Verstappen's Hamilton dig after Mercedes' first F1 2021 implosion 

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The 2021 Formula 1 title fight is developing a slightly soap opera-ish sub-plot but there are other much more significant new narratives cropping up as well.
Max Verstappen said his Monaco Grand Prix win showed “actions always speak louder than words” in reference to pre-race remarks from title rival Lewis Hamilton, as their early-season rivalry switched from wheel-to-wheel battles on-track to a minor war of words off it.
Verstappen’s dig came after a crucial result for him and his Red Bull team. In this video, we explore the "lesson" Verstappen feels should be learned from Monaco, why Mercedes will be more concerned by its own implosion - and where the Mercedes/Red Bull war is set to be fought next.

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25. mai. 2021





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Skyrecked Loemm
Skyrecked Loemm 17 dager siden
I have been watching F1 since the Senna, Mansell, Prost and Nelson P days and based on this Red bull shouldn't get too excited as they are not far ahead with respects to the leadership points table. 1 point in constutors and 4 points in drivers. That's nothing to boast about. We have to remember their are 18 races left which means anything can happen. The fact that most red bull supporters are already crowning max a WC is completely absurd. 🙄
Mr AMD 17 dager siden
Mercedes must shut up, their cars are also not entirly according regulations. Why else did they have such a dominance in the field. There are better drivers then Hamilton (Max). Mercedes is having troubles to keep up with Red Bull, that is why they act childish
Ron 19 dager siden
LH and Toto can now do what they do best...CRY!!!!
DespizedICON 19 dager siden
The battle between Scott Mitchell and Diabetes keeps increasing in Intensity.
Joe mercuri
Joe mercuri 19 dager siden
it's funny how the team who was allowed to run a full year with DAS after the FIA told them it was deemed illegal now absolutely must have the flexi wings removed from their competitor's cars immediately!!!!! after the results so far this year are we to believe that the DAS gave them no advantage?? Now that's hypocrisy!
xTootis1 19 dager siden
Anyone know the name of the opening song ?
Mark Knoop
Mark Knoop 21 dag siden
If it's not illegal then they can build 1 as well.
Ton AMG 21 dag siden
Pitstop issues seen plenty of times in F1? I’ve never seen the wheel nuts issue in F1 pitstop for like…. ever.
Lukas Lulu Kaimarak
Lukas Lulu Kaimarak 21 dag siden
Hamilton the best thaks hamilton
daniel Kyselica
daniel Kyselica 21 dag siden
... and mercedes doesn't know about fuel. That will be the speech then.
Erwin Bianca
Erwin Bianca 21 dag siden
I hope Mercedes will crush Red Bull again this season💪🏻
Bogdan Lupu
Bogdan Lupu 22 dager siden
Let's talk about this again after 6 more races
Johnny Twice
Johnny Twice 22 dager siden
Only team on the field with DAS.. aah its okay. 5 Teams with flexwings.. noooooooo
Michael Kia
Michael Kia 22 dager siden
Verstapen is a great driver , he is no way ( HAMILTON) . One time wining doesn’t mean a thing . Driver like Lewis is not born yet
Mojalefa Thobane
Mojalefa Thobane 23 dager siden
Lewis will win his 8th title and will still not be given enough credit as opposed to the car he is driving. Makes me wonder if Bottas is given a slower car... "Better car" my arse.
Casey Sutter
Casey Sutter 23 dager siden
this is garbage journalism
English Foodie
English Foodie 23 dager siden
correct me if am wrong, Hamilton on about being childish, did he not some years ago post snapchats of other drivers with silly filters on them in press conferences ?
Matt 23 dager siden
Is it possible: maybe it's so subtle that Mercedes' themselves don't even notice, but is it possible that the Merc pit crew puts so much focus, effort into (and recognizes the importance of their task) of taking care of the 7x world champ so thoroughly that they have the tiniest subconscious lapses in focus when it comes to Valtteri? The bad luck in the pits has been Valtteri 100% of the time--probably 6+ incidents since Lewis had the problem in Germany 2019. (Italy 2020 was Lewis' own fault) I know a cross threaded nut is 99.99% bad luck but maybe with Lewis the crew is that .01% more focused and the wheel gun goes back on just that 1/100th of a degree straighter and doesn't cross thread.
