The key area McLaren's having to treat Ricciardo like an F1 beginner 

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Daniel Ricciardo has taken a step forward with McLaren over the last couple of F1 races, with a breakthrough during the Portuguese Grand Prix allowing him to unlock more from the car while he waits for updates from the team that should make him more comfortable. In this video Scott Mitchell explains how Ricciardo is trying to change his style to suit McLaren, with an insight into the main area he is being coached on by his engineer when he's out on track.


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11. mai. 2021





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David Gretlein
David Gretlein 20 dager siden
I believe test time, on track, in the car is very limited. Time in the simulator doesn’t precisely give you seat-of-the-pants feel required. I wonder whether they can setup Karts on scaled tracks, with similar characteristics/traits of the F1 car to help Daniel. Is Kart driving/practicing/testing allowed now? If I recall correctly, Michael Schumacher would go Karting during off-time and/or between events.
uknodadeal 21 dag siden
Let’s give this man some credit on how clear and professional he explains DC’s struggles
Glen Tight
Glen Tight 22 dager siden
Aren't they 2:2 in quali? Hints that DR's outright pace isn't horrid... Race pace is not good though. Even with a good quali, DR struggles on laps 1 and 2... Seems as though he has to get used to how the Mclaren switches on the tyres more than anything....
Glen Tight
Glen Tight 22 dager siden
Hate to see the "last of the late brakers" have to change his braking style, but he chose this challenge....
Francois Bertrand
Francois Bertrand 23 dager siden
AWESOME VIDEO! You guys are going well beyond reporting news. Thank you.
Loki27 23 dager siden
If McLaren are serious about constructor points they should be thinking of cheaper and faster driver for 2022 and beyond before they waste their money.
Love0verflow 24 dager siden
I see Daniel as my world champion
Golf Hound
Golf Hound 24 dager siden
Well done Daniel. It takes guts and humility to want to start over and learn new things. Well done.
Golf Hound
Golf Hound 24 dager siden
Riccardo reminds me of what golfing greats Nick Price, Tiger Woods and Greg Norman did. Always a champion, they change teachers, completely break down their golf swings, and rebuild them in order to win more major championships. I applaud Daniel for doing the same. I always thought his move to Renault was a mistake. But none of us know the intimate workings of that relationship; only the obvious. Daniel wasn't winning with Renault. And he was smart enough to cut his losses and start over. Well done Daniel. But I suspect McLaren will be the last team to recruit him if it doesn't work out. Who wants to hire somebody that isn't winning and keeps jumping ship?
Manj Sher
Manj Sher 25 dager siden
Daniel were to run to next Ricardo ...
Joe B
Joe B 26 dager siden
Daniel... Patience is a virtue. Your humility is inspiring. Remember "It will come"
honestmcgyver 26 dager siden
Then Llando lapped him at Monaco
Kcid Deah
Kcid Deah 26 dager siden
Riccardo is a dud.
sctmcg 28 dager siden
Here after he was lapped by his teammate in Monaco
titan81 Måned siden
Stigs stupid cousin
Stigs stupid cousin Måned siden
oh how time flies,. in alonso era mclaren become a toxic team, overproud with their chassis and blame honda,. and now they become a loveable fun team.
Griffin Moore
Griffin Moore Måned siden
I think he might not do good at Monaco the weekend, but I think he will gain a lot because of the amount of braking and cornering
Carla JS
Carla JS Måned siden
Great Vid
Tommy Robledo
Tommy Robledo Måned siden
Sonokido Måned siden
McLaren: Oh, gorgeous, gorgeous Red Bull: You fucking donkey!
Sammy Sepulveda
Sammy Sepulveda Måned siden
Even more reason to love Danny Ric
[KPG] Måned siden
I really hope Ricciardo sticks with the team, it seems like a good fit if he gets the proper development and accommodations he deserves. McLaren sure knows how to improve and invest in their drivers.
Tim Taylor
Tim Taylor Måned siden
I think the highlight here should be the length of the team is willing to go to accommodate Ricardo considering it is obviously hurting the performance of Norris to do so
Rich Harris
Rich Harris Måned siden
McLaren are a different team, now. They’re a very happy-go-lucky team at this stage whereas under the kosh of Ron Dennis, they were a bit more like Red Bull are now (sadly). The team know they’ve got an amazing driver line-up, a great engine and awesome team principle. They’ll get their shit together sooner rather than later.
Lewy Sav
Lewy Sav Måned siden
just a suggestion but a wind sock will stop your pops in the audio. otherwise a great video. thumbs up.
