Why 'Z-floors' have taken over F1 in 2021 

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Every team on the F1 grid except Haas has now adopted the 'Z-floor' design, initially pioneered by a handful of teams in pre-season in response to rule changes for this year. In this video Edd Straw explains what a Z-floor is, the aerodynamic effect the design achieves, and why all of the teams except the one not developing its car this year rushed to copy it over the first few races of the campaign.

Gary Anderson's Z-floor insight

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3. juni. 2021





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Farhan Andika
Farhan Andika 2 dager siden
reduced downforce, slower and heavier car... if this z-floor get ban too, that's it, im so done with FIA
Erelyes 4 dager siden
Oh, those do something on the car? I thought they were just a step for the driver
Tosa 6 dager siden
zed's dead.
Dutchgameboi 7 dager siden
Codemasters who are close to finishing car models for new game: *screams*
Nat Jes
Nat Jes 8 dager siden
The millisecond...
ulysses 11 dager siden
so its basically that ugly ass nose change but with the floor
Tom Kieran Adams
Tom Kieran Adams 12 dager siden
"To prevent overloading the pirelli tyres" Max and Lance in Baku: ".........."
Adrian Jordan
Adrian Jordan 13 dager siden
Please get a more contemporary technical "expert" than Gary Anderton. He has been woefully wrong about basic things in recent years.
Hatef Rezaie Zade
Hatef Rezaie Zade 13 dager siden
it is more likely to step floors
Paul S
Paul S 14 dager siden
I don't like the tacked-on look of the floors. I know it's results-designed but if the curves blended with the body it would be nearly as effective but look 100% better
Michael Dreksler
Michael Dreksler 14 dager siden
Great video Ed
The Literal Sky
The Literal Sky 14 dager siden
"...to prevent overloading the Pirelli Tyres" Well this aged like milk after Baku...
Thesigan Raju
Thesigan Raju 15 dager siden
Nice video. Thanks. Question: how / when / where do the teams change or adjust the floor? Is it 1 piece or are there components (like the vanes) that can be interchanged?
StolenGoods 15 dager siden
kinda related find it absolutely whacked how half the english speakers in the world say “zed” and the other half “zee”
Paul Wood
Paul Wood 15 dager siden
Starts at 3:30
Chris 16 dager siden
Who the hell is James Everson?
Fishing The List
Fishing The List 16 dager siden
F1 has become too much of a technology series instead of a drivers series.
D Mor
D Mor 16 dager siden
Q: how many wings a F1 car has? A: 327 not counting the ones you cannot see, some teams use hair, maybe
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez 16 dager siden
So, this is the Zenith season of engineering in F1.
rpols22 16 dager siden
Plan and simple.... I really am tired of these cars. And these little aerodynamic bandaid changes really do nothing. After the freezing of design during the covid era I really welcome a full and complete change. Get the new design cars in ASAP! Just something different then what we got.
Bertram Raven
Bertram Raven 17 dager siden
The Z is less noticeable than the waves in the floor. They should have called it the Curly-Wurly floor.
ReDHeaDSg1 17 dager siden
IMO there should be no aerodynamic slots OR FINS or curved wavily floors.
KillCamEditoR 17 dager siden
Why not ?
Petidani0330 17 dager siden
Mercedes suffering? Oh yeah, they're just in front of Haas in the constructors', I almost forgot... Please... And for Aston Martin, I guess "they didn't do a good enough job". Familiar words for Szafnauer.
Donkey Kong 252
Donkey Kong 252 17 dager siden
Pointless because the cars are slower.
Charlie Green
Charlie Green 17 dager siden
9 out of 10 dentist's approve
Ahron 17 dager siden
So its the 2012 platypus all over again
Shaun Brien
Shaun Brien 17 dager siden
I hate the swarm of aero protrusions, finlets, turning vanes, winglets etc that festoon the current spec like alien ticks. Hopefully 2022 will be a return to a cleaner less aero-twitchy car.
NISHI BHUSHAN 17 dager siden
Only chance by which haas team score points is only 10 driver finish the race and rest 10 got stuck by mazepin
Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson 17 dager siden
It doesn't even look like a Z. It's more like a stair step or a box, besides Stepped-Floors or Box-Floors sounds better than Z-Floors.
