How F1 cars got so heavy and why it's only getting worse 

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When the 2022 F1 season kicks off the cars on the grid will be 99kg heavier than the first cars of the hybrid era were in 2014. In this video Scott Mitchell explains that incredible rise in weight, especially given how much heavier the 2014 cars were than the V10 and V8-era cars that came before them. We also look at how the extra weight has caused problems for F1, and why there is little sign of the trend being reversed any time soon.


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1. juni. 2021





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Mihails Akulenkovs
We desparately need a racing series that would directly compete with F1 in Europe.
Orçun Eceyurt
Orçun Eceyurt 15 timer siden
They are becoming unsuitable even for the newest tracks. Let alone Monaco, Barcelona, etc. And I'm afraid it is gonna get worse. Maybe we are going to complain that there are just a few overtaking in Belgium or Canada in the future.
Brian Bloomfoeld
Brian Bloomfoeld 15 timer siden
A 2005 size F1 car with normally aspirated V6 hybrid technology. Would be great to watch in 2022. Also safety for the driver.
alphatrion100 15 timer siden
All cars are heavier. Your family hatchback is heavier than the one your dad used to have
emir 19 timer siden
Heavier and safer with each year but somehow also faster?
pEW pEW 21 time siden
Heavy Cars means that Engineers have to find new and ingenuitive ways of improving the cars, the engineers are told the car has to be heavier to race so they must figure out which components could be added that would be the most efficient use of that weight. I think from a constructors PoV heavier cars makes F1 far more technically interesting.
fly fin
fly fin Dag siden
finally got explanation of why these tyres acts like bad springs
zafosinferno888 Dag siden
F1 2025 regulations will mandate runflat tyres I guarantee it
Will DiRisio
Will DiRisio Dag siden
We should just go back to V8s or V10s and scrap a lot of rules allowing them to really make the fastest cars ever. Currently, they’re making the fastest cars allowed by the rules. I think that’s BS
apenas um nome de canal
They are just heavier than a Open Corsa now
Danny Dag siden
I do wish cars were a little shorter and skinnier though.
Danny Dag siden
Tbh I don’t think I mind. As long as race leaders aren’t having random tyre blowouts 5 laps before the end of the race I’m fine with it. The cars are the coolest looking cars to date and I’d rather not see a lot change.
Joe Bee
Joe Bee Dag siden
Once you mentioned the halo I forgot how ugly it is. You really don't notice after a while but it looks so much better without it.
cometor1 Dag siden
Imo the new and longer cars look much better.
jockellis Dag siden
How much did Jim Clark’s first 3-liter world championship Lotus weigh?
Rafael Marques
Rafael Marques Dag siden
Being big is prettier to be honest but heavier isn’t nice
Gavi Milun
Gavi Milun 2 dager siden
I think the best thing to do would be to offer two options (kind of like the tyre war days but better). Basically, in the next rules overhaul, we don’t have minimum weight, minimum length, minimum width, etc… we say the weight must be between, say: 650-750 Kgs. The width, length, and all other factors are also between V10 era and Hybrid era. Each car can choose if it would like a hybrid or purely naturally aspirated engine. All cars must still have the same shape however, so we wont lose any of the formula 1 iconic shape. I think that would be incredible to see, give the engineers a real battle ground and we will get a crazy assortment of different types of cars all with so many different combinations as a-posed to the similar run of the mill F1 cars we see today (as cool as they are, and I still love these fat ones we have now). Anyways thanks for reading my rant
mcduvall2000 2 dager siden
I think it's a shame they are getting so much heavier.
Willy S.
Willy S. 2 dager siden
I don`t understand the minimum driver weight of 80 kg? Does that mean drivers that weigh less can`t drive in F1?
Greg Marshall
Greg Marshall 2 dager siden
I want to see them smaller and lighter again....they just look so much better on TV, and if Liberty Media is wanting to grow the fan base then maybe they should pay attention to this. Those older cars just look faster, even though they're not, that's what fans want to watch. Perhaps there is a trade off somewhere in the future, or maybe F1 just decides that hybrid is not what they want and looks for other more eco friendly options such as 2 strokes and synthetic fuels etc.
