F1’s latest flexi-wing controversy and why it’s so hard to police 

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Flexi-wings are back on the F1 agenda following comments made by Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton about ‘bendy wings’ on Red Bull’s 2021 car. In this video we explain exactly what the latest row is about, how the FIA plans to clamp down on any wrongdoing, and why it’s so hard for the authorities to ever eradicate this issue from F1 entirely


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19. mai. 2021





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nick 450
nick 450 Dag siden
What's the point of not allowing flexible bodywork. every team is capable of designing good flexi stuff that won't break. and its obviously a limiting factor for teams because they will build stuff right to the limit of the rules, and it will reduce dirty air as wings can flex out of the way. the juice just isn't worth the squeezing. best if the rule is removed or tests for just structural soundness are done.
mobilemarshall 2 dager siden
Oh, you want to use cool technology and engineering to get an advantage? hell no, can't have that
Lou Wie
Lou Wie 3 dager siden
The FIA will ignore the "flexing" of the rules simply because it serves a purpose of not seeing the Mercs will every race like they have for the past 6 years. Is it outside the rules? Of course it is, you can see the evidence on youtube. Are they prepared to do anything about it? No way. F1 has become a joke with crap like hybrid, DRS, huge cars, big weight increases etc.
john sangers
john sangers 6 dager siden
Funny how the Merc rear wing was flexing as much as the RB wing in Baku....
james hamilton
james hamilton 8 dager siden
Lewis complains about Red Bull flexy wings. Red Bull stiffen wings and win the next 2 races?
Finn Edwards
Finn Edwards 9 dager siden
Is there actually any reason for banning this it’s not a safety hazard it doesn’t give an unfair advantage to red bull it would be easy for other teams to make them as some already have it’s literally the fia just trying to hinder progress
Nikhil 11 dager siden
Lewis Hamilton: I have been waiting to have a hard fight for the World Championship Also Lewis Hamilton: I don't like how competitive Red Bull's car is can someone check their bendy rear wing?
Kevin J. Dildonik
Kevin J. Dildonik 11 dager siden
Fun twist: If you haven't heard, astute observers have noticed Mercedes front wing flexes more than Red Bull's. Red Bull were previously busted by the FIA for a flexible front wing, so they're reticent to push the boundary there. Merc and Red Bull would basically both have to re-engineer their cars if either one gets busted, they both know it, and this is all a PR game.
peter brinkworth
peter brinkworth 12 dager siden
Surely you can just put them in a wind tunnel to test.
mart f
mart f 13 dager siden
Its not only the rear wing that drops down, its the entire rear end that drops due to the higher and less stiff suspensions that gives all cars ( except Mercedes ) a bigger angle of attack on the floor. Is there any rules that limits to how much a suspension can travel from up to down? And is there a rule that limits the stiffness of suspensions? Is there a rule that limits the angle of the floor? Except for Mercedes, all teams have raised the back side of the floor by half an inch " more or less " , and gave the rear suspension a bigger " up-down travel " by half an inch " more or less ". So... At 300kmph, all cars have the same rear end height from the road, but at rest, the mercedes are lower .
Omar Hernandez
Omar Hernandez 15 dager siden
Con-trov-er-see. I understand it’s an accent but really
H3OP 15 dager siden
They should look on mercedes front wing
Jon Conti
Jon Conti 15 dager siden
Imagine if there was no FIA and no limit to the money these teams could spend. We’d have flying cars that never need refueled.
Ruud Gerritsen
Ruud Gerritsen 15 dager siden
It's all Red Bull's own fault. If Max would just let Lewis drive in front of him, no one would have even noticed.
A R 15 dager siden
Where in the rules does it say it must be linear and can't flex more a higher loads? Just gave a predefined measurement and test and said nothing about how it behaves beyond that load.
Prich038 16 dager siden
F1 is about innovation, yet innovation keeps getting banned...