Roxss Måned siden
Im sorry but if Mclaren makes a championship winning car next year, it will definitely be lando winning, not Ricciardo.
nicole tribolet
nicole tribolet Måned siden
So proud of our 'Little Aussie Battler' Nothing but a beautiful smile no matter what difficulties arise. A legend. Outclasses everyone. By far the greatest role model the sport has and ever has had. Bravo Daniel !
Anosh ter Haar
Anosh ter Haar Måned siden
It's also well known Daniel is a driver and not that good of a setup genius. At red bull Max quickly gave him the data he needed to get quick, now he doesn't have such a clear and known datapoint you see him struggle since he isn't very good in fixing a setup.
Aussie Pie
Aussie Pie Måned siden
Danny Ric showing what a true professional he is and why he is one of the best. Yuki needs to take note and note complain and swear about the team and car, he’s definitely not a professional in any sense.
simon glancy
simon glancy Måned siden
You have to feel for Danny Ricc he is destined to join that group of elite drivers that never win a WDC, unlucky mate.
Lautaro Quiroga
Lautaro Quiroga Måned siden
Don't bully him too much or he'll go offline guys be careful
xitoroman Måned siden
Mclaren looks gorgeous this year
Christopher Nicolson
Treats it like a job and a new role. Model professional. The team will be bending over backwards to help him. All the best.
andrew rose
andrew rose Måned siden
ricciardo is known for been the last of the late brakers ... mclaren should set the car up for that , not ask him to change his driving style to suit the mclarens weaknesses and maybe then they will be challenging the redbulls and the ferraris and mercs
andrew rose
andrew rose Måned siden
mclaren suck ... they spose to set the car up to suit the driver , not the other way round... all the teams are the same in the modern era .. they spend time setting the lead car up perfectly and leave the second driver and then complain when he isnt up to speed
Charles Måned siden
Danny is showing the kind of attitude that sets him apart from some of his peers. I'm confident he'll do well!!;
OPgi Sh0tz
OPgi Sh0tz Måned siden
Acke Måned siden
This video gives us such a good insight in how complicated it is to drive a F1 car. I've been very harsh on Vettel the last years, but when my favorite driver Danny Rick all of a sudden struggles like Vettel the I realize how Seb must've felt. Sorry Seb for all my ranting the recent years......
Mike Payne
Mike Payne Måned siden
Between Danny Ric and Lando there’s a lot to love at McLaren.
GreenGiant 1875
GreenGiant 1875 Måned siden
I sincerely think Lando is a class above Daniel. I think Lando is massively underrated.
Robert Henson
Robert Henson Måned siden
paul morgan
paul morgan Måned siden
it looks like he's going to get a few podiums this season and hopefully maybe a Mc double podium on a rainy day as both drivers good in the wet.
Jeff Hayward
Jeff Hayward Måned siden
Clear sign of a talented driver and consummate professional...he realizes that he needs to adapt his driving as there’s only so much they can do to change the car. It’s refreshing to see professionals collaborate so well together, trying to maximize the package of car and driver. Well done 👍🧡
Kwebbelkop Slogoman
Kwebbelkop Slogoman Måned siden
Man honestly just give the the honey badger a year like his first year in Renault.....then he will be back to his winning ways
Lili Bordei
Lili Bordei Måned siden
I think there was an auto correct while making the title 😂
SanguinaryGuard Måned siden
This is why I was so pissed at RB for what they did to him as Max came along.... A driver who's driven for you for a long time is so in tune with each year's car, that if they try to change teams, they are seriously hampered at the new team as the car is too different.
Rick Måned siden
Is that why Max immediately performed when he jumped into a RB seat mid-season? He didn’t need excuses. If an 18 year old can do that, then I expect similar results from proven race winners like Perez, or Daniel Ricciardo.
Ryan Trimble
Ryan Trimble Måned siden
I signed Ricciardo to my custom team in career mode on F1 2020 in year 3. He won the drivers championship and I have never been happier for a video game NPC.
Grogery 1
Grogery 1 Måned siden
This is how a champion behaves, no excuses, just adjustments. No need to complain or blame just extracting the best from everyone. Ricardo is going to be a real asset for McLaren.
Geoff Powers
Geoff Powers Måned siden
Anybody but Hamilton
ttomred4000 Måned siden
Im live in WA where dan is from. Even i think he is over rated. I suspect he will be found out soon.
Darren Måned siden
Wow, I'm supprised how much he's having to be taught. He's nowhere near a championship level driver
Calvin S
Calvin S Måned siden
The title of this video has so many grammatical errors! Surely you know how to use contractions properly?
