Did Leclerc cost himself a shock Monaco F1 win - or was it Ferrari? 

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Charles Leclerc was denied the chance to fight for a shock Monaco Grand Prix win from pole position - but who was to blame for his failure to even start the race?

Leclerc encountered a problem on a reconnaissance lap during the race build-up and couldn't even make it onto the grid, clearing a path for Max Verstappen to take a routine win.

But was this heartbreak a legacy of his own mistake or a separate Ferrari failure? And, either way, could Ferrari have done a better job of spotting the problem sooner?

In this video we explain why the problem is almost certain to be self-inflicted in some way, as well as exploring why Leclerc and Ferrari were even in victory contention to begin with.

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24. mai. 2021





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Anders Åstrand
Anders Åstrand 19 dager siden
Leclerc screwed up and damaged his car. I think that's out of contention. They real question is whether Ferrari needs to have better procedures that would have allowed them to spot it or not. Had they seen the damaged part I think they could quite easily have argued the case for swapping it to the FIA.
TByrom 20 dager siden
ZERO sympathy...I love Charles, but he clipped the wall and doomed himself
Tomi Arenius
Tomi Arenius 20 dager siden
The boy is no Schumacher
Super -sim
Super -sim 23 dager siden
They should change all the suspension and drive shafts after a crash on safety grounds.
Luka Džidić
Luka Džidić 24 dager siden
Yes he did, Ferrari not being thorough with their car checks didn't help either tbh as the part was not under parc ferme and they could have replaced it penalty free... bittersweet weekend but there are lots of positives to take away from here for Ferrari tbh
Louis Castro
Louis Castro 24 dager siden
I don't understand how someone could think that the mechanical failure was unrelated to the crash. The car worked fine right up to the moment of the crash. It failed as soon as he set out on Sunday. Surely it was the crash.
Asado san
Asado san 24 dager siden
bill bur: "Ferrari could fuckup a free launch" -Singapore gp 2017
Chef Sev
Chef Sev 24 dager siden
I’m thinking it was karma for the Saturday cheeky crash but maybe that’s just me..
M L 25 dager siden
Good driver but less talented as Max is
Brian Ganger
Brian Ganger 25 dager siden
He cost himself the pole and the race by crashing.... period.
Claudio 25 dager siden
y is this video 8 minutes. The whole thing could have been 2min long.
FRFM00 25 dager siden
Or was it Ferrari... Wow, the white priv this fuck has is unreal... He will NEVER see bad press ever
A Perfect Day
A Perfect Day 25 dager siden
The crash is Leclerc's fault. But what happend the next day is Ferrari's fault. They were to eager to start on pole position because it would be good publicity ( Al lot of sponsors come to Monaco) and with these cars it is hard to pass by. Off course they will not admit that because that would have negative effect on the name Ferarri and the team. Which already had a major blow last years after the engine affaire. So they tell they didn't see anything wrong like they are innocent for what happened. That's just a weak excuse. It is the same reaction Toto Wolf gave by saying that it was also Bottas his fault for what happened in the pits. They are covering their asses. They don't have the guts to say " Yeah, we made a big mistake and we feel sorry for Bottas."
Apollo Prospector
Apollo Prospector 25 dager siden
This dude's voice and overly lengthy videos make any subject massively dreary
John E
John E 25 dager siden
nah he would not have made pole if he'd not crashed and shut down the last bit of qualifying. Max, Bottas and Seinz were on better laps when he crashed.
Philippe Defechereux
Philippe Defechereux 25 dager siden
It is inconceivable to me that the Ferrari team under "Teddy Bear" Binotto did not do a THOROUGH check of the ENTIRE REAR AXLE/SUSPENSION, left and right! So much was at stake, and such legerdemain... Unforgivable! Thank goodness for Carlos Sainz's drive and the 2021 car's great promises.
SF0311 25 dager siden
Off course it was Ferrari. Lectern was pushing and in Monaco its bound to happen. Ferrari had all night to go through that car and replace everything if there was even a question. They took the gamble to avoid penalties and paid the price.
Thomas Talleyrand
Thomas Talleyrand 25 dager siden
We have a saying about greed in the US “Pigs get fat Hogs get (censored)” In that saying Ferrari is now Sunday Dinner
SA B 25 dager siden
Both screwed up
Nemanja Dzepina
Nemanja Dzepina 25 dager siden
Even if Leclerc didn't crash, Verstappen would have started on pole with the way he drove in that last lap soo Leclerc probably wouldn't win anyway.