Mike Payne
Mike Payne 23 dager siden
Mercedes simply needed a plumber with a pipe wrench.😜
Memento Morgan (Effect)
Lmaoooo that wasn’t even really a dig. Wtf.
John Saville
John Saville 23 dager siden
What soap opera? Come on, the media is just trying to create a problem. This is just click bait.
cosmictywlite 23 dager siden
Mercedes have given Lewis a Car to win 7 World Titles, Most F1 drivers would love 1 world title ,Lewis has to blame the Folks who! Invented the Automobile . Mercedes-Benz. For one bad race .That`s racing Lewis. get used to it.
Dreamy_ 24 dager siden
I hope Mercedes does not protest the wings of McLaren, Red Bull, Ferarri, Alfa Romeo, and AlphaTauri.
PDS 24 dager siden
Just them them drive and quite this BS .
IIGrayfoxII 24 dager siden
Is it me or does Lewis bitch too much? Bono my tires are gone The Safety car is too slow, my tires are cold That redbull is fast on the straights due to bendy wing.
Joris Willems
Joris Willems 24 dager siden
I think if the rules say the wing is ok they should allow the wing to be raced. If you look at footage of the front wing of Mercedes that one also had a lot of flex going in the Spain /Portugal GP. Search for it and you will find some images where the Mercedes front wing is also bending.. If the rules say its allowed and you change the rules during the season it shows me again how much the FIA is listening to Mercedes... The DAS was allowed for one season well if the RB wing is flexible... Allow it for this season. Its childish how they are playing this game... Last season nobody could heat up the tires better then the Mercs due to the system.. So stop crying Mercedes and get your racing heads on and get racing. It is closer this season then other seasons but please do not start crying about that.. You wanted a challenge.. Well there you go you got it now.
Bobbi 24 dager siden
Lewis is trying so hard to play mind games with Max and Max just doesn’t care, I love it
Muse4Games 24 dager siden
How did this video turn into, once again, a Flexiwing discussion?
Sandile Mathe
Sandile Mathe 24 dager siden
This is a fantastic video guys. I don't know much technical detail about F1 and all but this was brief and informative about what happened in Monaco and everything that's going behind the scenes. I mean you guys even nicely explained and showed graphics of the wheel problem for Botas. I really enjoyed and appreciated this video. Keep up the good work.
Mike Michael
Mike Michael 24 dager siden
Good job max.... Lets wolf, Hamilton and the rest of Mercedes pain in the ass... Rear wing is not the issue... The real issue is the fucking driver...mercedes have to learn how to accept a fucking loses... Fuck toto wolf
Justin Peters
Justin Peters 24 dager siden
As always: THE RACE is criticizing Max and kissing the sh*t stained a$$h0le of Lewis. This channel is so biased, its getting crazy. But hey, Brits will probably stay Brits…
Renee Verlaan
Renee Verlaan 24 dager siden
Imo merc drivers are great robots. Excellent drivers! But without Any creativity whatsoever! If they have to realy right for a position,they perfom shitty!
Release the Hounds!
Release the Hounds! 24 dager siden
I'm just glad there's someone who can at least take the fight to Hamilton and Mercedes even if Hamilton still ends up winning at the end of the year..
Pretorius Sarel
Pretorius Sarel 24 dager siden
Childish Brat Hamilton as always....! It's about time someone like Verstappen put the pressure on the little brat from Merc, which did not feature at Monaco, keep it up Red Bull?
MARTIN A1 24 dager siden
Hamilton in a usual mercurial blast at his team.....full of gushing hyperbole on a win and nasty finger pointing on a bad result.....
darthamidala 24 dager siden
Get in there Max!
Ayush Negi
Ayush Negi 24 dager siden
I think that this race was very little about drivers. It was all about the strategies and mostly luck which was certainly not in favour of Mercedes and especially for poor LecLarc
Iseenoobpeoples 24 dager siden
So when Mercedes brings a crazy thing like driver adjustable toe angle it is fair/genius but when RedBull finds something... biased THE RACE talk about breaking the regulations.
Robbie 24 dager siden
Mercedes is just pissed cause they didn’t think of and implement the flexi rear wing first
Sean Tan
Sean Tan 24 dager siden
To be honest banning flexi wings is ridiculous when u consider Mercedes went a full season with DAS and the FIA didn't do a thing! Just totally unfair to destroy one team's innovation.
