, Julian Bailey, Olivier Grouillard or the Japanese boys; I loved Katayama, but he did nothing, same with Takagi. Really dropped the ball on this one. - Larini at Sauber? Again, 5 races, 3 finishes, one in the points and another 7th. You mention Fontana and Morbidelli, who were both considerably worse (again), Diniz did nothing and then the disastrous 2014, with Sutil and Gutierrez both doing jack-all. Larini is a true underdog of the sport and had at least some success, regardless of where he drove. - Lastly, worst of all, Baghetti? Are you for real? At least pick guys that did absolutely nothing and there's a list: - Alfonso De Portago - Cliff Allison - Jean Behra (since the, "not many races," rule doesn't apply after all) - Umberto Maglioli - Fisichella There's subjective and then there is just plain off and this list could've been MUCH better (I can also nitpick Renault, but not going to bother). And lastly, there is a laundry list of Minardi failures that were worse than Yoong (who at least scored a point), but also not going to bother.
Alex Katsikas
Alex Katsikas 12 dager siden
Can you imagine being one of these drivers and seeing your name on this list?….. ouuuuuuuuccchhhh
Nick Gray
Nick Gray 12 dager siden
Imagine, it's 2001 and your mate turns to you and says "in 20 years time, Stewart & BAR will be battling it out for the title and have won every constructors title since 2010 and Jos Verstappen's son will be leading the drivers championship."
Speedworx 12 dager siden
McLaren's worst is clearly Andretti. Mansell never gave it his all when he found out how off the pace the car was.
ALCTheBlade 8 dager siden
Michael Andretti actually achieved a podium and points. The only reason Nigel Mansell's on this list is because he chose to leave the team early. Had he finished the season, Andrea de Cesaris with his 1 point during a full season, would have been the worst.
Andrej Pulsar
Andrej Pulsar 12 dager siden
I would've say Albon is the worst driver of Red Bull
Schinni 12 dager siden
I honestly expected Christian Klien to be in this video
ashley Kyrie
ashley Kyrie 13 dager siden
Mazepin and mick should both be on this list
Chris1553 13 dager siden
Total drivel, did school children make this nonsense !
Paulus thewoodknome
Paulus thewoodknome 13 dager siden
Putting Mansell on this list is sacrilege!
Anne Rud
Anne Rud 13 dager siden
Glad to see Mazespin made this list. He really is a crap driver. Amazed that he hasn't crashed into anyone. He's dangerously incompetent.
Andrew sycamore
Andrew sycamore 14 dager siden
Nelson piquet jr then went on to win the inaugural Formula E title
Alessandro Barcio
Alessandro Barcio 14 dager siden
Williams = Robert Kubica in 2019 Haas = Nikita Mazepin in 2021
Mr_Bottomtooth 14 dager siden
Next up: Every current F1 team's "most average driver", meaning drivers who didn't particularly stand out either negatively or positively while driving for the team. :P My picks would be: Williams: Riccardo Patrese (1987-1992) Haas: Mick Schumacher (since 2021) Alfa Romeo (Sauber/BMW Sauber): Nick Heidfeld (2001-2003 & 2006-2010) AlphaTauri (Minardi): Pierluigi Martini (1985 & 1988-1991 & 1993-1995) Ferrari: Michele Alboreto (1984-1988) Alpine (Benetton): Roberto Moreno (1990-1991) Aston Martin (Jordan): Eddie Irvine (1993-1995) McLaren: Jochen Mass (1974-1977) Red Bull (Jaguar): Pedro de la Rosa (2001-2002) Mercedes (BAR): Jacques Villeneuve (1999-2003)
ANDCHO 14 dager siden
Esteban Gutierez?!!!!!!!!! Hello, 0 points in Haas
A VERY horny Mr.Dinosaur
being the worst William's driver, is.. bad.
Troy Lewis
Troy Lewis 15 dager siden
When I saw Zanardi I knew this was BS and stopped watching.
Extreme Griefer Jesus
Extreme Griefer Jesus 11 dager siden
Zanardi's 1999 season was one of the most embarrassing failures in motorsport history, and anyone who tries to deny that is kidding themselves.