A R 16 dager siden
So FIA says DAS is legal all season long for mercedes. others want to do the same and it's illegal but not till next season Flexible wings, redbull passes test,but also have to pass a stricter test mid season, but Mercedes front wing is fine
Ian 16 dager siden
The FIA is owned by Mercedes apparently
yes no
yes no 16 dager siden
F.I.A "sees flex wings, this is brilliant realizes its Redbull wait that's illegal"
Dakkan 17 dager siden
As soon as Mercedes bring something up FIA already on the case making changes
Mark Mmm
Mark Mmm 17 dager siden
Why even bother having different cars. Just make them all the same and give them to teams to drive and not to modify. I know why, it makes for some great innovation and progress. If you make a test to pass and it does then it is job done.
bhag meister
bhag meister 18 dager siden
Speaking of F1 regulations, can they enforce proper alignment of the cars at the start? Pretty soon, Max will be able to just point his parked car at the person next to him to cut him off denying a fair run before the first turn. As for excessive wing flex, instrument then send live telemetry to the officials during the race……
Flowboat 19 dager siden
remember when f1 innovations were about not being illegal rather than being allowed
PsychedeliCon 20 dager siden
Honestly, all teams but Merc should pull out of this now to make a statement. Merc profited from the DAS last year and it was declared illegal while they were still allowed to use it all year... even if the RB Rear Wing isnt strictly legal, at best they should have to pay a fee and have to revert to a more rule compliant wing for the new car in 2022. Merc can't just dictate the whole game like this and threaten other teams with legal action outside the FIA circle ... International Court of Appeals is taking it too far.
sscott _
sscott _ 20 dager siden
I think they should tear all the cars apart and see who is legal... I'm looking at you Mercedes.....
Pdoubleyou 21 dag siden
Given that the Rear wing supports are visually very similar, and Mercs design doesnt flex and materials used are also similar it looks like RBR must have introduced the flex by design not accident. I'm pleased the FIA finally got the message but giving the teams so long to comply really smacks of a ploy to bring racing closer. I look forward to seeing the lap times when ALL rear wings remain in spec for Qually and Races.
laurens b
laurens b 21 dag siden
Imagine having a Merc where the front wing drops 4-5 cm on the straights and going to the FIA for a slightly flexible rear wing that actually passed all of the tests. Imagine actually making the FIA change it's rules so the Redbull, even though essentially legal, so it IS illegal. Even though several other teams will be set back because of this change... Let's hope the FIA will investigate the front wing of Mercedes and act accordingly.
Michael Fisher
Michael Fisher 21 dag siden
Mercedes was allowed to keep the DAS all last year but when Mercedes cries about 4 other teams they all have to stop using their stuff immediately
kazkas as
kazkas as 22 dager siden
FIA with TODT....it is not FIA...is it circus
Tejas Naik
Tejas Naik 22 dager siden
Merc- RB's rear wing is flexing and it should be banned. Also Merc- DAS quitely leaves the inspection room.
topgundoc01 22 dager siden
I prefer to watch over and over F1 races from the late 70"s, early 80's. Gorgeous cars, adult drivers, less rules, no investigation every time a car crosses a line or a curb. These days, they would disqualify Gilles Villeneuve and René Arnoux for their epic French Grand Prix battle. And neither one of them squealed like babies on the radio (no radios in these days) when he was aggressively passed. After the race, they were two adult men who respected one another and enjoyed their battle. And the public enjoyed their battle. Races were won by racing on the track, not through artificially imposed strategies in the pits. What a buzzkill these days when normal racing is "under investigation by the stewarts".
Machinery And Tools
Machinery And Tools 23 dager siden
Just leave it!!!
Pianta 23 dager siden
So the Redbull can keep up and overtake the Mercedes, let’s look very closely at anything that might benefit them and take it away so Mercedes can stay on top, that is the impression im getting from the FIA right now
NoWhere 23 dager siden
Why were rules about flexible body parts banned in the first place. You could argue that it made the cars too fast on the straights, but we have DRS now, which can add 20kmph+ onto the top speed down the straights. Formula 1 wants to be exciting, but it prevents so much potentially revolutionary ideas from being used for reasons they don't even properly explain. Honestly, the FIA acts like it knows everything, and runs on an agenda that it created and doesn't make sense to anyone except for themselves. It's been like that from the start, but it's gotten ridiculous over the last 20 years, and the sport has slowly been getting less enjoyable since then.
