The best and worst F1 games ever 

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Formula 1 racing games have been around for decades, and even in the early 2000s it was possible for multiple developers to get a licence to make a game, rather than the exclusive deals we have become familiar more recently. More competition among F1 games could be a good and a bad thing though, as Nathan Quinn explores with a trip back to visit the best and worst F1 games that have ever been produced.

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00:40 The best F1 games
06:42 The worst F1 games

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21. mai. 2021





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dickief1 Time siden
You missed F1 99. First with a safety car on PS1
Mixalis Sifnaios
Mixalis Sifnaios Time siden
Downloaded f1 challenge 99-02 one hour ago😂😂
Tymx 37
Tymx 37 6 timer siden
Am i the only one who thinks F1 2013 and 2014 were the best while 2018 was the worst?
RossBoss 16 timer siden
It would be cool if we could see an Formula E game too, or atleast a gamemode that includes FE for an F1 game like the way F1 2020 had F2 etc
Adam Kulik
Adam Kulik 17 timer siden
Best F1 game was Formula one 2001
Renátó Tóth
Renátó Tóth 18 timer siden
Grand prix 2 better than F1 97
JokeyZockey Dag siden
I finally found a copy of F1 Challenge 99-02 last year, but still haven't played it yet because it won't launch (I think because of Windows 10, any idea how to fix that?)
Drone 0160
Drone 0160 Dag siden
I started my F1 gaming with Grand prix 2 following grand prix 3 and 4. The grand prix series are awesome. It's amazing how f1 games developed. F1 2020 is what I was waiting for for over 20 years 😆
Girija The Saviour
Girija The Saviour 3 dager siden
F1 2020 isn't the best game. As a matter of fact it's one of the games with the most bugs. Online is unplayable. Leaderboards glitch, start red light glitch, glitch that puts you last if you join mid-quali, time trial glitch.... So many glitches.
Amir Zaim Mohd Zaini
Amir Zaim Mohd Zaini 3 dager siden
F1 World Grand Prix 2000, PSX version...Super License test is really hard due to over-sensitive handling, no manual gear option and also driving with just a controller is really difficult. You have to drive with no driving aids which are included after passing the test. When failing multiple times, you're just tired of hearing Tiff Needle keep babbling much after that. Although this PSX version of that game have better graphics, framerates often keep dipping, so it's frustrating.
Sparki Dee
Sparki Dee 3 dager siden
The PS2 version of F1 Challenge 99-02 was crap
FMZown 5 dager siden
erm...... F1 race stars????????
Vitor Fernandes
Vitor Fernandes 5 dager siden
F1 circus was fun for nec PC engine. As well as human gp in snes...
Kawaii five-o
Kawaii five-o 6 dager siden
Championship season 2000 on ps1 was awesome. Even had different fuel and tire strategies you could run in the race like 1 or 2 stoppers. It was a nice little simcade
Max Rusov
Max Rusov 7 dager siden
Geoff Crammonds games were always my favourite. I started with GP1 in 1994 I think and then played them all with mods, with online leagues of early 2000s etc. Philosophy of those games is just different. Changes you make to the smallest car setting then actually can be felt in a car even if you play on a keyboard.
Taskfootball 7 dager siden
f1 2015 is by far the worst codemasters game (next to f1 09). Buggy and unplayable mess without a career and scenario mode...
Frank 7 dager siden
Hooray for F1 Challenge 99-02. Game needs a remake, or well, maybe a similar style game near the end of CM series - F1 challenge 2010-2020?
C G 7 dager siden
@therace you obviously didn't play F1 2012
Retro Games with Herbert
12:57 "Barry Kripke" XD 😂😂
Brendan P
Brendan P 8 dager siden
F1 Championship Edition, best F1 game ever!
Esper 8 dager siden
The fact that EA's F1 2000 was better in its PS1 version than PS2 is telling. I have great memories of it on PS1, and dearly miss its custom grid feature.
Donair 8 dager siden
F1 Championship edition needs to be remade
Oceann Spiritt
Oceann Spiritt 9 dager siden
13:54 buuuuut it doesnt have any form of career mode or safety car or red flag.
Matt Cribbs
Matt Cribbs 9 dager siden
In 2021 if you don't have VR you aren't making a serious racing game.