Hockey guy
Hockey guy 15 dager siden
This list is garbage!!!! As soon as they got to Aston Martin and Lance wasn't the worst I stopped watching and thumbs down!!!!
maxc_20 16 dager siden
too early to tell for mazepin, guiterrez for now
JimmyRacer31 16 dager siden
For Renault surely Palmer or Petrov are worse than Piquet
pandashcam 16 dager siden
As an italian I feel so bad that there are more italians in this top than in the current F1 grid ahah
julia taylor
julia taylor 16 dager siden
Larini was better than Pedro Diniz.
julia taylor
julia taylor 16 dager siden
Capelli always outraced and outqualified team mate Gugelmin, mazepin has hardly began.
Peter Schumacher
Peter Schumacher 16 dager siden
If this is just an excuse to find ways to call Mazespin the worst driver in as many categories as possible, I fully support this.
T & F archive
T & F archive 17 dager siden
I thought Larini's nomination was a tad harsh. He scored points on his first race for Sauber. Despite his short stint, there were certainly worse drivers for that team.
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan 17 dager siden
Nelson Piquet Jr. deserved to be the TRUE WORST EVER.
owen Higgins10
owen Higgins10 17 dager siden
Nice idea, don’t agree though
Michael Linner
Michael Linner 17 dager siden
Next I'd like to see an in-depth report on what each driver does when he needs to take a leak while driving in the race.
Giom Spies
Giom Spies 17 dager siden
I can't agree with Ivan Capelli.
jennifer wessels
jennifer wessels 17 dager siden
It was Benneton than Renault lotus Renault again and than Alpine in the Benneton time was Jos Verstappen the worse driver
dawidoO 3O5
dawidoO 3O5 17 dager siden
2:31 Esteban Gutiérrez*
REI02021809 17 dager siden
Michael Schumacher mercedes
Hobson McMaster
Hobson McMaster 17 dager siden
me ranking haas drivers[up until now 1 K-Mag 2 Ro-Gro 3 Mick schumacher 4 Esteban Guittierez 5 Mazepin
MrSniperfox29 17 dager siden
For all the people complaining about Rosset not being the "worst" driver for Tyrrell, he actually had a "better" record than at least one driver, Julian Bailey who in 1988 DNQ'd 10 times (to Rossets 5) and had a highest finish of 9th (which is lower than Rossets 8th). Rosset also "beat" Tagaki in their season together (again, 8th v 9th), so logically basing it purely on results and not actual ability (as stated in the video), Rosset wouldn't be in the bottom two.
MrSniperfox29 17 dager siden
Yeah this isn't a good video. Alex Yoong may not have been great, but I'd actually rank him higher than Adrian Campos,
Gian Paolo Todde
Gian Paolo Todde 17 dager siden
The Race... So full of c**p!!!
pile333 17 dager siden
Today F1 relies heavily on recommended daddy's boys drivers money so...
wessel Greven
wessel Greven 18 dager siden
What about jolyon palmer?
sanjeevi thirumurugesan
The MP4-10 has a strange wing on the side?!
Utetopia 18 dager siden
Considering that Haas' days in F1 are numbered, anyway, it'll probably stay that Mazepin will remain Haas' worst driver. 10:44 ".... but he was unhappy with his treatment as what he saw as little more than an afterthought for a team built around Villeneuve". *cough*RedBull*cough*
Dylan Thomas
Dylan Thomas 18 dager siden
The Mercedes selection of Zonta when they were BAR is wrong. Turn back the clock to the year before that when they were Tyrrell and there was a driver called Riccardo Rosset and to be that bad that even his mechanics rearranged the letters on his pit scooter to spell Tosser says it all
ALCTheBlade 8 dager siden
They likely didn't consider BAR to be Tyrrell because they used a different factory, chassis builder, engine supplier, and much of Tyrrell's actual equipment was sold elsewhere.
Alan Jenkinson
Alan Jenkinson 18 dager siden
You must feel so good mocking someone who’s disabled and extremely ill. And how did you do in F1 then? Thought so
Dylan Thomas
Dylan Thomas 18 dager siden
Mazepin looks like a typical Russian villain from a bond movie
HunSwe 18 dager siden
HAAS - mazespin
fludy0 18 dager siden
UHHHH its hella earlier to say that he his the worst driver... i dont like him though
Super Dark Hadou
Super Dark Hadou 18 dager siden
-Giorgio Pantano could be in the list as worst Jordan(Aston Martin) all time. -Ricardo Rosset worst Tyrell(Mercedes). -Esteban Gutiérrez(Haas) worst driver. -Jolyon Palmer or Jos Verstappen worst Bennetton/Renault/Alpine. -Michael Andretti or Stoffel Vandoorne worst McLaren.
