The problems that held Alpine’s F1 car back and how it’s catching up 

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Alpine started the 2021 F1 season on the back foot, losing ground after a promising finish in 2020 as Renault. We now have a better idea of why that was, and as well as learning about the off-track problems that held the team back, Edd Straw also takes a look at how busy Alpine has been with the number of updates it has put on the car over the opening races to get it back into contention at the sharp end of F1’s midfield

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13. mai. 2021





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ashutosh anand
ashutosh anand 6 dager siden
You might want to make a similar video but discussing aston marta n this time😂
dale vines
dale vines 16 dager siden
I have been watching a lot of British stuff. Yes I am a fool but, I am correct.
Ilya 20 dager siden
Excellent structure to this video!
Akko Onassis
Akko Onassis 21 dag siden
Mercedes, RBR, Ferrari, McLaren, Alpha Tauri. Aston seems to have a better chance at getting both of their cars in the top 10 more consistently though so 5th is a toss up. Sainz got acclimated too fast for Mclaren to overcome. Bottas is too consistent for RBR to overcome.
Zulharriansyah Syamsul
Zulharriansyah Syamsul 22 dager siden
that's people didn't know they had better power unit than leading Mercedes and honda
Jorge Alfonso Theilacker
Well, It is sad to see Alpine struggling again and again... Seems the "Future" never comes to the present...
Dhameer Govind
Dhameer Govind Måned siden
5th is the best they'll get. They'll hope to be having a large points gap to 6th so they can jump onto 2022 development fully. Pat Fry and Dirk de Beer have their work cut out!
Frank Måned siden
I like the Alpine's livery and design. It's unique at a time when many cars look the same.
Nikoxion Måned siden
5:07 Alonso trying to visualise the Rorsberg meme
TurtlelordGR Måned siden
I wish they didn't constantly mirror the stock footage here. The letters and names look weird all the time.
Luis Mercado
Luis Mercado Måned siden
Please cover Alpha Tauri next! :)
ORLSA Online Racing League South Africa
Just imagine if Ocon isn't over performing and Alonso is under performing. It could mean Alpine has more potential than first thought
Auri Måned siden
If ocon cant perform this year and ends up losing to Alonso in the drivers championship do you think they might call up Zhou or Piastri if they finish at the top end of the championship??
ROV Canada
ROV Canada Måned siden
I love the way Mazepin spins on the F1Visualized graphic at 2:47😂😂
Mr Bungle
Mr Bungle Måned siden
Alpine is one of those teams that can suddenly suprise and get on top in 2022,not even a fan but i hope that happens,Alonso and Ocon in front is more pleasent than Hamilton and Bottas
Dreamy_ Måned siden
Hope AlphaTauri Honda beats Alpine as Gasly kicks Block-Ocon's teeth in
Hockey guy
Hockey guy Måned siden
They will drop to 6th, thus proving Ricardo was right to move on. !!
Ranveer5ingh plays
Ranveer5ingh plays Måned siden
Alpha tauri has one driver scoring 9 points In larger picture Alpine is struggling alot Cuz it's matter of time tsunoda get to know better about car
Moritz Lindner
Moritz Lindner Måned siden
08:03... great for allowing mid rolls
Tony O Donnell
Tony O Donnell Måned siden
The problem that held Alpine/Renault back : ALONSO
Dipling. Pitzler
Dipling. Pitzler Måned siden
I think that a couple of additional rally style SEV Marshal add on head lights and ELF stickers here and there would definitely make the Alpine go faster !
Scott Elder
Scott Elder Måned siden
Speaks volumes to how much Alpha Tauri haven’t capitalised in how strong they looked in testing
Kicapan Manis
Kicapan Manis Måned siden
Or you know, how testing doesn't mean anything? Teams are using it to try stuff and getting used to things. Ferrari dominated testing two years ago.....and then Merc more just wiped the floor with them in the season even before that technical directive and secret agreement nerfed their engine.