Jimmy Myers
Jimmy Myers 9 dager siden
Formula One on the Sega Game Gear is probably my favorite Game Gear game.
Milen Schneeweiß
Milen Schneeweiß 9 dager siden
f1 2000 ps1 is the best for me
Surya 9 dager siden
Where's palmer
bodie of ci5
bodie of ci5 10 dager siden
F1 97. 'You're right there, Murray!'
Geert Matthys
Geert Matthys 10 dager siden
2016 is best I still play it more than the newer ones
slopp slagit
slopp slagit 10 dager siden
Baffled where you you got the GP4 footage from, looks like the finished game but that was never released. The version released had many issues and things missing like parts of tyres. I played it a lot back in the day, no sign of marshals rescuing cars as shown here or random accidents even in advanced mode. Pretty sure the online option did not work either. I've not raced F1 2020 even though my hardware should cope i7 4g 16gig ram, 1060 nvidia gfx, it simply won't run, you can choose team driver setup etc. but as soon as you try to enter a race the screen goes black, returned for a refund.
Raptor 11 dager siden
Grand Prix 2 is the best F1 game ever. It was way ahead of it's time!
Gavin Wilson
Gavin Wilson 11 dager siden
It's borderline scandalous that Grand Prix Legends isn't on the list of best F1 games.
Jimmy 12 dager siden
All im asking is for F1 to give the goahead to make a game that has all classic cars from a season. Maybe 1998 or the 1989 seasons with the graphics from now. Or maybe the 2004 season. With all features from the upcoming 221 game. Imagine creating your team back in the early 2000s... with screaming v10s and all these legendary drivers on the grid. But we can only imagine sadly.
Świdr 12 dager siden
Too bad there's no F1 World Grand Prix II on n64 on the list i think it's truly brilliant
rafi_92 13 dager siden
I Think GP2 for the PC is great. Also is F1 2001 for the PS1 a great game.
mauro cesar
mauro cesar 13 dager siden
man, to me, grand prix legends is the best historical f-1 simulator in the history, maybe this is the only game when i put in the list of the best ones
motorsportfan86 14 dager siden
I would think f1 2015 is a bad game because It has cut down many modes, from the Previous games including f1 2014, so my vote is that from codemasters series, the worst games were f1 2015 than 2014 because ist only a rebranding of f1 2013, and the f1 2011 in my opinion as formula 1 gamer, since formula one on PS1 and grand prix 2 on PC.
Dennys Rodrigues Rios
Dennys Rodrigues Rios 14 dager siden
Honorable mention: F1 2013. Dishonorable mention: F1 2002 (GBA).
Winged Hussar
Winged Hussar 15 dager siden
2:21 "ass appears" best F1 game ever
F1 master
F1 master 15 dager siden
I don't want to sound pretty unfair with this choice, but i wished that there was a mention of f1 06, that was the game that made F1 championship edition one of the best games, because i'm sure that without f1 06, f1 championship edition would have not existed, so i want to thank F1 06 for creating a pearl (and also because F1 06 was a banger).
WM 16 dager siden
IndyCar Racing II was the best F1 game of all time (if you were a nerdy kid like me and used the Paintshop to make every car on the 1998 grid)
Keith Pixton
Keith Pixton 16 dager siden
This video only talks about the F1 video game franchise
Alvert Reyes
Alvert Reyes 16 dager siden
You forgot F1 09 (PSP)
uwuMichael 16 dager siden
f1 mobile racing is also pretty shit
And War
And War 16 dager siden
Chris Bee
Chris Bee 17 dager siden
Grand Prix Series is the best ever! Till this day!
BackstageGerm 99 (BSG99)
GP4 was my first f1 game, fucking loved the damage model and marshals
ApplElbmurC 17 dager siden
F1 2011 isn’t the best I know but it was the first F1 game that got me into the Motorsport so I think it is one of the best
TheRacingGameGuy 18 dager siden
A Whole slew of games pre-PS1 era that were excellent! Exhaust Heat was great fun, Super Monaco Grand Prix as an arcade game was excellent and difficult (Even if the track isn't based around Monaco, just looks like it..) Formula One Simulator on the Spectrum was a brilliant Sim for its time and hardware, Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix on the Amiga.. Just because its recent, doesn't mean its one of the best! Also for F1 management style games, Spectrum again, Formula One!