Tom Yordy
Tom Yordy 25 dager siden
who doesnt check the entire car over when there was a wreck
alexander larsen
alexander larsen 25 dager siden
Asmo 25 dager siden
He cost himself the race by putting his car into the wall in Qually in an 'incident' I'm not convinced, wasn't intentional.
Luke Sturch
Luke Sturch 25 dager siden
Vid 27 of asking for super gt
MrManuel1329 25 dager siden
The crash definitely caused the failure the probably caused stress fracture in the carbon axle.
Rodrigo Ruiz
Rodrigo Ruiz 25 dager siden
i think Leclerc is cursed so he cant win in Monaco
UmustBk1dd1ng 25 dager siden
It is possible that Leclerc tagged a barrier with the left rear wheel at some point during the weekend, but one would think that there would have been evidence of that.
wrecked funtimefoxy
wrecked funtimefoxy 25 dager siden
if ferraris wasnt so unreilble then this wouldnt've happened but dumb ferrari never fixes anything
Erwin Mulder
Erwin Mulder 25 dager siden
If Charles hadn't crashed, Verstappen would very likely have taken pole. Charles was running yellow sectors, while Verstappen had 2 purple ones and was 0.15 seconds faster on Charles' pole time at that point in his lap.
Edgy00 25 dager siden
Yeah guys its ferrari’s fault that he turned into a wall
David Wilson
David Wilson 25 dager siden
Leclerc cost them the win, Ferrari cost them the points. But wouldn’t have done differently myself
Turbz JJC
Turbz JJC 26 dager siden
That moment that you realise Mazepin has finished more races at Monaco than Leclerc... therefore Mazepin is a better driver than Leclerc. 🤣🤣🤣
Uncommon Sense
Uncommon Sense 26 dager siden
"Even pressured Verstappen at one point"...... if you call getting around 2.5-2.9 seconds behind, before being dropped to over 9 seconds at the checkered flag......pressure? Well okay.
Holden McGroin
Holden McGroin 26 dager siden
Hamilton: i lost 2 places! Bottas and Leclerc: wow really??? Poor you...
KLR 321
KLR 321 26 dager siden
I don't care for these guys. They will be alright.
lpi avelino
lpi avelino 26 dager siden
leclerc should be banned for the entire season for crashing to prevent others from qualifying while he was on provisional pole position.
Guilherme Crispim
Guilherme Crispim 26 dager siden
jeffrey alvarez
jeffrey alvarez 26 dager siden
His fault human error at swimming pool then ferrari mechanic are stubborn to repair the drive shaft they said impossible. thats why redbull mechanic is the best when it comes rush hour repair.😁
Megan Mackey
Megan Mackey 26 dager siden
The adorable imprisonment sicily listen because car macroscopically suspect except a uptight voice. permissible, chief female
Peter Oxley
Peter Oxley 26 dager siden
Can you seriously imagine Ron Dennis' McLaren not checking their car over properly after such a crash? They would go over the car with a fine tooth-comb to check EVERYTHING. Instead, Ferrari fixated on their pre-conception about the gearbox and only on one side of the car! FIA should fine the team for not checking the car was safe to race. Binotto showed total incompetence and yet again demonstrated he is not the right man to lead the Ferrari team, they deserve better. I felt devastated for Leclerc. 😢
Larco D
Larco D 26 dager siden
Most of the time it's just open questions and a list of every possible explanation without evaluating or second guessing these theories. Just talking aimlessly for eight to ten minutes. The same journalistic depth can be achieved by just typing "F1" in Google News search and reading the headlines.
Luka Vujeva
Luka Vujeva 26 dager siden
The Race knows 🤣 to speculate and laminate better than EU politicians. Back and fort for 8 min feeding no new information at all. Amazing 🤩.
Frenzy Bar
Frenzy Bar 26 dager siden
Leclerc doing what he does best, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory!
James R
James R 26 dager siden
Not much sympathy for Leclerc or Ferrari here. He crashed and ruined everyone else's pole laps, no. 1. Ferrari failed to check to damage even though it was clear to anyone watching - crash on the right side, hey, let's also check the left side, duh, no. 2. Almost certainly, Verst. would have been on pole without Leclerc's crash so this was just the "racing gods" balancing it back out. I'd have preferred him to take a 5 place penalty and still race to take more points from Ham.
Charles 26 dager siden
Hmmmm, do I, a sofa mechanic think i know better than a group of highly skilled Ferrari mechanics? I'm sure they've learnt something and I'm sure Leclerc will try to avoid hitting the crash barrier next time...
vike fon
vike fon 26 dager siden
Monaco is racing in a drain. ONLY pole sitter wins. So the "race" is actually in qualifying.
a walk
a walk 26 dager siden
It was a spectacular misjudgement on the corner which broke the front suspension, followed by the knock on effect of the broken driveshaft. The walls at Monaco are unforgiving.