Markos L
Markos L 17 dager siden
Everyone copied Aston Martin but nobody crying now.
Matt Neumann
Matt Neumann 17 dager siden
Good job and good info as usual!
crusherbmx 17 dager siden
Here's the deal. F1 has become so rigid that the only innovations are in aerodynamics, if they want to justify this hybrid thing that they have pushing for 7 years, maybe they should open up the power unit rules and encourage development there, whether it's horsepower, efficiency, battery power storage/charging reliability, whatever they want to improve, the rules could be tweaked to encourage development in that direction. It's not like they would destroy the competitiveness of the field by doing this....
cone 17 dager siden
What has come of McLaren’s initial diffuser design? Has everyone copied it or was it not as earth shattering as was predicted? I have heard much about it since the launch
T Bone
T Bone 17 dager siden
Zee !!!!! Say it with me. Z E E
Hudbudmudsud 17 dager siden
If HAAS wants to join the party I bet their solution is cut the current floor with an angle grinder.
Connor Holdback
Connor Holdback 17 dager siden
Fake Content
Fake Content 17 dager siden
F1 becoming slower than a Nascar wtf lol
Derek Nickels
Derek Nickels 17 dager siden
From the wet weather footage the Alpha Tauri shows a definite advantage in their floor concept, it's a pity the rest of the car mechanicals is 2019 Red Bull bar the PU.
Worlds Worst Musician
Worlds Worst Musician 17 dager siden
FIA. Teams have figured it out. Time to change the rules.
Christopher Jefferson
Christopher Jefferson 17 dager siden
Yet again no matter what “the rule makers” attempt to do to slow these cars they will simply use smartness and aero to regain the losses. It’s time to call a spade a spade and allow active suspension and ground effect. It’s cheaper then all this damned research to get gains where losses were once engineered.
Maurice 17 dager siden
why this why that ,. stop with your nonsense ,. IT's ON THE FUCKING CAR TO MAKE IT GO FASTER now go be a real journalist
Benjo oneR
Benjo oneR 17 dager siden
This guy always talks too close to his mic.
Paul.Morgan 17 dager siden
This channel just nails every video every time and "The Race" podcast is a highlight of my week. Keep it up Gents. Thank you!
Jay Bruce
Jay Bruce 17 dager siden
I think it was a retarded decision to force teams to modify such a key part of the car the first year they are operatung undre budget caps. I also think the area tehy chose to remove drownforce from was the worst possible choice given that next year the cars will bemaking a larger portion of their downforce from the underside of the car than they do presently. So in a transitional year such as this, it would have made more sense to me if the FIA had reduced downforce by reducing the width of the front and rear wings than reworking the floor. The only way this decision makes sense is if it was indeed made to hobble mercedes speficically, to level the playing field somewhat, and if that's the case it's utter bullshit, and disengenuous, as it was touted as "being a safety driven decision to prevent the overloading of the tyres".
seansverige 17 dager siden
FFS stop starting every video begging for likes & subscriptions, it's not like anyone is any doubt what to do so just annoys everyone to what end?
Mike C
Mike C 17 dager siden
@4:45 If you increase the amount of mass flow going under the floor then Bernoulli's equation shows that you'll reduce static pressure and gain load... Basically the complete opposite of what this video is saying. My advice, take Gary Anderson's interpretation of aero solutions with a pinch of salt
Mike C
Mike C 16 dager siden
@KillCamEditoR that's fair enough, I respect the need for data to be convinced
KillCamEditoR 16 dager siden
@Mike C I get what you mean, I think without the data we’re never going to get the answer. I believe lowered speed and the increased Reynolds from flow mixing is enough to offset the increased mass, which would result in an overall lower downforce. Especially with speed factoring in to the second power.