Diether Santos
Diether Santos 18 dager siden
Here's the F1 games that I have from PS3 1. F1 Championship Edition (Also known as F1 06 for PSP and PS2) 2. F1 2012 3. F1 2013
1389 18 dager siden
Ok but whats the point when modern F1 games from Codie's have crap gameplay, especially on a controller which is strange since its a simcade made for F1 fans not with with Sim racers in mind. Its hard to believe that a hardcore racing sim designed around the use of steering will shits all over official F1 game in controller department. For me personally no Codemasters F1 game is in my op 5. We need a separate full on Sim official F1 game with a basic career mode, probably should use rFactor 2 engine, best physics and AI engine to date.
Rimmer Blues
Rimmer Blues 18 dager siden
Does anyone recall 'Grand Prix Manager' (I think that was the title), came out on PC around the time of GP2? Technically an F1 game even if you're not actually driving.
7inrain 18 dager siden
A video of the best and worst F1 games that does not include Grand Prix Legends is a video that belongs to the worst videos of F1 games.
Adz2 18 dager siden
F1GP for the Amiga in 1991 was one of the best of its time, customisable roster, decent controls, full length Grand prix and a spectator mode if you just wanted to play out scenarios.
Genc Topallaj
Genc Topallaj 18 dager siden
Here’s my list The best: F1 2010 and F1 2000 from EA The worst: F1 Race Stars and F1 2015
N2144 19 dager siden
I'm pretty sure that Official F1 Racing had a Playstation port (F1 World Grand Prix) developed by Lankhor as well. It's not a PC ex.
Coolboy Knight
Coolboy Knight 19 dager siden
where is mario kart?
Panos Egglezos
Panos Egglezos 19 dager siden
When I bought my PS1 in early '99, F1 98 was bundled with the system, so on the nostalgic sense alone, I must be the only person alive who actually likes this game.
César Dirón
César Dirón 19 dager siden
Even being a lover of the Official F1 Racing, with the awesome graphics it bringed back in the day, i must admit that it aged pretty bad compared for example, to GP2 (wich i am suprised you didn't event mention it). That's the grand father of F1 games in 3D era, the one and the first to do it right, it has almost everything, with awesome physics, setups; just missing the full 94 roster (but for obvious reasons it didn't push it that far). But in my humble opinion, the best ever, is F1 Challenge, the fact that it has the entire F1 seasons in mods, and good mods, is amazing. The only thing missing, was the career mode it had the console version, had it have that, it would be argued to be the best racing game, ever
Marc Ziegler
Marc Ziegler 19 dager siden
I know that you've mentioned Grand Prix 4, but anyway I miss Grand Prix 2 on your list. It was way ahead of its time, what graphics and realism is concerned and set the standard for many games to come. It had everything except for weather changes
Gareth Hall
Gareth Hall 19 dager siden
Did he really suggest that an issue on F1 2014 was being able to Divebomb from 20th to 7th in the first corner? You can still do that now on 2020...
J Weekly
J Weekly 19 dager siden
Grand Prix Legends. Thank you.
Cj Perry
Cj Perry 19 dager siden
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Jamesi 19 dager siden
Virtua Racing?
James Beadle
James Beadle 20 dager siden
F1 2002 by ea sports. For the fact they was lazy and left in the old version of hock. When the track had a new layout that year which showed up in the studio Liverpool version.
Tunahan Erbey Yazıcı
Tunahan Erbey Yazıcı 20 dager siden
You re psl racing
Igor Barreto's TF Racing
Ngl, I almost had a heart attack when you said F1 Championship Season 2000, but then I realized you were talking about the PS2 version, and I was much calmer. Not only because the PS1 version was the game that got me into, but also because I still play to this day, and I think it's quite good.
LikeWildFire 20 dager siden
2:12 To this day, my all time favorite
Adrian Rich
Adrian Rich 20 dager siden
Great video, can't fault it at all. My only gripe (and I know it's only gonna be me), was with the seemingly random pauses mid-sentence. But that's me being super pedantic lol.
BlackandBlueSkorpion 20 dager siden
Oh my god... i was forgetting f1 2014, why did you remind me?😭
Johnny Boy
Johnny Boy 20 dager siden
Ermmmm why haven’t you included F1 2009? On the wii and psp? It was the worst thing ever.
