The mystery of Hamilton's lost 2007 F1 title 

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Lewis Hamilton took F1 by storm as a rookie in 2007, and with two races to go he looked well on his way to the stunning achievement of winning the world championship at the first attempt. Then it all fell apart over the course of the final two GPs in China and Brazil, allowing Kimi Raikkonen to come from 17 points back to win the championship for Ferrari. So what happened? Why did everything suddenly start going wrong, and what are the explanations for some of the bizarre moments in the run-in that ultimately cost Hamilton and McLaren the championship? And finally, we look back at a rare quote Hamilton has given on this subject in a past interview that offers an interesting hint.


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29. april. 2021





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lpi avelino
lpi avelino 18 dager siden
it was fixed.
OZZIE 21 dag siden
FIA probably said that if Fernando or Lewis won the WDC then they would have to disqualify them because Mclaren stole Ferrari tech. They probably should have been but it would have ruined the season, also the drivers had no part in that.
Will Mac
Will Mac 25 dager siden
God McLaren screwed up.
ajay5grapes 27 dager siden
why can’t he just say if anything happened?
Ryan T
Ryan T 28 dager siden
Not really much of a mystery. Internal war at McLaren and inexperience on Hamilton’s part. It’s actually impressive he got as close as he did, even more impressive that he beat Alonso too.
Julian Bell
Julian Bell Måned siden
So not only did McLaren steal Ferrari's car, they also stole Ferrari's awful strategies
Meme Raven
Meme Raven Måned siden
I think there was a secret deal to let Ferrari driver win the WDC because Mclaren was designed with Ferrari documents.
Zand Voort
Zand Voort Måned siden
The truth will come out one day, probably in Hamilton’s autobiography!
Sonu666 Måned siden
In short Mclaren tried to screw Alonso over and ended up screwing themselves and Hamilton.
Keith Earl
Keith Earl Måned siden
My opinion is that Alonso was contracted as No1 driver and they didn't expect Lewis to closely challenge him. McLaren internal disputes lost the championship to Kimi.
some random bloke
some random bloke Måned siden
Kimi did a magnificent job and clutched that season I don't believe something else happened
Lawrence Cauchi
Lawrence Cauchi Måned siden
Mclaren handed kimi the championship he should've achieved with them.
RazBaybee Måned siden
I can’t believe how toxic mclaren became during that period. It was only when Ron Dennis left and Zak Brown came in where they flushed all that out. That toxic nature cost mclaren 1-3 championships in the “Vodafone” era. You could say that the Honda era was “Karma” - Alonso 😂
Size X
Size X Måned siden
Its simple 'they' just couldn't stand the fact that 44s rookie year put everyone else in the shade so 'they' went 2 work on making sure he wouldn't win in his 1st year, b ing mixed race 'NOT BLACK ' just goes 2 show the prejudices of 'them' A Real F1 Fan since 1977 I'm just passing through. A Student of life. ✌🏾☝🏾🖤 ✊🏾
Wessel Vosser
Wessel Vosser Måned siden
I recall it as the year Lewis received every single upgrade before the defending 2 time F1 Champion who would have easily won if Ron did not fuck him out of it. That was when McLaren started their actual downfall.
A_Hopeful Måned siden
It's been 14 years, and he has won almost everything there remains to win in F1, beating or matching every record, but thinking back to '07 still hurts as a fan. Even with China, I can never forget the desperation I felt as he frantically tried to work his car back to life at the Brazil race. He could've easily won that WDC man.
punch Måned siden
I think there was an agreement between Ron Dennis and FIA to give away the championship to not been disqualified from 2008.