RENOWN AU Måned siden
2:48 *SPEEN*
Timinator62 Måned siden
#1) French #2) Ditto
john jones
john jones Måned siden
Alpine's radiator packaging and small side pods with deep undercuts address where those things will need to be on next years car with it's venturi tunnels. That should give them a leg up on how the set up a chassis with a higher CG than the current cars. Considering they've gone with a slightly different aero configuration the the rest they're not doing TOO bad. The big question will be who will give up the mid field battle first to concentrate on next year's car, Ferrari has said 2022 is 80-90% of their focus already yet they're right in the mix.
Eddie Adams
Eddie Adams Måned siden
Thank god Danny Ricciardo chose to sign with McLaren...I have no more questions your Honour..
Cohen Michael
Cohen Michael Måned siden
I don't know who needs to hear this but stop saving all your money. Invest some of it if you want financial freedom.
Francisca bulking
Francisca bulking Måned siden
Investing is power! 💪🏾
Reeves Martinez
Reeves Martinez Måned siden
@Alison Greenwood Thanks alot for sharing this I will as well check about his services too🙏🏾
Sandra Sterling
Sandra Sterling Måned siden
Please how do i get to reach out to This man? I am really impressed with what i see here And i think its a go ahead for me
Sean Hart
Sean Hart Måned siden
Isn't that awesome! This man change my life,I was able to pay off my mortgage. I've made over $200,000 from his platform since this pandemic started
Gary James
Gary James Måned siden
@Alison Greenwood Thats cool!
TrappenWeisseGuy ;
TrappenWeisseGuy ; Måned siden
Mid grid teams always have excuses every year.
Lezerni Wolf
Lezerni Wolf Måned siden
If Alonso can adapt to F1 by next year and Ocon can improve or even keep his current pace, I believe that Alpine can be a great contender for 2022, depending on whether the wind tunnel works or not 😅
animesh singhal
animesh singhal 19 dager siden
A rookie driver needs some time to adjust to F1 machinery
Boris B
Boris B Måned siden
Has you tube gone mad? An ad every 2 minutes? Glad I run adblock program or it'll be unwatchable
Yeonjoon Hong
Yeonjoon Hong Måned siden
Alpine doesn't need any upgrading it's livery is just amazing
Rob 69
Rob 69 Måned siden
I love the masapin spin in the graphics
jayve ivan
jayve ivan Måned siden
Ferrari is only 4th in the standings not 3rd
Barnaba Żurawski
Barnaba Żurawski Måned siden
But Mclaren is 3rd in constructors mate
finton mainz
finton mainz Måned siden
The contrast between Alonso and Vettel says a lot. Alonso says the car can be driven faster than he's currently driving it and that he needs to adapt his driving. Vettel refusing to learn and blaming the car.
Full of Mischief
Full of Mischief Måned siden
Ocon has been incredible in qualifying. A car that really should be 9-10 in qualy he is starting P5 on the grid. It's impossible for that car to keep P5 for a whole race, but just shows him really pushing.
Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet Måned siden
Can u cover Redbull's Bendy wing ?
Simon Y
Simon Y Måned siden
I don't think they have solved their problems. It was easy to see in the previous race that on the hardest compound Alonso was passing drivers and was even near passing Ocon. I have no idea why he wasn't given the hard compound at the pitstop at Barcelona and why the team opted for a one stop strategy. I think that the team needs to do a lot of homework. I would love it if the changes would make Alonso more comfortable with the car.
Mathew George
Mathew George Måned siden
Ferrari is 4th in the constructors while mclaren is third.
venkataPrasad Sampath
Constructers standing had Ferrari in 3rd over McLaren, tifosi detected!
Carlos Eduardo Martinez Sanchez
I really hope that Alpha Tauri and Aston Martin make progress. I really hope that... and if i can dream, at least Alfa Romeo also do a lot of progress to win against Alpine.
John William
John William Måned siden
GP2 engine?