Reddwarf1994 18 dager siden
Ricardo Rosset, Tyrell Gaston Mazzacane, Minardi Does it get much worse than these two?
MrSniperfox29 17 dager siden
Julian Bailey, Tyrrell Adrian Campos, Minardi
David Brown
David Brown 18 dager siden
In 2021 Riccardo is not doing very well and Zac Brown should replace him with Pato O'Ward or Colton Herta. It will be easy the get a super license for these two.
Wendigo 18 dager siden
Now do the same with Indycar teams
Stefano Pantaleoni
Stefano Pantaleoni 18 dager siden
I agree with the list. My comments. Capelli could have been the worst driver i 2 teams' history (he also had a bad run with Ferrari, but given the 70-year old story of "il cavallino" pretty hard to choose). And thank God Zonta was a Mercedes / BAR driver, or I fear we should've picked a famous German guy who anonymously spent hus last 3 years there.
Uniongamers 18 dager siden
The 'broad definition of each team' part is why I will not watch this.
Br fly
Br fly 18 dager siden
Ricardo zonta is Good enough.
jagvette1 18 dager siden
Michael Andretti at McLaren
Marcos Paulo
Marcos Paulo 18 dager siden
Alpine = Palmer
Craig Taylor
Craig Taylor 18 dager siden
For those of you wanting to see Rosset, BAR weren't really a continuation of the Tyrell team, as Craig Pollack and BAT only bought the team for their F1 entry and sold all the assets off including making the majority of the work force redundant as the 1998 season unfolded. The BAR project was taking shape well before the Tyrell purchase and it was more cost effective to buy a teams entry than apply for a completely new entry. They were effectively a completely new team ran from new head quarters with completely different personnel. If we were doing on entries alone, the current Alfa Romeo team can only trace their history back to 2010 when Sauber re-entred the sport in place of the Toyota team. Team Lotus effectively took BMW Sauber's entry. permanent
Mysticarl 18 dager siden
Thumbs up purely for the HAAS driver
Gianni Knies
Gianni Knies 18 dager siden
My name is Gianni to
Dev 19 dager siden
Mazepin on the list “Everyone liked that”
mattdobz 19 dager siden
The current Aston Martin team is not the same entity as the old Jordan team. The Racing Point consortium only bought Force India's assets and championship entry, folding the old team and founding a new one with the same name and probably most of the original staff.
Ertjon Mecka
Ertjon Mecka 19 dager siden
Palmer was the worst for Renault
ScribblingOnTheWalls 19 dager siden
The worst driver for every team... *Waits for Mazepin to appear*
Chevy Dyall
Chevy Dyall 19 dager siden
I can bet edd straw is still really poorly dressed for this video as always. Side note: Edd its really hard to take your opinion seriously if you don't look the part
James Rowland
James Rowland 19 dager siden
surely palmer was miles worse than piquet jr
Gilvan Souza
Gilvan Souza 19 dager siden
What a flawed idea. What qualifies a driver as worst? Is it performance compared to team mate? Surely Michael Andretti would be in the list.
ALCTheBlade 8 dager siden
Michael Andretti managed a podium and 7 points, which puts him above Andrea de Cesaris in the McLaren rankings.
Sharl Leglerg
Sharl Leglerg 19 dager siden
Edd would've been better than all of them imo
Alex Sickshow
Alex Sickshow 19 dager siden
Seems like it was done to just mention Nikita again. Otherwise, you wouldn’t count the current season which is only a few races in.
iViking 19 dager siden
Michael Andretti
Yeah, nah mate
Yeah, nah mate 19 dager siden
yeah, nah
Reza MM
Reza MM 19 dager siden
I'd choose Ivan Capelli for Ferrari
Airwolf 19 dager siden
What about Michael Andretti, his brief Formula One career was less than stellar. He spend more time driving off the track than on it.
ALCTheBlade 8 dager siden
Michael Andretti managed a podium and 7 points, which puts him ahead of Andrea de Cesaris in the McLaren driver rankings.