D B Måned siden
If they decided to pit Hamilton again in China for another set of inters, the worst case scenario was that he finishes 4th (Vettel in 4th was 40 secs behind Massa in 3rd and in a rubbish Toro Rosso) and has a 9-point lead over Alonso going into Interlagos, with Kimi out of contention. Then McLaren are certain of the drivers title and Hamilton only needs 1 point (he scored 2 in Brazil) whilst Alonso would have had to win (he was miles off the pace of the Ferraris). I think Alonso was so far in their heads at that point that the McLaren strategists completely forgot about the bigger picture and were just desperate for Hamilton to finish ahead of Alonso in just that race! That said, McLaren’s strategists were nearly modern-day-Ferrari-levels of bad back in these days. Leaving Lewis out behind the SC in Hockenheim a year later and nearly losing the win, losing another win by opting for a 2-stop in Monza in 2009 and then watching Lewis crash out whilst trying to pass Button, and of course very very nearly losing the 2008 title as well...
rcxxxl Måned siden
Sir Lewis 🔨 Hammertime
MrRodzilla Måned siden
can someone explain to me one of the narratives that someone has created? this sounds like complete nonsense to me, probably lewis hamilton apologist nonsense maybe ferrari knew that mclaren was going to steal their technical data and so they gave them a fake part that they knew was going to fail at some point?
Fernando Henriques Maria de Oliveira
If no one remenber Ferrari and Williams have, in the end of the race, the fuel far bellow the air temperature. But the marshals don´t think is a signal of cooled fuel thats is forbiden, In fact Ferrari had runned with fuel cooled at least in the 3 previous year and have not been penalised. A "gift" off Mosley to Dennis. Two years late Dennis return the favour promoting Mosley to a nazi-pornstar.
Captain Picard
Captain Picard Måned siden
McLaren and Alonso definitely screwed him but I’m glad Kimi won that year.
windows shotguns
windows shotguns Måned siden
Answer: Gimi
Shanae Måned siden
So innocent 😇 looking here, now he’s got neck and hand tatts like he just got out of prison.
Let's Go Racing
Let's Go Racing Måned siden
I think that max mosley would have banned the team from the next year or revoked its prize money if they didn't give the championship over to ferrarri. so yeah it was all manufactured as a part of the amends mclaren had to make to the sport without it being a written part of the whole thing.
Gamachy Måned siden
In regards to the Spygate the right decision was to disqualified McLaren and its drivers for 2007, then release the driver to sign up with another team and ban McLaren for two more years.
J Hobson
J Hobson Måned siden
7 time world champion. And came in second by one point and another time by 5 points. Can’t just be the car. He is so consistent. He has to be the best driver of all time. Once he retires tho Max will begin to amass many wins and will come close to matching Hamilton with world champion wins. Imagine Max in a Mercedes? He will be in beast mode .
Chad Måned siden
was simply an agreement between mclaren and the fia, to ensure that their 2008 car wasn't thrown out for containing ferrari dna, that they would not win the drivers championship in 2007. if it had been against any other team, the fia would not have cared so much, but they are specifically there to assist ferrari wherever possible.
William Sanders
William Sanders Måned siden
I think Hamilton was screwed by mclaren!
WayneJordan Måned siden
Teams had to sabotage him because of the haters rosberg season and that one
Marcus Berggren (NRG)
Räikkönen deservedly won 2007 and Massa should've won 2008.
Chris Coleman
Chris Coleman Måned siden
It sure looks good to see the "Marlboro" logo spelled out on those Ferrari's. It's still there, just spelled as "Mission Winnow" ;)
Jon A. Oliveira Santos
Being that old FIA, my thoughts were they always allowed McLaren to race for points, but most likely no driver could become WDC.
Balnazzardi Måned siden
Dude please...are you gonna tell me that in the eventuality that Kimi had for one reason or another gather enough points to become WDC that either Mclaren drivers would have then been disqualified, despite the announcement that drivers would not be effected and that only the team was to be disqualified from the championship? If FIA had wanted to, they could have made the decision that both drivers would have been also disqualified from the championship, but since the drivers were not responsible of the team's actions, it was fair play to let them continue to go for the championship, even if it was with a car that had potentially benefitted from stolen data. The 100 million dollars fine and losing all money from the 2nd or potentially 1st position in WCC made heavy blow to Mclaren's budget and I think it was one of the reasons why Mclaren later on began its downward spiral towards midfield
SalMichael C.