Matt Pascoe
Matt Pascoe 23 dager siden
Let's face it and alot of f1 fans will not agree with my opinion but this year rule changes were basically enforced to hinder Mercedes and help redbull. The Fia wanted to create a season where redbull will challenge Mercedes
Matt Pascoe
Matt Pascoe 23 dager siden
Redbull and Christian horner have got their wishes but Mercedes will always be one step ahead
Christopher Fuller
Christopher Fuller 23 dager siden
Merc front wing?
drGonzo 23 dager siden
Controversies are what keep this sport alive
Ferrari Scuderia
Ferrari Scuderia 23 dager siden
I think F1 lawyers earn more than anyone else in the business.
Reynaldo Sudithio
Reynaldo Sudithio 24 dager siden
F.I.A Fucking Insane Association.
Morfidus Mor
Morfidus Mor 24 dager siden
There is software existing which you can use to develop these flexiable wings we developed thse 20 years ago here in the UK for other F1 teams. It looks like Redbull have caught up..
Specter Makoto
Specter Makoto 24 dager siden
if they ban that wing i am no longer watching this awful sport 7 years 7 years come on man i remember watching f1 during 2005-2012 and it was awsome now it is mercedes crying to fia and fia giving all advantage to mercedes while mercedes spends almost 500 million dollars per year to win this is bs
Charles Clemens
Charles Clemens 24 dager siden
why does the flex matter? I would think it was safety but why?
Lukas Dolk
Lukas Dolk 24 dager siden
Would be fun if Ferrari pulled the same dirty move as RB did to them regarding to the Ferrari engine XD.
Number One
Number One 24 dager siden
Merc says it's giving 0.6 gain to Redbull, Ferrari & others that have flexi wings.
Forza Martini
Forza Martini 24 dager siden
Mercedes front wings also flex, they’re own cry for tighter regulations testing, would show they themselves are bending the rules quite literally
Shockwave 24 dager siden
Looking at on board footage from Spain, Alpine's rear wing is flexing just as much, if not more, than Red Bull's. If anything negative comes of this to Red Bull, expect it to also happen to Alpine.
jeffrey maclean
jeffrey maclean 24 dager siden
Remove all the wings and driver aids ,engines maps ,suspension setting changes . Just the bare car and go RACING .
Immanuel Aya
Immanuel Aya 24 dager siden
So redbull cant have a slightly bendy wing. But Mercedes can have DAS for an entire season? Proof Lewis is no GOAT.
Eoghan Chappell
Eoghan Chappell 24 dager siden
why is this illegal? why not just let everyone do it?
MeFakeScientist 25 dager siden
People seem to be missing the difference between passing a test and being legal. The FIA rules state that flexible aero bodywork is illegal. The test is designed to allow them to try to spot any flexing not as an arbiter of the rules, the rules also reserve the right to alter those tests if, for example, somebody comes up with a way around them. This is similar to the Ferrari engine/fuel flow meter from a few years ago. Ferrari had a way of increasing fuel flow in their engine to a level above the maximum in the rules when used during the race, but during testing the flow meter appeared to operate as normal. Ferrari were passing the test but what they were doing was still illegal and they were 'punished' for it by the FIA (remember when everyone said they were Ferrari International Assistance!). The same thing applies here, Red Bull and other teams doing this are passing the specific load tests but flexible aero is illegal, they have simply got around the current tests. This doesn't make the parts 'legal' it simply makes them test compliant which is different, which is set out in the rules. The tests don't guarantee legality they simply inform the enforcement. The reason DAS wasn't banned is because it was a genuine loophole in the ruleset rather than a work around or a testing fudge. It was banned post season on cost grounds because of the new F1 efficiency drive. I know everyone likes to bash Merc and Hamilton because they are the current bad guys for winning everything but I've been following F1 a long time and it's hilarious to watch the fan pivots regards the FIA. The FIA love Ferrari! The FIA love Red Bull! The FIA hate Red Bull! The FIA love Ferrari again! The FIA hate Ferrari! The FIA love Mercedes! The FIA hate Mercedes! The FIA love Red Bull! People just hate it when teams / drivers win all the time, people hated Schumacher at the time, people hated Vettel and now people hate Hamilton. If Max goes on a 4 title streak people will suddenly hate him. I don't really care who wins, I just want to see some good racing but I'm sure that I'll be accused of pouring Red Bull down the sink infront of my lifesize Hamilton and Toto cut outs (Valterri has to watch from outside).
Brendon Noble
Brendon Noble 25 dager siden
RB are happy to let people crutinise the rear wing as long as the don´t investigate the tricks with the motor and suspension. Worst to best motor in 2 years?