Sujith Rajan
Sujith Rajan Måned siden
You swapped Mclaren and Ferrari positions in the constructor standings at 6:55
Ryan Wayth
Ryan Wayth Måned siden
Anyone else notice how this rookie looks a lot like 2 time world champion Fernando Alonso. I wonder if they a related. I think I will ask Alexa and find out.
some random guy
some random guy Måned siden
7:02 you’ve got the standings wrong McLaren is in 3rd and Ferrari is 4th
Le-WiiSs Måned siden
That fucking bulge is the prob
Alec Brown
Alec Brown Måned siden
Alonso not throwing his ego about, so far ( unlike his maclaren,mferrarri and renault days), and his lack of savage critism on tv and media must make a big difference to the team as a whole, and Ocon is managing to get the best out of it. And the guys in the factory are performing improved parts that work as desired ( like force india could do, before racing point), and its refreshing to see renaults change of direction and impetus making a difference. As fans, we need as many teams racing on a par, to give us great competition and racing through the pack. And although i was a ligier fan as a kid, and a maclaren fan since the mp4 days ( and since the arrival of lando and carlos, more of a maclaren fan), i really hope that Alpine gets within touching distance of the papaya cars.
Carlo B
Carlo B Måned siden
Alonso has become more patient with his criticisms as he's gotten older , i think he was very patient with Ferrari where the Team F...ed up badly and cost him at least 1 World Championship title , Mclaren lets be honest the engine was Shite Honda's entry into the Hybrid era came too late to produce results early unlike Mercedes who planned early and look at its results , nothing more needs to be said other than when you have a driver that beat Schumacher twice in his prime '05 '06 he does know how to drive exceptionally well and his criticisms should be noted
Jalal Zahr
Jalal Zahr Måned siden
You have the Ferrari and McLaren constructor standings swapped.
Gouthaman Guna
Gouthaman Guna Måned siden
Alpine got to let Alonso go..his days are over..
Y Lu
Y Lu Måned siden
At 6:54, there's an error in your championship standings table. You have McLaren and Ferrari swapped. McLaren is ahead on 65 points
BList Måned siden
Gran Turismo menu music?
Infiniti Chico
Infiniti Chico Måned siden
Renault/Alpine is not bad. Haas go back to Nascar you are total crap. Vetttel retire you are washed up, 20 million over payed cry baby garbage. Bottas on different strategies you blocked Hamilton @ Spain with no chance on even being in the same race, did the same on George weeks ago causing a crash then acting like you did nothing LOL. Bottas is a crap driver in an amazing car. George Russel is an amazing driver stuck in a garbage team. George deserves his seat at Mercedes.
buffalo182 Måned siden
Asking to subscribe at the start of every video is the reason I don't subscribe
Mavo Måned siden
Has the pronunciation of “Alpine” been discussed? Commentators say Alpin but there’s an “e” on the end of the word Al-pine ??
ninja frozr
ninja frozr Måned siden
it's pronounced like (Al-peen)
finton mainz
finton mainz Måned siden
Yes it has. Yes it has.
Jed Johnstone
Jed Johnstone Måned siden
uhhhh you got Ferrari and McLaren mixed up in the constructors standings at 6:54 hahahaha
Derek Lush
Derek Lush Måned siden
Now we need an explanation of what he HECK happened to alphatauri after they set a time faster than bahrain pole at testing... ???????
PlateSmasher Måned siden
@Derek Lush Relax your slacks but not to the max. It was only testing. There are no rules. Watch his left hand activating drs early around the lap from the onboard. Also Tsunoda weighs the same as a potato so who knows if the car was even legal weight etc. Anyway Alpha Tauri generally get better as the season continues. Let’s hope it’s the same this year.
Derek Lush
Derek Lush Måned siden
@PlateSmasher and?? Quali des rukes are super generous + drs isn't taking a 5th place team to 1st!!
PlateSmasher Måned siden
Mate, Tsunoda used DRS so generously on that low fuel lap it would have been enough to help a Marussia to pole position back in the day 😁
J A Måned siden
Got a feeling we might see Oscar Piastri alongside Ocon next year.