M. Jackson
M. Jackson 2 dager siden
Like honestly, I really want to know... Why can't they offset the weight gain by reducing the size of the cars??? They're already oversized boats and tracks are struggling to contain them now.
JP dJ 3 dager siden
Wasn't F1 minimum weight 500kg, originally?
Zoo 3 dager siden
mobilemarshall 3 dager siden
The technology is interesting but it's not what I really want in F1 racing.
john sailor
john sailor 3 dager siden
Axe the hybrid and go back to a naturally aspirated v8.... it will make a world of difference
Herculean 3 dager siden
Some people better be reflecting when a car is lighter than them
Berrantero matador de nidalee
Pireli, love this video of excuses...
Driving Matter
Driving Matter 3 dager siden
The high weight is just retarded and resembles the number of rules that need to be re-thought. Further focussing on renewable fuels instead of (just) hybrid drivelines could benefit the real world.
Hoverbike 3 dager siden
Weight isn't all bad... While it hurts cornering speed, it does increase cornering stability, making them safer. The increased weight can be regulated to go towards side protection that could've saved Antoine. And finally, it would decrease the benefit of using exotic, super expensive materials, do rather than making the car lighter, simply making the car better balanced, or even unbalanced, if so desired, as more weight will be free to be moved where it is appreciated, while smaller teams can disregard the minor gains, in favour of putting their budget towards more important upgrade packages. Let's wait and see what this all does for the racing. I'd love to see what these new standardised chassi and increased weight will do for the quality of spectating the sport. A few kmph in the corners are nothing if we get way more overtaking, and less unstable cars, leading to fewer DNFs and more hard racing.
James Stewart
James Stewart 4 dager siden
Ross brawn , are you listening??
Jonas Plett
Jonas Plett 4 dager siden
Me: *a Canadian hearing people use the metric system* Also me: “signature look of superiority”
The Knof
The Knof 4 dager siden
smaller cars would open up for more and narrower tracks as well..
CJ Alexander
CJ Alexander 4 dager siden
I'd love to see what kind of a lap the current aero kit would produce on an older V-10 with the shorter wheelbase, or see how the 2004 V-10 would do in the current car. Either way, I'd bet the lap times would be lower. It is interesting that between 2009 and 2022, the weight will have increased by 180 kilos, or roughly 80% the weight of a dry (without fluids) v-10 engine.
Seb 5 dager siden
At least drivers aren't getting fatter, right?
James Galam
James Galam 5 dager siden
John Camara
John Camara 5 dager siden
Design Bloat. Haven't watched F1 since 2013. Had the pleasure of seeing the last of the V8's at COTA. F1 is complete shit.
Esper 5 dager siden
I miss the smaller, nimbler F1 we saw in the 90's/early 2000.
Malcolm Meddings
Malcolm Meddings 6 dager siden
I can understand the regulations around safety, but why are there so many other technical rules and regulations in F1? Why not just let the manufacturers have a free hand within a simple capacity limit as of old? If the current mind-set had prevailed in the past we would have seen little progress in design as exemplified by the Mercedes W196, Cooper and Lotus mid engined cars, the Renault turbo cars and so on. Just let the engineers get on with the job of making the best cars they can. Oh - and while we are at it, make the cars suit the circuits, not the circuits suit the cars!
Robby Adams
Robby Adams 6 dager siden
Lighter is more expensive, its making the sport cost efficient and as carbon neutral as possible
Jay Matsen
Jay Matsen 6 dager siden
Lack of innovation, heavy lumps = snore fest…
Alain Duchesne
Alain Duchesne 6 dager siden
Get rid of wheel covers 🤮
sasuke uchiha
sasuke uchiha 6 dager siden
remove the electric motor
Joey C
Joey C 7 dager siden
So good Alonso ran that Renault last season. Excellent contrast to the current cars and it looks ace still. Losing some weight would be good but it is another challenge for the teams to compete with and it extends the braking zones so it can charge the systems and we saw what a sprint race looks like and it was kind of exciting so they can still be fun to watch. Agile would be nicer. Even the 2009 cars look like dinky toys.