T NG 19 dager siden
Picking the Ferrari one is the hardest of the hardest. I think A Merzario and I Capelli should figure. Team Enstone ( Alpine/ Renault/ Lotus/ Renault/Benetton/ Toleman), J Cecotto and R Patrese and JJ Lehto should also figure. McLaren, I am fearful of D Ricciardo joining the list!
EL1AS 18 dager siden
JJ Lehto was injured when he drove for Benetton. Can't really say he was the worst, didn't get to show his true potential.
Carl Hsieh
Carl Hsieh 19 dager siden
I nominate Michael Andretti as Senna's teammate in 1993
Vok250 19 dager siden
Richard M
Richard M 19 dager siden
It had to be Mazespin.
Duskraven377 19 dager siden
Mazepin was mentioned. Credibility confirmed. (Though to be fair, it's still early and I need a full season to compare him to Gutierrez)
Rick Visser
Rick Visser 19 dager siden
You guys dont follow your own rules with Haas... Shitting on Mazepin while he didnt complete a whole season (so not a fulltimer yet)... Guiterrez didnt score a point while Grosjean was often in the points.
Christopher Cozier
Christopher Cozier 19 dager siden
Worst piece of journalism I've seen in a long time, lazy, poorly researched with obvious bias. Please give up the day job.
Frederick Faulkner
Frederick Faulkner 19 dager siden
Am surprised Maldonado didn't make this list...
MrLewisbate 19 dager siden
I have no idea how you have that many subscribers. To say mansell was worse than Michael Andretti at mclaren, is as ridiculous as this Channel
ALCTheBlade 8 dager siden
Michael Andretti managed a podium and 7 points to Nigel Mansell's 0, which was due more to Mansell leaving the team before the season was over. Had Mansell stayed for the rest of 1995, Andrea de Cesaris, with only one point after a full season, would have been the one on this list.
The Stratisphere
The Stratisphere 19 dager siden
unless Haas sign Deledda, I think MazesBin is going to be their worst driver for a while
SD Alexander
SD Alexander 19 dager siden
By the way, Mansell did not quit he was fired. I watch that race live he parked a McLaren that was healthy. He just didn't like the way the car was handling so he gave up. Ron Dennis hit the roof!!
SD Alexander
SD Alexander 18 dager siden
@TassieLorenzo well that's exactly it. I mean he won that race in style I watched that race live. Oops once again my age is showing. Wow how time flies!!!My recollection of that race was he was untouchable. Had he been signed for Williams in '95 he probably would have been world champion. But Williams didn't want to deal with his shit and Mr. Frank figured he had the car and he could get anybody to drive it and be world championship so he had arrogance issues of his own.
TassieLorenzo 19 dager siden
Lol. :) Classic Mansell! :) Given Mansell won the Australian GP in 1994, why did Williams prefer to race with Coulthard?
Johnnie Guitar
Johnnie Guitar 19 dager siden
Astounding lack of sportsmanship and respect here! Who are YOU to judge the worst drivers, anyway?! A very negative idea in the first place. What's your point anyway? You aren't judging the worst hamburgers in your city, for example. And if your were, we'd only be interested in knowing about the BEST ones. Really bad idea!
Mischa Shuttle
Mischa Shuttle 19 dager siden
Couple of changes imo Haas: Esteban Guttierez, i just feel that its unfair to throw mazepin in there after 5 races. Mercedes (Tyrrell): Ricciardo Rossett, I mean, that was the ine I thought would be a slam dunk
Luc Williams
Luc Williams 19 dager siden
He did well at Mclaren but the most disappointing driver at Mclaren is alonso (just 2007 not the hybrid ear cars)
Wyatt Rohr
Wyatt Rohr 19 dager siden
Nikita mazepin shouldn’t be on the list being a rookie and not having a full season yet
keiron stoneman
keiron stoneman 19 dager siden
These are mostly wrong. Williams Heinz hararld frentzen Aston Martin Narain Karthikeyan McLaren Michael Andretti Haas correct Ferrari Ivan capelli Mercedes Ricardo Rosett Red Bull correct Alpine Emanuele pirro Alpha Tauri Gaston Mazzacane Alfa Romeo Esteban Gutierrez
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