Why Williams has split with its F1 team principal 

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Williams has made more changes behind the scenes in its F1 team, with team principal Simon Roberts departing, and a new structure being put in place that means his role will not be taken over by someone else. In this video Edd Straw explains why Williams has split with Roberts, what it's doing now, and how CEO Jost Capito hopes this will help the team move forward in the future.


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9. juni. 2021





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AdMan 3 dager siden
I look forward to a world where Williams can compete for points. That would be great racing.
Tymonello 4 dager siden
5:53 Redbull has 110% pace?
Nixer Doyle
Nixer Doyle 4 dager siden
Can't be convinced until the team has the chance to show results on track.
Godwind Racing
Godwind Racing 5 dager siden
Please do ‘what went wrong with the 1996 ITC season
Alejandro Betancourt
Alejandro Betancourt 5 dager siden
If Williams really wants to compete in 2022 it has to drop Latifi. IT HAS TO. And if Russell goes to Mercedes, then Williams must sign Bottas and Gasly as their drivers for the next 2 years. Although Gasly has contract with Alfa Tauri for the next 2 years he just doesn't have a future there.
Banshe E
Banshe E 6 dager siden
Williams should do what mclaren did and start making road car
Ryan Matthew Reyes
Ryan Matthew Reyes 6 dager siden
Who told you that?
Jason Najm
Jason Najm 6 dager siden
Thank you for explaining why Haas is higher in the standings.
mariotejas 6 dager siden
Kudos to Williams. Pay per performance.Cut the fat at upper management. I wish other industrie sfollow
Archie Redman
Archie Redman 6 dager siden
Frank was Williams,so good luck to the new owners.
wetlandweasel 6 dager siden
Perception means nothing if there is no progress. If the culture at Williams does not change, then nothing will change. Everyone at Williams must own and take responsibility over their failures and successes. They do not need to think of themselves as a midfield contender, they need to see themselves as front running contender, no more and no less.
Callum Burton
Callum Burton 6 dager siden
Good video the race😂👍
Kenny Dee
Kenny Dee 7 dager siden
Get Alan Jones back to Williams as a Niki Lauda style consultant, motivator and enforcer 🇦🇺
Frank 7 dager siden
This makes a lot of sense. Good reporting as always!
Gavin Thomas
Gavin Thomas 7 dager siden
All sounds good on paper, but I'll only be convinced when results start to show.
Arian Recica
Arian Recica 7 dager siden
So basically there was an internal battle between Robertson and Demaison and Demaison won. I really don't see this team going anywhere fast.
RayRod 7 dager siden
The speaker sounds like Steve Matchett. Is it him?
Eric Von
Eric Von 7 dager siden
Good. The whole old team needs to be sacked.
Denizhan Acar
Denizhan Acar 7 dager siden
When are you going to learn how to pronounce Capito?
Diogo Pinto
Diogo Pinto 8 dager siden
Omg I'd forgotten all about umbro
RBTech 8 dager siden
I supported Williams for years... Through the ups and downs... Until a VC firm bought them. VC firms asset strip and little more.
Jack97 8 dager siden
This team has a special place in my heart so anything to get them fighting again
TheEarlofK 8 dager siden
I'm sure that the investment and structural management changes will improve the team, but winning races and World Championships is a pipe dream for non-manufacturer teams these days.
Questchaun 8 dager siden
Pretty shitty to shit can Roberts so soon
lee graves
lee graves 8 dager siden
Wait they hired the guy running McLaren when they were awful and thought he would do a good job?????????
Paul Smith
Paul Smith 8 dager siden
402 comments so apologies if this has been said more than once but "streamlining management by introducing more layers" seems counter intuitive. But what do I know.
allena torres
allena torres 8 dager siden
The outgoing office customarily manage because motorboat inherently love unto a round musician. flippant, aquatic minibus
NefastusJones 8 dager siden
Two words: Flavio Briattori. He'd turn this team around and he doesn't even like racing.
Oliver Adams
Oliver Adams 9 dager siden
Am I convinced, you ask. Well I'm convinced that changing nothing will fail. So it's worth a try.
Michael Hensley
Michael Hensley 9 dager siden
Don't get you hopes up for Williams. Dorilton is a company of corporate raiders who buy "established businesses with demonstrated profitability and cash flow generation". In short William was bought for next to nothing on the F1 discarded trash heap with the hope to get it to some respectable level and for resale at a profit.