Frank 7 dager siden
Also, I'll bet they could use less fuel if the car's weighed 650kg, and they allowed refuelling again. You'd only have to fuel up once to save a lot of weight.
Frank 7 dager siden
FIA and F1 to the fans - Fuck you guys! You don't like it? We're making money anyway, and YOU don't matter!
zerokool 7 dager siden
They're definitely need to go to four wheels up front to help on cornering
Pum Pum
Pum Pum 7 dager siden
I don't agree on your statement that the quality of racing is inversely proportional to car weight. The Australian Supercars Championship features cars weighing 1400Kg, yet the races are exciting to watch.
Adam Maćkowiak
Adam Maćkowiak 7 dager siden
These new cars are way too long. From small and light cars they changed into hybrid longboards.
Free Rap Beats
Free Rap Beats 8 dager siden
in 10 years the f1 cars will weigh 1100kg and we will look back to the good old times when they weighed less than 1000kg. lol
Matthew Amey
Matthew Amey 8 dager siden
Smaller lighter faster 👌
Tejas Naik
Tejas Naik 8 dager siden
With the world shifting over to greener fuels and efficiency in fuel consumption, I think FIA's objective runs completely in opposite direction.
Ambergris 8 dager siden
Can we remove the turbos? Wouldn't improve fuel economy, but combined with a stronger hybrid system, it could help with lightness. And noise 😋
SufferingAddict 8 dager siden
In a way I can understand that for cost reasons they try to limit the amount of R&D that goes into weight savings, but on the other hand we're not gonna see any improvement if we limit R&D in that area. And I would say weight savings are a massive issue for road cars as well, so shouldn't it be encouraged to put money into weight-saving efforts?
Corsair Riker
Corsair Riker 9 dager siden
The limos they are driving now are ridiculous. The cars are getting too long for some tracks. With the weight this means the racing is just not the same.
Therrydicule 9 dager siden
The old MG-Lola EX257 was 675 kg and that was an endurance car racing like 13 or 14 years ago... 900 kg is Le Mans P1 territory to me. Batteries are so heavy.
Royalty Allen
Royalty Allen 9 dager siden
Can some translate in FREEDOM units?
Scott Meredith
Scott Meredith 9 dager siden
Easy solution, ditch the battery bullshit and bring back V10's
Dennis “Birche” Björkqvist
I always hated the 2017 changes. it only gave us some new track records, but what that, if racing is not there. 2017-2021 cars are no racecars only hotlapcars. I also like the small and light cars from the 2000 s. I remember how surprised I was when so Sauber C20 in real life, it was so small and cool in that way.
Free Rap Beats
Free Rap Beats 8 dager siden
exactly. i only watch the qualifying highlights of the current f1 races, it's the only interesting part of the weekends.
Ka Du
Ka Du 10 dager siden
I wish that cars were shorter and narrower. Monaco would be amazing with smaller cars. Heavy and short drifting f1 cars. 😍
Brian Vogt
Brian Vogt 10 dager siden
Audio interference in this video is unlistenable. I quit.
Andrew Ramero
Andrew Ramero 10 dager siden
Your argument on the tires didn’t age well during Baku GP
George Holt
George Holt 10 dager siden
ya they need to get rid of the hybrid stuff
George Holt
George Holt 2 dager siden
@Sparta beer reviews Sparta beer why not? merc has won almost everything, it's just not good racing
mccririck01 10 dager siden
I think the 18 inch wheels are a mistake. Whats the point if all it does is increase the weight?
RockSolitude 10 dager siden
F1 in a strong place??? Hahahahahaa you're kidding right? You know that saying "only a face a mother could love" or "a mother's love is blind"? I've got a new one: "an F1 fan's love is blind" or "a series only an F1 fan can love". It doesn't matter if you try to make it seem not so bad by "breaking it down into smaller installments", it's still ridiculous. Combine this with FIA's pig-headed bureaucratic nightmare governance and their inability to make good rules for motorsport formulas or course correct and you have a formula and series that is well into it's slow decline. With the way things are going, F1 is losing its prestige and place at the top of motorsports. All we need now is someone who can be bothered to usurp them by doing what the F1 does, but better.