SalMichael C. Måned siden
Spy story. They cheated.
Keverne Eason MAPP
Keverne Eason MAPP Måned siden
For the sport itself they could never allow a first time rookie to win the drivers championship straight off the bat....reducing the whole concept of Formula One and making winning look so easy. However he is progressively showing all the fans and organisers that records are there to be broken. Lewis Hamilton has dedicated his whole life to racing,and his Mission is to create results that will probably never be equalled...therefore...sit back and enjoy the show...like Jordan and Tiger Woods...or the Williams Sisters...they are all exceptional SHOWMEN!
Bahjat Tabbara
Bahjat Tabbara Måned siden
Easy; McLaren were handed $100 million fine and no prize money: all they had to do was ensure that they did not win the Driver's Championship. Of course, they could have just slowed the cars enough so that they'd fall behind Ferrari, but it seems that they opted to make bad strategy calls. The Shanghai GP was to blame on the team; but in Brazil Hamilton got a bad start and tried to regain his spot from Alonso: then lost 25 seconds followed by a problematic pit-shop strategy (in retrospect it didn't matter what, he lost the race then and there)
Smartie Cooper
Smartie Cooper Måned siden
He lost it on purpose, as instructed, & tried to make it look obvious. Weirdly no one seemed to notice.
Balnazzardi Måned siden
Dude....in so sick of ppl still going on about this "secret agreement"/conspiracy theory because what you ppl seem to forget that in order for Kimi to win WDC, he still had to basicly win both of those last 2 races....had he finished lower or had DNF, basicly it would have meant that BOTH Mclaren drivers had to do DNF on purpose on both last 2 races and even then if Kimi had not managed to score enough points, either Lewis or Alonso would have finished ahead in WDC... What then? I bet you are saying that in that eventuality, FIA would have released statement that "oh never mind our previous decision, Mclaren drivers are disqualified from the championship as well".....do you understand how much worse THAT would have then looked? So this is exactly why I think these "he drove out in purpose as was secretly agreed", is just plain old bullshit! Let alone that those kind of "secret agreements" would not stay secret for long, let alone for 14 freaking years! The worst part is that basicly what you ppl are saying that Kimi would not have won his WDC on merit, but only because there would have been secret agreement between FIA and Mclaren.
Mikko Lappalainen
Mikko Lappalainen Måned siden
Im happy Hamilton didint Win in his first season. No one should
TRUEHUNGER10 Måned siden
No matter how I look at it, McLaren fucked him over.
Mike Bartel
Mike Bartel Måned siden
As far as I am concerned, Lewis is an eight time champion. You just can't prove it on paper. At the end of this season, he will be a nine time champion. Long live the G.O.A.T.
michael lavery
michael lavery Måned siden
The biggest fuck up in F1.
- Kallz -
- Kallz - Måned siden
Lewis could’ve been an 8-time or even 9-time world champion already. But McLaren were always so unreliable and always involved in scandals, especially in 2012 when they could’ve challenged as well.
Balnazzardi Måned siden
As if his current championships would not be enough....you can say that same thing for most other drivers who nearly won/barely lost championships.
Jason Alder
Jason Alder Måned siden
The biggest F1 mystery is how SV managed to win 4 titles.
Chris pick
Chris pick Måned siden
The whole sporting industry is corrupt to some degree, it’s a shame and they think we don’t know it but we do, I’m not saying there was any foul play here, just saying it goes on everywhere so we’ll never fully know, and the ones that do are either payed off or murdered lol
MARTINJW25 Måned siden
Is the silver Vodafone Mclaren-Mercedes the GOAT livery of F1? IMO yes, Nothing else quite like it!
Ricardo Moura
Ricardo Moura Måned siden
Alonso should have been the champion since they fucked him up
szewei1985 Måned siden
Haha. Glad LH learned from the shanghai mistake. At least he rebounded invincibly unlike Vettel 2018 crashing out the lead in Hockenheim.