They call Me JEFF
They call Me JEFF Måned siden
6:53 you got 3rd and 4th mixed up, Mclaren is 3rd in the constructors not Ferarri.
Mike Payne
Mike Payne Måned siden
When will you do a video about the things Haas is doing right? Being an American team sponsored by a Russian with dismal team results. I can’t think of a better way to grow your fan base!
PlateSmasher Måned siden
They need to do something right first. You can’t get Dallara to design/build your chassis in Italy, then stuff a Ferrari power and drivetrain in it before arriving at the circuit with a team of people that hasn’t actually spearheaded and understood the car design and philosophy and expect results. I wish they were doing better but their operation is not so clever and it’s ended the careers of Grosjean and K Mag. Fock Smash 🙁
Randomdude8 Måned siden
What happened to the McLaren difuser btw? I remember people talked about it like it was a holy grail and now nothing anymore...
shaunmark1 Måned siden
I felt worried about this, but I'm loving the Alonso/Ocon pairing, and am rooting them on.
Miki Fire Blue
Miki Fire Blue Måned siden
I miss black and yellow liver 😭🥺
Hippolyte Courtilleau
You should get that checked out mate.
John J
John J Måned siden
Think it’d be a bit gone off mate
Carlos Μillán
Carlos Μillán Måned siden
Best part of the video 2:48
Deeraj Nayak
Deeraj Nayak Måned siden
Thiccboi Chungo
Thiccboi Chungo Måned siden
No shit Alonso is used to different steering
Flyhigh “flyhigh879” 879_215
Yo did anyone peep how the made mazespin spin on the chart😂😂😂
simon glancy
simon glancy Måned siden
So far the prediction of alpine far worse than Renault ahead of them pulling out of the sport is looking pretty solid - they are already trotting out the excuss ALonslo can not win in this car so its all bad.
Nat Jes
Nat Jes Måned siden
the first to know...
Aman Garg
Aman Garg Måned siden
Lmao mazespin spin is the best thing in video
Siddharth Menon
Siddharth Menon Måned siden
The Maze-spin tribute @2:49 was hilarious 😂
Oscar Shen
Oscar Shen Måned siden
Alonso's performance is really hampered by the tyre. It's the third year for everyone else on these tyres (which was very tricky in 2019) but for Alonso it's the first. Let's hope his adaptabilty start to appear.
ninja frozr
ninja frozr Måned siden
@Thomas Reid no they are not, they're only starting to test the new tires for next year. The tires being used in races are the same since 2019.. (it was supposed to be new tires in 2021 but Pirelli couldn't deliver because of the pandemic so it got pushed back to 2022)
Thomas Reid
Thomas Reid Måned siden
They are actually using new tyres this year.
Diganta Dutta
Diganta Dutta Måned siden
I have had enough of this Ocon hate by these Gasly darlings.... Put some respect on Ocon's name goddamnit
mark dance
mark dance Måned siden
Aston Martin - board meeting - how can further devalue our brand and heritage ??? Oh I know let’s do F1 - poorly .
Sunny C
Sunny C Måned siden
So after all the fuss, Alonso jumped from a GP2 McLaren to a GP3 Alpine. While still publicly criticising the GP1.5 Ferrari.
Eruptic Måned siden
The problem is that they gave the car a plane name when it's supposed to be the exact opposite.
John Norris
John Norris Måned siden
Add the only reason Alpine is as high as 5th is because their competitors (Alpha Tauri and Aston Martin) have had bad years so far.
loosey goosey
loosey goosey Måned siden
7:02 that constructor standings is not correct, swap ferrari and mclaren
Rudro Bhattacharya
Rudro Bhattacharya Måned siden
mclaren is in 3rd with 65 points not ferrari
Giorgio Elgar
Giorgio Elgar Måned siden
Don't really wanna ditch the enstone setup but it would be so cool if Alpine were based in France
finton mainz
finton mainz Måned siden
Even Mercedes is really an English team.
kevin gonzalez
kevin gonzalez Måned siden
you got mclaren and ferrari mixed up. In the standings
Raptor Måned siden
Hmm this video kinda shows up your channels expert opinions at the start of the season.....
finton mainz
finton mainz Måned siden
How so?
