Everything we know about the new F1 2021 game so far 

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The release of F1 2021 from Codemasters is fast-approaching, so we've put together everything we know about the game so far, from playing a preview build and speaking to F1 game director Lee Mather. In this video Nathan Quinn is your guide to all the key details around the new game, and what's changed from F1 2020.


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2. juni. 2021





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John W
John W Dag siden
Hi, will there be a PC version on DVD when the pre release happens next month and can I pre order it for Australia? Thanks.
SF0311 2 dager siden
I dont like it. Too many fans, nobody social distancing, and drivers not wearing masks. 😆
Muhammad Alif Rizqi Ramadhan
can we get the limited tracks of 2020 like mugello, nurburgring, and istanbul?
Nix 6 dager siden
What I really want is when you sign for a team your helmet gets their logo like having a redbull helmet or Mercedes etc
David F
David F 6 dager siden
By the time you make it through a career, F1 2022 is NOW AVAIABLE.
Rachel Fitzgerald
Rachel Fitzgerald 9 dager siden
Bruh.......ghosting and collisions off was a thing in 2020 😂
willbriss 11
willbriss 11 10 dager siden
Le jeu sera donc sur le ea play
Jacco Ruisch
Jacco Ruisch 10 dager siden
sorry, but i really feel like F1 2020 is still good enough that i don't need to buy another F1 game that costs 70 euro's just so that i have the new game.
TWIST 11 dager siden
Are there new tracks in f1 2021 I'm saving money to get the new Xbox series X version soon
mike schmitt
mike schmitt 11 dager siden
I've been trying to find any info on the track list apparently no one knows like wtf
Degea10 Unitedfan
Degea10 Unitedfan 11 dager siden
No classic cars bloody hell ea loot boxes incoming
Ian Rankin
Ian Rankin 11 dager siden
How this guy can sell this rubbish as anything different to the other games for the last 4 years is beyond me. THEY ARE EXACTLY THE SAME FFS! Are you being payed for this video or something dude? We need this to stop now, developers releasing a new game every year with nothing different but shadows. Honeslty man your everything thats wrong with the gaming scene right now. Lazy developers yet again and i didnt buy a series x to play the same dam game as a ps4. This will be the last f1 game i ever buy until they completely redevelope a new engine and game. BORED BORED BORED
Joshua Maclaren
Joshua Maclaren 12 dager siden
Red flags???
Atlantic _vr
Atlantic _vr 12 dager siden
Really wishing for announcers being able to say both first and last name of created driver
blackflagqwerty 12 dager siden
Wow halo stickers! No thanks, I'll stick with Assetto Corsa and Formula Hybrid 2021!
Ognjen Mišić
Ognjen Mišić 12 dager siden
What about the new tyre model and feeling the wheelspin on our steering wheels?
Zgumuz 13 dager siden
Is it just 2 player career mode or can there be 3+ players in one career mode?
Akeem Young
Akeem Young 13 dager siden
Will F1 2021 be available on pc?
RTL Jonah
RTL Jonah 13 dager siden
Hopefully console players can save replays too... Would help alot of leagues out if their streamer isn't able to stream the race.
Daan Zomerman
Daan Zomerman 13 dager siden
How about nerfing quick shift
The Traveller
The Traveller 13 dager siden
All we need to know it’s that it’s owned by EA now... Pay a micro transaction to read more...
Speedy 78
Speedy 78 14 dager siden
If David Coulthard dressed as Sonny from Miami Vice ISN’T in it, then I’m not interested
Sean H
Sean H 14 dager siden
I will not be excited for an F1 game until they ADD VR!!!!!!!!!!
Steven Capstick
Steven Capstick 14 dager siden
It would be great to see 'likely' driver changes, so you'd get Russell going to Mercedes or Aston Martin, instead of Haas for example and teams promoting drivers from F2 in career mode
Francisco Meraz
Francisco Meraz 14 dager siden
I have never played f1 games, should I buy the 2020 edition for 15dlls or go big with the 2021 for 60dlls?
Jaromír Grunt
Jaromír Grunt 14 dager siden
2:50 sounds like friends are just like wings... you can replace them very quickly XDDDDDDD jk its nice way said
mart f
mart f 15 dager siden
I love your channel..but why still use 480 resolution.?
Dean Clayton
Dean Clayton 15 dager siden
Cross play between on xbox and pc and PlayStation???
TOPHEReid 15 dager siden
F1 2020-B
RagingLion 182
RagingLion 182 16 dager siden
will Spain and Australia get the track update?
manoe jose
manoe jose 16 dager siden
I just want realistic crashes. They've been missing for years.