Simon Stiel
Simon Stiel Måned siden
Nigel Stepney was writing a book. I don't know if he finished it before he died in 2014.
wot wott
wot wott Måned siden
Interesting thing to note is that while McLaren was guilty of stealing documents from Ferrari, Renault was guilty of stealing documents from McLaren during the spygate scandal. McLaren was fined $100,000,000 and was disqualified from the constructor's championship, where as Renault was left completely off the hook. Call it a hunch, but maybe the Ferrari favoritism of the FIA at the time has something to do with all of this.
Safar and Travel
Safar and Travel Måned siden
McLaren tried to please Alonso and messed up every thing and lost the drivers title. They were happy with constructors title though.
Connor Smith
Connor Smith Måned siden
Kimi dodged a bullet by moving to Ferrari in 2007 and won a world title in the process
Abhishek Sanyasi
Abhishek Sanyasi Måned siden
Sounds like it was Hamilton that was at the receiving end of sabotage
frank henry
frank henry Måned siden
u should speak too Bernie ecclestone about that he is the man behind f 1???
johnenry Måned siden
And Rosberg only won in 2016 because they swapped the mechanics around and Mercedes wanted a German champion imho
Ryan Cuda
Ryan Cuda Måned siden
alonso told dennis he gets the title and priority or walks to ferrari, which he did. both sides of the garage in mclaren caused mclaren to lose the drivers championship. weather its tires pressures, control valves or one of the hundreds of parts that can be manipulated in F1 to cause DNF and loss of pace. luckily kimi won, but i like all 3 drivers. top shelf pilots
Arief Budi
Arief Budi Måned siden
Now i know why Hamilton kinda have PTSD about fading tire
AS Måned siden
If McLaren had been fair to both drivers that year, Alonso wins it all
Cassius Dio
Cassius Dio Måned siden
In the same car as Lewis: Max, Carlos, Leclerc, Lando, George will all trash Ham.
Seewod Måned siden
How can he be the victim of something more if he was the indulged kid of Ron Dennis?
SoloXFuRy Måned siden
Two Fousand and Seven.
Fire Up
Fire Up Måned siden
Alonso put a rock into Hamilton's gear box?
Apollo Prospector
Apollo Prospector Måned siden
Back when I actually liked Hamilton and he hadn't yet become an utter wanker.
Anthony Kernich
Anthony Kernich Måned siden
Don't you mean Alonso's lost championship? Sato passing him in Canada, the careless overtake attempt of Heidfeld in France, parking stunt in Hungary and crash in the rain at Fuji cost him the title.
X36 Måned siden
Crazy how he deserved the 2007 title more than the 2008 one
Marcelo Onesto
Marcelo Onesto Måned siden
We ll only know the truth after Hamilton retirement.
Hockey guy
Hockey guy Måned siden
A black rookie champion.... Maybe f1 wasn't ready for that ???
whale oil beef hooked
Phuk sham
Poole Dogg
Poole Dogg Måned siden
It made him the driver he is today.
tb3420 Måned siden
Did anyone else think that Alonso's lack of pace in the race at Interlagos was also a bit odd? He ended up almost a minute behind the Ferraris, and only 5 seconds ahead of Rosberg in the Williams. At no point in 2007 had McLaren ever been that slow relative to those two teams. I also clearly remember the commentary of James Allen as Raikkonen crossed the line to win. He sounded utterly deflated. At the time I chalked it up to patriotic disappointment that Hamilton hadn't been able to sew it up, but in retrospect it was almost as if he suspected something was going on (although he never said that). It sounded like a total anti-climax. Martin Brundle seemed at pains to emphasise that Raikkonen was a worthy champion. Ah, we do like a good conspiracy theory.