Ben Hardcastle
Ben Hardcastle 24 dager siden
Mercedes had das which was arguably illegal. Look how the tables have turned now red bull have flexible wings. Mercedes karma has bitten them in the ass
Mohamad Ryan Fitrie
Mohamad Ryan Fitrie 24 dager siden
Go honda
J. Anderson
J. Anderson 24 dager siden
Max aint won shit yet and Red Bull hasnt had a proper car in years so we'll see at the end of the season. Guys have let Max get away with that bullshit instead of taking his ass out with his over aggressiveness. I love F1 but NASCAR would handle that stuff on the track.
Marcus Franconium
Marcus Franconium 24 dager siden
Dont forget Hamilton was verry lucky with the disfortune of Bottas in italy and in Monaco . the first one going of track in the gravel getting stuck just as bottas and russel caused a red flag, he was out of the race 0 points . in monaco he was lucky leclerc couldnt race, and that bottas race was ruined by mercedes pit crew. He would have been 9th. in monaco and well trailing in points.
Robert Hatley
Robert Hatley 24 dager siden
Someone tell Hamilton to knock it off with that god awful joke of a haircut
Mark Ashe
Mark Ashe 24 dager siden
Verstappen wins a race at a track that suits Red Bull. Not news and not a soap opera
Dcstar5 24 dager siden
Mercedes never seems to do well on slow twisty tracks. Like Monaco. Wait to see how things end up, I’ll wager Hamilton and Mercedes will find a way to top the grid at the end of the season.
Steven Birchall
Steven Birchall 24 dager siden
Do you really think Verstapin could teach Hamilton any fuckin I mean the best F1 driver EVER
100MPH Selfies
100MPH Selfies 24 dager siden
you kidding me, Mercedes complaining about RedBull wing when they used DAS an entire season
Gts_limitless 24 dager siden
We’ll see when Hamilton and Mercedes start dominating the next few races how he will start crying about his car ain’t fast enough, then you’ll see all the Hamilton haters crying, can’t wait 😁
Nice Garry
Nice Garry 24 dager siden
Hahaha I love max
mircea miclos
mircea miclos 24 dager siden
Mercedes will use flexi front wings on Azerbaijan , so what is the problem ?
Oysterman 250
Oysterman 250 24 dager siden
Hope Max smashes the Ham
Sean Hickling
Sean Hickling 24 dager siden
Red Bull have the best car, if they had a better driver they would be way ahead of Mercedes!
Michael G
Michael G 24 dager siden
Maybe if the winner of the Monaco GP wasn't determined before Sunday's race even starts this all would be a bit more accurate.
no name
no name 24 dager siden
concerning the wheel nut, it doesn't make sense! just watch the video from mercedes with the guy dremeling the nut and taking it off by hand. as a mechanics myself, it's impossible! a cross threaded nut is screwed sideways with force, you need at least the same amount of force to undo it. don't tell me that the guy has the same force than a pneumatic gun, i will laugh at you. this represents quite a big amount of pounds of torque. normally, they're designed to be impossible to cross thread. it cannot be a metal issue because they would've had this issue sooner. it's not an engineering issue either because they would've had issues earlier too. for me, it's the mechanics who put the wheel on before. he saw that he cross-threaded the nut but told nothing to the team and decided to modify the torque on the gun in order to screw it completely and hold the wheel in place without play. which fragilized the teeth. the extra torque given basically cracked the teeth. if you come with you gun to undo it in reverse (metal doesn't like to be bent back and forth), boom! everything explodes with a nice shower of sparks. which is basically what happened. but the way the Merc's guy pull it off easy after dremeling it leaves me in awe. on a cross-threaded nut it's not what you see.
David 24 dager siden
Looking for drama when obv there isn't any
gman 24 dager siden
If charles didn't ruin the qualifications session, lewis and bottas would have being in a better position if not pole, so in hindsight, yes action speaks louder than words because he no one to challenge him
Moseh Khayim
Moseh Khayim 24 dager siden
How the hell did you come up with this nonsense?