Gavin Johnson
Gavin Johnson 26 dager siden
Leclerc isn’t to blame. It’s up to his engineers to fully inspect and approve every part of the car before it goes to the track, when it’s put together for practice, when it’s set up for quali and then onto the race. The failure to check all of the components sits with someone a fair distance from Leclerc. If the car has a crash, shows signs of wear, needs improving or any other repair work the responsibilities are still held by the engineers, the driver doesn’t get a say in the safety or strength of the car, they just get told it’s a) fit to race or b) not fit to race. The only choice they had related to whether they wanted a 5 place penalty or not, they (the engineers and strategy team) will have made a judgement call on that, again Leclerc can only follow the advice of his race engineers. Drivers don’t carry the ‘blame’ when components fail unless they have been specifically told to avoid hopping over kerbs or to lift and coast or change settings to ease the pressure on the engine. If they ignore those instructions then they are held accountable otherwise it’s all down to the engineers. Don’t forget, Ferrari own the car and they pay their drivers to do the job, it’s not his car, he is simply paid to drive it, give feedback and help the rest of the team to improve the car, drivers are expected to test the limits if the car and the track, if they don’t then they won’t become winners. You can’t blame them when they reach the edge of the envelope unless you want them to slow down at the next race. And I’ll take a Ferrari failure every week of the year, highest paid con merchants who are rinsing the FIA whilst putting out below par cars year after year. They should be paid on their performances not because of some history they think matters. Ditch paying them a premium, ditch Monaco and stop pandering to their ego.
Sarah Poisel
Sarah Poisel 26 dager siden
What cost him was the rules. When tail slap the wall the drive shafts were done.
Guido DJ
Guido DJ 26 dager siden
Ferrari has to think outside the box...the gearbox that is ;-)
b9y 26 dager siden
Imagine if Mercedes sabotaged Bottas.
charles coulson
charles coulson 26 dager siden
Huge sympathy for Charles, but less for Ferrari engineering team who should have investigated the whole of the drivetrain.
Craig Simpson
Craig Simpson 26 dager siden
It was Leclercs fault because he shouldn't have put it in the barriers. If Ferrari do a gearbox and drive shaft change he loses the pole and starts sixth leaving Max to win the race anyway.
The Lotus Tree
The Lotus Tree 26 dager siden
> Max Verstappen > "routine win" > lol
Vincent Otis
Vincent Otis 26 dager siden
He had the fastest car in the field and binned it. Totally his fault I'd say.
M L 25 dager siden
Max' RB was faster
George Stanchev
George Stanchev 26 dager siden
None of this is relevant. Charles was only on 'pole' because he crashed and spoiled a number of other drivers' hot laps. Had Charles not crashed, someone else would have been on pole, neither Ferrari would have won the race, and this whole thing would be moot.
James Bambury
James Bambury 26 dager siden
What I get from this is that Ferrari has designed an F1 that can look good going slow around a town where lots of rich people live. But is not a serious contender on a really fast track. Sounds like their road cars then!!
Amarildo Gojdeshi
Amarildo Gojdeshi 26 dager siden
BuuGz 26 dager siden
The real culprit is BUDGET CAP.... without it they would have changed everything that would have been allowed without getting grid penalty, that's why they didn't change anything from the left side as it looked ok. . I love Leclerc, but he has a tendency to crash.. once he irons this side of his driving he will be a world champ. He has crashed to many times for my liking, he does remind me of Max in a way, so he really needs to learn where the limits are. He even admitted that the last lap he didn't start well so he tried to push even harder...Yeah that's a big no no in Monaco... if he didn't crash he would have been P3 or P4 min...
Sandouras 26 dager siden
What a waste of 8 minutes.
peter L
peter L 26 dager siden
Remnants of 1939;a frenchman losing 😂
WAYNE TESTER 26 dager siden
I think they should have a 10 minute warm up on Sunday to air any gremlins 👍👍👍
Davide Porcaro
Davide Porcaro 26 dager siden
In the end, incidentally, this has helped Verstappen a lot: Hamilton couldn't improve his lap time and had to settle for 7th.
Great Profilename
Great Profilename 23 dager siden
Not true, Hamilton had already aborted his last attempt before Charles crashed.
random person
random person 26 dager siden
ultimately, leclerc crashed out of Q3 meaning no-one else could take their final lap. im not saying he meant to crash, i dont believe he did. but he crashed none the less. as to whose fault it was, well who was driving the car?!?
