Nürburgring Endurance Series 2021 - Round 3 (NLS) 

Ganger 32 k
99% 838 6

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Oldskool Raver
Oldskool Raver Måned siden
Great entry list and great race. The Nordschleife never disappoints. For people who think the Nordschleife is too dangerous or too narrow to race , I recommend you to find another hobby instead of motorsports. Jeez
Corbin 05
Corbin 05 Måned siden
22:28 race start
DEADWARE Måned siden
You're beautiful. Thanks bro!
robertini Måned siden
Guys, where the hell is the starting list? At least provide some information before race start. Or am I completely blind?
Steve McVay
Steve McVay Måned siden
Does anyone know if Randy Pobst was in this race at all??? I’ve been looking and just can’t seem to find if he was in it or not!
JayBee Santos
JayBee Santos Måned siden
nope, checked his ig, he was somewhere else
Steve McVay
Steve McVay Måned siden
3 hours in with the heli following the white and blue BTW was the best part or at least my favorite part in the entire race!!!
Randy Swiger
Randy Swiger Måned siden
well the way the live chat looked, this track will be closed soon, all the Europeans want 100 yards of runoff around every corner. Its a way for people to feel better about themselves
Oldskool Raver
Oldskool Raver Måned siden
Haha the Nordschleife will never be closed. If they would try to change the Nordschleife, people who are regulars here would never allow it, let alone the people living in the neighborhood.
AKKSI Måned siden
That H&R ad at 1:39:00, Germans make some good advertisements!
Luke Sturch
Luke Sturch Måned siden
Vid 17 of asking for super gt
Mitchell-Wallis Force
They lost the rights to Motorsport.tv
Jeremy J.
Jeremy J. Måned siden
Watching this stream finally killed my AMD FX-3250 for good. Reliable service since 2010 or so, but this was a Criticality accident turned reactor meltdown in all cores. She was a Big Mama, hot and T H I C C and hella expensive to run, but she was MY CPU... F in chat and pour out a Forty tonight for my Old Lady "FoXy"! I can see you frolicking through the Windows XP meadows with all your CPU friends... Rest easy, breathe freely now, FoXy. You did Daddy proud. Shhhh... no more dust now, only dreams. *sobs silently
Jeremy J.
Jeremy J. Måned siden
@Joe CHAHINE Overheating issues on a 10+ year old CPU that already went on for at least half a year. Streaming 1080p 60fps was enough to trigger the overheat protection auto-off over the course of about half a minute. Until now, I could manage it with the automatic protection, a different fan / cooling fin unit and keeping everything clean. But now something really, terminally broke and that's all she wrote.
Joe CHAHINE Måned siden
Why would a cpu fail F
Howard B
Howard B Måned siden
Did you ever clean and put new thermal paste on it????
Mitchell-Wallis Force
Blue Fire Skull
Blue Fire Skull Måned siden
Finished watching! Good luck in best sunday futures! 👋
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