OwO What Is This
OwO What Is This 25 dager siden
to the merc fans crying, good luck enforcing that. because teams will get around static testing as they always do. engineers are paid to find gray areas.
Bonesie1985 25 dager siden
it's ridiculous really. The wings of all the teams have been tested and have been found to be compliant to the rules. You can't just change the test mid-season because some teams found a way to pass the test, but be a little more flexible at high speeds. Last season when Mercedes introduced DAS the FIA ruled it to be legal and Mercedes were allowed to use DAS all season until it was banned this season. How is this any different? The teams engineered something and found a loophole. Why are they now punished mid-season, whilst Mercedes wasn't?! Let them use it this season, change the rules for next season and you're done. It's the more fair way go. It also doesn't kill the championship, keeping the cars more competitve compared to other cars. Nobody likes to see Mercedes dominate 7 years in a row with a car that is so fast, my 4 year old cousin could win the F1 championship driing it...
DJ Master K
DJ Master K 25 dager siden
Good ol' Sir-Cry-A-Lot doing what he does best and that's crying! If the FIA was to test the RB then they should also check the Mercedes as they have alot of flexible parts. What's good for one is good for all!
Pedro Olv
Pedro Olv 25 dager siden
Dude, you are fat. No point in commenting about successful people
wilco bruggeman
wilco bruggeman 25 dager siden
and what about the frontwings, it is'nt mentioned in this video!
Saor 25 dager siden
What so redbulls bendy wing is bad and Mercedes tracking altering system isn't?
Sa yan
Sa yan 25 dager siden
Uper edge of the front wing of the Mercedes is flexing back and its obvious to naked eye. Why is no body talking about this?
Josh 26 dager siden
The difference between this and the das is that das was within the rules, so the rules were changed. In this case the rules are staying the same but the tests are changing, if the teams are within the rules these extra tests make no difference
kitko33 26 dager siden
Mercedes finds a loophole. FIA -> let's legalize it ex post facto. Everybody else finds a loophole. FIA -> let's declare it illegal.
?? 26 dager siden
So mercedes got away with the DAS system and Racing point got away with copying an entire car but red bull can't have a slightly more flexible rear wing?
Mark L
Mark L 26 dager siden
Huh? Could the high rake and subsequent suspension squatting under load be a possible culprit?
Dave Smulders
Dave Smulders 26 dager siden
Red Bull just takes a stiffer wing to Baku, then just before qualification needs to file a complaint about the Mercedes front wing which bends more than any F1 car part ever. Mercedes has got some nerves, after being allowed to use an illegal DAS system for a full year.... and they got away with making the pink copy of their car.
Dan Woods
Dan Woods 26 dager siden
I’m hoping Hamilton gets plenty of time behind Verstappen to observe his rear wing.
prithvi das
prithvi das 26 dager siden
Can anyone explain to me why comments made in a press conference and not a requested rules clarification or protest have lead to not only an investigation but a change in FIA testing procedures which can cause the teams running the design to lose half a million dollars of the allowed cost cap The FIA chose not investigate ferrari in 2019 until there was a protest which never came and only redbull's use of regulation clarifications led to them actually getting caught It wasn't until the DAS system was protested by redbull when it was deemed legal Or Renault using brake bias But suddenly the FIA have investigated into an issue with a part which their own tests have cleared for the teams. Based on comments in a presser.
Jan Adriaan
Jan Adriaan 26 dager siden
I love how DAS was allowed for an entire year after it was revealed but Mercedes want the flexi wing gone in less than two races...
Demon Highwayman
Demon Highwayman 26 dager siden
Too many rules in F1, Clarkson was right all those years ago.
Frans Welthagen
Frans Welthagen 26 dager siden
Now its Mercedes' turn to run to the stewards after every race because they know Red Bull will beat them...
C Eelman
C Eelman 26 dager siden
Problem with a flexi wing is that tyres will be worn out more quickly. So if there is an advantage that will only be for short period. Looking at the pace of Hamilton according to Verstappen it was very clear to see that Mercedes was much better. That was for both Hamilton and Bottas. So why a protest. Monaco and Baku not the tracks for Mercedes so get a good result and take the advantages on the tracks that suites Mercedes..