Mike C
Mike C 16 dager siden
@KillCamEditoR I'm just going off of the animations shown here and motorsport industry experience. If the floor edge structure goes outboard of the tyre rather than the second animation I'm talking about where the streamlines then go under the floor and inboard of the tyre, that's indicating to me that the second scenario has a greater amount of flow going under the floor. I 100% agree with you that the total pressure isn't necessarily going to be the same. I'd also agree that compressibility will be considered in same cases, but there are very few grip limited corners which are at the high velocities where it is relevant, so the benefit for car performance vs computational cost of running compressible CFD is low (and of course F1 wind tunnels are limited to 50m/s, so there's no compressible data from that)
KillCamEditoR 16 dager siden
@Mike C why would streamtube capture vary ? Why would velocity increase if area and density stay constant ? The flow leaking in from the side doesn’t not have the same streamline as the flow running the whole length of the car. They don’t have the same total or dynamic pressures. I think I get what you mean, with “extra” air increasing mass flow by coming in from the side. But that flow has to have lower velocity. Not to mention flow is disturbed, further reducing x-wise velocity of the total flow. Also, F1 get to 350kph regularly. At that speed, assuming incompressibility could account for 4-5% error. Ive always wondered if they stuck to Euler modeling or if some compressibility was built in. Judging by how thin the margins are, I have to think they’re taking it into account.
Mike C
Mike C 17 dager siden
Describing the so called bad scenario, "If this is not achieved airflow will simply leak under the floor right up to the rear tyres", so in that scenario the streamlines show more airflow going under the floor and (for the subsonic flow on an F1 car where compressibility and thus density are not a significant factor) m_dot = rho× area×velocity; increased streamtube capture results in increased velocity with area and density being constant; dynamic pressure increases (0.5×rho×V²) and static pressure reduces.
Thys Kotze
Thys Kotze 17 dager siden
Enjoy your content but won't be subscribing to the website... I have "membership" fatigue.
Bo J.
Bo J. 17 dager siden
I don't understand why F1 doesn't go all in on ground effect again. As far as I understand it would increase ease of following and create much less dirty air over the top of the following car. Teams could reduce the size and effect of both rear and front wings in order to create the closer racing that F1 wants...
Lęgø 17 dager siden
2022 regulations is literally a focus on ground effect.
Manuel Manterola
Manuel Manterola 17 dager siden
can't even tell if it's bait or not
Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay 17 dager siden
These vortices are the virtual skirts of F1, sealing the airflow of the floor. Skirts: banned after the 1982 season, because of high cornering speeds and inconsistency, because aero wasn't as thoughtful and detailed as nowadays.
Niko Moin
Niko Moin 17 dager siden
To be 100% honest I don’t think Mercedes has a disadvantage caused by the new floors anymore. They do not look to suffer more than other teams atm
oreofudgeman 17 dager siden
I think this is a nice way to Segway into the modern ground FX era starting next season.
Seolferwulf 17 dager siden
Happy Life
Happy Life 17 dager siden
Like Haas is even gonna be competitive in 2022, it’s like studying for that test you can’t study for coz you don’t have the book or attended the class as it’s something you can’t study for.
R8900 17 dager siden
I want to see a team build a F1 car with the best tactics they know.. Alongside FIA banned techniques to truly build an insane car. No limits, truly none.
pi hermoso
pi hermoso 16 dager siden
if its no rules i'd like to see the williams power flywheel mated to an updated 787b rotary engine in an F1 car
Lęgø 17 dager siden
RedBull X2010, though it was designed 11 years ago. I dont think it uses all banned designs like bendy wings, active suspension or mass damper, but it uses a turbocharged 2L V6 producing around 1500bhp and has a fan on the rear. 30 whole seconds per lap faster than an F1 car, even by todays standards.
Utetopia 17 dager siden
Didn't Chainbear do this? Or The Race? Or Donut? One of them.. i can't seem to find it... They ignored regs, and put together a mock car of all the best bits and pieces over the years... I think they included the 6 wheels of the Tyrell car...
Matteo 17 dager siden
Redbull x2010
Johannes K
Johannes K 17 dager siden
The closest we got to that was the Porsche 919 EVO, would love to see McLaren, Red Bull or Mercedes try that. Ferrari already showed that they are fast when they don't respect the rules :D
Ryan Ahmed
Ryan Ahmed 17 dager siden
nice song
BADBOY 17 dager siden
It's called the Max floor
Jaco Schutte
Jaco Schutte 17 dager siden
boezerdieser 17 dager siden
why is no one ever talking about those t-wings bending like coat racks?
Rahul77_ YT
Rahul77_ YT 17 dager siden
@Philip Harris yea
Philip Harris
Philip Harris 17 dager siden
You mean the little wings in front of the rear wing?
Stan Brown
Stan Brown 17 dager siden
Actually they introduced these changes, and THEN Pirelli redesigned the tires and made the stronger.