Darren Boston
Darren Boston 9 dager siden
You won’t ever change the “willys way”…. Spent 9 years there on race team…. The team is stuck in its ways & won’t ever change & won’t ever be the team it was back in the 80s & 90s…. Fact!
D Snodgrass
D Snodgrass 9 dager siden
A guy of that caliber being shown the door is a bad omen for the future for everyone else in the fold. When the new "owners' guy" shows up at the top, it usually means things are gonna get cheaper, nastier, and dumber around the shop real quick.
David Jones
David Jones 9 dager siden
Wasn't Jenson Button bought in as a consultant to advise on the restructuring?
Tom Moffat
Tom Moffat 9 dager siden
Yeah I can confirm they need an enormous restructuring. They’ve lost at least two designers I know of because their HR team being crap, and the culture just sucks
Captain Picard
Captain Picard 9 dager siden
Congrats on 600,000 subscribers! 🥳
Tim W
Tim W 9 dager siden
Well the current strategy isn't exactly working so changes needed to happen
Dnaiss 9 dager siden
what's the tune in the background, please?
The real Sharps
The real Sharps 9 dager siden
The teams fucked now. In fighting and no family ethos. Frank will regret that.
Dubon Js
Dubon Js 9 dager siden
The problem with Williams is that those cars are terrible compared to the rest of the teams. Same with Haas and those death trap cars of theirs.
Gary Mitchell
Gary Mitchell 9 dager siden
Ah ok. The changes are designed to make Williams a winning team. So.. what was the plan last August, then? A losing team..?
Fletzer 95
Fletzer 95 9 dager siden
If they invested a bit more into the budget and focus on the aerodynamics with that merc engine i think they would match atleast the midfield teams like alpine or aston martin
Charles Trotman
Charles Trotman 9 dager siden
Can't we have a video on why Williams is still so slow ?
clancen 9 dager siden
At least Williams is changing, and not leaving.
Scott Gregory
Scott Gregory 9 dager siden
love seeing all the comments telling what Williams future will be. They must have a lot of advisors for the team!
Darren Hoggett
Darren Hoggett 9 dager siden
Williams will be called something else in 2/3 years time. While changes are ongoing, there is something of going through the motions here. Changing the structure per se won't get them up the grid. They has been something fundamentally wrong with the team for some time now and it is very sad to see.
grxengine 9 dager siden
This is what you get when corporates get involved in sports. They try to organize it into what a business looks like, because that’s what they know works. However it doesn’t equal winning. Having the executive design director also be the race director WILL continue Williams disaster. You need a track person at the track. Not a suit.
Comedystan Of Comedy
Comedystan Of Comedy 9 dager siden
Williams fighting for world championships. Who knows if this will age well
St Blazey Model World
St Blazey Model World 9 dager siden
I have been an F1 for time, although I do not like the 'modern era'. Williams, as a team and as a family has brought this all upon themselves, starting, with refusing to offer Adrian Newey a partnership. Constantly not renewing contracts of drivers who had just become F1 World Champion. Who did they think they were that they considered themselves greater than the sport? They will dissolve. They are not attractive to sponsors, are a back of the field team, lost in their heritage, which, great though it was, was never bigger than the sport itself. Frank once said, and I quote: "We had a winning car at the time, although I remind myself that winning cars are never very long winning cars in Formula 1....."..What happened to that?..
TheRealItachi8910 10 dager siden
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Mike s
Mike s 10 dager siden
Williams problem is they rely on mostly off the shelf parts.... they wanna get better they need to R&D more
Andrew Winslow
Andrew Winslow 10 dager siden
_darrelcooper 10 dager siden
Dorilton doing their best to change Williams into VW Motorsport. ‘VWilliams’ if you like
Frank Nicholas Dale
Frank Nicholas Dale 10 dager siden
I think it’s a big step in the right direction, it’s all about team players, as people make the difference!..As to George Russell’s comment he wants a wining car, he has had enough of Williams. There many other drivers who feel like that about their teams, but have more respect in voicing their opinions. One of the drivers who deserves the second seat at Mercedes is Gasly. In my opinion Russell needs more exposure with an other mid field team, to home his skills.