John Deardon
John Deardon 26 dager siden
Too much Fuel flow-Ferrari (stopped). Result slower than Molasses. Bendy wings Red Bull (and Ferrari?,) Not banned yet, but would have straight line penalty. Adaptive steering, Mercedes (banned). Adaptive suspension, Williams (banned). Fan suction to road (Cunningham?) Banned. Blown rear wing (Banned). Six wheeled Tyrell (Banned). Any more anyone can think of?
Fluffhead 26 dager siden
Rule is unclear. FIA testing in inadequate for the rule that they are now trying to enforce. Red Bull has passed all inspections. Certain parts need to flex a bit, or else the would break. Toto is instigating this because there is actually a fight for the championship this year. Teams get a few weeks to comply with the new wing standards, but Mercedes gets the whole season and offseason to replace their DAS system. LOL
ZE_GERMAN 27 dager siden
Well when you demand a Cap, they can only afford half the carbon fiber
Ewout van Megchelen
Ewout van Megchelen 27 dager siden
Question: If Red Bull's rear-wing does indeed flex so much, that it reduces drag enough to have advantage, should that not also mean that a following car (Hammilton) would have less dirty air? Obviously, that would mean that Max' (or Checo's) advantage would be partly neutralized in the situation that a competitor is in close pursuit. I just wonder.
Dalton 27 dager siden
It's easy to monitor flex in a material. Simply just integrate a load cell into the body work under question. Load cell theory found by googling Wheatstone bridge. Therfore, this can be effectively policed in realtime
Michael Linner
Michael Linner 27 dager siden
Wait a second, wasn't Red Bull leading the outrage at Ferrari's "controlled oil leak" fiasco a short time back? It looks like every team gives the rules a push if they think they can get away with it.
Johan Ström
Johan Ström 27 dager siden
I feel one really critical thing is missing from this video: WHY is passively deforming bodywork (and presumably other structural parts) forbidden? In modern engineering, using the entire range of plastic deformation in materials, especially non-linear responses of composite materials is a very important design consideration. Making this rule in the first place would be similar to saying engine blocks must be made out of only cast iron, or bodywork can only be made out of 1mm steel sheet - it completely removes the possibility of finding performance increases in this field. It can't even be about the money anymore. In the past there was a sense in restricting some of the more esoteric possibilities for performance increases with the justification that richer teams can afford the disproportionate engineering and research costs of these fields, but now with the hard budget limitation that argument goes away. In physical reality all structures, of all materials deform under all loads. The planet itself deforms when a mosquito lands on it - everything is about magnitude. By defining rules and tests that set the acceptable limits of flexibility but then saying "oh we might also just increase the test load if we want to", the FIA can selectively fail any car at will. It doesn't make any sense to me.
Chris Rowland
Chris Rowland 27 dager siden
There's flexing and there's move on command. The on board footage shows the main plane moving almost on command, the side elements of the wing don't move going down the straights. There is something wrong there. Yes it did pass the stress tests but was the car moving , no don't forget the Mercedes D,A,S passed the tests. If it is allowed then maybe Mercedes should be allowed back as it to passed the tests
Rick Brandt
Rick Brandt 27 dager siden
if your looking at the obvious, that is not where the flexing is helpful
Krystian Smaglijenko
Krystian Smaglijenko 27 dager siden
I dont understand one thing. Why Mercedes have a problem about this when they can use flexible wing too?
Paul Mertens
Paul Mertens 27 dager siden
So what's the rule banning it? Rule 3.8b (shown at 4.14) seems incomplete because clearly there's a lot of parts on the cars, influencing aerodynamic performance, that are flexing and thus have 'some degree of freedom'.
Dutch Gerbie
Dutch Gerbie 28 dager siden
MER: We are exiting F1. FIA: Please please please, don't do that... MER: Ok, will stay, IF you deliver another championship to us. FIA: Ok, thanks, that's a deal! FIA: So what do we have to do? MER: Well, start by enforcing track limits for all teams but MER FIA: Ok, what else? MER: We'll let you know when we've seen the other teams performance a couple of races in... FIA: Ok, fine, just let us know... MER: Hey, do you remember our deal? Ban RBR's wings, they are good. FIA: Sure...
Pedro Olv
Pedro Olv 25 dager siden
@Dutch Gerbie grown ass man is an English expression. Is like saying "full grown man" You should learn basic English before victimizing yourself.