Matt Neumann
Matt Neumann 26 dager siden
I think it’s hard not to feel bad for Leclerc. Although, I do think the lack of penalty for causing a red flag in qualy should be reassessed. Feels wrong that Charles Leclerc can “win” pole despite the fact that he stopped 2-3 other cars from putting in competitive laps by crashing. Mistake or not.
Kaushik Talukdar
Kaushik Talukdar 26 dager siden
ferrari unreliability?????? is that a thing? even on road cars?
Michael Coats
Michael Coats 26 dager siden
I had been watching the 12 Hour GT race, the Saturday before the F1, and was amazed to see a car with the nut welded on, from the brake heat. Roll around to Sunday, same issue in F1. Rare to see it once, but twice in the same weekend?
Hein Ossendrijver
Hein Ossendrijver 27 dager siden
Karma for Leclerq he had to stay on track
John Munday
John Munday 27 dager siden
Will this end up costing him a grid penalty in Baku is what I'm wondering. Will ferrari change the gear box just to be over safe???
sam jim
sam jim 27 dager siden
Isn't there spare cars available anymore?
BRM H16 27 dager siden
Leclerc has made a lot of mistakes for a talented driver. He needs to prove his ability and stop wasting his chances. Personally I believe that for his results, a few wins and poles with a car that now seems to have had dubious legality, he is massively over-rated. I'll wait to be proven wrong.
Mohit Anand
Mohit Anand 26 dager siden
No he is not in 2019 Ferrari had worse race pace
Benn87 27 dager siden
Such incidents show again and again what is actually going wrong in this sport. If there really is a rule that prevents a team from thoroughly dismantling the car after an accident, this should be changed as soon as possible. There could have been a safety-relevant defect that could not have been seen.
DillonXV / GoingLoqo
DillonXV / GoingLoqo 27 dager siden
It’s called karma for doing what he did in Quali, man if someone else had done this u wouldn’t be happy 😂
Gapson76 27 dager siden
i think Charles would have finised 2nd as we saw thst RB had the race pace and the overcut strategy was very very strong. VER wouldve go longer on his first stint and would jump him
SgtGuarnereDD 27 dager siden
As a Dutchy I'm more than happy with Max winning the race after this incident, but I would've loved to see a real battle between Leclerc and Verstappen on track. Together with Russell they are (imo) the possible future champions of F1, so seeing them fight each other would be great.
M L 24 dager siden
Russell??? No way, guess you've not really took a good look
Tom Silver
Tom Silver 27 dager siden
Le Wreck strikes again. Over and over he blunders with his clumsy lunges ruining other drivers races and now he makes another dumb mistake in Monaco. Ocassionally fast but is not very bright.
Mohit Anand
Mohit Anand 26 dager siden
@Tom Silver agreed I would say this year this is his first mistake the sad part is this mistake came at the wrong time at wrong place . Also ferrari did a poor job of repairing . I am sure if rb or merc mechanics would have been there they would have repaired the car checking for whole damage . Since the ultimate culprit was driveshaft they would have fixed it
Tom Silver
Tom Silver 26 dager siden
@Mohit Anand Still he is not very intelligent. To wreck in Monaco when he had it made is just plain dumb.
Mohit Anand
Mohit Anand 27 dager siden
This year he has been flawless in races so you can’t bring last years incident into question . Granted we only have seen 4 races from him I am sure he has ironed that out as for Monaco since race was after 2 years the occasion got to him as he was not fighting for a title and didn’t care about risk
HalfMVsquared 27 dager siden
F e r r a r i r e l i a b i l i t y
BillyBob NaughtyKnob
BillyBob NaughtyKnob 27 dager siden
He's from Monaco. And he's professional racecar driver. He must have known that creating a yellow, at exactly that point in time, would put him on pole. Especially after all that Schumacher drama. I think that gearbox failure was Karma stepping in. And I also think that the RedBull engineers would have done a way better job than that Ferrari team.
whassupg39 27 dager siden
A leclerc win would have been so cool.
Leo Schenk
Leo Schenk 27 dager siden
The grid drop would've been for parc fermé Rules being broken right?
Al Gepé
Al Gepé 27 dager siden
The race: *titles a video with a question * Also the race: *doesn't answer that question * 😡
Jack Huang
Jack Huang 27 dager siden
The horrible sweater neurobiologically accept because success superiorly join before a small cook. high-pitched, green grey grieving continent
David Mave Prod
David Mave Prod 27 dager siden
This Mattia Biscotto guy
King Ears
King Ears 27 dager siden
No sympathy. Both at fault. Had he not crashed he wouldn't have wrecked his car but he wouldn't have been on pole either. Max was miles ahead of Charles in Monaco terms on his 2nd lap before the red flag. Not checking the left rear is massively negligent on their part if true but Ferrari clearly didn't want to replace anything because of grid penalties and chose to take a risk instead of playing it safe. Silly decision really and just shows what a meme team Ferrari are these days.