Švico Zoro
Švico Zoro Måned siden
Nice stream gg from swizerland ! #✌-out
dougpowers Måned siden
3:22 - Tiny correction: if you're referring to aero elements designed to enclose structural members or other components not intended to be exposed to the air stream, the term used is "fairing", not "faring". Since it was trialed but left unused, I'd say this fairing didn't fare well.
Anurag Ahirawadagi
Anurag Ahirawadagi Måned siden
A video on Aston Martin's struggle pls!
reltih floda
reltih floda Måned siden
I cant wait for 2022
Love Girl
Love Girl Måned siden
rocko melone
rocko melone Måned siden
Great video, when is a detailed car analysis of mercedes coming? :) I would like to understand how they managed to get the upper hand until now compared to bahrain. Also a comparison of the "lost time compared to last year" would be interesting.
Kicapan Manis
Kicapan Manis Måned siden
Merc just have better race pace than RB, thats all. Bahrain also was never their strong track while Spain is.
Giorgio Elgar
Giorgio Elgar Måned siden
Doubt the changes on the Merc will be that big from testing, just zoning it in
Davin Sturdivant
Davin Sturdivant Måned siden
Love the music here too.
Lorenzo Poles
Lorenzo Poles Måned siden
yes nice track
Ariel Bendoy
Ariel Bendoy Måned siden
They show wrong race pace and constructor points! Mclaren 65 points and Ferrari 60 points! Not 60 and 65
Marek “Marek Marah”
Marcin Budkowski you read as Boot-kov-ski Would be good to learn his name as he is the team principal
Rory Evans
Rory Evans Måned siden
The cars fat It is now getting thinner That is all
Love Andrell
Love Andrell Måned siden
You put that ferrari was ahead of mclaren in the constructors
Rushan Kumara
Rushan Kumara Måned siden
6:59 McLearn are the third team in construction, not Ferrari
Liam and Michael
Liam and Michael Måned siden
thatd be mclaren
K Måned siden
I hope that Alonso rookie scores a win or even win a world championship or two
Christos SXZBG
Christos SXZBG Måned siden
How is alpha tauri part of the mid-field leaders exactly?😂
Luke Sturch
Luke Sturch Måned siden
Vid 23 of asking for super gt
EC_Reviews Måned siden
this vid just makes me lowkey want cyril abiteboul back. At least daniel is outta there luckily
Don Lee
Don Lee Måned siden
I like how the last time teams were THIS close, was back in 2013 already.
Don Lee
Don Lee Måned siden
@Rafi Haifan of course cars aren't as close as they were in 2012, but the results are also less random because cars now are so reliable, while tires now are also more predictable too. As long as this year we are treated to a title fight to the end between 2 different teams, it'll be a cracker of a season.
Rafi Haifan
Rafi Haifan Måned siden
@Don Lee as of now only 2 drivers have won races and only 4 have stepped on the podium, 1 being lucky because of a DNF. in 2012 there are 7 different race winners in the first 7 races. i personally i think this would be 2017/2018 again, hamilton and mercedes getting away with it comfortably after half the year
Don Lee
Don Lee Måned siden
@Rafi Haifan Or it could be 2012 and a fight to the wire
Adam Rakhadifa
Adam Rakhadifa Måned siden
@Rafi Haifan and i hope max is the driver
Rafi Haifan
Rafi Haifan Måned siden
which means in the 2nd half of the season a single driver would dominate
MPal24 Måned siden
Renault not actually being an effective team under Cyril Abietboul's leadership
Ken Laughlin
Ken Laughlin Måned siden
The Race had Constructors Standing for McLaren and Ferrari reversed. McLaren has 65 points and Ferrari has 60……hoping that McLaren stays in 3rd the remainder of the season!
Lorenzo Poles
Lorenzo Poles Måned siden
I hope not, but you are absolutely right.
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