Samik Adhikari
Samik Adhikari 16 dager siden
1:39 : Sebastian Vettel retirement after 2021 spoiler alert! =(
James Gilbert
James Gilbert 16 dager siden
F1 2020 was a big improvement over 2019 if they make a similar step forward its going to be awesome on console
James Gilbert
James Gilbert 16 dager siden
Should be nice on the series x can't wait
Die 0K Leitung
Die 0K Leitung 16 dager siden
Shoutout PSL Racing allready waiting for the 10 seasons of 2021
Aditya Poddar
Aditya Poddar 16 dager siden
Two player career mode is useless for me. I have no friends.
Zenheizer. 16 dager siden
That all seems like handy improvents, but I have no reason to migrate for just a couple of features without adding realism into the driving physics or actually working towards a more sim-like experience (as an option for experienced drivers) (Tbf, the damage model is a fair start, but it's a bit late ngl)
Sven Korthuis
Sven Korthuis 16 dager siden
Some great new features, but i find it very dissapointing that they removed the r&d treee
SilverKEY official
SilverKEY official 16 dager siden
Ok, everything cool but Why that fuc*ing ferrari Has a wrong body and literally no One other??? It pisses me off, the aerodynamic Is clearly wrong
HydraForce F1
HydraForce F1 16 dager siden
But imagine f1 which the same damage features as the game BeamNG
nameless 16 dager siden
i can’t wait for 2 player career mode ... shame i have no friends who play f1 :(
Sasquatch 16 dager siden
No VR in 2021 for a racing "sim"? No wonder the pro's use iracing in VR to practice. It's not 2015 anymore, VR racing is so amazing--Dirt rally 2.0 is one of my favorite games, so I know codies can make it happen. They are just lazy. Vorpx is an option but native support should be there.
a u t o z o n e
a u t o z o n e 16 dager siden
No realistic physics? Ok bye
Nathan Trimmer
Nathan Trimmer 16 dager siden
I hope that they made alterations to the illegal overpass penalties in multiplayer online. When you pass someone outside the red/white stripes, people legitimately slow down to the point where no one knows who is supposed to pass who and you get massive penalties in like 15 seconds; it is a rubbish system. I know that is the rule per F1 but more time should be given or online mode and/ or instructions from race control that tell cars to speed up to pass or they'll get the penalty instead of the illegal overtake. I get screwed over from this time and time again online from people just trying to ruin your race.
KuKuJiao Boii
KuKuJiao Boii 16 dager siden
Hamilton’s face needs an overhaul 😂😂😂
Pete 16 dager siden
Can I play a full season out of career mode ? Like a custom championship mode ?
Baboultje 16 dager siden
i’ve said it before and ill say it again. we need free camera movement in replays. normal character customization. historic tracks. ai that can crash. better helmet customization. and with tts ai getting better i would love to hear my own actual name being said at the end of the race
chris89lfc 16 dager siden
What about cross play ?
chris89lfc 16 dager siden
4:10 something The Race has missed in the video when it comes to weather and that is thunderstorms.
Aleisternasia 16 dager siden
I've never heard someone sound under-enthusiastic and over-enthusiastic simultaneously
Boris B
Boris B 17 dager siden
One ad per minute; way to go, You Tube!
Tiago Russolo
Tiago Russolo 17 dager siden
Any news on VR support? That's the only reason I still haven't gotten the other titles.
ninja frozr
ninja frozr 17 dager siden
The graphics though... If i didn't see all the new liveries and drivers i could have sworn that i was watching F1 2020.... or 2019.... or 2018......
big beaster
big beaster 17 dager siden
Cool down laps would be great
Gecko Beats
Gecko Beats 17 dager siden
What about tracks like Imola or Portimao
Morfeusz 15 dager siden
After realese in update
Norman Robinson
Norman Robinson 17 dager siden
Is there finally.., "SUPPORT FOR VR..???" 😲🤔
Tim 101
Tim 101 17 dager siden
I really hope we have some varied cut scenes! Sick of seeing same cutscenes over and over ! Hopefully it’s not been another copy and paste like last game !
Bogdan Minoniu
Bogdan Minoniu 17 dager siden
VR support, please...
Cookie 17 dager siden
Am I the only one annoyed at MPH? Even in the broadcast of the actual races they go so often with MPH.... cause fuck the rest of the world I guess.
novacat415 17 dager siden
I want a modern F1 game in the 98-2002 era. Or older.
AwesomeAdnan 17 dager siden
But can you start a MyTeam Career with a friend?
Timo Ehlers
Timo Ehlers 17 dager siden
I was really worried when EA took over Codies but this looks fantastic so far.
Mark Allen
Mark Allen 17 dager siden
"A damaged underbody will not allow you to go faster than 170" As if the HAAS can go 170 without damage
Mark Allen
Mark Allen 17 dager siden
"You can improve the driver's position in the standings" Seb fans: *Our time has come*
Adam Penn
Adam Penn 17 dager siden
How are resources going to work for lower teams? Do they still have a R&D cap? or do they have the ability to develop and be snow to perform with better teams?