Paul van Noordwyk
Paul van Noordwyk 27 dager siden
man I'm still gutted for this young man.... he is in my opinion the best raw talent on the grid and he is going to be great once Ferrari properly back
Merijn Fluitman
Merijn Fluitman 27 dager siden
"Extensive checks"
Arul Roshan
Arul Roshan 27 dager siden
Positive: Podium finish for Carlos Sainz Seb Vettel in top five first time Verstappan winning monaco Negative: Wheel gun issue of bottas Drive shaft issue of Charles Leclerc 7th position for Hamilton Monaco remains Monaco
mssalami 27 dager siden
Sebastiaan 27 dager siden
Right wheel pushes on right driveshaft, right driveshaft pushes into diff, diff pushes into left hand drive shaft, damaging it. Quite simple really.
Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam 27 dager siden
His fault. Masterplan major fail. :(
Curtis Beers
Curtis Beers 27 dager siden
Both imo. Obviously its Charles fault for crashing the car but it was very foolish of Ferrari to think that the gearbox was fixed without placing any physical load on the car before giving it the all clear. They should've made "the lesser evil" choice and taken a grid penalty to change out the gearbox.
Paul Smith
Paul Smith 27 dager siden
In relation to the 'conspiracy' theory, I'm struggling to see how deliberately crashing would benefit either LeClerc or Ferrari. Would repairs have not put LeClerc to the back of the grid (assuming it was the gearbox that was damaged)?
chuckschilling 25 dager siden
Duh. By crashing, he ended all other qualifying attempts.
Oilslick 27 dager siden
Yup. And if he wanted to do it on purpose, he wouldn't have tried to total the car, but just driven the front wing into the wall at an awkward spot
Benn87 27 dager siden
Exactly. These conspiracy theorists only want attention. A gearbox change would also have meant a penalty.
Michael Grant
Michael Grant 27 dager siden
I do t think it was self inflicted due to the crash. But I’m very disappointed with the team that this issue whst ever it was wasn’t picked up. With all the checks that are done on the car after a season.
Ryan Schuddinh
Ryan Schuddinh 27 dager siden
Charles le Clerc cost himself a chance to win when he hit the barrier in qualifying, however Ferrari cost the team points when instead of replacing his gearbox (which had also had issues in FP1) and taking the 5 place grid penalty, they decided to wing it to try and keep pole.
Vignesh Kannan
Vignesh Kannan 27 dager siden
Leclerc's crash was his own fault. He paid for his mistakes. But what made me feel sad was when Leclerc was told that. Just imagine, preparing and hyping for the race the whole day, and right before the race you're said you can't race because your car is broken. If it was found out after the qualifying, they could've been able to do something, and Leclerc might've been able to mentally prepare for it. But man.......I felt sooooooo sorry for him.
TheMightyAkkYleX 27 dager siden
Max got his front wing and some of the sterring/suspension stuff damaged in Hungary last year on the lap to the grid, and he still stared. Ferrari have no excuse
Salahadin Abdulahi
Salahadin Abdulahi 25 dager siden
Exactly redbull fixed the car within 7 minutes and Ferrari couldn't find the problem having an entire day, completely their fault
Rob Haver
Rob Haver 27 dager siden
With these fine-set and fine-tuned racecars it only requires the tinyist of off-set in -for example the homo-kinetics of the (rear) suspension- that, although the initial damage was on the right-side, invisible damage on the left-side would only come to light during high-speed performance as it occurs during a race. Hence the dramatic result for Ferrari, although it must being said that LeClerc wás looking for trouble whist trying to set the fastest laptime since he was on his, so-called, 'hometurf'. Anyway, that's what i think is the issue with these high-performance vehicles which are, off course, built and set to go as fast as 'the wind' without dragging along unnecissary weight, to go as fast as F1 requires, but what makes these cars also very fragile.
Rocco Mapua
Rocco Mapua 27 dager siden
Max Verstappen routine win? In what universe? Lewis makes routine wins. Max isn't there yet.
yes no
yes no 27 dager siden
It would seem that after all those "we are checking" they didnt really check🤔
Dyl501st 27 dager siden
When Charles said no no no tears were coming out still gutted for the lad but when the Mercedes had a bad time it cheered me up
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