Jannl 10 dager siden
i think they could do something with the standard parts to save some weight. i have recently seen a video about a car manufacturer wo let an AI design some of their parts. the parts ended up just as strong as the standard parts but also using less material and therefore were lighter. maybe this is the future?
bobbler42 10 dager siden
…so go full electric, not least as the g7 are now phasing out pet4ol vehicles,, cut the length by about a metre, and make them slightly narrower…oh wait, that’s just a formula e car.
Raghav Jaswal
Raghav Jaswal 11 dager siden
"At the outer limit of what tyre technology can withstand" not true.
Daniel Souza
Daniel Souza 12 dager siden
First we need smaller cars, the weight reduction will come naturally...
Donald Duck
Donald Duck 12 dager siden
No they are not at the limit of tire technology Pirelli has to build these tires as shitty as they are because of the FIA. The could build much better tires
Tim Annear (Tim's Oz Rods and Customs)
Because they are too full of completely confusing techno-bullshit. F1 is becoming the last form of motor racing I follow. Indy albeit less sophisticated is far more interesting racing because it's predominantly driver skill. F1 is starting to suck bigtime.
Hidden inplainsight :
Hidden inplainsight : 13 dager siden
What a pathetic idea , there trying to slow down the speed momentum , of the fastest cars . No other reason there doing this crap .
Ryk Latortuga
Ryk Latortuga 14 dager siden
simplify and add lightness
Adrian Jordan
Adrian Jordan 14 dager siden
Honestly this video almost comes off as a resource that Pirelli can point to and go "see, not our fault" when they fail to build good enough tyres. Sorry, but these cars still weigh well under a tonne and a tyre manufacturer should be able to build tyres that cope. Yes, I'd like smaller cars as it would undoubtedly improve racing on many circuits, but I don't care how much the cars actually weigh. I would think the most obvious area for weigh savings would be the batteries. Allow manufacturers freedom over battery tech and they'd soon find lighter materials. I mean aside from everything else, I'm fairly sure the battery packs are the biggest single contributor to weight gain in the hybrid PU.
Paul S
Paul S 14 dager siden
FIA's cost cap - stuffing a sock in the development pipeline
Luis Mercado
Luis Mercado 14 dager siden
This video's pretty relevant a week later at Baku, who would've thought haha
Niall Blackburn
Niall Blackburn 14 dager siden
Dude. They’re putting pandas in cars now. Bottas replacement?
Michael John Little
Michael John Little 14 dager siden
How will F1 adapt to going full electric? Not sure it will have the same passion.....?
Stu Cutt
Stu Cutt 14 dager siden
2030 constructors championship will have its maiden voyage kicking off with a whole new line up of teams. Being graced with the presence of performance driven manufacturers such as MAN, DAF, SCANIA and more. Also for the first time, we have new sponsors to add to the eclectic range of brands backing these high octane groupings of substantial performing quality. Stobart looks to match its colours with the likes of Aston Martin, hinting to their return to F1 at the Bahrain Grand Prix on 28 March back in 2021. Though Vettel only managed to pull it out the bag a few times for Aston, Stroll went on to win 2 championships and is looking to retire at the end of this year stating "F1 has chosen a slow death of constantly innovating and restricting. If these cars get any heavier, im going to have to start calling them dad!" We asked his opinion on Vettels choice to keep going and this was his response: "If Seb wants to continue with his mid-life crisis and habitual denial of skill level, then thats ok with me." Toward the end of the interview he added "I'm just glad hes driving renault, their engines are just as unreliable as he is." We have a new line up of drivers this year. HAAS has finally called it a day, with Gene deciding "Mazepin is a haas been!" but was he ever?... The 'Tramper' community has taken this news extremely well and one spokesperson said "We knew this was coming, Mazepin wasn't an "articulated" driver. He only got to all the "semi's" because the car was a "flatbed" design which created excessive down-force in comparison to the Mercedes silver monoliths!" ...Sorry guys 2 minute scenario played out in my head after watching this and just started writing it down. 😂😂😂😂
justinin trump
justinin trump 14 dager siden
We should remember Collins old addage, let's simplify (remove all electronics and areo besides the front and rear wing) and add lightness (lopping off everything safety related should save us a few kg here and there)
Vok250 14 dager siden
TLDR: hybrid tech and safety improvements
Vok250 14 dager siden
Screw it, let them get longer heavier and faster every year. By 2050 it'll be like the anime movie Redline!