Ben Thomas
Ben Thomas Måned siden
So in layman’s terms he needs to stop being a pussy riding the brakes & drive the car properly...👍
Josephine Leyden
Josephine Leyden Måned siden
This is a masterclass in why F1 requires adaptability and sheer talent. Daniel could have an arm hanging off and he would go, Nah I'm good to go, jump into the seat and win. That is pure heart. And bloody determination. Oh and tires.... help to win too.
Patrice Sankara
Patrice Sankara Måned siden
Danny Ric will be on the podium in Monaco
Matt Green
Matt Green Måned siden
Hats off to Daniel for his hard work. I wonder how hard it is for the team to change the car to help Daniel without causing problems for Lando.
jez Cas
jez Cas Måned siden
It’s great to see that after 3 races Ricciardo is slowly but surely getting there. I have no doubt in my mind we’ll see him on a podium this season. It’s also great as a whole because his presence there is forcing lando to really step up his game making them a deadly driver pairing that will only get better
Tim L
Tim L Måned siden
So the 2021 car is more of a handful or unstable to drive than 2020? Less downforce in 2021, feel less planted, wouldn't that ruin performance? Far too technical of a sport rather than focusing what makes good racing. Head up its own arse
Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay Måned siden
My philosophy is: The basic foundation of life: you never know enough and constant learning must be a skill. So, nothing surprising happened here. McLaren wanted to understand Dani Ric's biggest weapon (his braking technique) and Dani Ric wanted to understand McLaren's MCL35M's behavior under braking. Constant learning.
D.B. Måned siden
Basically it looks like f1 has become so complicated the drivers even need to be “car specialists” now too. This will kill driver moves as they realise it’s super hard to move as a driver! Boo.
Toby Withers
Toby Withers Måned siden
Best Australian athlete by far, no ego and an amazing talent. Loved reading the comments from all around the world about an Aussie Athlete and the fans he has, What a class act you are DR
ngc 5139
ngc 5139 Måned siden
How long before he's a third driver in some random Le Mans team or getting a 20th place at some Indy car event in Wisconsin? His career has never panned out and he's a year or two from being out of F1.
Dave Russell
Dave Russell Måned siden
In Danny Ric interviews it's always amazed how little Daniel knows about how a car works. Obviously you don't need to an engineer or mechanic to drive fast.
Lappin Måned siden
wont be long before he's on the podium
Toni Siret
Toni Siret Måned siden
I'm learning that great driver's adapt their style to the car, not the other way around. This is what Bottas needs to do, to get closer to Hamilton. Same with Checo & Max.
utkarsh upadhyay
utkarsh upadhyay Måned siden
i think everybody kept on saying that he is looking good in the pre season testing i knew that would jinx him it did
Ditiro Motene
Ditiro Motene Måned siden
Say a lot about the McLaren car
Omid Heidari
Omid Heidari Måned siden
He is going to have a tough season adjusting himself to the car but I know he would dominate the field in 2022 season... New regulations means everything is from the scratch and proves who is the best of the rest based on pure talent.
Homogeneous Social Unit #104226883698
So this video totally contradicts your other video 'Why Verstappen's special F1 driving style is a myth '. Of course cars are different and they suit different drivers, I don't know why you ever tried to say it didn't! Your only explanation was that 'Verstappen is a good driver, and so should everyone else be'. Drivers have unique styles, otherwise each pair would finish exactly the same in the same car.
kÿhXX Måned siden
if only there was an ai to study the driver in simulation 4 the engineers to work off that data- n test run with actual f1 car*
Nico Montinola
Nico Montinola Måned siden
He has great sensitivity with the car . Not like Mazepin or Tsunoda who are easily frustrated cuz they can't predict what the car will do
Zeeshan Haque
Zeeshan Haque Måned siden
Honestly he's good but this just shows that there's a gulf in class with drivers like Alonso, Hamilton, and Button - all these drivers were able to be very competitive right from the start with their new teams, Ferrari, Mercedes, and McLaren respectively. It took them no time to get up to speed. These drivers like Perez, Riccardo, Sainz taking a 4-5 Races to get confident in the car whereas the "old school" world champions were able to be competitive and extract the best from their cars immediately just shows how good those guys were and are today
Ken Underwood
Ken Underwood Måned siden
Why doesn't his name sound like Ricky-ardo?