Lęgø 17 dager siden
Still, if the aero regulations were left unchanged, the downforce levels wouldve been even higher than in 2020, so eventually even the 2021 tyres would end up unsafe for the amount of downforce being produced. In comparison at the start of the season the 2021 cars are at the same pace as the 2019 ones. In 2020 the downforce levels were already unsafe for the 2020 tyres (which were still just 2019 tyres due to the china cough)
It's okay to be a self hating jew
I would assume the vortex coming of the Z goes under the car instead of outside of the rear wheel as illustrated. The trick is to close the gap from tarmac to floor, and prevent air leaking to the low pressure zone under the car.
It's okay to be a self hating jew
@KillCamEditoR I disagree, sealing the floor is more important than trying to clean tire wash. On top of this the vortex will naturally flow towards the low pressure zone under the car. In the old days of aviation, they used stall fences in a similar fashion, to prevent air moving sideways. I would call them aerodynamic skirts when using f1 terms.
KillCamEditoR 14 dager siden
In that case it would disrupt diffuser flow, and do nothing to help with tyre wash. Not quite sure that’s what they want to achieve. Initial designs of the sloped floors did exactly that, and since they’ve all been dropped it seems to me the animation is correct, and the vortex goes outside.
Bharadwaj R
Bharadwaj R 17 dager siden
If Haas screws up next year, I guess its goodbye to F1 for them
Chris 16 dager siden
@Lęgø They arrived with customer parts then slowly fell off. All the hall marks of a team trying to leg up quickly in the sport with customer parts, secure investment based of their perceived "good" performance and improve from there. Yup, rich energy fucked them over in the sense that any team dumb enough to take them on as a sponsor got screwed because it was an economic basket case. Haas is literally suffering from a string of awful decisions and Americans will never understand how to succeed in F1.
Lęgø 16 dager siden
@Chris 8th in constructors on its very first season with a points finish on its very first race. And 5th in the constructors in 2018. Customer parts or not, statistics clearly show that Haas was on the rise until Rich Energy screwed them over
Chris 16 dager siden
@Lęgø On the rise? A bunch of customer parts do not make a good team, they have been humping around at the back for a few season with a few ok results here and there. They were never on the UP, No US team will ever succeed in F1 because they just dont have what it takes to keep moving forwards in a development series.
Atmaram Tukaram Bhide
Atmaram Tukaram Bhide 16 dager siden
Nope Urakali(Mazepin team) will buy it
Lęgø 17 dager siden
@sultanabran1 Well before the whole Rich Energy situation, Haas really were on the rise and were looking to be a really great team. No mazepin jokes? Sure, but its still very unfortunate to see the team in this condition now, and will be even more unfortunate when Mazepin's sugar daddy takes over the team or worst case scenario, the team leaves altogether.
Colm Lynch
Colm Lynch 17 dager siden
With Haas, I don't understand why don't they just do a copy of say Alfa Tauri. DO a bit of CFD, don't spend to much money or time on it and give them a chance of scoring a point. They might get lucky like McLaren did in 2011 I think when they dumped their Octopus blown exhaust system and copied RB.
KillCamEditoR 17 dager siden
“Do a bit of CFD” Do you have any experience in that domain ? The pretty images you see in renderings is absolutely not how that works.
The Sunnynation
The Sunnynation 17 dager siden
They just need this one tip of the floor so they can seal the side on the back so everything can come together to the diffuser.
whassupg39 17 dager siden
I’m surprised when they changed the rules they left it open for all these flicks and fins to go on top of the floor to create the same effect
KillCamEditoR 17 dager siden
It’s not the same effect. The end goal is the same, but they don’t achieve it the same way. The FIA knew teams would improve, just like they would’ve even without the change. The objective was 10% reduction in downforce, which is apparently what was achieved.
BOOST 219 17 dager siden
If mick some how scores a point in that haas it will most likely be discussed as one of the greatest drives on history. That car is basically from February 2020 with the only updates being that to match the rules and the new Ferrari pu
Procat Procat
Procat Procat 17 dager siden
But if Mazepin scores a point, it will be considered pure fluke and he will receive even more online bullying.
