How much pressure is on F1's most underperforming team? 

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The grandeur and expectation around Aston Martin’s big re-entry into Formula 1 has been replaced with revised targets and "pressure" amid its early underachievement.

In this video, we explore what that means for the team and why it will come down to how much patience team owner Lawrence Stroll has, along with the argument for its 2021 slump being a special case.

We also assess the role a breakthrough result for the team and Sebastian Vettel can play in Aston Martin's fortunes, after the four-time world champion and star signing emerged as a silver lining amid the difficult start

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27. mai. 2021





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81casperflip 2 dager siden
What is it with green cars and high expectations
Rage _Gamer
Rage _Gamer 6 dager siden
It’s all because of the pink stripe. Even the car knows it should be green.
Daniel 8 dager siden
This aged well.
Justin Watkins
Justin Watkins 8 dager siden
I reckon someone is getting fired after this season
Kyle Muirhead
Kyle Muirhead 8 dager siden
Who's here after vettel got p2
Laurie 10 dager siden
Lol, looks like they listened!!
Sai Sri Mohnit Akula
Sai Sri Mohnit Akula 10 dager siden
This video aged well
Casey Alexander
Casey Alexander 10 dager siden
Vettel on podium in Baku. Heard it hear first
Aarnav Arora
Aarnav Arora 11 dager siden
laughs in baku
Daniel Souza
Daniel Souza 12 dager siden
This changed!
berlinflight 13 dager siden
I disagree with the intro framing this season as “Aston Martin’s grand re-entry into F1”. From my understanding, Stroll basically bought the Aston Martin company and put its name onto last year’s Racing Point team and car. So, this was not a re-entry as much as a re-branding. Whatever expertise Aston Martin as a company may bring to the table probably won’t make much of a difference until 2022.
James Lister
James Lister 13 dager siden
Aged like fine milk.
what is this
what is this 13 dager siden
After Baku: you won’t believe what just happened guys
Tingala_01 13 dager siden
Underperforming you say? Sebastian Vettel would beg to differ after Baku.
fix0the0spade 13 dager siden
2 weeks later that pressure is greatly reduced, first a good showing at Monaco and then that podium, not so hot for Lance though.
sathvick h k
sathvick h k 13 dager siden
And then a podium in Baku!
SIXITHS 13 dager siden
Imagine my surprise seeing a video about the most underperforming F1 team, only to find that it isn't about Renault / Alpine...
Lion Heart
Lion Heart 14 dager siden
Seb p2 p2 😂
Nicolas Mangano
Nicolas Mangano 14 dager siden
Gg for Seb at Baku
Nandin Chandra
Nandin Chandra 14 dager siden
Vettel P2 in Baku
TwoFiftySix 14 dager siden
Well... post Baku gang rolling in!
Metrofilmer88 16 dager siden
I mean aren’t they performing right where we are expecting? We knew Ferrari gained ground
Kevin de best
Kevin de best 17 dager siden
Aston should just stick with Vettel and get another second driver but that will never happen when daddies boy is in the seat
K M 17 dager siden
Want this team to do good so badly
Flagstaff Snowboard
Flagstaff Snowboard 17 dager siden
I hope Aston is going to get rid of Vettel, and bring someone younger. Is obvious that Vettel is there for money only, he's got nothing to prove anymore, he is multiple world champion.
Diogo Morgado Conceição
THE RACE: F1's most underperforming team Me: are we gonna talk about Alpine???
whale oil beef hooked
whale oil beef hooked 18 dager siden
Quite a lot
Dominic Bazinet
Dominic Bazinet 19 dager siden
It should be expected that moving from a Mercedes copy to a more standard car will have a serious impact on performance. And don't get too excited about their Monaco results as this track has nothing to do with "real" F1 race tracks.
E 20 dager siden
Why is the blame being put on the team, last years success game from Perez who they dumped for someone who has not been performing very well in recent years and kept someone who has not performed well in any year.
Ickoo10 20 dager siden
Well, Vettel finishing 5th in Monaco(5th race) with number 5 and Aston Martin up to 5th in constructor. Coincident? I think not.