David Vasquez
David Vasquez 10 dager siden
Most likely Latifi will soon start outperforming a Saturday driver
Steve Steve
Steve Steve 10 dager siden
They will be in the midfield in 3 years time.
El Nino
El Nino 10 dager siden
I give it 2 years, maximum 3, before doriltin makes just enough change for the team to look like it's on the up before selling it to a big manufacturer. My guess is probably VW
GrandMasterPlank 10 dager siden
Zero has changed in terms of improved performance since Dorilton took over. Not a thing. It's all very much like rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic. It points to very poor appointments, over promotion of unsuited incapable personnel or a severe lack of investment by Dorilton. Whatever it is they have moved precisely nowhere in well over a year. This would ordinarily be fine if they didn't have one of the best F1 prospects of the last decade or more floundering around in an old bathtub on wheels, wasting his precious time in F1. That is criminal. And so are Merc/Wolff for holding him back for so long......the whole thing is one huge mess. And Claire Williams (nepotistic 'over promotion of unsuited incapable personnel') many are looking at you for not having either the balls to make tough decisions at the right time or for not having sufficient self-awareness to step away and hand over to someone more qualified to run the team before it was too late. Which it is now.....My guess is Dorilton will sell-on soon and Williams will be rebadged and become another Minardi, if they aren't already.
sam 10 dager siden
Why does Williams have such a big engine cover?
ms p
ms p 10 dager siden
Cultural and structure are what you focus on when you have no idea what to do...lol
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan 10 dager siden
The Williams was destined to split.
Peak Traveller
Peak Traveller 10 dager siden
Matrix management - an idiotic idea. The creater of talking shops and buck passing. Clear unambiguous lines of responsibility and accountability wins every time. Good luck to Williams.
Giant Putt
Giant Putt 10 dager siden
White and middle aged so got to go
Chris C
Chris C 10 dager siden
The start of qualifying I’m always keeping my eye on George to see if he can make past Q3. Give than man a decent ride and I’m sure he’ll put Williams in the points. Anybody know where The Race got their background music for this video?
_SoDamnGood_ 10 dager siden
The one time you add fat, instead of cutting it; not to improve cost (obviously) but to improve communication. With the Merc engine they have, they really just need to fine tune the areodyanmics. But unless they wanna ditch the money that latifi brings in, Russel will have to carry the team and needs a major push before Russel leaves. And we all know he will. Better start planning for a strong 2022 Williams!
Gerardo Exequiel Magsaysay
Same issue happened in mclaren. However, mclaren did not streamline. But they stopped blaming departments hence the improvements.
Dreamy_ 10 dager siden
The very fact that Haas has zero car upgrades planned and William’s drivers are still struggling to consistently beat them and match McLaren, Aston Martin, and Mercedes’ performance with the exact same engines is pathetic. By this point, Williams should have already pulled an Aston and copied the championship winning Mercedes car months ago. It’s almost like the team likes being losers and slower than Alfa Romeo. “Williams Pride” of “independent design” is pitiful.
iniquity 10 dager siden
So they eliminate 1/2 a layer of management, with one of the stated goals as reduced finger-pointing and the like? All that does is push the blame-game from the director/principal level, to the team-lead level lol.
Mark Tucker
Mark Tucker 10 dager siden
Sorry just cost cutting, nice marketing spin however
Lazlo 10 dager siden
Formula as follows: Deep pockets = podiums, time to atop looking for fix it guys and get a decent sponsor that can cover your R&D costs and you will develop a competitive car and then you have an assault on your rivals. Just saying...
Fox 1
Fox 1 10 dager siden
Russell should think about staying.
Nicky Poundtown
Nicky Poundtown 10 dager siden
Williams ending up like Tyrrell was inevitable really, I remember jokingly saying it back in 99 but keeping it as a joke through the 2000s as I truly believed they'd be back to form
Deonte Alexander
Deonte Alexander 10 dager siden
Time will certainly tell.
flimpjekijken 10 dager siden
I never knew that an organogram makes a car run faster. This sounds to me like your average McKinsey presentation.
audigex 10 dager siden
Team principle for half a season.... sounds like Williams’ new owners have no patience. Whoever they put in charge needs 3-4 years to have a real impact
Ren 10 dager siden
Sounds like you didn’t watch the whole video. Roberts is not being replaced. His roles are being taken on by Capito and Demaison. Roberts was just there to assist with the transition between team ownership.