Carlo G
Carlo G 17 dager siden
We all should boycott this formula 1. It s so standardized and plain. Especially, after this BS happened to Red Bull changing the deflecting rear wing during the ongoing season because mercedes, when last Year Everyone appealed because the DAS nothing happened. That is a one way system.... this F1 SUCKS
Alif Games
Alif Games 17 dager siden
Procat Procat
Procat Procat 17 dager siden
Bye bye
James Latham
James Latham 17 dager siden
This is why F1 just isn’t appealing anymore. They change rules and the teams spend millions to “adapt” them. New teams can’t come to the sport because of this. Haas gave up completely on it and said they’ll just go to 2022 rules. Love the sport and the looks of the cars but the changes “in an attempt to save money” are ridiculous.
Manny Laguatan
Manny Laguatan 17 dager siden
All Haas needs to do is watch this video for it's aero research. Then take a circular saw to their floor.
Thunnini Tom
Thunnini Tom 17 dager siden
Yeah legit why not just cutout a little z in the floor it wouldn't cost that much money to develop it aha
Eduardo C
Eduardo C 17 dager siden
For Mick’s car
Eduardo C
Eduardo C 17 dager siden
I’d be happy to lend Guenther mine
zxsw85 17 dager siden
They can't afford a circular saw bro it's Haas
quazz79 17 dager siden
About the red cabbage though....
Amaroq Starwind
Amaroq Starwind 17 dager siden
I honestly feel Haas threw in the towel a little too early. They could have made some very minor tweaks that would help them score at least a couple of points.
Joe Sproston
Joe Sproston 17 dager siden
I don't think there are any "very minor" tweaks they could make to finish 10th. They are so far behind they would need large and expensive progress to even earn points.
The Marauder
The Marauder 17 dager siden
FIA: "Let's cut down the amount of downforce they can generate to improve the show" Teams: "Yeah, no......."
bynahelemaal 17 dager siden
@The Marauder true, but the less aero ask this season was by pirelli… pirelli has no interest in a good show, as it’s only concern is no more tire blowouts like the mercs had in silverstone!
The Marauder
The Marauder 17 dager siden
@H Kr In 2019 they changed the front wing design to reduce wake and allow closer racing (improve the show). In 2021 they changed the aero regs again to reduce the load on the tyres. Next year the whole damn car is getting an overhaul in order to "improve the show" and promote closer racing.
H Kr
H Kr 17 dager siden
Improving the show was NOT the reason for less downforce. You should know by now, every racing channel and their mums covered it.
Rolando Tillit
Rolando Tillit 17 dager siden
Life, finds a way.
Procat Procat
Procat Procat 17 dager siden
The FIA were successful. If they'd done nothing, downforce levels would be much higher than they currently are.
chris brinkley
chris brinkley 17 dager siden
What I think of this is how good that aero interview with James Allison that Ted Kravitz did a few years ago was.
chris brinkley
chris brinkley 17 dager siden
@Ian McCune sorry no, I watched it on telly. Try the Sky F1 NOsections channel
Dan Flynn
Dan Flynn 17 dager siden
As an American, hearing you say "zed" instead of "zee" makes this video sound odd
Love Girl
Love Girl 17 dager siden
Zenn Labs
Zenn Labs 17 dager siden
at this rate the 2022 concept will just look like a shark with wheels
Niels de Bakker
Niels de Bakker 17 dager siden
Back to 1965.
Machiavelli 17 dager siden
Cars shouldn't be held back because the tire manufacturer can't keep up
ArChAnGeLl 987
ArChAnGeLl 987 17 dager siden
They're not. Pirelli has new tires for this season. That "reasoning" is just BS. It was done to, what they'd hope would shake things up. We'll see. I find it hard for the FIA to think of this themselves since they shouldn't care who wins or looses, or whatever...they should just care that it's fair...and since we know it probably isn't Pirelli asking for this, it leaves only Liberty Media messing with the FIA or a team...which would be a very, very bad thing. I hope I'm talking nonsense...but just couldn't swallow this "reason" that it was to ease the load on tires...unless it was to ease the load on Mercs' and Aston Martin's tires...which is just as bad. Not that I'm a fan of either teams, but that would be wrong on so many levels...