ADi SKYLiNE 21 dag siden
Think Aston could be a dark horse for next season, they had consistently strong seasons on a limited budget as Force India/RP and the budget cap could definitely therefore work in their favor compared to e.g. Ferrari + their driver pairing is really underrated with Seb being experienced and a top 2/3 driver of his era and Lance still being really young and improving every season since he joined F1. Would put their lineup top 6 with top 3 potential
whassupg39 21 dag siden
I still think they are overplaying the rake thing. Interesting to see how they do with a clean sheet of paper for the new rules
Tilio 21 dag siden
You can copy your homework, but you are not gonna know what to do when the test comes. : ) Not sorry for RP in the slightest.
instantnoodles 26
instantnoodles 26 21 dag siden
as all the old f1 games said "can anyone match Vettel?"
Favian Madrid
Favian Madrid 21 dag siden
Look at the bigger picture 👁
T Sworn
T Sworn 21 dag siden
Perez was the difference last year. Whether it is called RP or AM they are mid field mediocrity at best. Vettel same. Now they have (unrealistic) expectations and pressure of a billionaire owner.
David Reichert
David Reichert 21 dag siden
I want to see Aston Martin do well, but I wouldn't read too much into the results from Monaco. It's an odd track and this year even more odd than usual.
Kiran PB
Kiran PB 21 dag siden
Doesn't matter what the brand or hype is - a mid field team is a mid field team. Hope they treat their underperforming team principal just the way they treated their overperforming driver
Lazarus D
Lazarus D 21 dag siden
F1’s most underperforming team IS and Always will be - Ferrari.
Arsenic 21 dag siden
Let's be realistic... Monaco is special. Everyone benefitted from Leclerc not starting and the overcut was very lucky (yet deserved). I hope AMR bring more upgrades to the coming races so they can justify their fifth place in the constructors.
TJ Levey
TJ Levey 21 dag siden
We need more Monaco Vettel
Rafa Raditya
Rafa Raditya 21 dag siden
When the cars rear is stable and aggressive when is needed vettel could make some astonishing and consistent speed on the track in my oppinion
Jack Leary
Jack Leary 21 dag siden
When ur 2019 Mercedes is still better than half the cars on the grid 2 years later
Elysian Tattoo Travel
Elysian Tattoo Travel 22 dager siden
Monaco changed the whole lineup
Extra Ordinary
Extra Ordinary 22 dager siden
A podium for Vettel , things will completely changed
fritz walter
fritz walter 22 dager siden
I want Vettel to be on top, and stroll and his father to be on the bottom
dawangai 22 dager siden
I think that your analysis is pretty accurate, particularly about the dispute being a show to placate an angry owner. I think a lot of people can relate "OK, boss. You've heard why I think this isn't going to work, but we'll do it your way..." all the while making plans to do scuttle the boss' plan as soon as he's distracted or complaining about something else. If you've ever had to intentionally put typos in a memo, write-up or proposal so that your boss could spot them and chew you out for it so he could feel like he's still running the show, you'll know what I mean.
gizzy guzzi
gizzy guzzi 22 dager siden
They should paint the car pink.
Manj Sher
Manj Sher 22 dager siden
At this point, none. It's Mercedes engineering.
channelwhywhywhy 22 dager siden
Should this not be Ferrari?
Ø'YAMA PARKR / Steven Aydeen
Its all because they kept some of that damn pink in their livery! XD
TRJ 22 dager siden
What is Aston Martin's actual involvement in the team other than being the brand sponsor?
Doug R
Doug R 22 dager siden
Moto GP articles but no video! Would love to see a video about the same content that was written about today!
kennyj851 22 dager siden
Best race since he took pole in Japan in 2019? What about Turkey in 2020?
David Rivera
David Rivera 22 dager siden
It's bad Karma for Aston, just like Ferrari had in 2020. Ferrari cheated in 2019, and screwed over a devoted driver in 2020. Aston cheated, and screwed their truly devoted driver, all in the same year (2020). Unlike Ferrari, next season Aston will not improve much. The Strolls will get what they deserve.
W.13th 22 dager siden
how much pressure? hmm..not enough?
Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard
Lawrence Stroll looks like the James Bond movie villain in Thunderball :) Just needs the eye patch :)
THE PLAIIBOX Ali & Jon 22 dager siden
Would love to see seb get his mojo back long-term. Good result in Monaco, Baku is quite similar so hope he does well
Joe Alfredo
Joe Alfredo 22 dager siden
I think they definitely have the best livery on the grid
modrnlol 22 dager siden
I just want to see Seb win ONE MORE Championship. But, I think 2017 and 2018 may have been his last chance.
VI 22 dager siden
Hot take: They're performing exactly to expectations, after the FIA slapped them on the wrist for all but 3d printing someone else's car. And then nerfed the advantage they gained from doing it, with the aero changes.