Mika Johannes Gahre
Mika Johannes Gahre 10 dager siden
I´m actually quite confident that they´ll be back at the top some day.
Karl Dk
Karl Dk 10 dager siden
Its working for McLaren!
encinobalboa 10 dager siden
WIlliams has the best engine and the worst chassis.
Simon Roberts
Simon Roberts 10 dager siden
Reshuffling and streamlining ready for a Porsche buyout.
Paul Sontag
Paul Sontag 10 dager siden
Edd Straw drones on and on. I’m out.
Max T
Max T 10 dager siden
Claire was terrible for the team
James Suel
James Suel 10 dager siden
Investment bankers always think they are smarter than management but have never had any actual responsibility nor experience in actually having operational experience managing an actual company or it’s P&L. Good luck with that Williams....
Arthur Teo
Arthur Teo 10 dager siden
Williams has a Mercedes engine. This implies that the problem with the car is : mechanical, aerodynamic and design - and hence not the power train. The engine is wasting away. There has to be a fundamental technical revamp in qualitative and process related terms.
Steve Awesome
Steve Awesome 10 dager siden
This team will be sold in a few years at some sort of modest profit. This is the first move in many that an Investment Corporation does. Now that the guy has the actual F1 expert out of the way, he can go outsource a Chinese gearbox and maybe get the team a few points. Get people talking. Create a buzz. Sell the team. Better do it before George Russell leaves and you need to find an actual driver to replace him.
Steve Awesome
Steve Awesome 10 dager siden
This Team is now doomed. Hopefully Russell moves to a team worthy of his driving.
adithiyan 10 dager siden
This video is faster than valtteri’s pitstop
parker k
parker k 10 dager siden
williams usually end up not scoring any points
Tuco67 10 dager siden
No wonder George Russell wants out.
millicent squirrel hole
Is it tru'? Haas kicked Willie's a-- in tha' Ku'?...who knew?...Whew!
The King
The King 11 dager siden
Please Bmw or other car company buy this team
MPal24 11 dager siden
"Williams has long been regarded as a team that needs to modernise". As sad as it is to say this given how successful the team once was, I think the Williams family leaving the team is probably the best thing that could've happened. Everyone blamed Claire for the team's recent failings, but she worked the way she did because she'd been taught be her Father, who had become less and less effective a team leader since their last championship in 1997. Yes, Williams were a great team originally under Frank, but they've spent more time now in F1 as an uncompetitive team than they did as title-contenders.
a fish
a fish 7 dager siden
That and claire initially did a pretty decent job when bmw was still around
Rhys 11 dager siden
Check out Red Bull with their 110% deficit
Dev Akyuz
Dev Akyuz 11 dager siden
The future of F1 looks promising, with McLaren, Ferrari, Aston and Williams all on an upward trajectory and possibly joining RB and Merc at the top. Question is whether Williams are coming from too far behind, or if the 2022 rules are enough of a blank sheet that they could make a massive step forward as early as 2022.
Tony McDonald
Tony McDonald 11 dager siden
Frank Williams was a DemiGod figure for the team. He created it and he built into a championship winning team. He was responsible for everything and that allowed those working for him to be free to be creative and follow Frank's single vision. Now it is a business. Factory and Race Team, each having to perform. If that has split "the team" into cost centres than it must be fixed. That is why CEO's get the big bucks or the boot. Good luck Capito, you will either succeed or crash and burn.
Wangan Midnight
Wangan Midnight 11 dager siden
so uhhh how the fuck do you develop culture when you literally turn your management team into a musical chair? I don't think cycling your principals faster than Ferrari is a good thing
David Bennett Racing
David Bennett Racing 11 dager siden
By Simon- see you later!
John Mitchell
John Mitchell 11 dager siden
F1 really is the "Piranha Club".
Tristan North
Tristan North 11 dager siden
at the end of the day, they cant get any worse. so any change has to be a good one
Jonki Pastramki
Jonki Pastramki 11 dager siden
The powerful ceiling longitudinally wash because brazil geometrically continue except a jaded parallelogram. amusing, disillusioned noise
Liam J
Liam J 11 dager siden
In other words a bunch of people who have no idea think they going to run it like an investment company
Dan “Felix De'Cat” Allnatt
I think it would be about 10+ years before they could get to the front of the grid, IF they are lucky.
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