McLaren's special Monaco livery shows the rule F1 needs 

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McLaren has revealed a special livery it will race at the 2021 Monaco Grand Prix, running in full Gulf colours for one weekend only. With F1's rules around team liveries being so strict, we explain how McLaren has been able to do this, and why F1 should create a new rule to encourage more teams to create special designs in future. We also take a look back at previous times F1 teams have used one-off paint jobs in the past.


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17. mai. 2021





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Jeff Andrews
Jeff Andrews 9 timer siden
I'm sure that cost many more times than my house, just to make a car look pretty for 1 race. Not the car itself, or the rest like the team uniforms and whatever. Just changing the colors on the car.
John Yager (Disgruntled Fun)
I think it would be cool if F1 and the teams were to treat Monaco like NASCAR treats the Southern 500 at Darlington. All the teams will rewrap their cars in historic liveries for the race. It's always cool to see the cars painted like they were in the past.
Matúš KUB
Matúš KUB Dag siden
F1 asiimov
mikemonkeyz 3 dager siden
BadDay - Lets Plays
BadDay - Lets Plays 4 dager siden
what a beauty
Leon Kahs
Leon Kahs 4 dager siden
I want a rule, that teams have to design a one off livery every season.
Pieter Rosing
Pieter Rosing 4 dager siden
That's a really good idea
Frank 6 dager siden
Occasionally, a fan-designed livery for charity events might be cool also.
Frank 6 dager siden
It would be great to see this happen. I doubt it will though, since F1 and the FIA hate F1 fans.
News Moto
News Moto 6 dager siden
Valentino Rossi always had specials.
Andrew Ramero
Andrew Ramero 6 dager siden
I would love to see a Marlboro inspired livery on the Mclaren!!!
darkySp 7 dager siden
I thought the baby blue and orange color was a Ford thing
Hālian 7 dager siden
Each car should have its own paint job; it's currently extremely difficult to tell a team's cars apart, especially on TV.
Unknow0059 7 dager siden
This shouldn't be a rule.
Unknow0059 7 dager siden
This is pretty cool. What a gift for fans and team alike.
Zee-Z Zee
Zee-Z Zee 7 dager siden
maan that looks slick
Raiku • ライク
Raiku • ライク 8 dager siden
For some reason there was no title bar here for some reason
ninjaXavier2 8 dager siden
i think is should be like nascar where you can run any livery as long as it matches your sponsor
Masked Gamer
Masked Gamer 8 dager siden
Never been a fan of the full orange mclaren, this looks great
DEEGE GAMING 8 dager siden
I think keep them scarce
User Unknown
User Unknown 8 dager siden
I love you, mr Brown
William A. Walker
William A. Walker 9 dager siden
Classic McLaren and Gulf. Two of my favorite liveries, despite them both being orange and blue.
Matheus Williames
Matheus Williames 9 dager siden
A senna tribute wouldn't be that good without brazilian drivers
KP L 12 dager siden
Wonder what Alfa could offer us, all red? Then we would have 4 Ferraris on the grid
ZORAY ZAIR0 13 dager siden
Mclaren wasn't the only team to make a special livery, Williams did it too for Monaco but it wasn't that diferent from their regular livery.
TissuePaper 16 dager siden
Think about the amount of waste generated by buying dozens of sets of brand new clothes and kit for a single weekend... I love motorsport but the amount of waste in the sport in general makes it hard to support. Cool livery though.
XxMidnightToker420xX 16 dager siden
Would be a great rule to inject some more excitement towards seeing a race on the weekend
Jett BATEMAN 17 dager siden
Yes, do the one off rule!
m holla
m holla 18 dager siden
would love it if McLaren or Haas did a days of the thunder callback at the US GP. The Mellow Yellow or the Chevy City livery would be awesome.
Akhyar Rayhka
Akhyar Rayhka 21 dag siden
blue ferrari
troncrash7 21 dag siden
Ayo they got the asiimov skin for cars now
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 23 dager siden
My goodness! Most stunning modern livery I can think of. This one's a keeper.
luc bouwmeester
luc bouwmeester 23 dager siden
absolutely YES
SpeeX 24 dager siden
Looks like a csgo skin: asiimov
Lethal_Pork_chop 25 dager siden
great idea more teams should do that livery from back in the days, instead of using same livery the whole year. And its a nice tribute to the past
Edvard Ekhem
Edvard Ekhem 25 dager siden
I’d like to see something like NHL winter classic where teams always have different jerseys and logos celebrating their heritage for the Monaco Grand Prix
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 23 dager siden
1:12 so a recreation of a 90s recreation of a 60s livery?