Dutch Gerbie
Dutch Gerbie 25 dager siden
@Pedro Olv Well using the "ass" word is the childish behavior, regardless of disagreement on the content of my or your contribution.
Pedro Olv
Pedro Olv 25 dager siden
@Dutch Gerbie not offending you, just stating you are acting like a child and defending cheaters Also, the wing just has been deemed illegal by the FIA, keep crying
Dutch Gerbie
Dutch Gerbie 25 dager siden
@Pedro Olv I can't believe a grown up man needs childisch insults to make a point.
Pedro Olv
Pedro Olv 25 dager siden
I can't believe a grown ass man is writing comments like this
WarBirdGhost 28 dager siden
Ok, we can't copy it, so we ban it.
Andries Du Preez
Andries Du Preez 28 dager siden
Just shows you how a champion controls what can happen in this sport We have seen rivalries right through out F1 history and saw how the FIA side with the champions Lewis cries and the FIA is there with a hanky don’t worry we wil sort them out for you champ.
Antonio Ragazze
Antonio Ragazze 28 dager siden
Die F1 ist doch sowiso viel zu überregelementiert. warum muss man jeden Mist vorschreiben? Wo bleibt da die innovation Es soll doch gerade in der F1 neues ausprobiert werden. Und wenn etwas funktioniert können es die Andern ja nachbauen. Früher war die F1 viel innovatiever. heute ist ein F1 langsamer als der Porsche 919. Der umrundet die Nordschleife in 5.20 das schafft kein F1. Und in Spa ist er über eine Sekunde schneller als Hamilton im Mercedes. Und das soll die Königsklasse sein?
freshdotholla 28 dager siden
throw away the rule book/unless its a safety issue it shouldn’t matter, let the best design win
Pascal 28 dager siden
It’s like the vag dieselgate… not noticeable during fia tests
Toms Tech
Toms Tech 28 dager siden
2025: FIA gives everyone the same car and teams are not allowed to modify or adjust them.
Som Guy
Som Guy 28 dager siden
FIA can 'arbitrarily' increase the load test by 50%? Sounds fair - based on what - Lewis's sour grapes.
Graeham Hidden
Graeham Hidden 28 dager siden
Redbull have had the same wings in every race this season and poor Lewis has finally seen it two races in a row
Michael 28 dager siden
Last season: Lewis pulls steering wheel to change camber of the front wheels. Season before that: Lewis puts hand on airduct to change airflow. Wins both championships. This season: Lewis has competition - fLeXiBLE wInGs!!
Barbara Gouin
Barbara Gouin 28 dager siden
What about the DAS they had last year/ that was deemed illegal but where allowed to keep it
Pedro Olv
Pedro Olv 25 dager siden
Das was developed with FIA and wasn't illegal. It was banned because of Red Bull whining. They couldn't develop a similar system in time and it would be too expensive for other teams. Bendy body parts are illegal since forever
John 28 dager siden
FIA are so biased it's filthy.
Travis Sleep
Travis Sleep 29 dager siden
Show us the race footage. Oh. You never do. Hmmm
Zoran Petrović - Šane
When Mercedes build something that is "innovation"! When opponents build something, that is - illegal!!!!
Zoran Petrović - Šane
@Pedro Olv debunk!???? xaxaxa i do not waste time on you
Pedro Olv
Pedro Olv 25 dager siden
@Zoran Petrović - Šane why? Debunk my claims like I debunked yours so
Zoran Petrović - Šane
@Pedro Olv Don't comment then!
Pedro Olv
Pedro Olv 25 dager siden
Casuals shouldn't be allowed to comment
Zoran Petrović - Šane
"FIA, its Toto. We only have a 10% faster car, we need LUCKYLTON to have at least 20% faster car to win a championship" FIA: "Say no more, we will fuck up Red Bulls construction!""
Obbliteration 29 dager siden
Why do they try to police every single thing?
An idiot in a racing car
I think they should embrace that rather than forbid it
Rob Voncken
Rob Voncken 29 dager siden
They test the wings to a point, if they do not bend they are ok...Red bulls bend after that....FIA: thats not legal .......... WHAT............ you tested them morons
Dave Spain
Dave Spain 29 dager siden
Great show thanks
Andrés Alva
Andrés Alva 29 dager siden
Syritis 29 dager siden
Lewis Hamilton complaining? no, that never happens...... XD
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