Project 182R
Project 182R 17 dager siden
How is it possible in 2021 the graphics are still so shit?
Arvind Wee
Arvind Wee 17 dager siden
Regional pricing is gone, price is 4x in my country now. *sad broke noise
Stephen Miles
Stephen Miles 17 dager siden
I just wanna goof around the Spa track. I’m getting too old for this über-realism stuff.
fish` sticks
fish` sticks 17 dager siden
Do we have the same heads up display info or is wayyyyyy more simple. Like no temps etc or anything. I'm worried now. Looks like less temps.
Corbin Selanne
Corbin Selanne 17 dager siden
All that and not one mention of the returning Devon Butler
Anav Sadh
Anav Sadh 17 dager siden
The new tracks are included or they will be added later?
Morfeusz 15 dager siden
Timothy Hastie
Timothy Hastie 17 dager siden
So a slight upgrade in parts of the game which is nice. But this is still virtually the same as F1 2020. Not a major new game. Yet it's 5 times the price? No thanks. I can't support this unfortunately.
Sam Xú
Sam Xú 17 dager siden
Where is my commentary on VR?
SparkamusPrime 17 dager siden
How do the no collision races work? Can you still slipstream or is it basically just a time trial with 19 ghosts?
Morfeusz 15 dager siden
Time trial with 19/21 ghosts
Michael Grant
Michael Grant 17 dager siden
It’s scary how far this game is come I remember can I saw years ago the graphics were subpar now it looks like I’m actually driving the car myself like you to watch on any telecast
CRUSHED 17 dager siden
Same problem on last year's game on quick race without a qualifying session the Haas cars are placed in the top 10 which probably means the game still thinks they have their 2019 pace
TreVel Can
TreVel Can 17 dager siden
I hope they fix that shitty pit entry animation
Mr Medium
Mr Medium 17 dager siden
No V8, no buy
Yash P
Yash P 17 dager siden
Story mode in simulation game? Ohh its own by EA now.
BIG G 17 dager siden
Damage modeling should always be a focus in video games, and yet they want to make the cars ghost through each other. SMH
John Brondum
John Brondum 17 dager siden
Why do the drivers all look like they are on drugs
TimmyTheSnail 17 dager siden
Omg raytracing...but only in the replays and showroom?!? Is that some sort of joke. May as well have not bothered 😂😂😂
Lucas Bertão
Lucas Bertão 17 dager siden
I wish EA give back F1 games the amount of things to tune in the car like F1 Challenge 99-02, car setups nowadays are to simplistic
Kelly Priice
Kelly Priice 17 dager siden
I wonder what tracks were going to have
M 17 dager siden
It seems weird trying to sell an f1 game when all the drivers in f1 use iracing for sim practice.
Zoney Man
Zoney Man 17 dager siden
Helmet design
MrHockeygeek31 17 dager siden
This Nathan guy is awful. Love this channel, but this guy is just dull
Brandon Cascade
Brandon Cascade 17 dager siden
Game has Davide 10/10
Kenny Mar-Gomez
Kenny Mar-Gomez 17 dager siden
Oh god those character models
Justin Notino
Justin Notino 17 dager siden
What about dedicated servers and less bugs in multiplayer
José Maria Oliveira
José Maria Oliveira 17 dager siden
the corner cutting is too stirct they should do as they do in real life, there are corners with track limits and there are others withouth track limits, and penalties could take some more time to appear because they dont appear just after the incident they are analysed first
TAH xItzParadoXx
TAH xItzParadoXx 17 dager siden
One of the most important things for me is in the my team career mode, I wanna be able to choose from different style front wings, floor designs, engine covers, and other body panels as you upgrade different departments
Mika Renzullo
Mika Renzullo 17 dager siden
I want to see the Ferrari fully updated
James Evans
James Evans 17 dager siden
Christ when are they gonna hire some 3d and texture artists that actually have some talent when it comes to characters! The animations are still absolutely shit, the character models are so bad and thr texture maps are laughable. Almost a ps2 level...
GarkKahn 17 dager siden
I just hope they randomize the r&d progress of the teams After a few seasons no matter which team you choose they always end up being the same as in season 1 performance
Omair 17 dager siden
Different lobbies are cool, but Codemasters need to incorporate a strict safety rating in matchmaking like ACC
Chad Pyeatt
Chad Pyeatt 17 dager siden
I will buy the new F1 game when it supports VR.
butterflyblueshorts 17 dager siden
It is worth noting EA recently bought out Code masters. Be ware of loot boxes and gambling dynamics. Maybe they wont be in this game because its well in development but worth watching out for this in reviews just in case.
Luke-John Buckle
Luke-John Buckle 17 dager siden
Can we have random engine failures in the race that cause us to retire?
D Abbingh
D Abbingh 17 dager siden
There is 1 think that i Will know and that is: 2 player career is it lan or real online
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