Anggoro Gede Waseso
Anggoro Gede Waseso 25 dager siden
The Mclaren F1 finished 2nd.. Me: AND LANDO FINISHED 3RD!!! So happy for him XD
Black Cat
Black Cat 25 dager siden
The black and gold lotus was the best looking car what do you mean did anyone care? it was the best
A I Ionescu
A I Ionescu 26 dager siden
What exactly should the rule say? "you are encouraged to have a one-off livery per year"? sounds dumb. who wants to do it can do it already.
Sofia Minervaa
Sofia Minervaa 26 dager siden
tbh I don't think that it is a good idea to create such rule bc it would definitely decrease the specialness of these one-off liveries appearances. for example this weekend we all were excited for the McLaren one and this occasional livery design brought a lot of attention to the sponsor as well as McLaren itself benefitted from creating accompanying merch, but imagine if every weekend there would be a special livery design (or even a couple of them)? would we all be as excited? I think we would just get used to such occasions and it would make it less exciting imo
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 26 dager siden
I loved RedBulls special Great Britain 2019 livery with the Aston Martin/James Bond 007 livery
Scott Brownlie
Scott Brownlie 26 dager siden
Monaco had me googling Gulf Racing clothing 😁
Scott deLong
Scott deLong 26 dager siden
I am SO disappointed(!) I thought that was McLaren's 2021 livery. Why must the Gulf colors look so much better than their regular livery, I mean, why not go with this in the first place?
Sebastian Slettebø
Sebastian Slettebø 26 dager siden
They should really make this their regular livery. It’s soooooooo clean
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 26 dager siden
The Gulf hats sold out before race day too. Big win for F1 all around.
G2IntegraDA 26 dager siden
Senna Livery💪🏻 YES!!!
Konki 26 dager siden
Formula 1 is trying to bring costs down, any idea how much that stuff would cost? And think about the wasted material.
Einveldi 26 dager siden
I think they've got it just right, it's still a big deal and any attempts to make it regular will amount to being gimmicky.
Brand 27 dager siden
Why cant we have fun colors!?!? Think, F1; THINK!!!! what will you have after 500 races!?!?!? Youd still have the fans!!!! and the fans are the only ones who will put out the dedication and creativity beyond what a universal assumption of what corperate bleakness is. so when a team wants to reshape there brand or identity or loosen the rulebook for cosmetic skins that dont affect any part of the car on a areodynamic or mechanical level, THINK FOR A SECOND "what would stagnant liveries bring after 500 races?!?!"
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 27 dager siden
Livery changes as the most exciting thing happening in F1. 'Nuff said.
Gustav Meyrink
Gustav Meyrink 27 dager siden
1:12 so a recreation of a 90s recreation of a 60s livery?
AndreiTupolev 27 dager siden
Well, it seemed to work for them
judgegixxer 27 dager siden
NO NO NO!!!! The only livery changes should be at the start of the season. Changing liveries every race will make F1 like NASCAR. To make an Iconic livery requires it to be run long enough to be recognizable. Seeing McLaren in Gulf Colors? Meh It's an ugly blue anyways.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 27 dager siden
I don't really care except that this McLaren livery is much better than the ugly orange cars.
Animiles 27 dager siden
Looks just very wasteful to me to make all of these things just for one single weekend.. :|
Kevin Hendon
Kevin Hendon 28 dager siden
Definitely keep this Gulf livery, looks fantastic not only for nostalgia reasons but it looks so clean & perfect👍
Paul van Noordwyk
Paul van Noordwyk 28 dager siden
The joker rule would be great, Mclaren however need to keep that Gulf livery permanently it's the best one of all of the liveries by a country mile
Dodi Jamian
Dodi Jamian 28 dager siden
sure black livery really really really shows diversity of many color
Ryan lukens
Ryan lukens 28 dager siden
I think the idea of one race per season where all the teams run a one-off livery would be cool. Don’t make it the same race every season though, allow different tracks the opportunity to host the one-off race. I believe they will see spikes in attendance for these special races every year.