ADISH CHAUDHARI 23 dager siden
8:18 That was team's top bosses party with a kid
Steven G
Steven G 23 dager siden
Nikolay Ivanov
Nikolay Ivanov 23 dager siden
They wouldn't be in this situation if they didn't use a 100% mercedes clone. So no sympathy from me, you can't run a 3 year old car and expect it to be perfectly suited to the regulations, and when it's not threaten with legal action instead of designing your own car.
Aaron :D
Aaron :D 23 dager siden
i love vettel and stroll but otmar's baby attitude really kills my love for this team
phr tao
phr tao 23 dager siden
Vettel is a really nice guy and it would be great to see him continue to perform as he did in Monaco. The next race is Baku which is a favourite for teammate Lance Stroll so maybe this is a real turn around.
Tiago Ferrreira
Tiago Ferrreira 23 dager siden
I like vettel but i think he is all done for. His Monaco result was given to him by that excellent pit strategy. I would love to be wrong on this by the way.
Esteban Rápido
Esteban Rápido 23 dager siden
The team principal is a childish fool.
Rhys Mcmahon
Rhys Mcmahon 23 dager siden
Honestly they don't know how to design the aero components, the reason they were where they were Last yearwas copying Mercedes. Mercedes haven't really been affected by the changes because they engineered their way around it
esphi LEE
esphi LEE 23 dager siden
Perez’s ghost lingers….
dev ravi
dev ravi 23 dager siden
see for vettel its only up after 2020 and the first few races this year. its gonna get better. but like im sorry the best performance since pole in japan?? turkey last year im sorry what have yall forgotten? i mean japan was good but like turkey was amazing.
Naghmana Riazuddin
Naghmana Riazuddin 23 dager siden
There is lot of pressure always when you invest and hype. But we all know it takes time for every thing to bed in people, process, systems with drivers.Continuity is king! I never had big expectations ..real test starts next year and beyond. Signing ex world champion is always difficult with managing expectations. I think Vettel was best suited for Monaco and my still struggle on other tracks ...hope not ...let’s see. People need to remember Vettle probably brings lot more than driving ...help to push the brand in home market etc. Let’s see
Mario Gonzalez
Mario Gonzalez 23 dager siden
They should have never abandoned the pink merc. Just evolve it, no need to replace it.
Saw64 23 dager siden
We all need to carm down ! LeClerc bottas dnf !! Ham out of position so vet would of got 8th / 9th as Ricardo was out of position !Come on guys don’t hype this 5th place is gonna be routine!
Saw64 22 dager siden
@Infinity4074 definitely, but they are a long way from where they want to be. This is going to be a one-off
Infinity4074 22 dager siden
8th is better than nothing
M H 23 dager siden
I mean if, Mercedes, Red bull, Ferrari, Mclaren....and Alpine all get to where you would logically think they might be, Aston martin will be sixth. if they do better somebody else isn't doing what the should.
drGonzo 23 dager siden
Stroll has no pressure. Otmar snuffer is the next to go.
The LION King
The LION King 23 dager siden
Can’t lie...irrespective of the content in the video, the video’s thumbnail pic of Seb’s Honey badger at Monaco is absolutely epic❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥
豊かルイス 23 dager siden
well, what everyone expected came to pass: they copied mercedes concept successfully, but are now not able to adapt and improve on it as well as mercedes is, and as the other teams are on their own concept. im guessing this is a short term problem though, the question is what the designers whip up for the next season when theres nothing to copy. the good ol racing points were not bad after all.
Alan Stanley
Alan Stanley 23 dager siden
Aston martin dont make really great cars, good ones yes but not great they need to understand where they are in the real world and also in racing, changes take money time effort and patience and testing to improve the current run. this will be a team effort . good luck guys
Muhammad Jazlan
Muhammad Jazlan 23 dager siden
The hate story of Lawrence and THE RACE continues
fritspas 23 dager siden
The most under performing team is still Williams, these Spyker leftovers are doing as well as they can.
JIMMY TAN 23 dager siden
too bad for vettel now, I think that he is a copy of after 1997 f1 driver---Jaquue villennue, who eraned 1997 title, then start from 1998 and afterward, huge decline performance, vettel is doing the same, struggling to eran a point every race.
Don Edler
Don Edler 23 dager siden
this video makes Laurence look like a boozer -- all he does is toast his champagne flute to himself...