Alex 17 dager siden
When I first saw thighs channel I was like eh I’m gonna see the vids in my recommended anyway so why subscribe but now I am
Rahul77_ YT
Rahul77_ YT 17 dager siden
@Timberwolf69 thigh fetish
Timberwolf69 17 dager siden
Erm... "thighs channel"? What did autocorrect intend to tell us here? 🤔
rolf ski
rolf ski 17 dager siden
Haas' genius solution: Let the rookies manhandle it.
nekaneka20 20
nekaneka20 20 10 dager siden
@Nino Brown cool
Nino Brown
Nino Brown 10 dager siden
@nekaneka20 20 so defensive?😂 just get his name right, no need to feel offended lol
nekaneka20 20
nekaneka20 20 10 dager siden
@Nino Brown I honestly give a shit,I'm not a fan boy so quit being so defensive. My statement stands
Nino Brown
Nino Brown 10 dager siden
It's Schumi. Respect these men's name.
Sep G
Sep G 16 dager siden
@Yce yup. Driving a bad car means you have to rely on your skills more.
Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell 17 dager siden
F1 geek level 100. Keep them coming 👍
Michael Matthews
Michael Matthews 17 dager siden
Poor Haas 😪
Pandamasque 17 dager siden
Typical F1 rule-making. A small rule change prompts a huge investment into an arms race into a blind alley of development that will have to be thrown out for 2022 anyway. They could have easily outlawed all the sticky-uppy bits as well as any vertical curvature of the floor edge and all of this would be avoided.
tonkatoytruck 17 dager siden
Would love to be a fly on the wall when aerodynamic\wind tunnel development\testing was conducted.
Daniel Geros
Daniel Geros 4 dager siden
I would love to be a fly.
tonkatoytruck 16 dager siden
@Rattus Norvegicus Glad to see someone is paying attention. lol
Rattus Norvegicus
Rattus Norvegicus 17 dager siden
Mmm, your ass would come through your head. I wonder if you realised when you posted that, the image it`d create...that of a fly holding on for dear life until the operator put the fan on full blast.
Procat Procat
Procat Procat 17 dager siden
You'd get blown off
Oli_the_racer209 17 dager siden
I didnt know red bull is sponsored by walmart
Maharathy 17 dager siden
Off topic thought in Baku Perez and Stroll and Bottas are going to have a good session, purely due to their good luck charm in baku, nothing else.
GreatWhale64 14 dager siden
@Maharathy touche
Maharathy 14 dager siden
@GreatWhale64 it's aged well, Perez wins.
GreatWhale64 15 dager siden
this didn't age well
Mr J
Mr J 17 dager siden
HAAS needs to implement some upgrades so these rookies can experience the process. This is why HAAS is currently the worse team in F1 . I am a American and pull for HAAS . They can do better. Maybe change is needed as much as I like Gunther his track record is not very good.
Swole Thor
Swole Thor 17 dager siden
They should have done something for 2021. Its literally just the horrible 2020 car with some aero removed, making it undrivable.
caesar485 17 dager siden
Why? He brough a ln entirely new f1 team to p5. He only missed the mark in 2020. 2021 has always been a write off for them, we can only judge them after 2022
Adysmiff 17 dager siden
If Z floors were introduced by a team a couple os seasons ago the FIA would have banned them. So now all teams have to waste money developing new floors. Well done FIA.
Julian Morgan
Julian Morgan 17 dager siden
FIA: FI is a sport that forces teams to innovate Teams create a powerful innovations FIA: "And I took that personally"
Karan Sreedhar
Karan Sreedhar 17 dager siden
Haas finished 3 laps off the pace in Monaco By the end of the year we might see that increase..
H Kr
H Kr 16 dager siden
@Bryan Perez There's a wiki article about it. Basically if a driver is slower than 107% of the fastest time in Q1 then he is automatically excluded from the race. But that's the regulation. Teams can appeal that and show they for instance have been faster in a different session and they should be allowed to race. The past decades drivers have always been allowed to race.
Bryan Perez
Bryan Perez 17 dager siden
@H Kr What is this rule if you don’t mind me asking bro
H Kr
H Kr 17 dager siden
@Kaiden Piggott Don't think so. Currently they are 2.5-4% off for the 107% rule (I checked) in the worst case scenario and already so far down. So it may very well be 6-8 laps down before the 107% rule kicks in. But there is more to it.
Rattus Norvegicus
Rattus Norvegicus 17 dager siden
That Hass to change, surely? Don`t call me Shirley....