Gustavo Lovatto
Gustavo Lovatto 28 dager siden
The Formula 1 should allow more special paint schemes. It doesn’t have the tradition of allowing teams running multiple paint schemes during the season like the american auto racing series does, but a special liberation to each home race + 1 livery to each 7 other races in the schedule would be well balanced. It could be 4 different one-off liveries or a second paint scheme used 4 times. For example: Red Bull have a home race in the Austrian Grand Prix. There are 22 more races in the current calendar, which would allow Red Bull to run three more liveries if they wish to (it would be a permission, not a obligation). If a team doesn’t have a home race, like Mercedes now, it would be allowed 3 new liveries.
Vok250 28 dager siden
The Gulf hats sold out before race day too. Big win for F1 all around.
Cliffjumper 1
Cliffjumper 1 28 dager siden
i've gotta be honest, i prefer the stock mclaren livery, just my opinion, something about the gulf thing is just eh, could be better
John Patrick Lim
John Patrick Lim 28 dager siden
I'd go for naked carbon with no sponsors, no paint at all.....
bmull81 28 dager siden
@John Patrick Lim - yes! The simple elegance of a car without the crapulous adverts and sponsor posies. Yes, the money is needed by the teams, but naked carbon would be just fine with me.
STEPHEN CHRISTIAN 28 dager siden
Kuba Uhlíř
Kuba Uhlíř 28 dager siden
Marketing driven? Red Bull is a marketing company
Literally Shaking
Literally Shaking 28 dager siden
That throwback McLaren livery look 312% better than their usual livery. Mercedes needs to go with an all silver paint job and tartan seat.
B Says
B Says 28 dager siden
Matt Grant
Matt Grant 29 dager siden
Why does Zac Brown dress like a northern nightclub owner?
bmull81 28 dager siden
@Matt Grant - P'raps he owns one? Secretly?
Meine Postma
Meine Postma 29 dager siden
I don't really care except that this McLaren livery is much better than the ugly orange cars.
Revelian1982 29 dager siden
Who gives as fuck..
Yusef Amul
Yusef Amul 29 dager siden
Is it only me who thinks this livery is from the 1966 GT40?
doire aintu
doire aintu 29 dager siden
Haas better fit Mazepins car livery with some slippery road signs as a one off to celebrate his practice runs towards the formula drift series.
StevenFTW 5
StevenFTW 5 29 dager siden
Why? Money
rockatronz 29 dager siden
We all like to see sneak peak of livery over the winter for the cats, , it’s exciting for fans, and could be voted for or fan driven. 5 joker type livery’s would be enough and would be great sponsors tool for the trams
doire aintu
doire aintu 29 dager siden
quickly get repetitive so there needs to be restrictions. Like twice every three years or something per team.
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Måned siden
"If it looks good, it goes fast" has always been a phrase used around F1 car designs - hopefully this design will be worth about a second a lap!!
Simon Z
Simon Z Måned siden
I like the rule as it stands Changing the livery as often as in american sport makes it too hard to follow Allowing 1 special livery per year is probably the good amount. The fact that it must be approved by F1 means we are more likely to have meaningful things rather than some random marketing stuff depending on the highest bidder among the sponsors Also: This gulf livery is gorgeous :-)
jyh1Q94 Måned siden
I want to see individual driver numbers to be more dynamic. Good to see drivers can choose their own numbers but they still looks somewhat strict to me.
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Måned siden
Ngl they should try to be like nascar with throwback liveries especially with monaco
Nico Cavallaro
Nico Cavallaro Måned siden
The rule F1 needs regarding liverys: "No ugly liverys allowed" and that goes to you, Ferrari. I love you but that green MW is an homicide.
Thomas Patsis
Thomas Patsis Måned siden
It would be the darlington throw back weekend of f1 but at least it will sell more diecast shirts and hats
Chesley Smith
Chesley Smith Måned siden
F1 can learn a thing or two from nascar’s Throwback weekend.
T Mo T
T Mo T Måned siden
A Honda tribute would be absolute fire. If anyone is aware of any social media campaign to ask for that, please point me in that direction.