JungMo 1
JungMo 1 14 dager siden
Here after baku listening to you talk about tire stress 🤔
WojM40 14 dager siden
change the engines 😩
Tone Banderas
Tone Banderas 14 dager siden
Who is here after Baku's Max Verstappen type blown?
Ops The Label
Ops The Label 15 dager siden
They should go v8 hybrid
Gimmeaminett 15 dager siden
Make the cars smaller. I hate that they are longer than limos
James Crosby
James Crosby 15 dager siden
Its probably time for a higher catagory of open wheel racing than f1 to emerge where the teams can have the freedom to innovate and push the limits of development regardless of cost and for braver drivers to emerge. It should be called X1
Gean de Oliveira
Gean de Oliveira 15 dager siden
It does bothers... Where is the spirit ?! 😅 At least the driving itself is still challenging.
Deuce 96
Deuce 96 15 dager siden
Bring back the V10’s
Sparta beer reviews Sparta beer
Not happening
Hockey guy
Hockey guy 15 dager siden
The only thing that bothers me is drivers who don't deserve to be in formula 1 but are because there daddy's have deep pockets !!!
Jose Ron
Jose Ron 16 dager siden
This dude talks like hes driven a current and older car.
Bocho14pr 16 dager siden
F1 is going from being the pinnacle of motorsports, to be be the pinnacle of regression in motorsports.
Ben Hof
Ben Hof 16 dager siden
The size of the cars at the start of this century were perfect! Now way, way to long! No wonder overtaking is so hard, they are nearly the length of a limo! LoL So far the hybrid era has pretty much sucked! Cars way to big and therefore heavy. The length of the front wing alone is ridiculous.
Karlsberg Karl
Karlsberg Karl 16 dager siden
This is the result of global warming alarmists and safety at all costs turning a sport into a baby sitting shit show.
Johanssan Femino
Johanssan Femino 16 dager siden
Surely the increased weight increases the kitentic energy of the vehicle in an accident, and more force is applied through the body. In turn this requires bulkier stronger crash structures to absorb the impacts. Or am I wrong? Think an accident in a kart to a tyre wall at 50kph carries less energy than the same accident in a 2 tonne vehicle. Eh its fucked. The cars look so dopey on full tanks especially. Miss the all out attack 4 stints on qualifying pace.
RmAngel24 16 dager siden
Since they want to stay relevant to public automotive manufacturing when are they going to go 4cyl turbo hybrid. That might make the cars lighter and smaller again but the displacement bois will hate it lol
Kenta Kawaguchi
Kenta Kawaguchi 16 dager siden
Compared to the current stand lithium ion batteries, solid state batteries would offer higher density of energy and that would equate to a lighter weight.
Carlos Hadjian
Carlos Hadjian 16 dager siden
Leave hybrid engines (fuck environmentalist shit, it is also contaminated with all the transport + the production of the batteries) = less weight and expense. Smaller and lighter = more show = better racing The F1 could be great again, everything is in the hands of the FIA.
myDecisi0n 16 dager siden
Maybe active aero can fix at least the agility of these cars
AdamGuthrie65 16 dager siden
For me, it’s simple, safely bring back refuelling in a way that isn’t going to be costly. Easier said than done I know, but that’ll knock 70Kg out the car immediately in fuel and they won’t need as much safety as they won’t ever have the same weight in them, ensuring loads are less, ensuring tyres can be smaller, the snowball keeps rolling