Vern J
Vern J 23 dager siden
Screw it. If your team sucks this year (as for HAAS I don't know WTF they are going to do) I wouldn't even stress it too much. Fight to see what you can get this season and leave it there. Guarantee that they can't wait for this season to end because they are already looking forward to next year.
Ruftinator 23 dager siden
I feel like Monaco really was special for most teams on the F1 grid. All drivers that switched team seemed to have set a huge step forwards and really got at home at their new team.
Ruftinator 23 dager siden
@Niwesh Lekhak even those are learning moments though. Alonso left for 2 years and that always makes it hard to return but he’ll probably get on the pace throughout the year. Ricciardo doesn’t have that benefit but I heard somewhere that the MCL35M drives differently from what he’s used to which means he has to completely re-learn how to drive quickly with that car. I feel like part of that is likely due to the Mercedes power unit as Ricciardo has never driven a car that didn’t have a Renault power unit until now.
Niwesh Lekhak
Niwesh Lekhak 23 dager siden
Alonso and Ricardo were still off their team mates, only Vettel and Perez improved.
TheEsyz 23 dager siden
"I wonder how much pressure Haas has." "The first season of Aston Martin.." What
Turn Racing
Turn Racing 23 dager siden
Money and a new paint scheme doesn't win races. When will they learn? 😅
Diego Vera
Diego Vera 23 dager siden
"Stroll and his associates don't like loosing" perhaps he should have kept Perez and kicked the Stroll.
Viv 23 dager siden
Most underperforming ? Apart from brawn I can't think of any new team that was able to race with the traditional front runners , gotta give em some time
Viv 22 dager siden
@Russell Taylor The last time they raced under the Aston Martin name was on 1960.. it's a rebranded racing point I agree , but they still put a lot of work into the AMR21 , they spent points on a new chassis
Russell Taylor
Russell Taylor 22 dager siden
Not a new team tho
Cravone Gaming
Cravone Gaming 23 dager siden
At least they are getting a lot of TV coverage. Lets not forget, they are in this situation because they copied the best car on the grid, instead of building their own car.
Xanders Wayne
Xanders Wayne 23 dager siden
I like that AMR color scheme!!!💥💥💥💥👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💯
Happy Life
Happy Life 23 dager siden
U can only be good if you copy and paste
Ashwanth Alexander
Ashwanth Alexander 23 dager siden
Go Seb!
Memento Morgan (Effect)
Lawrence is in it for the long haul. This season won’t change that. 🤷🏽‍♀️
KAMiKAZOW 23 dager siden
Very long haul. It's not like Lance is championship material.
Gary Ramsay
Gary Ramsay 24 dager siden
It will be another Jaguar scenario lofty ambitions then pull the plug! Lawrence Stroll is in it for the money not the racing!
Stroll took a team that practiced great engineering and managed to perform extremely well with the resources they had and turned it into a copy shop. Of course they are going to struggle to upgrade a car they didn't develop in the first place.
DA5 24 dager siden
People think its drivers fault when the car doesnt have the race pace and have the pace only for 1 lap but dont forget that Vettel is in new car, chassis, engine and etc. There was video about the AMR21 in the official F1 channel that the AMR21 is brand new car and etc. In Monaco he was in pace with Max and hold Perez for many laps and also pulled gap to Gasly and Gasly wasnt able to catch him and also AM is struggling with the low rake just like Mercedes because MB didnt had the pace in Monaco. For me when AM stop struggling a lot they mind have chance in P4 P5 or even P3 in constructors but thats the main problem they dont know how to fix it or trying to fix it. 2022 will be better for them and for many other low teams.
Kev 24 dager siden
Vettel the silver lining? Hmmm. He's been amazing in the past but I'll be pressing X to doubt
Maximilian Titus Dezsö
Aston might even not want to better their position if they can handle not being fifth. As money isn't a problem for them, they don't rely on finishing as high up as possible for funding which is why they can definetly go with finishing lower this season to concentrate on '22 and also gain more windtunnel time for next year.
George Masters
George Masters 24 dager siden
Ahhh the cheats are where they belong 😀😀 makes this McLaren fan very happy!
Varun Gandhi
Varun Gandhi 18 dager siden
@Thorler Overhyped bum is P3 in the championship so shut up.
Thorler 22 dager siden
Mclaren joke of a team. Went from batling ferrari and winning world championships to sucking off ferrari when sainz left and giving an overhyped bum like norris a big contract.
Math Has a Fatal Flaw
see you soon
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