Luke Oxley
Luke Oxley Måned siden
I would love it if the FIA could put a rule like that in
Luke Oxley
Luke Oxley Måned siden
A Bond Aston Martin liverie would be amazing!
Eric Carabetta
Eric Carabetta Måned siden
I don't understand the purpose of restricting the livery that teams are allowed, how fucking ridiculous. Who tf cares what kind paint the teams have, just let them do what they want, it has no effect on the dynamics of the car whatsoever.
Roy Liber
Roy Liber Måned siden
FIA and F1 should let teams run any liveries they want really as far as its settled with the sponsors. The Gulf McLaren livery is the best livery ive seen in decades and im quite sad its a one off, then again it makes this a very special race for them. Every single team on the grid has reasons to put special liveries on their cars, can't see why McLaren should be the only one for this season. Gulf McLaren's reveal video is truely special video and people are going to talk about it for many years to come for sure.
James Boardman
James Boardman Måned siden
I wouldn't mind seeing the occasional comemorative color scheme on an F-1 race car, but not a new scheme every week like America's NASCAR racers. However I would like F-1 to mandate legible car numbers on the nose, and side pods of each entrant in the field, that are of a uniform size, and location, regardless of the team, or their individual sponsors. It's difficult following a race, listening to just the race announcer describing who is leading who, and who is passing who, without some reference to the car they're driving, or to try to figure out the what position a particular car is in using the position chart that appears in the upper left corner of the TV screen that shows a 3 character abbreviation for the drivers name, a flag for their respective nationalities, and a three character abbreviation for the position they hold in the field. I would like to instantly be able to tell which car(s) and driver(s) I'm looking at on the screen. Legible car numbers would go a long way in making that happen!
Sammed Pandharkar
Sammed Pandharkar Måned siden
Whatever they do, One thing we DON'T want is a fucking star wars livery
Roger J
Roger J Måned siden
I'd very much like to see one off liveries in F1. I'd especially love to see Ferrari race in yellow once again.
Stromberg Thornton
Stromberg Thornton Måned siden
I love those NART Ferrari colours. And I'd love to see the livery rules change. But maybe limit it to a three year period. A team running a different livery at every other race would quickly get repetitive so there needs to be restrictions. Like twice every three years or something per team.
Tristan McWilliams
Tristan McWilliams Måned siden
Why can’t that be their permanent design
Marko Måned siden
Am I the only one who found Lotus's black and yellow/gold liveries cool as fuck?
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Måned siden
the thing is that this gulf livery is iconic with mclarens so even if they change the livery everyone will know thats still a mclaren
Electric Pineapple
Electric Pineapple Måned siden
Ngl they should try to be like nascar with throwback liveries especially with monaco
arronb18 Måned siden
They should do a throwback race like NASCAR
Chris Young
Chris Young Måned siden
I'm not a huge F1 fan but I had no idea that there were regulations about livery. I'm more accustomed to in the car in NASCAR where as stated in the video they change their color scheme often on a race by race basis. I think the F1 rules on livery just confirm my long-held opinion that the F1 governing body is a bunch of snobbish control freaks. When F1 came to Indianapolis, one of the reasons it failed was that they are in no way as fan friendly as NASCAR or IndyCar. Changing deliveries keeps it interesting for the fans.
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Måned siden
How about the 95 Le Mans Winning livery
wrecked funtimefoxy
wrecked funtimefoxy Måned siden
honestly isnt mclaren cool? they make some interesting cars but f1s with sport car liverys? fabulous even for americans this is beautiful
Bob Måned siden
I don't think there should be a rule enforcing a special livery, but rather the rules on them being relaxed
Bawxxy Måned siden
Haas running stars and stripes? Nah flags are not allowed ... ESPECIALLY on Haas..es ... nobody would ever do that... But yes special one time liveries would be really fun to see
Filip Frissen
Filip Frissen Måned siden
I vote one off rulr
TheJokerit19 Måned siden
I like the Japan-themed livery at 3:27. My outright favorite special livery in real life is RB's 2005 Monaco GP ROTS promotional one.
FormulaFish15 Måned siden
And there is Ron Dennis once again not caring about the team, other than wanting to look forward. Sometimes you do shave to look backwards and remember the past.
Travis Godfree
Travis Godfree Måned siden
I absolutely love that livery! On any car tbh lol
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