Dime 24 dager siden
Max should be humble
Marty Modus
Marty Modus 24 dager siden
It would be interesting to do away with some of the wing rules, replacing them with maximum limits of downward force on the suspension at straightaway speeds. I don't imagine there are currently devices to collect those metrics built into suspensions, but I wouldn't imagine it would be overly difficult to do.
Michael Shore
Michael Shore 24 dager siden
Lewis gave the baby a win, so he does not get too discouraged.
Matthew Cole
Matthew Cole 24 dager siden
Mercedes strategy team has won him countless races over the past decade. All this moaning due to one botched race is childish.
Morley 24 dager siden
Monaco in many ways is irrelevant and not reflective of actuality. I expect a great title fight for the remainder of this season.
Alexander 24 dager siden
One of The reasons Bottas did better than Hamilton is Bottas he heavier on his tyres as Hamilton is light so couldn’t generate and maintain the heat in the tyres due to his driving style
Tommy GKV
Tommy GKV 24 dager siden
But he managed a new track record tho, 1:12:99
Nilton Zago
Nilton Zago 24 dager siden
Hamilton is the Greatest drama queen in F1 history
Jan Martens
Jan Martens 24 dager siden
Mercedes; “Lets have a look at that rubber rearwing of “some” competitors” “Some” competitor (RBR); “ let’s have a look at that rubber fronting of “some” competitors”....
ROCKY.B THE CHANNEL 24 dager siden
funny how everyone thinks mercedes is done 😂 lets just wait real race tracks
Peter Habets
Peter Habets 16 dager siden
Absolutely no one I know thinks that Mercedes is done. Mercedes still has the best overall package, they just are making a lot of mistakes. Mercedes just needs to get used to the fact that there is a competitive team now. They have some adjusting to do and Hamilton needs to step up his game. He is making too many mistakes and still thinks he can easily win driving at 90%. . I'm sure the season will be exciting to watch untill the last race as there will be tracks favoruing the MERC and tracks favouring the RB.
Ignacio Nava
Ignacio Nava 25 dager siden
I'll be honest, I stopped caring anything about Mercedes years ago...
ROCKY.B THE CHANNEL 24 dager siden
and nobody cares whether u care about mercedez or not 😂
Nikin Patel
Nikin Patel 25 dager siden
Mercedes losing is like when the Chicago Bulls lost in the 90s. They comeback and comeback stronger!
Thom 25 dager siden
Ham saying over another driver (ver) that he has a lot to prove ver says i do the talking when racing! Than Ham oh its childish to say things yeah right ha ha
jeff steyn
jeff steyn 25 dager siden
Truth is max only does well when ferrari or merc fail.
XTbum333 25 dager siden
The Lewis will get the last word.
M-Bimmer 25 dager siden
So Lewis was lapped by max?
Z We
Z We 25 dager siden
Lewis Wins: “I’d like to thank my team & this is for all the kids out there, you can do it” Lewis doesn’t win one for once: “my team sucks it’s not my fault”
Denny Dee
Denny Dee 25 dager siden
Your podcast so far has been good , so why jump on the click-bait wagon? Most of us don't need this false flag off track battle of words, that has been twisted to insinuate something that's not really there.
Polish Eddie
Polish Eddie 25 dager siden
@the race.... please explain how anything Max said is a DIG at Hamilton
andrewnduati 25 dager siden
When will people learn, that poking Lewis after he & Mercedes have their yearly unexpected-expected disaster, has so far in the Turbo V6 hybrid era been an incredulously daft idea? Everytime he goes into driving god-mode and finds that next gear. It's great fun to watch no matter who he's fighting but it is literally the F1 version of the MJ "and I took that personally" meme.
Evo Designs
Evo Designs 25 dager siden
Mercedes getting salty coz DAS got removed
dustinr16 25 dager siden
Mercedes was allowed to run their “DAS” system for all of 2020 before it was banned. If the Red Bull rear wing complies with the testing procedures, I feel like it’s unfair to change the test mid-season. Bring in the new testing procedures next season in the same way you allowed Mercedes to run the DAS system.
ApemanMonkey 25 dager siden
Mercedes: has flexy wheels Mercedes: "no problem!" Red Bull: has flexy rear wing that passes the F1 tests Mercedes: tHaT's iLleGaL!!!!!!1111
K P 25 dager siden
I am watching Neflix's show F! Drive to Survive. Out of all the Team Principals profiled, The Redbull one bitches moans and whines NONSTOP. I kept thinking is he doing this for the cameras or is that for real? Redbull does their talkings on the track? Really?