George Danilov
George Danilov 17 dager siden
They could really compete for points if they start in F2 races
Mitchell-Wallis Force
Mitchell-Wallis Force 17 dager siden
*raises hand* Mr. Straw? I'm confused. You said the turning vanes produce vortices that seal the underfloor, but what part of them is making the vortices? Is it the tips up top? And how do they get the vortices to go a certain direction? (Stealth Edit: Not here to criticize the video. I'm just askin' questions.)
KillCamEditoR 17 dager siden
The pressure differential between the root and tip of the vanes create the vortices. Just like they do on airplane wings. Essentially, one of the main mechanisms of that is air “leaking” from one side to the other. There are of course other methods to produce vortices, but this is one of the most controllable ones. They’re stupidly hard to reduce, but quite easily controllable. Other vortices can be produced by more specific shapes, without streamline visualization it’s harder to explain on a NOsections comment. Google should help.
ArChAnGeLl 987
ArChAnGeLl 987 17 dager siden
@Manny Laguatan I know, I was just making a joke on the wing....ing it part :p Since they like wing...lets so much :p I know, I'll go look for the door...:p
Manny Laguatan
Manny Laguatan 17 dager siden
@ArChAnGeLl 987 with Gary Anderson on their staff, I doubt if they're wingin' it But I must admit, some of this stuff goes over my head. Sometimes I wish they would just go back to sliding skirts....
ArChAnGeLl 987
ArChAnGeLl 987 17 dager siden
I often ask myself if they do this intentionally to somehow keep it more digestible for everybody...or are they...well...just...ammm...wingin' it 😁
MennooProjects 17 dager siden
2:18 I'm pretty sure Alpha Tauri was the first one showing their Z-shaped floor. The shape was visisble on Alpha Tauri's floor of the reveal-spec of the car as well, but they revealed their car earlier than Aston Martin (AT on 19th Feb, AM on 3rd March )
Scom Tott
Scom Tott 15 dager siden
Interesting tactics from the other Italian team. _‘Pronto little air vortrices? S🅱️innala.’_
KryoTrikz 17 dager siden
nobody cares
Admiral_Awesome 17 dager siden
I love the technical side of parts of the Race. Super easy to understand, but enough technical detail to keep me interested. Great highlighting of areas with clever diagrams and great action shots. It's amazing the level of aerodynamics in F1. How someone can come up with a 1 inch high Winglet or turning vane here we can influence this part here down stream. I'm so glad I subbed early on. It also helps give me my F1 fix between races.
MdMDmD 17 dager siden
My god, they're hideous
thefactorypilot145 17 dager siden
The Race is the best independent f1 channel out there!
Shawn Pitman
Shawn Pitman 17 dager siden
How is it that it's june 3 2021, we know that Pirelli have made a new set of tyres for 2021, and yet journalists EVERYWHERE keep saying that they did these changes for the reason of Pirelli's tyres? STOP PERPETUATING THEIR LIE.
KillCamEditoR 14 dager siden
This comment didn’t age well. Still wanna talk about conspiracy ? Two drivers in the wall with tyre failure. Time to put the tin foil hat back into the closet.
KillCamEditoR 17 dager siden
@Shawn Pitman Do you have any proof ? Ive genuinely never heard of that before.
Shawn Pitman
Shawn Pitman 17 dager siden
@Lęgø Keep drinking the kool-aid and deluding yourself into believe that completely nonsense lie. Even with your point about the 2020 season using the 2019 tyres you still have no arguement, because that means they started working on a new compound in 2019 that they could bring forward to 2021 since even with COVID they were still able to work. Try again, halfwit. Oh, and PS, your "point" about them using the 2019 tyres in 2020 cause of COVID? Yea, that's ALSO a lie, since COVID didn't start shutting anything down until march 2020, when the season was DUE TO START.
Lęgø 17 dager siden
Think of it like this, For the whole 2020 season F1 was using the 2019 spec tyres due to china cough. At the start of the 2020 season the amount of downforce the cars produced were already unsafe for the tyres. And in 2021 the downforce has been reduced, and now at the start of the season the cars are relatively achieving the same lap times as the 2019 cars. Given enough time, its entirely possible for most teams to claw back enough downforce to get close to 2020 laptimes. If the rules were not changed, the 2021 cars would be even faster than the 2020 cars, chances are even the new pirelli tyres wouldnt have been reliable enough to handle said downforce. New pirelli tyres or not, the rule changes were necessary.