Alec Maloney
Alec Maloney Måned siden
Does anyone know where I can listen to the full version of the background song? I’d appreciate it 😂😂😂
Fact Machine
Fact Machine Måned siden
The first song is Grenadine by West & Zander
Josh Gee
Josh Gee Måned siden
Daniel Ricciardo is a top 3 driver
Bracey Fountain
Bracey Fountain Måned siden
I think McLaren actually acknowledge Daniel's talent and skill and are wanting to work and develop with him, unlike Red Bull. It's gonna be hard on Daniel as aerodynamics are set to change even more for next season. Im excited to see what comes from Daniel as we progress into this season.
Jlws _117
Jlws _117 Måned siden
Excellent video, excellent driver. I think the technical difficulties he’s been facing in adjusting his braking style are steep. As a casual observer, it was hard for me to understand why the MCL35M is so difficult for Danny Ric to master. This video clears up the differences between it and the cars he’s been accustomed to thus far. Thanks for the video, please keep up the good work!
Drew Lett
Drew Lett Måned siden
I hope they don't change the car towards Daniel at the expense of Lando with the upgrades. If it just improves the car then brilliant as they'll get even closer to the Mercs and Red Bull
Jack Lee
Jack Lee Måned siden
That's a proper team right there. Driver doesn't complain and instead tries to adapt. Engineers try to understand the driver's needs and provide all the support they can. Meanwhile, Helmut constantly creates a toxic work environment with his crazy old man comments.
redporschekilla Måned siden
Great subject and analysis, McLaren is doing an awesome job, and DR3 is the best driver to follow through with that. Keep those videos coming!!
The Literal Sky
The Literal Sky Måned siden
Andreas Seidel vs. Christian Horner Zak Brown vs. Dr. Helmut Marko "We want to succeed through improvement and work" vs. "We want to succeed no matter the cost and damage"
Spencer Matthews
Spencer Matthews Måned siden
Danny Ric is a B driver and just doesn't know it yet
Adam Cooper
Adam Cooper Måned siden
how did you manage to watch purely Ricciardo in practice? f1tv?
Vishal Prakash
Vishal Prakash Måned siden
Going against instincts can only work to a certain level. The car has to be tuned according to his liking else he will always trail his team mate like so many other teams.
Siva Sparkel
Siva Sparkel Måned siden
Tell information about astronmartin f1 team!!
Tom Preuss
Tom Preuss Måned siden
What do you think would be different today, if Ricciardo never left Red Bull?
Rick Måned siden
RB would be leading the constructors, and Lewis, Max and Danny would all be fighting each other for the WDC at this point.
Sanele Buthelezi
Sanele Buthelezi Måned siden
McLaren has the best management on the grid no doubt. Not expecting much from Ricciardo in Monaco as its full of slow speed corners. Hope he surprises me.
ManuBlack Måned siden
why you change the voice actor?
Steve C
Steve C Måned siden
If there is any chance NOR\RIC help McLaren hold 3rd in constructors would be a huge win.
Marcel Polman
Marcel Polman Måned siden
He’s really mature about it all. Just trying to do his best to be the best out there. Doesn’t let his ego get in the way and respects Norris when he is faster. A true attribute to any formula one team.
Juho Stèn
Juho Stèn Måned siden
Just saying that he hasn't been bad. Out qualified Norris 3 1 and 20 points behind.
Brendan Leenders
Brendan Leenders Måned siden
Podium in Monaco !!!!!
MeneerIngeneur Måned siden
Point is...its not easy to drive an F1 car good! it takes immense skill and adaptation.
Indochina James
Indochina James Måned siden
Do you lot ever wonder why Lando kept the yellow sticker? Usually it goes to the No.2 driver or driver who has been there least amount of time, but Lando didn't give it up when Sainz left and Riccardo has the black sticker which is usually for the No1 driver...anyone ever wonder why? Is it because he is paid more and is his senior?
AnimalzyNL Måned siden
I really wish Ricciardo somehow gets the chance to fight for a championship once more. If there's anyone I'd love to see take that driver's championship, it would be him, although I don't see it happening anymore sadly. I think Daniel must be the most generally liked person in f1.
John Morris
John Morris Måned siden
Daniel is true gentlemen racer not like some young drivers? Daniel will go be good for McLaren and will win more races early days yet 2022 2023 2024
Maquette Music
Maquette Music Måned siden
title gore
RH Måned siden
I hope if they bring updates more suited for Ricciardo doesn't affect Lando negatively and both can be great
Question “Deviant” Everything
Respect Daniel. Keep going son and you will get there big man. I'm sure you will be standing on those top steps in 4 or 5 races time. Keep up the great work.
Chris van Buggenum
Chris van Buggenum Måned siden
I want him to be competitive like he was in red bull. I hope he can challenge again.
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