Art Adhyay
Art Adhyay Måned siden
I think it was just a stroke of bad luck for Lewis. Kimi had suffered a similar fate in 2003 & 2005. There's no doubt he should have been a double world champion had it not been for the terrible reliability of that McLaren. I guess McLaren's jinx just hit Lewis back then.
Wintermute Måned siden
The mystery of Hamilton's found hairline.
Tetragon 213
Tetragon 213 Måned siden
Among the many theories out there, one of them is that McLaren were very quietly told by the FIA to lose the Drivers' Title. The theory goes that the FIA didn't want a team of convicted cheaters to win the WDC, so they ordered McLaren to throw away the WDC as well. However, if they'd done the obvious thing of outright DQ'ing the lot of them publicly, it would've ruined the title fight and brought F1 into disrepute for years on end. So, goes the theory, the FIA came up with this "solution" to avoid the worst of the fallout. Another related theory about the penalty (and its harshness) is that Ron Dennis (McLaren Team boss) was responsible for the BDSMosley exposé, where a Tabloid rag called the "News of the World" (which was shut down a few years ago for hacking the voicemail of a murdered schoolgirl, all in the name of a scoop) printed out a headline which claimed that Mosley was involved in a Nazi-themed BDSM orgy with 5 prostitutes. Mosley actually sued for libel, saying that while the BDSM-orgy claim was correct, there was nothing "Nazi" about it. *Mosley won that lawsuit* and claimed a hefty chunk of money in damages from the publishers, but the damage was done, and Mosley had to step down from going for re-election as FIA president. By the way, if you're wondering why Max Mosley was so mad about the "Nazi" implications, the reason is that his father was a certain Sir Oswald Mosley, founder of the British Union of Fascists. Max Mosley had done a lot to try and distance himself from his father's toxic, fascist legacy; and the NotW printed total lies smearing him. So, what does this have to do with Spygate and Ron? Well, it's believed by some that Dennis had been the one responsible for the exposé, and the subsequently insanely harsh penalty was due to Max Mosley wanting to get back at Ron Dennis; remember the famous quote, "$5 million for the offense, and $95 million for Ron Dennis being a twat".
Mclaren had to let foorari win the championship cause the spying.
ricky Måned siden
Alonso crashing with Massa whilst Lewis trailed behind them both, cost Alonso the title. Alonso should have been more cautious like Prost. Interesting that all the 3 other title contenders had won 2 races each before Lewis won his first race at the 6th race. A great season, still one of Lewis's most impressive.
MdL6XD Måned siden
The problem I see with the Brazil conspiracy is that it's too complicated. Let's say you're told to sabotage Hamilton's car. Wouldn't it be easier to just cause a broken engine DNF? Something that happens all the time and isn't suspicious at all, Schumacher lost the title because of that just a year before. But instead you create a bizarre plan to make him lose by the minimum, a plan that would fail if any of the cars in front had any issue. I just don't see it.
IBLCI GriGa Måned siden
The mystery of Hamilton's lost 2007?? What about the mystery of Alonso's lost 2007??? Team drowned him in problems.
Crusard Modding
Crusard Modding Måned siden
It's also Alonso's lost 2007 F1 title
tomeddie14 Måned siden
What a load of rubbish. Nothing against Lewis, but they're clearly just going to come up with a narrative that just wasn't the case
TurnerTHA Måned siden
The luck return to him next year and 2020-21
Genta Sepriandi
Genta Sepriandi Måned siden
Rookie to almost champion is nothing special if you got the one of the best car on the grid.look 96 jacques villenuve. Although ham and vil share very different fate. Lol
Rhys Morris
Rhys Morris Måned siden
McLaren lost that year because Ron Dennis could not keep his team under control. Realistically he should have backed Alonso, because he was the experienced driver and the current champ. But he let both his drivers fight it out which never ends well (Prost/Senna, Vettel/Leclerc, Hamilton/ Rosberg for some examples.) This along with Spy gate caused massive unstableness and distrust in the team, where both sides of the garage ended but fighting each other. Then it ended how it did.