Johnny Boy
Johnny Boy 20 dager siden
F1 97 was a classic.
sam robinson
sam robinson 20 dager siden
"meaning after several seasons you end up with something that's barely recognisable to real f1" shows Kyvat winning
sswishbone 20 dager siden
Disappointed to not see Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco Grand Prix 2 on Sega Megadrive. Yes it's quite arcadey. But it featured a brilliant early attempt at career, some track designs which were correct years before other titles, and it voice clips from the legend himself.
Flap Drol
Flap Drol 21 dag siden
GP4 is my all time favorit.
Firas Helou
Firas Helou 21 dag siden
you forgot Formula 1 Racing Championship the best F1 ever ! 2001
[T28R] Tactic28rus
[T28R] Tactic28rus 21 dag siden
and... Nobody now about Grand Prix Legends? It was good game about f1 of the end 60's years.
benagonnova 21 dag siden
F1 2020: one of the best F1 games ever... No... absolutely not. The F1 games have had the same physics and handling since about 2014. And with EA thrown into the mix this year, a yearly cash in with ultimate team like trading card mechanics? PitCoin? I’ll stick to modding Assetto Corsa or RF2, thanks.
Liam Noble
Liam Noble 21 dag siden
does anyone remember am F1 game that came in a kellogs/corn flakes box in the UK?
Gjergji Konomi
Gjergji Konomi 21 dag siden
Good games honorable mentions: F1 2013, f1 2019, f1 2021 etc. Bad games unhonorable mentions: F1 2015, the shitty mobile f1 games etc.
Jethro Alcantara
Jethro Alcantara 21 dag siden
9:47 Eutechnyx are MOST known for one specific non-driving game though...
spino 21 dag siden
F1 championship edition is still my favourite f1 game
Ethan Stackhouse
Ethan Stackhouse 21 dag siden
Loved f1 2009, my childhood game
Franco Martín Rizzuti
I remember F1 98 and I remember the understeering. The game was unplayable.
Noctu 21 dag siden
To this day, i still think that F1 2000 for the PS1 is such a solid good one
Zmey_007 21 dag siden
F1 challenge 99-02 one love❤️❤️❤️
Der Traudel
Der Traudel 21 dag siden
I hope codemasters include a tv commentary option so you could hear those Moderators talking about the race
Ray Taylor
Ray Taylor 21 dag siden
2011 sucks. 2012 wasn't much better. 2019 is where I saw code-amateurs trying to build better and 2020 smashed it.
tim yo
tim yo 21 dag siden
You end up with something barely recognisable as f1 - sounds like the real sport since 2014
tim yo
tim yo 21 dag siden
All the codemasters and EA ones are shit.
Lucca Noblat
Lucca Noblat 21 dag siden
You put F1 2020 on the list, but forget F1 2012, F1 2013, F1 2016... no respect on that.
Craig Lemon
Craig Lemon 21 dag siden
F1 Championship Edition (2006) was my first F1 game, and im thankful for it
Samet Özkan
Samet Özkan 21 dag siden
F1 2015 with 2014 season is better than F1 2014 because the engine sound is better than the crap one.
シDrasticMandem 22 dager siden
is the commentator @PSL Racing ?
samwil4472 samwil4472
samwil4472 samwil4472 22 dager siden
Erm...2015 was way worse than 14
TomLehockySVK 22 dager siden
3:39 how ahead of it's time is a game, where you have actually fully modeled marshals come out and push the car out of the track ?? That is incredible.
Randomdude8 22 dager siden
Grand Prix 2,3 and 4 were my absolute fav. I even played that game co-op with a friend on one pc. After 2 or 3 rounds the AI took over and we swapped seats and also the car. Playing with a big beefy joystick lol. Good times And now F1 2020 if my fav ofc. I can agree with that list. No objections
Edivad Occirb
Edivad Occirb 22 dager siden
Grand Prix 2. Nothing else...
CaptainCapital8 22 dager siden
F1 World Grand Prix on N64... what about that? One of the strongest racing games.
Paul Jennings
Paul Jennings 22 dager siden
Grand-Prix 4 was amazing, so good! F1 98 was rubbish and really hard to control the cars. I thought the worse recent F1 game was on PS3 where the tyres dropped off so much that the car becomes undrivable.
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