Shawn Pitman
Shawn Pitman 17 dager siden
@Dark Hero 81 Reading comprehension, get some. Your reply clearly assumes I asked a completely different question than the one I actually did.
SmashGhost 17 dager siden
Have you done an in-depth look at the waffle floor? That would be a good watch.
HighLiner15 16 dager siden
Yummy the chicken n waffles 🧇 floor!! 🤤
Stromberg Thornton
Stromberg Thornton 16 dager siden
Mmm... Waffles.
Curious_Cat 17 dager siden
Hopefully they will do that and a video for the croissant floor.
Greg 17 dager siden
I wanted to, just couldn’t make up my mind...
Amir Rosli
Amir Rosli 17 dager siden
what song is the background music is??? can someone please tell me
Clutchyfinger 17 dager siden
Mercedes were first to test the Z floor on their Aston Martin*
RC Ritter FPV
RC Ritter FPV 17 dager siden
Cars would look soo good without the aero floors. can we get rid of those? No horizontal surfaces outside of the vertical walls? Aero destroys sexiness...
KillCamEditoR 16 dager siden
@RC Ritter FPV Ah yes sorry I don’t see my cars as women. Spiky winglets are not fun when trying to fuck a car, 100% agreed.
RC Ritter FPV
RC Ritter FPV 16 dager siden
@KillCamEditoR thats your opinion, I understand aero. Sexiness as in flowing curves. Aero winglets and stuck on strictures are the opposite. If you ran you hand over it as if caressing it.. Would your hand run smoothly over it. Or would you cut yourself on 1000 sharp edges? That isn’t sexy
KillCamEditoR 17 dager siden
I too am turned off by things I don’t understand. Aero doesn’t destroy sexiness, limiting it does. Look at 2022 wind tunnel mules, and come back to us.
Jaco Schutte
Jaco Schutte 17 dager siden
You should probably read up on the 2022 rules.
Alex Fracyon
Alex Fracyon 17 dager siden
Amazing how much aerodynamic changes make a difference
such doge
such doge 17 dager siden
HAAS are going to be dreadfully of the pace by the end of the year
Josh132 GT
Josh132 GT 7 dager siden
@Dusty Rusty the FIA should introduce a rule that if a team is so slow they might as well be in F2, then they get disqualified from the championship.
Dusty Rusty
Dusty Rusty 7 dager siden
By the end of the year? How about right now. Haas is a embarrassment in F1.
Josh132 GT
Josh132 GT 11 dager siden
+4 laps
Patrik Jansen
Patrik Jansen 16 dager siden
@William Ford but that's because they developed the car throughout the season
Stromberg Thornton
Stromberg Thornton 16 dager siden
The 107% rule beckons.
Sum Ting Wong
Sum Ting Wong 17 dager siden
What if they just dropped the tyre pressure by a small amount so the car drops 1-2mm lower? Surely that's cheaper than spending millions on all this CAD?
KillCamEditoR 17 dager siden
What would be the point of lower ride height ?
Dean Norrie
Dean Norrie 17 dager siden
Minimum tire pressures are part of the race rules ever since Belgium 2017(?) when Ferrari blew a bunch of tires.
Fabian Dialer
Fabian Dialer 17 dager siden
You are joking right, the tire has to have a minimum preasure or else it would give significant drag and worsen the cars performance, not to mention it would strain the tire even more causing it to endure even less laps.
SmashGhost 17 dager siden
OMG you're hit on it! Something so simple that 7500 f1 staff haven't thought of!
Geert Matthys
Geert Matthys 17 dager siden
I'm gonna miss 2017-2021 cars when goofy American spec series hits next year, they're gonna be snail speed slow, less wide tires, another 50kg of useless weight 😭
TransportFan2003 17 dager siden
technically the Z-Floor is just a loop hole of the rule it is trying be solution for so i think it should be illegal as it is reversing the rule
cole mattingly
cole mattingly 17 dager siden
that's just incorrect. the only thing the rule said was it needed to be 100mm shorter in the back, it never specified that it had to curve in. this should not be illegal.
see you soon
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