Will Darling
Will Darling Måned siden
debris my ass - they turned off his car
RS14 Måned siden
Fernando lost it at Fuji.
Rossticles Måned siden
Kimi deserved it.
fuzzfizz Måned siden
It can be Hamilton rookie world champion, or 3 times consequentive Alonso world champion, but one Raikkonen world champion was the best outcome.
Tommy Kee
Tommy Kee Måned siden
I watched back the 2007 F1 review and end of Brazil both Lewis and Fernando so kinda bland in emotions. Like if I’d lost championship by 1 pt, I’d be mad, especially Lewis with 4 pt lead and 7 over the winner. I honestly think McLaren were told to let Ferrari win championship. For moral reasons. A team that cheated winning championship would burden F1 for future and maybe new sponsors coming. Who’s knows. That’s my opinion
Neil Ritchie
Neil Ritchie Måned siden
The bigger mystery is the miraculous recovery of his hairline
MafiousBJ Måned siden
Alternative title "The Mystery of Alonso's 2007 lost title" Considering Lewis has 7 now I think Fernando could have used one more to cement his legacy a bit rather than spending the rest of his career chasing something that will never come
Martin Arthold
Martin Arthold Måned siden
It is about Time to clear things up. And Ferrari still only could win by Team order! Lol..
Aayush Gupta
Aayush Gupta Måned siden
McLaren let Ferrari win, or Ferrari would appeal to the FIA. It was pretty obvious.... McLaren fucked themselfs just to not get fined or banned next season...
Apratis Måned siden
Let’s be honest, he’s the most successful and will be for a long time (until a new star appears and gets a championship winning car almost every season) so with that said Hamilton gives ZERO fucks he lost the 2007 title
ASMR James
ASMR James Måned siden
It probably motivated him so fuckin much now he just destroys everyone as revenge
Zephyr 56
Zephyr 56 Måned siden
I've always thought that Mclaren had to find a way to lose. Can you imagine what Ferrari would have said and done if a Mclaren driver had won?
jealva Måned siden
It seems to me that Alonso was the one that got screwed over by McLaren. As a result of McLaren favoring Hamilton in China, relative to Alonso, they screwed up and left him out too long, thereby ensuring the loss of the WDC for both drivers. Also, if Ron Dennis hadn’t reacted so poorly to the drivers fighting over track position during quali in Turkey, then Alonso would have kept that pole and he would have easily won the championship. It seems that Alonso was the one hard done by McLaren.
Elias Nava
Elias Nava Måned siden
China 2007 = San Ganchao
John J
John J Måned siden
Answer: Chyyna
Linus Eckhardt
Linus Eckhardt Måned siden
I know this will not resonate here but Alonso really pulled that one off. Considering how hard he fell out wih the team, he still owned that one - even more when you see how bad morale just switched Vettel off. Beast!
Nikola16789 Måned siden
@Mr. Popo No he was not.
Linus Eckhardt
Linus Eckhardt Måned siden
@Mr. Popo exactly. And he still fucking ate them up
Mr. Popo
Mr. Popo Måned siden
ALO was the one who sent that letter to Ecclestone and got them a DSQ in the constructors with a £100mn fine. They must have left him to dry from mid-season onwards.
James Hillier
James Hillier Måned siden
Yeah definitely, it never seems to be mentioned how McLaren's relationship with Alonso would have affected him that year. We have seen how sensitive Lewis can be to team dynamics. If the situation was reversed Lewis would have been eaten alive by Alonso. I think on balance Alonso is the better driver and definitely more resilient.
y1521t21b5 Måned siden
The real story is unnecessary infighting, with a Team Principal essentially at odds with his more accomplished driver, ALO... 2007 should really have yielded a _WCC_ + _WDC_ double for _McLaren._
rpols22 Måned siden
No such thing as coincidences. Especially in this expensive sport.
Nedim Ali-Mehmet
Nedim Ali-Mehmet Måned siden
Throwing away championships is what McLaren does best.
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