P D 25 dager siden
Nathan Issartel
Nathan Issartel 25 dager siden
I think Lewis betting on his win, he just gone 7th to earn more money
theo van veen
theo van veen 25 dager siden
Professional......??? No,just Max's inflated ego......
P D 25 dager siden
Jared 25 dager siden
While in the end I think Mercedes and Hamilton will win both championships as I think there are more tracks that suits their car better, but with regards to one lap pace it's pretty even, Max's only chance is if he can place his car on pole position for every race and if Checo can regularly qualify in the top 4 then there is something redbull can do with strategy perhaps run checo with a softer tyre from the start and undercut Hamilton before he undercuts Max kind of situation. But with checo battling for 5th, 6th and 7th place with McLaren and Ferrari, Lewis will undercut Max every time he keeps with in the 3 or 4 second undercut window.
nvt nvt
nvt nvt 25 dager siden
Netflix is crying from happiness.
Robin Visser
Robin Visser 25 dager siden
How great would it be hearing Lambiase to Max after his next win: “That was a stellar drive Max. Awesome”
P D 25 dager siden
😂get in there Max
Tyrone Harris
Tyrone Harris 25 dager siden
I never forget when Horner played games with Mark Webber "Multi 21"
Luke Sturch
Luke Sturch 25 dager siden
Vid 29 of asking for super gt
Nardus Demmers
Nardus Demmers 25 dager siden
Mercedus had DAS and every team had to keep their mouth shut .... the FIA was not pleased with the DAS-system, the FIA said it’s forbidden after the season but they kept it in till the end of 2020 season ...Mercedus need to look at them self’s
Ali Smitheman
Ali Smitheman 25 dager siden
Teams find loopholes and those that don’t protest - it’s been like this since the beginning and whilst there is grey areas it will always continue e.g. blown/double diffuser
John Scigulinsky
John Scigulinsky 25 dager siden
I'm definitely not a Max fan, but I do give him credit for improving his craft, being able to drive, overtake and even defend without ramming into anyone. However, his comments are kinda pointless. It's Monaco, Max,. Nobody's overtaking anyone. Sure, Lewis fucked up the Quali, but if Leclerc was racing, you'd have started and finished 2nd. Because it's Monaco. As long as you can hold your concentration, you can't lose a place there... so good for you, you lead the chart now, keep fighting and don't get too cocky over winning a race where if by som chance a Williams showed up ahead of you, you wouldn't be able to pass them.
P D 25 dager siden
Jack-D Ripper
Jack-D Ripper 25 dager siden
As usual, the media are inflating a child's party balloon to the proportions if a hot air balloon. Mountain, meet mole-hill. 🙄
Jon Thor
Jon Thor 25 dager siden
Lewis fans by logic HAM wins it’s the driver… Other wins… it’s the car 😂
P D 25 dager siden
Janner “Janner”
Janner “Janner” 25 dager siden
Hamilton resorts to these childish tactics whenever he's got competition, he's just be able to win so easily with his cars competitive advantages that he has been able to play the elder statesman role, which hasn't been at all believable IMO!
nasser samano
nasser samano 25 dager siden
I hope the RB wing stays the same way they allowed DAS on MB.
Bálint Szép
Bálint Szép 25 dager siden
I'm sorry, but I'm having a hard time accepting Lewis' (and also the Races') take on Mercs in Monaco. The Mercs had a difficult weekend, but at the end of the day Bottas did put a Merc up in 3rd in the quali, and would've finished comfortably 2nd if not for the wheel nut issue. Poor calls with the strategy as well, sure but if I were Lewis I'd first look in the mirror for the root cause of his Monaco struggles.
Boonedock Journeyman
Boonedock Journeyman 25 dager siden
Please move on. Drop the review of these topics until there is some new information. You channel is becoming an echo chamber, repeating topics well covered elsewhere.
utkarsh upadhyay
utkarsh upadhyay 25 dager siden
i think now there will changes in driving style
John Mims
John Mims 25 dager siden
Wait max has never even lead. Get out. Lewis has 7 right? Huh
P D 25 dager siden
😳the point?
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